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A Super Duper Batch of “Reader Emails,” Becca’s Sister Lashes Out, & Britt on “Kimmel”

hi Steve

No question today just comment. I wanted to let you know that I have read so many different bachelor recap blogs this week by chance and I admit yours is truly the best. While others attempt at being snarky and funny, YOU take the cake. I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did this week at your blog. You are simply fantastic. Your sarcasm and hilarious commentary is unique and organic. So keep up the good work and thanks for giving me a time out during my work day to just laugh and relax reading your blog.

Comment: Thank you. I appreciate it. Different strokes for different folks. I don’t expect everyone to like what I write. Nobody is universally liked. However what I will guarantee is that every Tuesday morning until this show goes off the air, you’ll see a recap by me. That’s more than I can say for most Johnny-come-latelys when it comes to recapping this show. I’ve been doing this 11 years and have had an episode recap for every episode in 27 of the 29 seasons. I ain’t going anywhere. Those other ones? You’ll be lucky if they stick it out more than a couple seasons, so I like to think I’m more reliable.

Hey Steve –

Long time reader and huge fan of your site!

I don’t know how relevant/important/interesting this is, but I figured I’d send it anyway in case you wanted to see.

I was browsing Britt’s instagram and it appears that Jef Holm’s sister is trying to get him to date Britt, evidenced by the comments she left on one of her recent pics. We still don’t know if she’s the next Bachelorette or not, but interesting given how interconnected all the Bach alums are!

Since comments get buried fast, I’m attaching a screenshot too.

Keep doing what you’re doing!


Comment: Puke.

Hey Steve,

After the past two episodes I 100 percent think that Kaitlyn she be the next Bachelorette. She came across as classy and gracious in a really awkward situation when Britt went off on Chris for giving her the rose. Looks-wise she is way above Jillian and slightly above Ashley H. Her personality is much more entertaining than Emily and Desiree’s and she has less of a chip on her shoulder than Andi. Seriously, I think she’s the whole package.

If they pick Britt it will be as a ratings stunt since she’s so polarizing with the audience (on par with Emily). The girl is completely self absurd and phony. Yes, Carly came across as immature a lot but I loved the fact that she called Britt on how she gets all teary before every date (heights, singing, being the ice) and then goes and excels at it. This to me indicates that Britt has an extremely manipulative personality. Her constantly hanging all over and hugging the other girls, and then losing her shit when they get roses is further proof of that. You seem to really have a liking for Britt but as a woman with pretty good intuition I can tell you, she is NOT the real deal.

Comment: Which is fine. We’re all entitled to our own opinion. But keep in mind, whoever they pick it’s with ratings in mind. That’s all they care about. Granted, they could cast any former contestant in that role and they’ll draw numbers. They’re just trying to figure out who’ll draw the best. Sometimes they nail it, sometimes they don’t.

Dr. Steve,

I’ve thought this many times, but Sunday night’s interview with Andi really brought it home. Why the heck don’t they give people a Kleenex on The Bachelor franchise shows??? Honestly, what I remember most about Chris Tells All was Andi’s tear- and snot-covered face.

Thanks for all you do! I love watching the train wreck that is The Bachelor franchise, and it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without your spoilers and insights.

Comment: You’d think the least they could do would be to supply her a box to wipe her mascara with, but no.

First off this season is great- I thought it would be totally boring with Chris- but they more than made up for it with all these crazy ladies..

As to my question: is the lead also sequestered from his family the way the girls are? Or is he allowed to communicate with the outside world as well? I kind of believe Chris that if Jade were the love of his life he would have let her stay, but the way it went down makes me think he knew she wasn’t and then asked his sisters for advice and they were like can her. It just makes sense to me because I feel like if it were up to a dude he would have let her stay because she would have been more ‘fun’ in the fantasy suite than someone like Becca. Yes. Unless of situations where they bring the family on the show like his sisters in that one episode, then no, they have no contact with their family either.

Also- is it just me or does Britt dress/look like Kelly Kapowski? Who wears a crop top to go ice skating????

Comment: I don’t see her looking like Kelly. Maybe the hair, but that’s it. We’ve seen crop tops all season long by a lot of the girls. I wouldn’t just put that on Britt.

Hey Steve!!

Absolutely LOVE your site. Can’t get enough of it. My friends and I can’t wait to read your bachelor/bachelorette recaps every week!!! Keep doing what you’re doing cuz it’s great.

I’m just really curious and would like to know more information on what the girls do while their on the show for like, activities? If they aren’t on dates, are they free to do whatever they want? Or do they just have to stay cooped up in the hotel room/mansion? No. They are secluded and pretty much have to stay at the hotel and just wait.

Are they able to work out? Does production give them access to a gym or facility like it? Gym use is limited and they are watched over by handlers at all times.

Being a health freak myself and a woman in her 20’s I have to believe these women would be worried about eating healthy and working out. Do they provide them with healthy meals or healthy options? Do they always eat at restaurants or can they make their own meals? Food is bought for them and usually someone in the house is the designated chef.

Do the woman find they have gained weight while being on the show after they go back to their normal lives? It’s happened quite a few times. I see it this season with Becca. Not like she’s gotten huge or anything, but you look at her on the hometown date episode and look at her now on Instagram, you can absolutely tell she’s lost weight since the show.

What if they need there hair cut or roots done? I know you have said the women are responsible for their own hair, make up and outfits, but like… really? going on a national TV and they have to do their own make up!? Seems crazy to me… does production give them any kind of idea of what things they will be doing while on the show and what clothes to bring?

Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading more next week!!

Comment: Yes, they are given a long checklist of what to bring on the show.

Hey Reality Steve (or RC, as that one emailer liked to call you),

I totally agree with you about Jade. One of the most attractive women on the show, but her prospects are models and actors now. Chris was totally lying about that not being the reason for getting rid of her, like he had to. He seems like a good dude, honestly, so I get why he’d lie to avoid hurting her feelings.

I think you missed a tier on your nudity scale – between Playboy fully nude and porn, shouldn’t there be a Penthouse step? At least she was in the “classy” men’s magazine. I just meant topless vs topless AND bottomless. Yes, there’s another tier where when you’re topless and bottomless, you’re also sticking things in places that were meant for…forget it. You get my point.

I agree with you on the bachelorette chances for these girls as well. Carly was way too immature and catty, and celebrated too much when other girls left. Kaitlyn just doesn’t have the right vibe either, although I’ve started to like her more lately.

It will most likely be Britt like you expect, and while I don’t like her at all, we will still end up watching. I really don’t find her as attractive as other people seem to, and her style drives me nuts. The dark lipstick and the grunge-y outfits – ripped up pants, denim jacket, flannel wrapped around the waist? No wonder she doesn’t shower, she fell asleep after a Nirvana concert in 1992 and woke up on The Bachelor.

I don’t think Britt actually wanted to leave. Did you hear her say “and is there anything you want to tell me?” If you’re leaving, you just say it – she wanted to be told she’s pretty again and be begged to stay. I think the other girls were absolutely right about this. I’m interested to hear Britt vs the girls at the WTA. I think it’ll tell a lot.

Am I the only one who has started to tire of Whitney’s go-to surprised hands over her mouth look? It seems so fake. I actually don’t mind her voice but that annoys me. Don’t all women do that though?

So people keep accusing you of being wrong about the final pick – is that because facts from inside sources are coming out (like you’ve heard a report you couldn’t confirm) to make it seem possible that someone else is picked but you have more supporting info for Whitney, or is it just people who want to offshore you every season for the hell of it?

Keep up the good work man!

Comment: I have no idea why they do it, I just know they do it. If you want to disagree and say Chris is with Becca, that’s fine. But back it up with something other than, “Well, you were wrong about Des’ season.” That’s just idiocy. I’d be willing to listen to anyone give reasons as to why they think Chris is with Becca. Sure, they’d be 100% wrong, but I’d listen to it. Then on March 9th, every reason they give will become a moot point.

Hi Steve,

I’ve read your blog for the past few seasons and I love your spoilers, honestly I find i’d rather know who wins and then watch the journey on how they got there, I was on Becca’s timeline and someone asked her how she felt about what you said about her in your column and well her reply was ‘He knows everything right?!’ what do you think about that. And I also find that if Whitney wasn’t truly with Chris why would she post an intimate picture of the guy who supposedly broke her heart on social media if she was still heartbroken over him. Food for thought to all those contradictors.

Loyal Reader

Comment: She said that? Sweet. Thanks for lookin’ out Becca.

I don’t worry about what pictures are posted post-show. I know production tells contestants to purposely tweet and Instagram certain things to keep people guessing. None of that means anything to me because it can’t change what happened back on Nov. 22. That’s where my information comes from. Not post show behavior. That means nothing.

Hey Steve,

You are the only reason I started watching this ridiculous show. Anyway,…..

I think the only two women out of the 30 from this season who actually really wanted to be his wife and move to Arlington are the final two: Becca and Whitney. I absolutely believe everyone else is on here to be the Bachelorette, for social media fame and to get in the Bachelor family and be on BIP.
I find Carly to be completely hypocritical. No way she wants to move to a place where you have to drive at least an hour to buy food! Of course Brit doesn’t want to marry Chris. It’s all so stupid.

I am looking forward to seeing who gets the new edit on BIP. I mean, when Michelle Money was on the Bachelor, she was titled, “the crazy one”. All her jokes were edited as literal, they played crazy music as her soundtrack, she had that weird black eye incident, and was seen as way too aggressive. And then she was on Bachelor Pad and America forgot all about their opinions before. I think she may even be one of the most loved now. I mean, Bachelor in Paradise seemed to revolve mainly around her. She was the heroine.

So my question is, who do you think will get a totally different edit on BIP? Do you think Kelsey will be on it?

Thanks so much for all you do!

Comment: Kelsey? No. I’d be surprised if she joined back with this franchise for anything, but never say never. It would show you how truly delusional she was if she did.

A lot of Chris’ girls are likeable and since none you’d consider a villain (outside of Kelsey), I don’t think any of them would end up with a personality make over on BIP. It would have to be someone from a previous season.

So you haven’t made any mention of who you think the next Bachelorette will be… (yes, I’m kidding).

I just had to pass on my own experience with a fertility clinic. My wife and I had out daughter this way (our son was produced the good old fashion way) and let me tell you, that “room” is one of the most uncomfortable places known to men. On my trip, I had a woman that looked like Miss Ballbricker from “Porkys” lead me to the room and hand me the cup and gave me the whole speech, “movies, magazines, etc on the table…” Having that woman as my last thought before going in was not going to help matters. The next thought that went through my head was how many other guys have shook hands with Uncle Charlie in here. At this point, I figured I was going to need a couple of Viagra to be up to the task (see what I did there?)

One aspect that I was COMPLETELY not expecting is that they have to cater to a wide range of turn ons to help the guy get off, so the selection was unreal. There was gay porn, trannies, etc in the room, not to mention a stack of magazines that were well worn. When the best option for me was a movie called “Trailer Park Whores 7” I knew I was in trouble. (Yes, I still remember the title.) I was now going to need 2 dozen Viagra.

You know how they say the TV remote in a hotel room is a petri dish of germs? Yeah, imagine the remote control in this room. I couldn’t imagine how the room would light up if they brought in a black light. Probably would have looked like a scene from “Tron”. I seriously wanted a rubber glove to start my work.

After leaving the room, I was met by a different “technician”… one that looked she came from a photo shoot of Maxim. We made eye contact and I immediately turned my head in shame.

Then a day or two later (I can remember the name of the movie, but now how many days) we had to go back for the implantation. The doctor looks at us and says, “Ok, we have three viables here. Do you want all three?” So while I was lying on the floor unconscious, my wife said “Yes”.

Thankfully only 1 took, and we have a beautiful little girl.

BTW, ABC should thank you for keeping this viewer.

Comment: Brilliant story. One of my favorites ever. Glad something in your life somehow related to a storyline on this show.


I looked at Whitney’s twitter and in her twitter bio it says “Wannabe Iowan” can it be any more obvious that she wins?

Love your blog

Comment: Not to me it couldn’t, but not because of anything she tweets. It’s because of what I know went down on Nov. 22nd in Arlington.


If Jade was really ashamed of her past, she would never have mentioned showing him some of the photos or the video. She seemed giddy when he awkwardly said he wanted to see the photos. At that point, I thought she was going to show him the fully clothed ones to say, “didn’t the photographer do a nice job”? But no, she went for it. WHO DOES THAT? If she was ashamed, she would have said at the start, “I hope you never have to see them.”

As you mentioned some time ago, she wanted everyone to know about the photos and the video. After his reaction of not judging her or changing things between them, she was relieved, not due to his opinion of her, but only for the chance to stay longer. She downplayed her personality all season to fit the mold of a small town girl with the hopes of lasting as many episodes as possible to become a household name. Congratulations, Jade and Mike Fleiss! No one needs to bother with her last name and people are talking about the show!

Comment: I think she needs to act ashamed. But yeah, she certainly didn’t seem ashamed sitting there watching herself while he did.

Hi Steve,

Love your Tweets, recaps & reader emails!

Not sure if you’re a Breakfast Club fan or not, but just an interesting observation…
The final shot of Chris & Jade on the football field where Chris throws his arm up in victory immediately made me think of this Judd Nelson shot at the end of The Breakfast Club.

Both were freeze framed, similar angles, bleachers in the background. Coincidence? I think not. Chris was obviously reliving his high school glory days on that date, what better subtle reference than one of the all time best high school movies ever.

Comment: It’s in my top 10 movies of all time. And yes, it was done on purpose. He was told to do that by producers.

Do the girls know which order they are in the fantasy suite date lineup? Does the lead have any say in that, or is it up to the producers? Just wondering.

Comment: They know by the timing of it. The rose ceremony in Iowa where Jade gets eliminated happens, and if you’re a girl on the next flight to Bali, then obviously you have the first overnight. You leave a couples days later, you have the last one. I think they’re bright enough to figure it out. I think.

RS or RC as some would say,

As always thanks for the insight, spoilers, and recaps, it makes it worth watching.

1. I was hoping you would hear from Sanderson Poe’s family and their take on Kelsey and her tragic beautiful story. Did she not remind you of a psycho killer on a lifetime movie? It was freaky how certain she was of her relationship with Chris that was nonexistent. Yeah, they’d certainly be interesting to hear from. Although according to Kelsey’s sister, she’s claiming they were the ones who wrote Sanderson’s obituary that spent the whole time praising Kelsey. So go figure.

2. I think Carly was immature in the way she handled the Britt situation. There are many seasons where there is a villain who is two faced and clearly dishonest with the lead , but I think this was Carly wanting Britt to be that villain when she wasn’t. I hope she gets called out at WTA. I don’t think Britt will call Carly out only because it seems like Britt isn’t going to stoop to her level. Britt hasn’t said a bad word about anyone. Even on Kimmel last night she said “no comment,” and on her Instagram she always takes the high road. She doesn’t seem very confrontational. I can almost guarantee you though that Britt will cry at some point at the WTA.

3. Is it just me or does Chris seem to cut his time with the girls short? I realize we only see portions of dates but he seems to always cancel cocktail parties when that would be more time spent with girls. He let his anger at Britt end this weeks date. The more I watch him the less I like him but I can’t quite put my finger on what I dislike. The lack of an upper lip?

Hi Steve,

First, congrats on having super cool birthday plans! Thank you so very much for making The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad/Bachelor in Paradise 1000x times more amusing than the show is by itself.

Second, Carly has said meaner things about Britt than some of the other show “villains” and yet she is not getting as much of the villain treatment. How is she getting away with that nonsense? Is it because Britt is much prettier than Carly…so people are more sympathetic to the ugly duckling Carly. Or, is it because Britt humiliated herself on the group date and Chris started doubting her intentions, while people do not fault Carly for Chris’s lack of attraction to her? I agree. Carly is kinda skating by with some of the things she’s said. If said by other people less liked, she’d be getting hell.

Third, I love your site and read it regularly, but I cannot remember if you are planning on reading Sean Lowe’s book. Did you/are you going to read it? It had some interesting behind the scenes commentary, but Sean sounds like a condescending control freak. For example, he is proud of changing Catherine from who she was (vegan and not very religious) into a clone of himself (choosing the “healthier” way of life of eating meat [and then eating an unhealthy portion of steak at The Big Texan] and embracing God on Sean’s level). No, not gonna read it. He really said that? Yikes.

Hey Reality Steve,

First time emailing, long time reader.

Was curious what you think or might know about where Chris and Whitney could live. Small town is one thing but Arlington is just ridiculous. If they want to raise a family, wouldn’t they want to expose their kids to more than just farming and live somewhere they can be a part of a community and get a good education?

Do you think there’s any possibility that Chris would live in Des Moines or Dubuque and ‘commute’ to Arlington when he needed to? It just seems absurd that anyone would legitimately want to live there.


Comment: I have no idea what their plans are. I’m just pretty sure it’s never going to last so it won’t matter.

Hey Steve,

It’s no secret that ABC producers heavily edit the content to make us
believe what they want us to… knowing that, I was kind of surprised
by the edit that Becca and Whit got on Sunday/Monday night. They
barely showed Becca’s one on one, plus the interviews of Chris saying
he has doubts and concerns, her saying that she’s not ready to be
engaged to him… aren’t we supposed to believe that it could be her
still standing at the final rose? Seems like they aren’t doing much to
derail the Whitney spoilers. Last season it was a no brainer with Josh, yet people still held out hope she’d pick Nick. So I guess people will always believe what they want to believe, no matter what evidence is staring them in the face.

I also noticed that Whitney was wearing a lot of white on this last
episode. Might just be a coincidence, but do you know if they have
stylists, or provide their own wardrobe? They have to provide their own wardrobe until the finale.

Anyway, love your site… it actually makes watching The Bachelor fun.

Thanks for all you do!

Did you really say there was a shocking ending? I thought you said, it was the same familiar setup? I would be surprised if the engagement lasted when she watches the show…A little like Ben seeing Courtney in full hateful mode. I would think that his chosen watching his connection to Britt might be an issue?

Comment: No, I never said that. Same ending. Both women show up, he dumps Becca and gets engaged to Whitney.

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  1. punk

    February 18, 2015 at 10:09 AM

    Britt nailed her audition on Kimmel. She has the momentum now. It is gonna be her.

  2. lisa e

    February 18, 2015 at 10:25 AM

    Britt is just too phony. Too many issues. Her highs and lows are just too dramatic.
    This season had the worst/weakest/trashiest batch of women yet.
    All brazen self-promoters! Hell, even Whitney, though likeable, landed on the show via Jaclyn and the other Bachelor alumni in Chicago!

  3. fcew

    February 18, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    It has been said that Britt is a bath girl, not a shower girl. So she takes baths, not showers. So saying she doesn’t take showers is correct, but it’s not she doesn’t wash or clean herself, she just doesn’t shower. Not a big deal.

    Still though, I don’t want her to be Bachelorette. She’s clearly a fame whore. Nothing wrong with that, but not appealing to watch on a show about “finding your true love” when you know she’s just trying to get on some other show. Maybe she should pursue soap opera acting, she certainly has the over acting down with the dramatic pauses for effect.

  4. rob22

    February 18, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    I know Britt isn’t coming off great, but remember, Ali was edited as the Wicked b*tch of the West in her Bachelor stint and Andi didn’t exactly come off positive either, though she got a partial pass for her take down of that idiot JPah-blow because…. well, he deserved it. Both had their images rehabilitated through the WTA & subsequent media appearances, so the same could be true of Britt (e.g. the Kimmel appearance & upcoming WTA). Bottom line, a bad edit and popularity issues can be overcome. If the show wants her, they’ll help fix her image so she’ll be palatable. It’s never been a problem in the past.

    Obviously it’s all individual opinion on whether someone will be good/bad, etc. But the show knows that they can turn around the image if need be. Her current unpopularity is not a major barrier.

    Look at The Bachelor picks. Juan Pah-blow and Old McDonald. Tell me those were inspired picks. A couple of babbling doofuses. How were the ratings? You would think they would have dropped, right? They didn’t. Basically the show knows that the numbers don’t lie. Whoever they pick, even a complete Jackwagon like JPBlow, the ratings will be there. They’ve got a formula and Britt fits the formula. Kaitlyn would probably do fine, but she’s not the front runner.

  5. vessel

    February 18, 2015 at 1:23 PM

    Gotta agree, after watching Britt on Kimmel I feel very sure it’s going to be her. Too bad, I was really hoping for Kaitlyn.

  6. angelfish

    February 18, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    “Her highs and lows are just too dramatic.”

    And that’s exactly why she would be a perfect lead. Britt lovers will tune in to love Britt and Britt haters will tune in to hate Britt.

    But people WILL tune in regardless. And they will talk, talk, talk all over the Internet. And that’s precisely what the producers care about.

  7. cjscjs711

    February 18, 2015 at 1:35 PM

    When Whitney talked about her 1-on-1 with Chris she didn’t gush about kissing, as 21-year old Mackensie did at a time when she was the first. (Little did they know then, how much of the same they’d all get later…..) Whitney always seemed to show consideration of the other girls’ feelings.

    Neither did Whitney glow, talking about a two-hour “nap” alone in a hotel room, as Hollywood wannabe actress Britt did.

  8. angelfish

    February 18, 2015 at 3:16 PM

    ” Her highs and lows are just too dramatic.”

    And that is exactly why she’d be perfect. People that love Britt will tune in to love Britt, and people who hate Britt will tune in to hate Britt.

    And they will ALL talk, talk, talk about her & her contestants. The exact thing the producers want.

    What will NOT happen is that people won’t watch. They will. They always do, no matter how much they bitch & gripe about the lead.

  9. jaclyn

    February 18, 2015 at 3:35 PM

    Hi Reality Steve (assuming you read the comments),
    I just wanted to offer a response to a suggestion offered in one of your reader emails. They offered the suggestion that maybe Chris and Whitney could live in a bigger city/community and Chris could maybe commute to work. So here is the scoop coming from a farmers wife:
    My husband and I (along with his parents) dairy and beef farm right around 1000 acres in southern Missouri. Prior to us getting married,I lived about 40 miles away from “the farm.” During summer months and times when they were short handed on the farm I rarely got to see him because of the distance and LONG hours. Commuting to work is not an option for any serious farmer (by serious I mean you do it for a living not a hobby). We have a farm five miles away that we cant put some of our livestock on right now because we are afraid they will lamb or calve during the night and we don’t wont to be driving an additional 10 miles twice in the middle of the night to check on them. I know Chris does a lot more crop farming than us, but it is my understanding he owns livestock as well. Here is the thing…. No you cannot live an hour away and commute to work if you are a “career” farmer. It is not an option. Farming is a demanding job. Sometimes you get by with just the “day shit” other times you are pulling all nighters. Again, not an option so there is no need for ANYONE to speculate about it. Period. With that being said, I would like to add one more thing. I grew up in a small town of about 2000 people. It is the town we do some of our business in, and the town I teach in. I have lived here all my life. Not only have I lived in a rural area all my life, my parents also farmed when I was a small child so I understood the lifestyle when I got married. With all of that being said, I will say this:
    It was still a huge ADJUSTMENT to be married to a “career” farmer. HUGE! There were times we really struggled. And I had lived that life before, and always lived a small-town lifestyle. There is NO WAY Chris is going to pluck a girl out of a city and move her to a farm whose closest community is what, 400 people?! It will be sunshine and rainbows for awhile…. but it wont last. Farming is a very difficult lifestyle because it is so demanding when it comes to time and resources. It is not for everybody. There is a reason why only 1% of our nation does it.
    Anyway, that was my response and a little bit of my soap box. Thanks for reading. I REALLY enjoy your work, Reality Steve. You make the show entertaining. Keep it up.

  10. shirls429

    February 18, 2015 at 7:00 PM

    Loved Britt on Jimmy Kimball and hope she will be the next Bachelorette. Carly was mean and Snarky and obviously jealous of Britt!!

  11. dulcinea14

    February 18, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Watching Britt on the show was like watching a really bad actress. Over-the-top with everything. It’s so incredibly obvious that she was there as an actress. I find it disconcerting that some people could be so naive to see her actions as normal and not the fake behavior of an amateur actress. I guess not everyone can be so observant and recognize phony human behavior. Part of the reason why I like reading Sharleen Joynt’s blog is because she nails it. Disappointed that RS is Britt blind.

  12. karynr

    February 19, 2015 at 5:52 AM

    Team Kaitlyn….she’s very attracive with a good, seemingly sincere, personality.

    I think Carly is adorable.

    I really don’t want to have to look at Britt’s lips (and fake over-the-top reactions) for the next Bachelorette season. She’s a beautiful girl/woman with a facade that seems quite phony.

    I don’t like Steve’s comments about Jade. I found her very likeable and sweet. I made a lot of unwise decisions in my 20’s and think a lot of us can say the same thing. But, RS can be very judgemental.

  13. hattiebloom

    February 19, 2015 at 6:37 AM

    Britt is nauseating.

  14. hattiebloom

    February 19, 2015 at 7:01 AM

    My comments aren’t posting, so apologies for any redundancy.

    I just read the post about Jef Holm’s sister commenting on Britt’s pic. Holy moly…..the sister sounds like she wants Jef to bring home a new puppy….aka Britt. Gag!!!

  15. knightjorge

    February 19, 2015 at 6:05 PM

    One of your reader emails asked for someone who has read Sean Lowe’s book to comment about it. I’ve read the book.

    It’s pretty vanilla. He talks a lot about things that he has covered in different interviews over the last couple of years. He wrote about his college years, how he ended up getting on “The Bachelorette” show, his relationship with Emily and his experience doing that show, and how he ended up being “The Bachelor.” All pretty expected. He does speak out more about his relationship with Catherine and how things developed between them after the show, especially all the changes that they were both dealing with while he was doing DWTS. He speaks about his faith, the development of Catherine’s faith, some of the issues they dealt with in those early months while they were figuring each other out post “The Bachelor.” I thought it was a really good read if you want to know about Sean and Sean & Catherine. If you want dirt on the show Courtney’s books is definitely the best one for that information. You can also get a fair amount of behind the scenes information from listening to Molly and Jason’s podcast.

    Hope that information helps!

  16. fcew

    February 20, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    Reportedly Britt takes baths instead of showers. So long as she washes herself somehow….

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