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A Super Duper Batch of “Reader Emails,” Becca’s Sister Lashes Out, & Britt on “Kimmel”

Wow. We’ve got a super, duper, extended “Reader Emails” this week. Almost 80 emails I think. I lost count. Here you go…

Man these girls are such fame whores. Jordan has been pimping her time on the Bachelor here in Denver to every TV and radio station that will listen to her. The funniest thing is they all have promoted her story as being the first one kicked off. I find it so funny that they don’t even care enough to do the research on who she is.
Love what you do

Comment: Wait, you’re telling me a contestant is trying to do whatever they can to extend their 15 minutes? That never happens!

Hi Steve,

I know we’ve had some crazy people on this show and, while a lot of it has been editing, some of it has not. I JUST don’t get it. I mean, these people know that the show will be shown on national television. They have friends and family watching. Wouldn’t they be embarrased about some of the things they say and do? Or wouldn’t they know that they would be caught in lies??? Yes, we don’t have the brightest bunch here, but c’mon! Some of this stuff is ridiculous. They have to return to their real lives eventually.

Also, if the most of the girls go in hoping to either get the lead or become the next bachelorette (which definitely is Kelsey’s case with all the self promotion)… why act like a complete psycho idiot on camera? Do you think they are not gonna show it??? I mean it’s not ALL editing. I truly, truly do not get it.

Seriously, absolutely no one other than Becca passes for next bachelorette. I know, I know, filming schedule… It’s just weird how bad of edits everyone has gotten so far, including Britt. I guess, maybe Kaitlyn, but she is less of a down-to-earth girl like Jillian or Ali were and more of just a buddy, like you said. Plus, her limo entrance was awful and made me think she’s a filler that will last 1 episode.

I guess this was more of a rant not really questions

Thanks anyway

Comment: You’re allowed to rant. The best answer I can give you is that, yes, these people know they’re going to be on a television show that friends and family are watching. But when you’re in the moment actually filming it, I don’t think they actually grasp it because it’s not happening live. I think they just don’t think of the consequences because they know it’s not airing until much later, so there’s a part of you probably feels “Yeah, well I can say this now, but in 3 months it won’t matter,” and that’s where they make their biggest mistake. I’ve talked to former contestants (not even just of this franchise, but others) that basically say you know you’re being filmed, but you don’t grasp the importance of what words you say in September will have when they actually air in January. Make sense?


Did you see the cover of Life & Style? It claims Chris Soules is engaged to one woman (presumably Whitney), but is in love with another and even told the other woman (Britt?, Becca?) that he’s in love with her.

Is it total BS? What are you hearing?

My response: Consider the source.


I’m generally not free with compliments because I think most people don’t have game, but you’re the Michael Jordan of reality TV, and I love sitting courtside and watching you dunk over the competition.

Comment: Thanks. But I’d much rather be the Steph Curry of reality TV bombing 3’s in people’s eyes since, well, I can’t dunk. I have dunked before, but can’t anymore. I’ve dunked 3 times in my life. Never in a game or practice or scrimmage though. It was after my senior season was over and it was in a gym screwing around. I’m not sure if I was just having a good day or what, but I never saw it coming. Three times in a row, and I’ve never done it since. Weird. So yeah, I’ll go with Steph Curry.

First of all, LOVE your site! Knowing what is going to happen makes watching this silly show infinitely more fun! And I absolutely love knowing the “winner” before the season even starts. So thanks! No one has mentioned this yet but I think that Carly is a dead ringer for Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock and Ali McBeal. Don’t you agree? I can see it.

Also, I wonder what Whitney thinks watching this show with her “fiance”. It is really obvious that Chris was way more into Britt than her, at least at this point. Was Whitney kind of a second choice, in your opinion?


Comment: I wouldn’t put much stock into that because you can say that for every winner on every season. They ALL have had to watch the lead develop feelings and hook up with other people while the show was airing. What about Josh having to see Nick and Andi’s dates, not to mention Nick outing their “love making” session on the overnight dates? I think that’s about 10 times worse than anything Whitney has had to deal with.

And what about Chris having to listen to Desiree tell Chris Harrison in a pre rose ceremony conversation that she’s absolutely in love with Brooks? Whitney hasn’t had to hear any of that. All she’s had to do is watch Chris have nothing more than a surface level attraction to Britt.

The list goes on and on from former winners who’ve had to watch the lead have relationships with other people. To me, Whitney’s gotten off pretty easy.

Hey Steve,

Been following for years, love you! And I would never watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette if it wasn’t for your entertaining blog.

I need your help convincing myself not to feel bad for Whitney after watching the last episode. Knowing that Whitney ends up with Chris ultimately, I watched the last episode through her eyes. I was heartbroken for Whitney now that she is in a relationship for Chris and watching how he chose Britt for his concert date a few short months ago over herself. I mean that’s got to be painful to watch if you are in a relationship now. Or maybe they aren’t really in love, but in my fairy tale world they are happy together and Chris has found the woman he wants to marry.

Tell me something to ease my heart ache on Whitney’s behalf. Is it ridiculous to think watching that play out on national TV is hurtful to both Chris and Whitney?

Comment: Back-to-back questions on the same thing. Read the above answer for my exact thoughts on this.

Hi Steve,

This is my first e-mail, but I am an avid reader and abolustely love your site. I just had to share my theory on the Britt not showering thing, since I have not seen anyone mention this idea yet. I personally think this is a move on the girls part to see what they can get America to believe. Think about it, this is the absolute LAST thing anyone would think when they look at Britt. During the first episode, Michelle Money mentioned the rumor, and I got a little suspicious. Then, after the episode that the “not showering” thing was first brought up, Britt posted an instagram saying “I have never taken a shower. I was also born in a test tube. in outer space. I can levitate, read minds, AND breathe underwater. Whew. I’m glad that’s all out there #believeeverthingyouhear :)”. I honestly think she thinks it is just a funny joke, and kind of a test on America. Would love to know your thoughts on this theory.

Comment: All I keep coming back to is that Chris said he never noticed it and she smelled great on their dates, and he’s obviously physically attracted to her. I think this is more of a joke and exaggeration than anything else. Are people avoiding her? Is everyone steering clear from her in the house because she looks/smells like Pigpen from the “Peanuts?” No.

Does anyone else feel like Chris Harrison is barely around anymore? It seems like with each season he shows up less and less. What are your thoughts on this?

Comment: Hey, you gotta earn your $50k an episode somehow.

Hi Steve,

I was curious about this…do you think after the way Kelsey was portrayed on the show that she will replace Courtney Robertson as the most hated Bachelorette in history?

Comment: Could be. There are very few people that like her now. If she goes to the WTA, she will have a lot of ass kissing and apologizing to do if she wants to win people over again. Something it doesn’t seem like she’s capable of, or even cares about.


I randomly was flipping through the channels this morning and came across a movie called “I wanna marry Ryan Banks”, it had Bradley cooper and jason priestly so I figured id give it a go. It basically exposes the bachelor show for what it is. Do they really do the whole “take 2 action!” stuff? I just figured they followed them around with cameras. Do they actually do multiple takes? I really loved this show but after recently watching Jillian’s season and the lengths they went to to tarnish wes’ character just floored me. It’s one thing to manipulate the editing but to cut and crop words together to ruin someone is horrible. It’s hard for me to watch this show anymore. How fake is it?

Comment: However fake you think the show is…multiply that by 10. There’s your answer.

Hi Steve –

Regarding Britt as the next Bachelorette, the concern is not about her career being “just a waitress” (hope you get the “Friends” reference here), but the fact that she is a HOLLYWOOD waitress. AKA actress wanna-be. Which means her intentions with this franchise are not to find true love, but to get exposure and hopefully create a career in entertainment and media. Of course this has been the same intention of many other contestants and leads, but it’s impossible to hide that as well having a job as a waitress in Hollywood. She will not come across as genuine no matter what kind of show she puts on at the WTA. Britt has taken to social media saying she isn’t an actress anymore and isn’t looking for acting work. What the show puts on the screen as your job is completely out of your hands (i.e. Lucy the “free spirit,” Kelly the “dog lover”)

Have you read Sean’s book? What have you heard about it? I had no interest in reading Courtney’s book (due to my disliking her), however based on your recommendation, I read it and loved it. I can’t imagine Sean’s being as entertaining and interesting as Courtney’s book. No, I haven’t read it. Don’t think I will. Courtney’s book is a great, quick read if you’re into the dirt, smut, and gossip about this show.

I was actually sad to see MacKenzie go the other week. Yes, she was extraordinarily young for this show, however she was very refreshing. She had such a natural look, wearing minimal make-up and wearing her hair naturally curly. She conversations may have seemed weird (aliens?), however she did not come across as scripted and calculated like the other girls. No, she just came across as young, naïve, and someone who never had a chance of lasting.

Regarding the not-showering business. It is true that women shouldn’t shampoo their hair everyday. HOWEVER, you can still shower without shampooing your hair. You can get your hair wet in the shower, apply a little conditioner to detangle, and then dry and restyle. OR you can shower with a handy little thing called a shower cap. Shower caps are not just for your grandma! Put one of those on your head and you get get your body clean and your legs shaved, all while keep your hair dry and styled. Just a little tip for Britt in case she is reading this! 😉 We have no idea exactly what the whole “no showering” thing exactly entails, but I’m sure it will be addressed on the WTA.

Do you have any idea of if Whitney is moving to Iowa, or are they going to do the long-distance thing?


Comment: I’m not sure. My guess is they are doing the long distance thing until they decide if they actually do want to get married, which I don’t think will happen. And they’re long distance isn’t too bad since it’s only a 3-4 car ride from Chicago to Arlington, Iowa.

Hi Steve!!

I just wanted to say I think it’s a little silly that people are saying Britt could never be the next bachelorette because she’s a waitress. Wellllll let’s look back at Andi… she had a nice, stable career that she had absolutely no problem leaving behind at the chance of becoming famous (errr, ummm, I mean at the chance of finding love). Who the heck cares what the bachelorette did before since it’s pretty much a given that you pursue that role for the “new opportunities” the show brings. Honestly, bachelors and bachelorettes, do any of them really keep the same job they had before after the show is over? Do you think Jake is still a pilot? …exactly.

Keep up the awesome work!!

Comment: Actually, I think Jake still does fly on occasion. Not full time, but I’ve had people email me in the last few years saying he was on their flight.

With that said, no, Britt’s job has absolutely no bearing on her chances of being the “Bachelorette.” It doesn’t matter.

I guess there must be something wrong with ME, I thought Kelsey was the only classy lady on the show. She was sincere, tolerant and a good choice for the producers to select….somebody had their head on straight.

Comment: Yes, there is something wrong with you. I blame your parents.

Hey Steve,

Why do you think Britt left in 6th place if she was gunning for bachelorette so hard? Everyone knows that bachelorette is usually the one in 3rd or 4th place… Why would she not stick it out for another couple episodes, then bow out? I’m sure she had no prior knowledge of Kaitlyn’s instagram craziness or Jade’s Playboy pics, so why would she think she’d be a shoo-in for the job leaving so early? Could’ve been producer induced.

Well (to partially answer my own question)… I’m sure the producers probably told her she’d be safe to leave this early and still get the gig, but why would the producers not want her to stick around any longer? Did they feel she’d have a less compelling hometown date than Jade or Kaitlyn? That I don’t know.

Also, do you think Whitney would have been chosen for bachelorette over Britt if she ended in 3rd/4th? Is her voice that much of a dealbreaker to not be able to carry a season? I personally think Whit is a way better catch… It’s possible.

Finally, do you have a copy of Sean Lowe’s new book, and if so, can you spill some gossip he revealed about behind the scenes bachelor (or DWTS) that most of us wouldn’t know? (or if any of your readers have read it – please post some juicy tidbits in the comments! Thanks!)

Comment: No. Have not bought it and don’t think I will.

As you know whoever is the winner (and I use the word winner loosely) will watch the show which in this case, I cannot see how a relationship can long endure. Is Britt, Chris Soules Brooks Forester? They certainly made it entertaining in the drama and rose delivery change up but for the hope of a possible enduring relationship, I say after watching this mess, no way.

Comment: If Britt is this season’s Brooks, then wouldn’t that actually bode well for Chris and Whitney since Des and Chris ended up getting married?

Hi Steve,

Thank you for providing endless hours of entertainment for me!

Something caught me off guard while reading readers emails this week, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Sanderson’s obit said he was 42 when he died. And Kelsey is 27? 28? They met when she was 19, making him 36ish at that time? Does that not seem like a large age gap?

All the best!

Comment: Yes, it is. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Definitely not normal, but in this day and age, and older man dating/marrying a younger woman (even one 15 years younger) isn’t as far fetched as it used to be.

This season is reminding of Ben and Courtney in that Chris is no Sean Lowe. I think when the one who is the winner (not) when seeing this show will head for the hills if she has any sense. It obvious that if she has a ring that she was not his 1st or 2nd choice. I was all for chris Soules being the new Bachelor because I saw him as sincere like Sean Lowe, but he is no Sean Lowe and I agree with you, they will never get married. I sure would not marry him after I watched this play out. I guess there is more to come on the Fantasy Dates. Catherine never has to wonder about Sean’s fidelity, but these women will not have that to trust. I know that you are not a person of faith, but Sean Lowe worked because Sean has integrity…Chris Soules is not the aww shucks farmer I was hoping to see?

Comment: No, he’s not.

Hey Steve,

I almost didn’t write this just because you probably get tired of the “Thank you for Friday Night Lights!” emails, but I must.
My husband and I never (or rarely) both enjoy a TV show to the same degree. He grudgingly joins me for the Bachelor and I grudgingly hang out with him while he watches sports, etc. Recently he said something like “There has to be an old TV series we’d both really like” and I brought up FNL. He had seen the movie and loved it. I told him you’ve been talking the TV show up for years but I always ignored it because football and me? Uh, no way. Boy was I wrong. It’s SO great, and encompasses so much more than just HS football. We’re into the second season and love it, so many thanks from us!

Have a great weekend!

Comment: Another converted fan. I should be getting paid royalties for how many people I’ve turned on to the show. And yes, it IS a show for both men and women. Men can watch for the football aspect of it, not to mention drooling over Lyla and Tyra, and the women can watch for the Taylor’s relationship, and all the other relationships within the show.

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  1. punk

    February 18, 2015 at 10:09 AM

    Britt nailed her audition on Kimmel. She has the momentum now. It is gonna be her.

  2. lisa e

    February 18, 2015 at 10:25 AM

    Britt is just too phony. Too many issues. Her highs and lows are just too dramatic.
    This season had the worst/weakest/trashiest batch of women yet.
    All brazen self-promoters! Hell, even Whitney, though likeable, landed on the show via Jaclyn and the other Bachelor alumni in Chicago!

  3. fcew

    February 18, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    It has been said that Britt is a bath girl, not a shower girl. So she takes baths, not showers. So saying she doesn’t take showers is correct, but it’s not she doesn’t wash or clean herself, she just doesn’t shower. Not a big deal.

    Still though, I don’t want her to be Bachelorette. She’s clearly a fame whore. Nothing wrong with that, but not appealing to watch on a show about “finding your true love” when you know she’s just trying to get on some other show. Maybe she should pursue soap opera acting, she certainly has the over acting down with the dramatic pauses for effect.

  4. rob22

    February 18, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    I know Britt isn’t coming off great, but remember, Ali was edited as the Wicked b*tch of the West in her Bachelor stint and Andi didn’t exactly come off positive either, though she got a partial pass for her take down of that idiot JPah-blow because…. well, he deserved it. Both had their images rehabilitated through the WTA & subsequent media appearances, so the same could be true of Britt (e.g. the Kimmel appearance & upcoming WTA). Bottom line, a bad edit and popularity issues can be overcome. If the show wants her, they’ll help fix her image so she’ll be palatable. It’s never been a problem in the past.

    Obviously it’s all individual opinion on whether someone will be good/bad, etc. But the show knows that they can turn around the image if need be. Her current unpopularity is not a major barrier.

    Look at The Bachelor picks. Juan Pah-blow and Old McDonald. Tell me those were inspired picks. A couple of babbling doofuses. How were the ratings? You would think they would have dropped, right? They didn’t. Basically the show knows that the numbers don’t lie. Whoever they pick, even a complete Jackwagon like JPBlow, the ratings will be there. They’ve got a formula and Britt fits the formula. Kaitlyn would probably do fine, but she’s not the front runner.

  5. vessel

    February 18, 2015 at 1:23 PM

    Gotta agree, after watching Britt on Kimmel I feel very sure it’s going to be her. Too bad, I was really hoping for Kaitlyn.

  6. angelfish

    February 18, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    “Her highs and lows are just too dramatic.”

    And that’s exactly why she would be a perfect lead. Britt lovers will tune in to love Britt and Britt haters will tune in to hate Britt.

    But people WILL tune in regardless. And they will talk, talk, talk all over the Internet. And that’s precisely what the producers care about.

  7. cjscjs711

    February 18, 2015 at 1:35 PM

    When Whitney talked about her 1-on-1 with Chris she didn’t gush about kissing, as 21-year old Mackensie did at a time when she was the first. (Little did they know then, how much of the same they’d all get later…..) Whitney always seemed to show consideration of the other girls’ feelings.

    Neither did Whitney glow, talking about a two-hour “nap” alone in a hotel room, as Hollywood wannabe actress Britt did.

  8. angelfish

    February 18, 2015 at 3:16 PM

    ” Her highs and lows are just too dramatic.”

    And that is exactly why she’d be perfect. People that love Britt will tune in to love Britt, and people who hate Britt will tune in to hate Britt.

    And they will ALL talk, talk, talk about her & her contestants. The exact thing the producers want.

    What will NOT happen is that people won’t watch. They will. They always do, no matter how much they bitch & gripe about the lead.

  9. jaclyn

    February 18, 2015 at 3:35 PM

    Hi Reality Steve (assuming you read the comments),
    I just wanted to offer a response to a suggestion offered in one of your reader emails. They offered the suggestion that maybe Chris and Whitney could live in a bigger city/community and Chris could maybe commute to work. So here is the scoop coming from a farmers wife:
    My husband and I (along with his parents) dairy and beef farm right around 1000 acres in southern Missouri. Prior to us getting married,I lived about 40 miles away from “the farm.” During summer months and times when they were short handed on the farm I rarely got to see him because of the distance and LONG hours. Commuting to work is not an option for any serious farmer (by serious I mean you do it for a living not a hobby). We have a farm five miles away that we cant put some of our livestock on right now because we are afraid they will lamb or calve during the night and we don’t wont to be driving an additional 10 miles twice in the middle of the night to check on them. I know Chris does a lot more crop farming than us, but it is my understanding he owns livestock as well. Here is the thing…. No you cannot live an hour away and commute to work if you are a “career” farmer. It is not an option. Farming is a demanding job. Sometimes you get by with just the “day shit” other times you are pulling all nighters. Again, not an option so there is no need for ANYONE to speculate about it. Period. With that being said, I would like to add one more thing. I grew up in a small town of about 2000 people. It is the town we do some of our business in, and the town I teach in. I have lived here all my life. Not only have I lived in a rural area all my life, my parents also farmed when I was a small child so I understood the lifestyle when I got married. With all of that being said, I will say this:
    It was still a huge ADJUSTMENT to be married to a “career” farmer. HUGE! There were times we really struggled. And I had lived that life before, and always lived a small-town lifestyle. There is NO WAY Chris is going to pluck a girl out of a city and move her to a farm whose closest community is what, 400 people?! It will be sunshine and rainbows for awhile…. but it wont last. Farming is a very difficult lifestyle because it is so demanding when it comes to time and resources. It is not for everybody. There is a reason why only 1% of our nation does it.
    Anyway, that was my response and a little bit of my soap box. Thanks for reading. I REALLY enjoy your work, Reality Steve. You make the show entertaining. Keep it up.

  10. shirls429

    February 18, 2015 at 7:00 PM

    Loved Britt on Jimmy Kimball and hope she will be the next Bachelorette. Carly was mean and Snarky and obviously jealous of Britt!!

  11. dulcinea14

    February 18, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Watching Britt on the show was like watching a really bad actress. Over-the-top with everything. It’s so incredibly obvious that she was there as an actress. I find it disconcerting that some people could be so naive to see her actions as normal and not the fake behavior of an amateur actress. I guess not everyone can be so observant and recognize phony human behavior. Part of the reason why I like reading Sharleen Joynt’s blog is because she nails it. Disappointed that RS is Britt blind.

  12. karynr

    February 19, 2015 at 5:52 AM

    Team Kaitlyn….she’s very attracive with a good, seemingly sincere, personality.

    I think Carly is adorable.

    I really don’t want to have to look at Britt’s lips (and fake over-the-top reactions) for the next Bachelorette season. She’s a beautiful girl/woman with a facade that seems quite phony.

    I don’t like Steve’s comments about Jade. I found her very likeable and sweet. I made a lot of unwise decisions in my 20’s and think a lot of us can say the same thing. But, RS can be very judgemental.

  13. hattiebloom

    February 19, 2015 at 6:37 AM

    Britt is nauseating.

  14. hattiebloom

    February 19, 2015 at 7:01 AM

    My comments aren’t posting, so apologies for any redundancy.

    I just read the post about Jef Holm’s sister commenting on Britt’s pic. Holy moly…..the sister sounds like she wants Jef to bring home a new puppy….aka Britt. Gag!!!

  15. knightjorge

    February 19, 2015 at 6:05 PM

    One of your reader emails asked for someone who has read Sean Lowe’s book to comment about it. I’ve read the book.

    It’s pretty vanilla. He talks a lot about things that he has covered in different interviews over the last couple of years. He wrote about his college years, how he ended up getting on “The Bachelorette” show, his relationship with Emily and his experience doing that show, and how he ended up being “The Bachelor.” All pretty expected. He does speak out more about his relationship with Catherine and how things developed between them after the show, especially all the changes that they were both dealing with while he was doing DWTS. He speaks about his faith, the development of Catherine’s faith, some of the issues they dealt with in those early months while they were figuring each other out post “The Bachelor.” I thought it was a really good read if you want to know about Sean and Sean & Catherine. If you want dirt on the show Courtney’s books is definitely the best one for that information. You can also get a fair amount of behind the scenes information from listening to Molly and Jason’s podcast.

    Hope that information helps!

  16. fcew

    February 20, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    Reportedly Britt takes baths instead of showers. So long as she washes herself somehow….

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