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The “Bachelor” Chris Episode 7 Recap Including Information on Becca’s 1-on-1

Quite a few things to get to before we start this week’s recap. We will get to a quick recap of the “Chris Tells All” on page 2, along with all the Chris’ blogs for today later on this page. However, with the way the previews for tonight were laid out, it is possible now that Britt just doesn’t get a rose. As I reported I was told she eliminated herself in Des Moines before the rose ceremony. I guess that’s still possible, but judging by what they showed us, it looks like he just doesn’t give her a rose and she has a breakdown outside. I guess we’ll find out tonight, but once the episode begins and we see the Des Moines rose ceremony, just know Carly and Britt won’t be advancing. I thought Britt eliminated herself but maybe she doesn’t. I just know she’s gone this episode. If you’re gonna throw stones at me for getting my semantics wrong, so be it. I can take it. I’m a big boy. It’s still a possibility she does, but after watching the preview, it’s possible she doesn’t. Guess we’ll find out tonight.

However, the biggest question I’ve been getting since last night has been, “Do you still think Britt will be the Bachelorette based on her edit?” Yes, I still think she has a chance. Britt isn’t a villain this season. Villains have zero chance at becoming the “Bachelorette.” All Britt did last night was get upset that Kaitlyn got the rose over her and expressed it a very poor time. Horrible decision on her part and made her look bad, but it’s not like she trashed any of the other girls. Hell, she even said she felt selfish that she processed those feelings in front of Kaitlyn and Carly. I certainly don’t think that would completely take someone out of the running for the “Bachelorette” because they got mad they got emotional they didn’t get a rose. Her storyline is it didn’t work out with Chris, he didn’t want her and/or didn’t think she’d fit in his hometown, so now it’s time for her to create her own journey.

Remember, if she gets the gig, this will all be forgotten. Sure, some people at first will say, “How can they make her the ‘Bachelorette’,” but people say that every season about every lead. You’re still going to watch. And if you say you don’t, no one cares, because millions of others will. Britt as the “Bachelorette” really doesn’t have much to do about her journey and what happened with Chris. They’re completely separate. She’d still have a storyline they could build around her. You don’t think so? Chris Harrison sure does. Did you see this interview he gave with E! Online? Makes me think this is a two horse race between Kaitlyn and Britt. I can’t see Chris making a case for both of them, then them going with someone completely different. Chris answered that question the way he did for a reason. Those are the two in the running. My personal opinion is that they will pick Britt. Chris just made the case for why they could pick her. If they had no interest, he never would’ve even entertained the thought and thrown that out there.

Here are your blogs for this week. Chris Harrison’s weekly interview with Yes, he admits Britt stepped in it with her behavior from the group date because she did. And he says the same thing in his blog for Yahoo. Chris Soules blog talks about the Britt situation and even hints at what to expect for Jade’s hometown. You know what’s funny? The show has given away the final four in social media and through their previews. Last night during the preview for tonight, they clearly show 2 girls hometown dates: Jade and Becca. We know Kaitlyn has a hometown because she got the group date rose, and in that interview, there’s a clip of Whitney’s hometown tonight. So yeah, that’s all four. Granted, you knew this on Nov. 24th, but I’m just saying if you pay enough attention, the show will give plenty away anyway.

As for tonight, something I want to address. Just like the last two episodes before it have ended with a cliffhanger, so did last night’s. We saw two 1-on-1’s last night (Jade and Whitney), and Britt, Kaitlyn, and Carly on a group date. Which means Becca had the third 1-on-1. I’m telling you right now, I’d be shocked if we see any of it tonight. I’m thinking they’ll go straight into the rose ceremony like they have the previous two episodes. I don’t think there’s enough time tonight to show Becca’s 1-on-1 date, then the rose ceremony with the Britt drama, then 4 hometowns, then another rose ceremony at the end of the episode where Jade is eliminated. So yeah, you might not see Becca’s 1-on-1 she had in Des Moines. I’d be shocked. Either Chris would’ve mentioned it in their blogs today if we were gonna see it, and it would be given more hype. But it definitely happened on Monday, October 27th. Here were a couple pics from it that people caught on social media that day:


What’s funny to me is when I first reported the spoilers for episode 7, I had Jade, Whitney, and Britt getting the three 1-on-1’s when I totally forgot about these pictures. That was just stupid on my part. Because I get a lot of information sent to me, some things I completely forget I have. Here’s something exclusive I can share with you about Becca’s date since I’ve had since that night. I can’t believe I forgot about this until yesterday. The night of Becca’s 1-on-1 (Oct. 27th), I received this email:

“What’s up Reality Steve?

I never thought I’d personally have the chance to speak with the legendary man with almost as much information as God, but I got a little lucky tonight.

I just happened to go out to dinner downtown tonight with my friends at a restaurant called Hessen Haus. I had just sat down when I noticed a man walking through the doors who looked pretty familiar. I instantly recognized it was Chris Soules in the flesh, and he started walking towards me to go to the bathroom. Somehow I thought quick enough to ask him to snap a selfie with me. He accepted just before a producer came up to stop the picture from happening. I attached the picture of us just so you know I’m not some Bachelor-loving psycho bored on a Monday night and emailing you with fake info.


Enough about my celeb spotting moment; here’s what I have for you.
He was at dinner with eight other people at Hessen Haus tonight around 6:30-8:30. They weren’t filming, so I assumed he was just with producers. Halfway through dinner, one of his guests brought in a birthday cake. My sister is a little too invested in bachelor insiders and claims the cake was celebrating a producer’s birthday today, but you know best there (Note: They were celebrating Elan’s birthday that night). When they got up to leave, I noticed a woman with them that seemed more like the type of woman casted on the shows rather than a producer (aka she was hot). If I had to guess which girl, it was Tandra Steiner (Note: Obviously not Tandra. She has since confirmed it was Becca because she was wearing the same yellow top in the pictures tweeted out.) He kissed her in the restaurant, then continued to make out with her outside in the parking lot. She was wearing a yellow peplum top with jeans and a turquoise necklace. It seemed a little weird to me that a girl would already join him and the producers for a casual dinner without cameras, but take what you want from that.

That’s all I know… hope that helps!

So for all the Becca fans that want to cling on to hope that maybe she’s engaged to Chris, I guess you can salivate over that information that she made out with Chris in the parking lot of Hessen Haus. I can’t remember them ever NOT showing someone’s date on this show, so if we don’t see it tonight, that surely doesn’t bode well for fans clinging to the spoiler being wrong. If they do show it, well then you got an extra tidbit about what happened at Hessen Haus because the girl said they weren’t filming that part. I’d be pretty surprised if the date was shown since they haven’t said a word about it, nor was there anything in the preview about it. Well, now you know it happened and what they did to end the night.

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  1. olestinker

    February 16, 2015 at 11:33 AM

    Carly was going home even if she had spent her entire time with Chris talking about how wonderful Arlington was and about how she wanted to have his babies. And you could tell from her ITM comments that either she knew it, or the producers were feeding her hints to that effect. She may have gotten some encouragement to use her time to “warn” Chris about anyone in the house she didn’t like (maybe he would have thrown her under the bus as he did with Ashley I, which would have been great TV), but that wasn’t, by my read, the desperate move of someone who thought she still had a shot. It was a calculated take out job by a woman who knew she was done. Can’t wait to see Carly in Paradise, myself.

  2. TeresaRenee

    February 16, 2015 at 12:01 PM

    I don’t find Chris even remotely attractive at all. Do not get the hype over him one bit.

  3. denver

    February 16, 2015 at 12:45 PM

    I was coming on to write the same thing as olestinker, I think Carly knew she was on borrowed time, she knew if anyone had gone home at the last rose ceremony it would have been her. As a result, I think she used her time with him to make him aware of what he wasn’t seeing, while I do agree she should have also mentioned how Britt seemed to have changed her mind and if she didn’t believe her she could have told him that as well. I’m sure if she thought she had a real chance she would not have mentioned it, but I think in her gut she knew she was out.

  4. cherra

    February 16, 2015 at 12:57 PM

    Agree with olestinker and denver about Carly. It was very clear she knew she was likely next and she thought Chris should know and she stepped up. I do think she should have told the second part of what Britt said to be completely fair but she was probably afraid that in Chris’s mind might negate what she was saying when it’s become abundantly clear that Britt is not all that she portrays and her melt down later simply proved that. I became a fan of Carly over the past couple of episodes. She’s down to earth and says what she thinks and what needs to be said.

    TeresaRenee, my thoughts exactly!! It seems to me that whoever ABC picks is automatically a hunk to many. After all he was chosen as the Bachelor, so he has to be a hunk, right??!! Go figure!!!

    Entertainment for sure!

  5. notrealityreally

    February 16, 2015 at 1:05 PM

    From the way I read it Steve you like Britt. I like Carly. At first I thought she had crazy eyes lol but she grew on me. She seems pretty positive mostly (maybe her edit?).
    Britt has to sleep with makeup on? Really? I am certain in saying if Britt is the next Bachelorette I won’t be tuning in. Just my take 🙂

  6. notrealityreally

    February 16, 2015 at 1:06 PM

    Ugh I meant Kaitlyn…not Carly my bad 😉

  7. ccc312

    February 16, 2015 at 1:34 PM

    I totally agree, Olestinker(!) I think Carly knew she had little-to-no chance chance with Chris by that point, so she “took one for the team”/”threw herself on her sword” for Chris & the girls she thought were being more honest/upfront about their feelings. Although I agree with R.S. that she wasn’t fully forthcoming with Chris re: Britt’s last-minute realization that Arlington has sunsets (& that she therefore could live there forever!), but I think she accurately conveyed Britt’s overall attitude.

    With the exception of a true wild-eyed drama queen (a la Ashley I-lashes) – I tend to put a lot of stock in the girls’ feelings/attitudes toward a particular contestant. The fact is they’ve spent sooo much more time together than the tiny (highly edited) glimpses we’re doled out on TV. They also see how people behave off camera, which is most telling of all.

    Britt is no monster and certainly no b****. But the girl is ALWAYS “on” for the cameras….and she has a PhD in flirting/telling a guy what he wants to hear! (She seriously could/should give classes!) She’s also stunning to look at, so I’m not surprised in the least that the guys love her. As a (straight) woman, though, I’m not as blinded by hormones(!), which I think makes the calculation & artificiality a bit more apparent.
    Again, I have nothing bad to say about her personality at this point…because other than big smiles & hugs for the camera, she hasn’t shown much of one. Until the last moments of tonight’s show, we’d never seen a genuine moment of vulnerability on her part (and unfortunately, what she showed tonight wasn’t pretty). Other questions: Does she have a sense of humor? What have her past dating experiences been like? What is she looking for in a guy? And why did she change her appearance so much for this show? I don’t think she’s let us see the “real” Britt, which is why women just aren’t responding to her the way you might expect. It’s easy (and lazy/insulting) to dismiss these reactions as simple “jealousy,” but *countless* gorgeous women have appeared on this show and easily managed to win over the female viewership. That’s just a fact. (It’s about “realnesss” and vulnerability, I think.)

    But don’t get me wrong – I don’t think that women in general “dislike” Britt at all. I just believe that men might be so *distracted* by her looks & touchy-feely ways that they haven’t noticed (or cared) that she’s clearly putting on a show. Again, even that – in itself – isn’t so bad. We’re just waiting for more… so the jury is still out.

  8. arod

    February 16, 2015 at 2:02 PM

    I agree that Carly looks really bad after this episode, and Britt seems a lot more genuine than her. Carly came off really immature. Plus she dresses really badly.

    More recaps and thoughts here

  9. kicksandgiggles

    February 16, 2015 at 3:07 PM

    Because you were curious. . . I’m pretty sure the pastor had on a a popular Christian shirt either “Called to Duty” or “Called for Duty”… obviously playing off of the game but an entirely different and profession – appropriate message.

  10. hattiebloom

    February 16, 2015 at 4:23 PM


    Why do you come on this site, type a few relevant words to appear genuine….and then use this space to shamelessly plug your own blog on the very same subject? Please help me understand your intentions.

    I started following the painfully affected Britt on Twitter and she follows only 8 twitter accounts. Kinda unusual. One of them is BachelorABC and the other 7 are churches. All I can say to that is…..GIMME A BREAK. She’s not following any of the other girls, no celebs, no news sources….just churches.

    She tweeted something about not wanting to respond to the negative comments said by the girls on last night’s show and “I choose to forgive and love…..” Blah blah blah. This chick is gunning so hard to be Bachelorette, it’s pathetic. I do not buy one thing she’s selling.

  11. lcs85

    February 16, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    I know people keep saying Britt is always “on” but I feel that way about Whitney as well.

    Like last night when she was telling Chris about her family, or lack of family. “My mom had a blood clot! She died instantly! I don’t have a relationship with my father! Its all soo sad!!!” Could she not tone down the excitement for a few moments while she told her story? I’m not saying she was anywhere close to Kelsey’s crazy “Amazing Story” but does Whitney not have any other emotion on camera besides being overly excited?

    I never minded Whitney before, but watching last night I couldn’t help but think I would strangle the girl if I was locked in a room with her for more then an hour. And its not even the voice that bothers me. Its that she always seems “on” for the cameras.

  12. hattiebloom

    February 16, 2015 at 7:25 PM

    I tend to agree @lcs85, Whitney seems to be on fullly charged mode all the time. She seems to be very focused on what she wants and determined to get it. She is laying it on pretty thick.

    In my eyes the only difference between Whitney’s phony and Britt’s phony is that Whitney is focused on Chris, whereas Britt just wants the focus. Period.

  13. suleewilson

    February 16, 2015 at 9:12 PM

    call me warped, but I thought it would have been really funny if Chris had picked up a Playboy in the ‘donation room’ Whitney showed him, and turned to a picture of Jade in it…..

  14. momma3j

    February 16, 2015 at 9:30 PM

    @ccc312 I completely agree with you on this statement: “I don’t think she’s let us see the “real” Britt, which is why women just aren’t responding to her the way you might expect. It’s easy (and lazy/insulting) to dismiss these reactions as simple “jealousy,” but *countless* gorgeous women have appeared on this show and easily managed to win over the female viewership. That’s just a fact. (It’s about “realnesss” and vulnerability, I think.)”.
    I will also add she comes across as extremely high maintenance to me. I didn’t think men found that to be an attractive quality in women. During Andi’s season, I couldn’t understand why everyone kept commenting they thought she was fake. Well, that’s exactly how I feel about Britt. There is just something that rubs me the wrong way about her. If she is the next Bachelorette, I already feel bad for the poor schmucks who come on claiming they want to fall in love with her AND especially for the one(s) who actually do. ugh
    As for other Bachelorette options, I think they should break one of their own rules and choose Becca. Yes, it might be hard to explain how “quick” she got over Chris after coming in second, but I am sure the producers could figure something out if they wanted to. Also, given her status as a virgin…uumm Sean was a “born again virgin” and he made it through his season just fine. He was definitely easy on the eyes. She is really pretty and seems to be the most genuine of the girls this season.
    As for Carly, I agree with what others said above. She knew she was on her way out and felt Chris should know the truth about Britt. I don’t think it matters one iota that, supposedly, the sunset was so beautiful and it made Britt change her mind about living in Iowa. It actually sounds ridiculous to me and not even worth mentioning to Chris.

  15. momma3j

    February 16, 2015 at 9:34 PM

    BTW, given that I know the franchise will probably stick to their formula,I hope they choose Kaitlyn for Bachelorette instead of Britt.

  16. lcs85

    February 16, 2015 at 9:46 PM

    @suleewilson… You’re not the only one. I was really hoping that was how he found out about Jade’s past. I wanted the tv to turn on and be Jade’s video. That would have been the best. So much better then the awkwardness of them looking at her naked pictures/video together.

    @momma3j… I don’t think its even the virgin thing when it comes to Becca being the Bachelorette… but that she very little dating experience. She said she’s never been in a serious relationship and then to have her date 25+ guys and get engaged after just a few weeks? Nope, not going to happen. And not to mention she was embarrassed about her dad seeing her kiss one guy on tv, how was she going to be making out with multiple guys? And her sister said she’s not overly affectionate towards guys, so it seems it would be hard for her to make a connection. Sure, she could just not kiss many of the guys, but that would be boring and less believable that she has relationships and chemistry with these guys.

    As far as Britt and the sunset… I think she simplified all the things she was thinking on the three hour car ride back to the hotel. Arlington wasn’t very nice looking, so she was probably a little shocked that it wasn’t a cute little town, but then driving back she saw the sunset… thought it was pretty… and realized there was more to Iowa then some dinky, run down little town. And its not like Chris lives in a run down hut in the middle of town. Then she probably thought about her relationship with Chris and how she should give it a try… But instead of saying all that, hippie, free spirited Britt decided to just explain how the sunset put everything into perspective for her. I doubt for three hours she was processing Arlington by thinking Sunset… sunset… sunset… Or maybe she was. I don’t know.

    I’m sure Britt will have plenty of time in the “Hot Seat” in a few weeks on Women Tell All and can tell her side of the story to everything… the rumors of her not showering, not wanting kids, lying to Chris, etc.

  17. lcs85

    February 16, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    I think Kaitlyn would be a great Bachelorette. I don’t understand Steve’s reasoning at all. She’s a cool girl, who is fun to hang out with… so she’s not marriage material? Please… of course she is. Plenty of guys would love to be with her.

  18. momma3j

    February 16, 2015 at 10:00 PM

    @lcs85 Good points about Becca. However, her family also said they’ve never seen her “that way” with a guy before and I took that as she actually was being affectionate with Chris in front of them. In any case, I won’t be shocked or hurt if Becca isn’t picked and I will continue to watch. It just would be fun to see them break their own rule in this case (choosing #2).
    The other thing about Britt is that Chris said what the girls told him confirmed what he already suspected. Which means 1. more than one girl threw her under the bus, not just Carly; and 2. he’s not as dense as the edit is making him look.

  19. momma3j

    February 16, 2015 at 10:11 PM

    I agree 100%, @lcs85! #TeamKaitlyn 🙂

  20. Penthe

    February 16, 2015 at 10:49 PM

    Britt. Britt. Britt. She just about lost her damn mind after Chris gave Kaitlyn the rose, the way she stared at Kaitlyn and Christ, the way she cracked her knuckles one by one, the way she interrupted Chris while he was talking.. wow. What a totally different person than what she portrays… She’s full of hearts and rainbows on her instagram, she is trying so hard to be the next Bachelorette.

  21. justforfun

    February 16, 2015 at 10:55 PM

    Why are people forgetting that Britt wants to be an actress?? She is acting, and we have not seen one genuine thing from her. I will miss Carly, at least she is real. Not a chance in hell of being the Bachelorette, but I love her!
    I don’t find Chris attractive, or sexy. Ick. I guess some young women do find $$$$ attractive. Maybe Whitney just wants to be a stay at home mommy. Whatever floats your boat.

  22. gobsmacked

    February 16, 2015 at 11:29 PM

    I can’t watch the show without reading RS’s commentary – which makes the show(s) so much more interesting!

    ABC has already whittled down the 1 or 2 people that will be bachelorette and did so during editing, which is why we are all now focused on either Britt or Becca or Kaitlin. Becca would be a huge surprise, but brings a ‘story’ and each guy wanting to be the ‘one.’ She’d have a sweetness to her but she’s not ready. Kaitlin doesn’t have the looks, sorry, far too plain for this show.

    Bottom line, Britt could deal with all of the drama from the show and play the guys like a whistle. She’d be wild and crazy and bring the love-to-hate. It’s probably Britt.

    Whitney in this 2 – night show has shown another side of her. Seeing her happiness in her job, I highly doubt she will give it up. She sure wants to control her sister who is just looking out for her. Really can’t wait whether they stay together.

    Thanks RS for making this season bearable

  23. gobsmacked

    February 16, 2015 at 11:39 PM

    Gotta hand it to you Steve, your spoilers about Whitney were right on from what, two days after the final rose ceremony? Whoever gave that to you had to be inside and good source. Way to go. It’s why I’d never watch the show without your spoilers and sarcasm, makes it much more entertaining.

  24. sbc85

    February 17, 2015 at 6:17 AM

    I don’t understand why someone would say Kaitlyn is too “plain” for The Bachelorette. I think she is very pretty. If Jillian or Ashley H. (who are both pretty but not knockouts) can be the lead, so can Kaitlyn. While not all the guys there would necessarily go gaga over her in real life, they will on the show because she will be the only female available. Like Steve always says, it’s about the contestants, not the lead. So why in this case is he saying Kaitlyn wouldn’t fit as the lead? She would be fine.

  25. toaster

    February 17, 2015 at 6:40 AM

    Thank God Carly is gone. I couldn’t stand another moment of her cattiness, immaturity and hypocrisy. Poor Becca – with a sister like hers better to be an orphan.

    I love Britt more every week. I wouldn’t want any other woman to be the next Bachelorette from this season but Britt. She processes her (changing) emotions out loud but she’s real. She said out loud what everyone was thinking about their first impressions about Arlington. The rest gasped and showed their utter dismay – there wasn’t a single woman there who embraced Arlington from the get-go. Clearly a place like that would take some getting used to. So the group going after Britt made the other women hypocrites and seem more than a tiny bit jealous. The fact that Carly conveniently never mentioned Britt’s change of heart, or even if Carly didn’t believe Britt, avoiding mentioning what Britt really said later, showed up Carly’s own dishonesty and scheming – nothing more. At least now Chris knows the truth. And it’s his loss. Britt for next Bachelorette all the way!!

  26. toaster

    February 17, 2015 at 7:22 AM

    So Whitney loves her job so much. Wonder how long it will be before she regrets giving it up for a place like Arlington.

  27. Sunnyside422

    February 17, 2015 at 7:43 AM

    Read everyone’s comments. Sunday was me flipping back and forth to watch SNL 40 Years (so much better than the Bachelor)!

    My take on Chris: not the brightest bulb. So painfully inarticulate when he stumbles his way through conversation. Really sad. No wonder he is 33 and alone. And he is beyond boring and dull and not at all good looking. His Woody Woodpecker hair do makes me laugh.

    Jade: I can just picture those scuz balls Elan, Robert and Mike drooling over her internet body show! Wonder if Chris has the brains to figure out they knew all about little, innocent, sweet Jade beforehand and made sure Chris was played big time! And as for facial looks, Jade has this funky nose that nearly extends to her upper lip. I don’t find her pretty at all!

    Whitney: I just cringe when she opens her mouth! I can’t stand that Minnie Mouse voice! No way in hell she will live in that po dunk town. What in God’s name would she do with her days while he is out plowing the lower 40…if he even plows! Sitting home, knitting, baking bread? Sorry I don’t see any of these women wanting that life.

    Okay now to Britt! All I focus on his her huge, huge flaming red mouth. Nasty. Though I am sure the new crop of bachelors will focus on how that mouth would work on them! Sorry I am not on the “Britt is lovely” bandwagon. I don’t like her looks at all. And her main interest is herself. That’s pretty clear. Another Andi…God forbid!

    Becca seems sweet…too much so for this show.

    I’d like to see Katilyn or even Carly as bachelorette as both would be entertaining.

  28. hkhazzard

    February 17, 2015 at 8:10 AM

    Britt reminds me a little bit of Kelsey. The whole “who me? I didn’t mean that” crap. LOL. She definitely isn’t as crazy as Kelsey, but her exit last night and her lame attempt at crying was ridiculous. For her career, I hope she works on that! It was bad. I didn’t really like the way Carly handled herself when she ratted out Britt, but I like Carly, her time was limited and so I guess she did what she thought she needed to do. I think Kaitlyn would be a great bachelorette. I don’t see Whitney and Chris lasting.

  29. thellx

    February 17, 2015 at 8:21 AM

    Did they reshoot Whitney and Chris’s Des Moines date? When they were looking through the pictures they had “just taken” on the digital camera, the timestamp on each of the photos clearly said January 22, 2015.

  30. rob22

    February 17, 2015 at 8:39 AM

    I do understand the girl’s reaction to Chris’ home town. I’ve been to many cute small towns with a homey nice cafe where you can get coffee & breakfast or maybe a burger, a place to get your hair cut, a small downtown with basic shops for basic needs & a grocery store (of course). This town had NONE of that. It is almost a vacant town. Even the HS football game, where most everyone in town had to be (God knows it’s the only thing to do on a Friday night) wasn’t super well attended. It was and should have been a huge disappointment to all the girls. Obviously Britt was lying to Chris, or herself about it, and Whitney is either lying or deluded, but the place is a hell hole. And it wasn’t even winter yet, when you get to experience windy days with single digit temperatures. No friggin way. That’s why there are 400 people there. Probably all have farms and come from family’s that have lived there their entire lives. Not too many people are moving in. The door swings outwards only.

    Des Moines is a decent city, but it’s three hours a way. Might as well be on another planet. I do think a couple of decent sized cities are within an hour. Maybe that gives you something to do on Saturday nights sometimes, but it’s not really accessible more than a couple of times a month. If you’re Whitney, what happens to your career? At minimum, it will be a one hour drive to any decent job in her field, if they are even available.

    Will Chris be enough for Whitney? I don’t see how he could possibly be enough. He’s a decent enough guy, but pretty much lacking in personality. Those cold, lonely Iowa winters are going to get old really fast.

  31. alikat

    February 17, 2015 at 8:42 AM

    I feel like Kaitlyn has a real shot at being the Bachelorette. Near-universal popularity, she’s pretty, and she’s had a great edit so far on the show. RS keeps saying no way because guys see her more as the funny/buddy type than a girl they want to marry, but that’s been done in this franchise before… remember Bachelor Bob Guiney, anyone? Totally not their stereotypical lead, but he was funny and the season was successful. I think Kaitlyn totally has a shot at it and next week’s hometowns could seal the deal for her.

    Britt I think could have done it but they’ve shot themselves in the foot with how they’ve edited her. I personally don’t hate Britt… I think she’s beautiful, I do think she was the only one of the girls to be open about her feelings about Arlington so they threw her under the bus when really they were all thinking it… but the whole not-showering thing, sleeping with makeup, lying/disliked by top 6 girls, no real occupation to speak of… that is going to make it a hard sell for her to be a desireable Bachelorette.

    Or maybe not. Perhaps the guys they cast won’t have even watched The Bachelor so they won’t know anything about Britt’s bad edit. Who knows.

    Either way, I’m done with watching Chris’s season. He’s boring as all get out, and the thought of living in a place like Arlington gives me the heebie-jeebies. And I’m even a stay-at-home mom.

  32. hkhazzard

    February 17, 2015 at 8:58 AM

    I graduated with 23 people from a town of about 1100, so I know small. And you are right rob22 — Arlington is a hell hole. At least where I am from, there was a grocery store, gas station, bar, restaurant, park, library, ice cream joint, etc. Plus, big cities less than a half hour away. I cannot imagine living anywhere even smaller. Yikes! What on Earth would you do day in/day out?

  33. cathygrace

    February 17, 2015 at 9:24 AM

    Brit was in it for entirely the wrong reasons. She wants to be a movie/TV star and was hoping to be discovered. She was a total fake, playing to the cameras. If Chris chose her she would have ended the engagement after she got enough media attention. If she is the next bachelorette, which no doubt is her next objective, I won’t watch it. I’m not interested in seeing another “star search” audition.

    Whitney is perfect for Chris. I saw Whitney’s enthusiasm for her work as a sign that she can find joy in whatever she does in everyday life and she will be just as passionate with whatever she ends up doing. I think losing her mother and not having a father in her life made her realize the importance of family. She enjoys her work because she helps create happy families. She will also enjoy building a family with Chris.

    With Becca, I think her family threw her under the bus by implying she is a cold fish. Yes she’s more innocent than other girls in the show, but maybe not as cold as her family implied. There could be a good reason why she’s not affectionate with or in front of her family. Maybe she doesn’t share much of her personal life with them and I can see why given how they talked about her behind her back. Still, I don’t think she is the best choice for Chris.

    I saw a problem with Jade when we learned she has the medical condition where her feet can’t handle cold, this was after her fall from the raft. If her body can’t handle the cold she doesn’t belong on a farm in Iowa. Also, if this is a hereditary condition it could be problematic for creating another generation of farmers.

    I think over time Kaitlyn would get bored on a farm in Iowa, and even if they got married it wouldn’t last forever.

    Last Carly, I liked her, but not for Chris. She seems like the “girl next door” and would make a good bachelorette.

  34. rob22

    February 17, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    As for the Bachelorette race. While it might seem that Britt has killed herself off, and everyone in the world thinks she’s fake, it did work for Andi. She wasn’t the popular choice, but because of her acting abilities, came across pretty well as The Bachelorette. At least, until after the show when she came across more as trying to dominate Josh and continue her appearances and fame-whoring. If Britt was The Bachelorette, despite the real possibility of some fan pushback, she’ll probably carry it off well…. because she’s an actor. Real people like Chris stumble a lot. She wouldn’t. It doesn’t seem to impact ratings either way.

    I agree with RS on Kaitlyn. Doesn’t do anything for me.

    Becca is a nice enough girl, but her lack of experience with men & her very low key personality (I’m trying not to say boring) will make it a tough sell. I’m not even sure she’d be comfortable enough to take it on.

    Carly: the “petty” girl who tells on the mean girl never gets anything except a quick exit from the show. She killed her own chances. It wasn’t a good look for her on Monday.

  35. ksde

    February 17, 2015 at 1:21 PM

    I find it frustrating that Steve is so defensive about Britt. It seems like she can do no wrong. S o fishy to me. I dont think that the bachelorette can survive withour majority support from women viewers, and most women at least on social media just do not like her.

    Her crazy Russian accent was scary. Breaking her knuckles One. By. One. Was INSANE. That was scarier than Kelseys antics because Kelsey was being herself the entire time. Britt flipped 180. I don’t blame her for being mad, but her execution of it was very ugly.

    As others have said, Britt has been on the offense with her instagram for weeks leading to last night’s episode. She has been using her instagram as her pr’s rescue “LOOK AT THE POOR HUNGRY AFRICAN KIDS THAT I SPONSOR! I love God! I forgive you all!” PLEASE. I actually think it’s normal to be angry at Carly. I think it’s normal to hate Iowa. I don’t think it’s normal to be Ms perfect, and I’m not buying what she’s selling.

    I find it funny that she constantly talks about Chris giving the rose to Kaitlyn to Kaitlyn’s face at least twice as if Kaitlyn doesn’t matter. Then she says “oh I don’t mean to hurt your feelings at all! Poor me!”…that kind of crying was also ridiculous, and I think Chris heard it but didn’t care for how fake it was. There’s no reason to be crying so loud like that.

    I really really liked her at first but find myself less and less after each episode. Bless her heart. Im sure she means well, but she is delusional. I just can’t be convinced that she’s going to find love as a bachelorette either.

  36. ksde

    February 17, 2015 at 1:38 PM

    Andi got the gig because Juan Pablo was a douche, and she left in an empowering way. It was ground breaking as far as the bachelor is concerned to decide as a contestant that you aren’t into the bachelor and to stand up against yourseld. Britt left because she was caught lying, and she was trying to pull an Andi…and I think Chris was warned by staff. Two different stories.

    But now it is apparent to me how fame-obsessed Andi is, and I no longer like her.

  37. rob22

    February 17, 2015 at 2:30 PM

    I think the way Britt will spin it is that yes, Arlington was a shocking hell hole, but she really wanted it to work with Chris so she deluded herself into deciding it would work fine. Of course, the “wanting to be #1” part, she’ll need to have an answer for… maybe “I felt like I got dropped by Chris & it was emotional”…. and then the crying jag on the front lawn…. hmmm… tough sell. But if The Bachelor wants her, they’ll get their spin meisters going stat. Look, if the The Bachelor can convince us that Juan Pah-Blow (who barely appeared on The Bachelorette) or Ben Flat-Dick (with greasy hair) would be great catches, then they can certainly sell Britt. Not disagreeing with the Britt haters, I’m just saying that The Bachelorette can overcome all of that with their spin machine.

  38. ksde

    February 17, 2015 at 4:45 PM

    If Britt gets the gig, there’s a high chance of the audience’s shock and booing. I’ve never seen any one who’s gotten the gift has been so disliked in the beginning except maybe Brad (the second time). People were actually excited for JP since he was the first “minority” bachelor, lol as white as he is.

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