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What Happens Tonight & Why Was Andi in LA Last Week?

You know what is pretty weird to think about? As tonight episode begins, there will be 11 girls still on the show. By the end of next Monday night’s episode, we’ll be down to 3. Wait, huh? How does that happen Steve? Well, I’m here to show you if you haven’t been paying attention. Tonight’s episode will start with the ending of last week’s episode which they never got to showing us the rose ceremony. It’ll pick up where we left off with Kelsey getting over her panic attack and then the rose ceremony that happened where Mackenzie and Samantha will be sent home, bringing the number of girls down to 9 that head to South Dakota. As you know, 3 girls go home in South Dakota (Ashley & Kelsey both get sent home on their 2-on-1 and Megan leaves), bringing the number of girls left at the end of tonight to 6. I reported over a week ago that they will be showing back-to-back episodes on Sunday the 15th and Monday the 16th, which ABC will begin promoting at the end of the episode tonight. So on Sunday the 15th will be the episode in Des Moines, Iowa when it goes from 6 down to 4. Meaning next Monday night will be hometown dates, and at the end of that episode we’ll be down to 3. See how easy that is? Glad I could be here to help. More on tonight’s episode in a little bit, but lets get to some business I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

The #1 thing I’ve been asked about in the last 5 days on email has been “Did you notice that Andi and Nick were both in LA last week? Do you think they’re dating now?” Here’s your answer: No. Andi and Nick are not dating, Andi & Nick did not meet up last week, and Andi & Nick are not running off to elope somewhere. And no, Andi is not “the frontrunner” for the “Bachelorette” like some gossip site reported last week. She’s not even in consideration. Really? You really think Andi is going to be the “Bachelorette” in back-to-back seasons? Not a chance. Sorry to burst your bubble. Here’s what I can tell you as to why Andi was there. Andi filmed a sit down interview with Chris Harrison last week to talk about her breakup with Josh. That interview is either going to air during this Sunday’s episode, or next Monday’s episode. Josh was not part of the interview, so yeah, I’m sure that’ll be fun hearing one side of the story. Granted, I don’t see her coming out and trashing the guy without him there to defend himself either. I’m sure it’ll be pretty vanilla on how she’s doing, what happened, blah blah blah with no real dirt on the relationship – as it shouldn’t be. They did it with Nikki during the premiere, and this is no different. Andi hasn’t really spoken publicly about the breakup and the show usually likes to update their viewers on stuff like this. As for Nick, all I heard was he was in LA visiting friends and the trip had nothing to do with Andi, or even appearing for any interview. If he did do some sort of interview, it wasn’t during Andi’s time. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t do any interview at all. So there you have it. Expect to see Andi’s interview this Sunday or a week from tonight. Not sure which episode they’re going to shoe horn it in at the end, but it’ll be one of those two and you’ll see it start being promoted at the end of tonight’s episode. There is a 1 hr “Chris Tells All” episode right before Sunday’s 2 hr episode in Des Moines, so I guess it’s possible they show Andi’s interview then.

As for tonight, I know I’ve gone over this before but let me say it again since some of you have asked about it. Once they get to South Dakota with 9 girls, Ashley and Kelsey both get sent home during their 2-on-1 date, and Megan also leaves this episode. Before the season started, I was told something about a cancelled rose ceremony. But I was only told it once, I never heard it from any other source, so I had no idea if it was true, and if it was, what episode it happened in. Once I realized in South Dakota they go from 9 to 6, then I started to think that may be the episode of a cancelled rose ceremony only because Ashley and Kelsey both get sent home during their 2-on-1, and from what I was told, Megan eliminates herself before a rose ceremony. So if there is some sort of rose ceremony, no one will get eliminated at it. I guess it would just be one of those, “Hey, only accept this rose if you really want to,” and they all do. We’ll find out tonight if the initial intel I heard of “one of the rose ceremonies was cancelled” is true. Most important thing is that 3 girls go home in South Dakota (Ashley & Kelsey on their 2-on-1, and Megan on her own), as the remaining 6 girls head to Des Moines in this Sunday’s episode.

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  1. hopeless61romantic

    February 9, 2015 at 1:36 PM

    Have you heard any rumors if Nikki Ferrell is being considered for The Bachelorette?

  2. hattiebloom

    February 9, 2015 at 2:21 PM

    Do you mean to tell me that Andi is under some kind of contractual obligation with ABC to give interviews regarding the status of her relationship with Josh The Athlete?

    I don’t care about Andi. I don’t care about Josh and Andi and why they broke up. I don’t want to hear her speak. She is irritating. She should go away and put that expensive education to better use.

  3. rob22

    February 9, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    I’m sure Andi gets paid for her interviews, and it keeps her (barely) in the public eye. That’s what she wants since she’s dumped her prosecutor job to chase fame.

    I think RS has made it very clear that Nikki would never be chosen for The Bachelorette. She’s unpopular with fans and with the show. I don’t think her bitchy resting face would hold up well for an entire show.

  4. anitaf76

    February 9, 2015 at 6:17 PM

    I would never watch Nikki as the bachelorette.. Hoping it’s Britt

  5. atleast4characters

    February 9, 2015 at 7:55 PM

    It looks more like Megan gets eliminated at rose ceremony rather than going home on her own, but we have to wait for next episode.

  6. toaster

    February 10, 2015 at 3:16 AM

    I wasn’t sad to see Ashley and Kelsey go tonight. But for a man who says he doesn’t want drama, what was Chris thinking when he outed Ashley to Kelsey?? And then trying to justify it by saying he was being honest. What a thoughtless and unnecessary thing for him to do, to mention Ashley’s name. There were many other ways he could have approached Kelsey.

    On another note I’m looking forward to seeing the women’s honest reactions to Chris’ hometown next week, judging by the preview. And Andi’s 15 minutes of fame should be over by now. Whatever she does or doesn’t do, who cares.

  7. sunday

    February 10, 2015 at 4:08 AM

    @ toaster ~ In reference to your comment “What was Chris thinking when he outed Ashley to Kelsey?” My thoughts exactly! I agree. Here’s a guy who states he doesn’t want drama (as you stated) yet, all he caused was a whole lotta’ drama! All I can say is that I’m sure the producers had something to do with encouraging him to spill the beans. Besides, he surely already knew he wasn’t in to either one of them and wanted them gone, so maybe he figured he really had nothing to lose and yeah, it would be good for the ratings. I rarely comment, but after watching last night’s episode, I just wanted to say that Kelsey gets on every last nerve of mine. Whoever it was that called her the black widow last night was spot-on! I, too, like Britt and think she’s a good actress (why else would she be living in Hollywood and waiting tables?) I would love to see her as the next Bachelorette purely for entertainment value.

  8. smithduke

    February 10, 2015 at 4:19 AM

    I’m getting confused. Steve, are you saying you don’t know who Chris picks? It’s difficult to navigate through the spoilers because of the changes. am I just not getting it?

  9. Sunnyside422

    February 10, 2015 at 6:37 AM

    Listening to Chris stumbling and bumbling his way through an episode is beyond painful! It has become obvious he is definitely not the brains behind the family business! He has zero personality, no charm, no looks, a total blah and it has become more and more evident with every passing episode. Total dud.

    I think he and Minnie Mouse make a good pair. His girly giggles would drive me up a wall and her voice the same, so they probably offset each other.

    As for Andi…Eric Hill had her pegged after a few encounters. She is beyond fake and phoney. Please go away…forever! Bet Josh’s family is relieved to have her gone.

  10. rob22

    February 10, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    There is no doubt that Josh dodged a bullet with Andi & I’m sure his family is very relieved. Although with his non-career (financial rep for a 3rd string, soon to be unemployed NFL QB), he may need someone to wear the pants & put food on the table. Josh will soon be uttering a new line for the public. “Do you want fries with that?”

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