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“Dr. Reality Steve” and Deleted Scenes from This Week’s Episode

Live video chat returns tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. We will be talking about everything going on in “Bachelor” land. Remember, 5 people will be eliminated total in Monday’s episode. Mackenzie and Samantha will be shown getting sent home at the New Mexico rose ceremony that will start off the show after we see the aftermath of whatever the hell it is Kelsey is going through. Then once they move on to Deadwood, SD, Kelsey and Ashley will both get eliminated during their 2-on-1 date, and Megan leaves some time before the rose ceremony. So I’m not sure how the next episode is going to end, unless it’s one of those rose ceremonies where the remaining 6 girls all accept a rose, but I don’t even think it’s that. We’ll see how it all plays out, but just know the 6 girls remaining after Monday’s episode will be Whitney, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly, Jade, and Becca, where they move on Des Moines, Iowa in an episode that’ll be shown Sunday, Feb. 15th. The Iowa episode is probably the one episode this season where a lot was spilled publicly during filming. We saw plenty of pictures of Chris’ 1-on-1 date with Jade at his HS alma mater football game, and then the next day, his 1-on-1 with Whitney all around Des Moines where they ended up with a mural painted of them from earlier in the day.

Not sure why episode 5 of the “The Dratchelor” hasn’t been posted yet. She did a preview of the episode on Monday, but still hasn’t posted her recap. If she does in the next few hours, I’ll just tweet it out since there’s no column coming before Monday.

Here are your deleted scenes from this week:

This was the 1-on-1 time Chris got with Whitney at the after party that they never chose to actually show us and which led to her getting the group date rose:

Carly talks about her weird 1-on-1 date:

Britt and Chris discuss her calling him out the previous week for kissing other girls:

Kaitlyn and Ashley try and figure out the weirdness that is Kelsey:

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  1. rob22

    February 5, 2015 at 11:44 AM

    Email 2 and the one with the “little b*tch” of a friend are related. When the girl’s male friend started creating distance leading up to his marriage, that was because his having a close relationship with a female friend was a potential/actual problem for him and/or his future wife. So, he started creating distance/drama that might sound a little crazy. Whether it was intentional or just something that was kind of done unconsciously, it was all done to effectively create distance and end their friendship. So, she just needs to get over it. Nothing she can do about it now. The deed is done, her friend is married, needed to move away from her, & it is what it is.

    The 2nd email asking about whether it is a problem for her to have a close male friend (with whom she’s hooked up with a couple of times) if she starts dating someone seriously. I think just having an opposite sex friend may or may not be a problem, depending on the boyfriend and the nature of the “friend” relationship. But having hooked up with her “friend”, I think it becomes a 99% probability that it WILL be a problem. So, distance must be created in order to not create problems with a serious boyfriend. I would recommend not doing it by creating drama and acrimony like the guy friend mentioned above in my first paragraph, did. Have one of those adult conversations. “I have a serious boyfriend. In that we spend a lot of time together & since we hooked up, this creates an issue for me & my relationship. So, we will need to make some changes.”

    I think we’d like to say that our spouse/sig other having a close friendship with the opposite sex is not a problem. But the realities are that it’s not always a problem free situation, and sometimes a close opposite sex “friendship”, especially one that involved casual sexual hookups, can create significant relationship problems.

  2. angelsfeet

    February 5, 2015 at 12:58 PM

    I think Maddie wants Steve to watch less TV… Hence the remote-chewing. If I were to give advice to Steve it would be to spend more time one on one with Maddie – she is jealous of the TV!

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