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The “Bachelor” Chris Episode 6 Recap Including Info on “UnREAL,” Unseen Pics from Deadwood, & Plenty of News & Notes

Boy, we have A LOT of stuff to get to before starting the recap this week. Plenty of news & notes including the scripted TV series that will parody the “Bachelor,” why I keep some things I’m told to myself, Ashley’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, your “Vanderpump Rules” recap with Nell Kalter, along with ratings from last night, both Chris’ blogs regarding last night’s episode, and deleted scenes from this week. I told you that’s a lot. Not to mention you’ll notice when you came to the site today, a poll that appears on the left hand side where you can vote on the poll question of the day. There’s 2 of them running right now that you can vote on. It’s only on desktop as we speak as we’re working out the kinks for it to be viewable on mobile apps, but I wanted to find a way to keep the readers engaged and you can see others opinions on some of the show’s topics. The ad should only appear once a day for you, and you don’t even have to vote if you don’t want, but it’s more interesting if you do. Take the time to vote so I can gauge where people stand on certain topics going forward.

Remember during last summer we’d heard about a scripted television show that the Lifetime channel picked up an order for that was basically a behind-the-scenes look at a reality dating show? People have asked since so I wanted to mention it again since it’s trailer was released. It’s called “UnREAL” and it looks like it’s premiering in May. If this trailer is any indication, I think if you’re a fan of the “Bachelor,” you are no doubt gonna want to tune into this show. I know I am. Check out the trailer:

Yes, it looks to be an exaggeration of the “Bachelor” (since I don’t think b***jobs have ever been so openly discussed on the show), but the thing is, this is not as much of an exaggeration as you probably think. This is pretty much what it’s like behind the scenes and how producers manipulate contestants into saying and doing things they want. I’m sure people like Elan and Bennett and Peter think this is all BS and aren’t thrilled about it, but the funny thing is, deep down they know it’s based in truth. I guarantee the “Bachelor” franchise steers completely clear of this show and doesn’t associate themselves with it at all. But I sure will. Stay tuned.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every once in a while I’m given information that I have to hold on to for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to protect a source, sometimes it’s because I have to follow up further on it, and sometimes it’s because I just don’t understand it. An example happened back on Saturday, January 17th that read:

“ Hey Steve – Longtime reader of your site. I was just having dinner in Venice and saw Elan and Kelsey having dinner at 9pm on Friday. Don’t know if this is a strange (or romantic?) thing, but interesting. Via Veneto on Main Street. They were very easy to recognize, probably because of his stupid hair.”

At the time I just figured it to be Kelsey back in town to shoot “pick ups,” which a lot of contestants have to do once filming is over. But “pick ups” usually are only with maybe the final 4 or 6 girls. Kelsey finished 8th/9th. Was she really that important to be having dinner with Elan in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago? Well now we know the answer why. When they showed the preview for this Sunday’s 1 hr. “Chris Tells All,” we see that Chris Harrison also interviewed Kelsey and we’ll get her reaction to the 2-on-1 date. The reason I would hold on to something like that is strictly because if I don’t know why she was there, there’s no point to release it since it could only lead to mindless speculation that I’d rather not deal with. Is she really Chris’ final choice and they were having a meet up? Is she in talks to be the next “Bachelorette?” Is she moving to LA for a new career? All stuff I had no idea about at the time and there’s no reason to throw it out there. I had no idea Kelsey was there to shoot a sit down with Chris Harrison. If I did, I would’ve told you. I just knew there was a sighting of her from that email. Trust me, I have something I’ve been holding on to since November that I can’t say because speculation would be through the roof if I released it. But I will tell you about it the day after the finale and then you’ll realize why I never brought it up all season.

Nell Kalter’s “Vanderpump Rules” recap is now up and ready to be viewed. Was Jade on this week? Did she try and latch on to that Kristen girl? Did Jax change his name yet for fear of getting the snot beat out of him? So many questions, so little answers. Get your emails in for tomorrow’s “Reader Emails” and Thursday’s “Dr. Reality Steve.” Already starting to fill up. And if you want to give an update from a past “Dr. Reality Steve” email you may have sent in, just be sure to include your original email or at least a link to it.

In case you missed it, Ashley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel via Skype last night. Here’s the clip:

Say what you want, but people like Ashley are milking this for as much as they can. She LOVES this. The show LOVES this. Anytime mainstream media gives your show some attention, that’s huge for the network. Yes, Kimmel is in bed with this show, but I don’t think he’s ever put someone on during the season who’d been eliminated 9th before. Unheard of. Not to mention Ashley appearing in studio on “Good Morning America” this morning. All promotion for herself and for the show and that leads to nothing but more attention for the franchise.

And obviously the promotion helped since ratings are in from last night, and the “Bachelor” drew it’s highest of the season. 8.6 million viewers, with a 2.7 rating in the 18-49 demo. Once again, shutting up all the people who said Chris’ season would suck, lack of travel would make it boring, and no one would watch. Far from it. It’s gone up every week since week 3 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 29 seasons in and still drawing ratings like that is pretty damn impressive. Only “Survivor” can boast the same accolades for the reality TV genre. Good. Keep it coming. This site is having one of its best years yet, so I’m certainly not complaining.

In Chris Harrison’s interview with today, he confirms that his sit down with Andi will also be shown during the “Chris Tells All” special on Sunday that airs before the regular 2 hr. episode in Des Moines. In his blog for Yahoo, Chris seems to nice little dig in at Ashley. Doesn’t seem like a fan. As for Chris Soules’ blog, the best bit of info that he shared was about Mackenzie. He had no idea how old she was because he didn’t ask, but when she was telling him a story in New Mexico, he realized she was in middle school when he was in college. Good stuff. You should definitely read all three of these blogs, not just this week, but every week. You’ll get some behind-the-scenes stuff that’s usually pretty interesting.

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  1. nn80

    February 10, 2015 at 11:15 AM

    Kelsey is a whack job. Update: she has resigned (*cough* was fired *cough) from her job as a guidance counselor to become a writer in Paris! (Her writing *does* have lots of big words… used incorrectly.) You were right, Steve. This chick does have an agenda:

  2. arod

    February 10, 2015 at 11:18 AM

    I cannot wait for the tidbit of info you are hanging on to!!!

    For those who need more bachcap:

  3. casiobeat

    February 10, 2015 at 11:33 AM

    I’m starting to think Carly will the next Bachelorette. She’s being edited as fun and relatable. You wanna root for her too, given the revelations about her past relationships and love life. Hmm.

  4. shouldbeworking

    February 10, 2015 at 11:49 AM

    Is it wrong to enjoy watching the women together rather than Chris and his chosen date? I don’t know how many times I fast-forwarded through last night’s show !

  5. rep1986

    February 10, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    Hey Steve! I’m reading your blog from Poland, Europe and the app that allows you to watch the videos from outside the US is called Hola better Internet. Keep up the good work, and greetings from Warsaw!

  6. missannmcd

    February 10, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    KelseysDad 5 hours ago
    A few words from her father… Kelsey’s appearance on The Bachelor was obviously edited to maximize ratings. The one thing you can be certain of is that reality TV is exactly the opposite of reality. Kelsey was raised to be a strong, independent person who should not be afraid to take risks. She never participated in competitive individual sports and doesn’t view the world as a zero sum game where another human must lose in order for you to win. Never once did she participate in the character assassination of any of the other contestants because she is above that and considered the show as an opportunity to possibly meet another husband (the basic premise of the show). She did have some amusing quips about the ridiculousness of the behaviors in the house. It was more like middle school girls than mature women this season. In addition, she certainly has never needed to compete against other women for the affections of a man. In retrospect, participating probably wasn’t the best idea given the resulting vilification, but that is what taking chances are all about. We are all currently a product of genetics, God’s miracle of creation and our life experiences. That is what makes each one of us who and what we are today. I have only met a few people in my long life that have what it takes to change the world for good and Kelsey is a world changer. Sorry to have to tell you this but she is really smart, not because she graduated summa kum laude or that she has a Masters Degree from one of the best counseling programs in the country from the University of Texas, but because she really gets it. She intuitively understands people and has spent years tutoring, teaching, mentoring, counseling and simply helping people. Does that sound like the life of a fame seeker or a servant? Her mother succumb to a deep postpartum depression lasting several years when our youngest daughter was born and Kelsey fell into the unfortunate position at age 6 to help raise a child. She was way beyond her years and displayed patience, grace and motherly love when her own mom was unable to function. She has no interest in fame or fortune, rather simply wants to help people by using her education and experiences. Her book will have nothing to do with her time on The Bachelor and she was planning to write it before the opportunity of the show came up and had such a provision written in her contract with the network. The overall topic of the book is how to understand, deal with, and eventually overcome grief and loss. Hardly a fame seeking topic that will hit the bestseller list. Last night she hosted a viewing party which included a fund raiser for the family of a recently deceased Kent County Deputy but also promoted a local grief counseling center. This is the true heart of my daughter in whom I am incredibly proud. Rather than spew vitriolic words hidden behind the anonymity of the internet, why don’t you make an effort to consider what she has to offer?


  7. cbearcat60

    February 10, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    While the editors make it appear as though the girls hate Kelsey, there are scenes where Kelsey and the girls are hanging on each other (don’t remember who). I would think they wouldn’t hang all over someone they hated.

  8. missannmcd

    February 10, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    Seems the girl was afraid of competition before going on the bachelor… who knew lol

  9. olestinker

    February 10, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    I really like Carley, but she couldn’t carry the show as a lead. I’d say she is a shoe-in to play the Sarah one arm part on BIP (the cute non-alpha who you can always count on for some good ITM trash talk.)

  10. nn80

    February 10, 2015 at 1:19 PM

    Britt’s the only one who seems to be hanging out with Kelsey, and like Steve said, Britt seems to love everyone/everything.

  11. nn80

    February 10, 2015 at 1:21 PM

    Ha @missannmcd, saw you on the MLive site. Glad that someone’s pointing out that her dad *might* be biased?

  12. angelfish

    February 10, 2015 at 1:48 PM

    Poor dad has to defend her. He certainly can’t come out & say “Yeah, she’s a raging psycho”.

    And she specifically said she wanted to win. That’s not a non-competitive person.

    And of course she’s writing a book. Who didn’t see that coming? But I’m betting by the time it’s done, it won’t have a single thing to do with grief or helping people.

  13. thatguy181

    February 10, 2015 at 2:22 PM

    Steve, ignore any naysayers claiming your spoilers are wrong. Slightly inaccurate at best, but ignoring your guesses at what episode specifically the girls get kicked out of, it’s pretty obvious to most people that Megan will not be leaving South Dakota with the rest of the girls. I’m sure I speak for the wide majority when I say keep the spoilers coming, you make this show so much better with them and your thoughts/writeups!

  14. punk

    February 10, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    I married a widow. Watch the show with her. She thinks Kelsey has some major emotional issues. No widow would use the death of a spouse the way she did, and manipulate the way she did using that death. It was just messed up.

    She might have some great abilities, but she also has some emotional issues going on that you can not blame on the edit. It was wacky.

  15. lcs85

    February 10, 2015 at 3:34 PM

    I just can’t see Britt becoming the next Bachelorette. People seem to hate her. Last week people were complaining that she is gross, dirty, fake, etc… This week its that she is a bitch for accepting the group date rose…

    I don’t agree with people’s thoughts on Britt. I think she’d be a fun Bachelorette. But since she leaves the next episode, I can’t see people changing their minds about her. Especially if she ends up leaving because the girls gang up on her… The audience isn’t going to have a very good opinion of her.

    I don’t know who they’ll pick for the next Bachelorette, I don’t think anyone else from this season would be a good option. They definitely won’t bring Nikki back. She was angry the entire time on Couple’s Therapy about the cameras.

  16. punk

    February 10, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    As for a Bachelorette, just do a retread again and bring back Ali Fedotowsky. Maybe she’d pass since she has a real job and career now based upon her appearance, but who knows. Other E! News types have done reality TV.

  17. vessel

    February 10, 2015 at 4:25 PM

    Ali Fedotowski has been in a serious relationship with a TV/radio guy named Kevin Manno for about 3 years now. No Bachelorette re-do for her.

  18. anonime

    February 10, 2015 at 4:27 PM

    I will be surprised if Britt isn’t the next Bachelorette. Not sayin she’s my fave but she has plenty of fans and then those who will hate watch. She’s beautiful, very telegenic and knows how to play to the camera.

  19. hattiebloom

    February 10, 2015 at 4:28 PM

    @nn80…..thanks for the link to Kelsey’s viewing party and her Dad’s comments. Clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Last night’s episode was pure entertainment. I am finding myself rooting for Carly. She is so refreshingly normal.

    Also Steve….the word is ‘gypped’ not ‘jipped.’ It’s rooted in the word ‘gypsy.’

  20. toaster

    February 10, 2015 at 4:59 PM

    Kelsey’s “panic attack” was clearly phony baloney. Anyone who has experienced a real panic attack or knows someone who has knows they’re struggling to BREATHE. They’d be unable to wail like that even if they tried. I found everything about Kelsey’s responses to Chris this week pretty fake too. She puts on her counselling persona but it’s clearly a facade. They didn’t have to try to give Kelsey a bad edit, she managed to do that all by herself. I’ve never been so happy to see someone eliminated from the show as when Chris sent Kelsey packing. She’s completely kookoo. Good thing she no longer works as a guidance counsellor. I wouldn’t want her anywhere near my kids or the kids of anyone else for that matter.

  21. toaster

    February 10, 2015 at 5:03 PM

    I’d love to see either Britt or Becca as the next bachelorette. Although somehow I doubt they would give the role to Becca.

  22. nn80

    February 10, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    Aww, thx @HattieBloom… nice to have my time-wasting today validated 😉

    That link came from Kelsey Poe’s official FB page, Steve posted it awhile ago. Some very weird, very wordy defenses of herself there, take a look.

    Something about Kelsey’s special brand of crazy, I just can’t look away…

    Ashley I. is typical Bachelor crazy (crying/jealous/obssessive/etc.) and Ashley S. was just plain strange, but neither one of them is “Gone Girl” scary crazy like Kelsey.

    Or maybe it’s that she’s giving Michiganders (yes, that’s the term) a bad name.

    Anyhow, my husband is beginning to think I’m a bit looney paying attention to all of this. But he did watch the whole episode with me last night!

  23. rsallaberry

    February 10, 2015 at 6:03 PM

    My favorite this season is Carly. I think she would be a fabulous Bachelorette—sort of like an Ashley H.

    Also-is it me, or does she look like a young Jane Krakowski?!

  24. nn80

    February 10, 2015 at 6:07 PM

    @rsallaberry yes, yes, yes.. Good call!

    Ah, young Jane Krakowski on Ally McBeal…

  25. momma3j

    February 10, 2015 at 6:51 PM

    I hope the group date comes up at the WTA. I personally didn’t get the impression the girls were mad at Britt because she got the rose or admission to the concert. Jealous and disappointed, yes. Mad (at her), no. I also think it was pretty crappy of Chris to run off with Britt the way he did. I get the producers (or Chris) wanted to make a big thing about giving her the rose at the concert, but he should have let the other girls know the group part of the date was over and Britt would be staying and they could go back to the hotel. Simple as that.
    As for Chris telling Kelsey what Ashley said…WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! It was pretty obvious right there why he is still single. I was a fan of Chris until last night’s episode.

  26. elizabeth82

    February 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM

    “I mean, if Britt is honest admits to Chris on Sunday that she doesn’t see herself in that lifestyle and leaves gracefully, why couldn’t that be her storyline for the next Bachelorette?”

    But doesn’t that just make her look worse since she went onto this show knowing he’s a farmer from Iowa? It makes it seem she wasn’t in it “for the right reasons.” Wouldn’t that make her unappealing as the Bachelorette?

  27. apple

    February 10, 2015 at 8:32 PM

    A blog had a link to the obituary of Kelsey’s husband. An obituary is a tribute to the deceased, but this one mentions Kelsey many times, ie, love of his life, his commitment to her, her goal, her graduation from UT, her masters degree. His school information came after hers, he was a musician and wrote music still being played in Europe, sounds like a really great guy. I know from experience that writing obituaries is difficult, crushing, mistakes are made, still it’s odd to include so much information about a surviving spouse.

  28. justforfun

    February 10, 2015 at 11:41 PM

    No way could Carly carry the show on her own. She’s cute, and likeable, but wayyyyyyy too insecure. Britt could make a fun show to watch, but it will end like Andi’s season with no marriage. She (like Andi) is only seeking fame, not a marriage.

    Kelsey really is a narcissistic crazy person. She needs counseling, or maybe a lobotomy. Ha ha.

  29. nora j

    February 10, 2015 at 11:43 PM

    I still can’t see Britt as the next bachelorette. She dresses like crap and wears way too much make up.

  30. dc61

    February 11, 2015 at 3:44 AM

    Oh, I can totally see Britt as the next B’ette. Just change the name of the show to reflect that she is now in the process of auditioning 20 different agents.

  31. gobsmacked

    February 11, 2015 at 6:07 AM

    Poor Dad, “no widow would use the death of a spouse” for fame and attention? Actually, Dad, there’s Julia from a few weeks ago. Both women used the death of their so-called loved one spouse to not only get on the show (why else were they picked except for their ‘story’ guaranteed their stories were a huge part of their application) and both women told their ‘story’ to Chris at strategic moments in an effort to stay on the show, and both women talked about their ‘story’ to gain sympathy. And regardless of editing, all of the women on the show are responsible for their words and actions. So, Dad, unfortunately, your Kelsey just a user of her sad, oh sorry “amazing” story and the poor death of her dearly departed. Maybe her and Julia can hook up and tell their stories together, start their own websites about how to date a widow? Gotta hand it Elan and crew for throwing every kind of girl from the kitchen sink in this season to spice it up since Chris is boring and there’s not much to view on the dates.

    Next B’ette’s gotta be Britt. Have to go with Steve on this call. She’s not really into the whole marriage thing, but can act like she is for the dating purposes, she’s on the show for fun, not for Iowa, looks good on camera- sorta, seems like she’s date anyone and be up for anything. For Elan’s purposes, she fits.

  32. gobsmacked

    February 11, 2015 at 6:12 AM

    Steve, any truth to this story that Chris actually lives in CA? Has a long arrest record and walked out on former fiancé just days before the wedding when he’s been pitching the former fiancé thing as a mutual split ? Where is the former fiancé now and why is she so silent?

  33. buddy0007

    February 11, 2015 at 6:41 AM

    Kelsy is the scariest chick I have EVER seen. She….is one f****ed up mess.

    If I were her ex-husbands family…..I would be thinking about having his remains exhumed. SERIOUSLY. How does someone go on the Bachelor 1.5 years after losing the “love of her life.” Talk about Glenn Close II…..!!

    She is one messed up chick…..AND SHE IS A COUNSELOR. YIKKKKKKEEEEESSSS.

  34. ksrsfan

    February 11, 2015 at 7:40 AM

    Okay Steve, it’s obvious that you are not a woman, or you would know that the reason the girls were so upset after the group date was NOT just because Britt got the rose. They were rightfully upset that their group date was pretty much a one on one date for Chris and Britt.

    Yeah, they all got to meet and work with Big and Rich, but that was pretty crappy of Chris to run off with Britt to their actual concert! Like Whitney said, she is a big fan of country music and they didn’t even get to go see them play! That was like a slap in the face to the other girls, gone for over an hour, and then he just drops Britt back off and high tails it out of there!! I can understand why they were so upset, stuck in their boring hotel rooms, in such exciting (sarcasm) places, and to then get dumped by your date while he runs off with one girl to a really fun concert where he gets up on stage and gives her the rose! I don’t really blame Britt, because any one of the rest would have done the same thing she did, but it makes Chris look like a real a$$. Yeah, I’m not as fond of him after that stunt. Jerk!

  35. rob22

    February 11, 2015 at 8:08 AM

    I’m quite sure that producer editing made Kelsey look as bad as possible, once they decided to go that direction with her edit. Once they assign you the “bad edit”, you’re toast. And really, there aren’t too many “good edits” if you think about it. Still, you don’t want to be “that girl” who ends up drunk/crying/panicking/fainting on the bathroom floor. It’s not a good look in real life, and it’s especially not a good look on national TV. Also, Kelsey leveraging her epic meltdown to stay on one more week (the goal of all 15 minutes of fame contestants is to extend their 15 minutes) , and that’s all it was, was pretty pathetic. Playing the pity card is always a short term win. Nobody sticks with someone that they feel sorry for.

    This all reminds me of the long ago Matthew Broderick movie “War Games”. The only way to win the war game was to choose not to play. It’s the same with The Bachelorette. Once you decide to play, you’ll lose in some way. Either you get booted and, in some way, humiliated, or you win. If you get booted, it’s because you were a nobody (1st night exits especially), a loon, a psycho stalker, a prude/virgin, a complete b*tch, or just someone who got strung along for no reason & possibly dumped at the end when expecting a proposal. If you win, then you are subject to a beat down from the social media crowd, especially if you ever dare to break up.

    The ONLY way being on the show makes any sense is if you’re trying to get publicity for an entertainment career, and usually even that effort is pretty delusional. Most don’t have anything close to the talent to pull that off.

  36. robsbitch

    February 11, 2015 at 8:50 AM

    Speaking of “The Wizard of Oz”, every time Whitney speaks I spontaneously break out singing, in Munchkin tones “We welcome you to the Lollipop Guild…” and then my husband laughs in the other room.

  37. katheridalton36

    February 15, 2015 at 10:09 AM

    Watch The Bachelor Season 19 Online Full Episodes @

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