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“Reader Emails” and Who is the Next “Bachelorette?”

Love your site. Long time reader living in LA, but born and raised in Dallas.

My comment is about Instagram – I’m sure the producers look at the potential candidates for the next Bachelorette and see who has the biggest following. Currently Britt does, but Kaitlyn is catching up and I personally hope she’s the next Bachelorette.

Anyway, I noticed that Britt is only following 25 people on Instagram and she doesn’t follow any of the other girls from the show. This is such a red flag in my opinion, especially after acting like they were all close friends. All of the other girls from the show follow at least some of the other cast members, and even if she doesn’t want to do that, following 25 people is ridiculous. Celebrities follow more people than that. She even tags people like Megan and Jillian in her photos, yet doesn’t follow them. It just seems inauthentic and strange. Curious to see if any of your other readers noticed that or agree.


Comment: Not sure if this had anything to do with their decision or not, but now that Kaitlyn will be the “Bachelorette,” it becomes a moot point. They chose her for whatever reasons they did and we move on. Sorry Britt.

Totally agree with you about the Carly thing and taking Britt down. Lost a lot of respect for Carly at that point, when until then I had really liked her. It was amusing to read someone else’s recap (can’t remember which site), where they praised Carly for acting unselfishly to protect Chris and not taking Britt down to further her own chances. Riiiight. That must have been why Carly said in an ITM something to the effect of, “Britt, you’re going down….Carly’s star will rise.” Toootally get it now. Thanks for clarifying. Even though Britt’s meltdown on the group date was inappropriately timed and not at all considerate of Carly and Kaitlyn’s feelings, at least it was honest and raw. Carly’s ITM seemed all about cold hearted calculation and scheming to take someone else down. Ick.

Ok, next topic is where I’m sure we’re gonna disagree. I realize I’m one of 3 people in America who feel this way, but I actually feel bad for Kelsey. Are there some disturbing things that we witnessed? Oh yeah. Is she perfect? Nope. No way. But she’s still a human being with actual feelings. Shocking, I know, and probably a considerable number of people would debate me even on that point. But here’s where my heart broke for her. Before the 2 episodes aired that showed the other girls talking smack about her, she was following several of her castmates on twitter, retweeting things they said…well into January. She even sent Kaitlyn an encouraging tweet telling her not to be embarrassed about her laugh, right after the episode where Kaitlyn and Chris made fun of each of their laughs. Only to see Kaitlyn trashing her on TV in her convo with Ashley a week or two later. Ouch. Looks like she also tweeted Jade and Becca, & followed Carly, Megan, Britt, and Whitney in January. (Yes, I have way too much time on my hands). Just to see every single one of them, weeks later, celebrating her departure with wild enthusiasm. And if you’re thinking that maybe twitter was all for show to pretend that she liked the other girls when she really didn’t, it’s interesting that Ashley I. is missing. In fact, if it was just to fake an appearance of being nice to them and a fake team player, you’d think she would’ve made sure to include Ashley, or hey, even better, just followed Ashley and retweeted every darn thing that came out of her mouth. I get the feeling she thought the only conflict was between her and Ashley, and that the rest of the girls liked her. Only to find out the horrifying truth on national television along with the rest of us. Talk about feeling stabbed in the back. By people you thought were your friends, or at least friend-ly. Sorry for going on and on, I guess whenever someone is being trashed as much as she is, I instinctively feel protective for that person. Which explains why I lost respect for Ashley and Carly when each of them ratted on another girl. No, that’s not true. I lost respect for Ashley much earlier than that, when she suggested they all be mean to Jordan…but I think you get the point.

And Jade. Another point where we disagree. Maybe I’m naive, but I really believe she wasn’t doing this just to promote herself, that she really wanted to settle down with Chris. Seemed pretty evident from her facial expression as soon as she finished answering the question about whether she’d really move to Iowa in the GMA interview.

Comment: I disagree with you on those last two points about as much as someone can disagree with someone else. Feel sorry for Kelsey? No. I don’t study Instagram accounts and who follows who, so you lost me there. That stuff means nothing. Reading into that without physically speaking to each and every one of them and asking them how they really feel about others is pointless. It all just becomes speculation.

Jade was never moving to Iowa for that lifestyle in a million years.

Like I said, we’ll disagree on those two points.

Love your columns steve! Keep up the great work!

I was wondering if you thought jade had a good chance as Bachelorette after how she said she had a past and Chris said it wasn’t the reason why he let her go and would stay if she was the one and not let ot get between them. She is gorgeous and even though she did nude modeling amd is obviously out for fame and fake, people that don’t read your blogs don’t know that. They think she is an innocent girl that was wild at ONE time, not still wild and seeking fame. If I didn’t see the pics you posted of her with a guy looking up her shirt from on the ground, her past with stealing etc, I wouldn’t care that she had a past. Most of the men on the Bachelorette are not the type who would care about her past. Of course chris would care, and she knew she would never move to Iowa, like you said. I personally don’t want her or Britt for Bachelorette. A lot of people seem to he accepting and non judgemental of Jane’s past on her twitter and seem to be more judgemental about Britt. However, I think that Britt could redeem herself on ” Women tell all.” She is gorgeous, but she seems way too fake, and Jade seems the same way. I would like to see someone new for once. Do you think that it could be a possibility, or do you think for certain it’s Britt or Kaitlyn? Could it be Jade? Has your opinion changed on that? Jade never had a chance. ABC wouldn’t risk the PR nightmare of having to defend their decision of having a girl with a Playboy past like that as their lead. She was never going to be the “Bachelorette.”

Do you think Jade showed Chris her video to get people to look at it and find her video and pics so she could get exposure as a model? Being 5’4, it will be hard to model unless it is Maxim type of modeling or print, as I am 5’5 and was a paid model for years before I got hurt. People had 3 months to look at her pictures. Showing it to Chris didn’t do anything. All you needed to know was her name at any point over the last 3 months to know what she did.

What would you do if you were the bachelor and Jade showed you her nude photos and video? Would you watch them or politely say that you would rather not watch them on camera? Lol it was so uncomfortable was it to watch, so I couldn’t imagine actually being on camera and getting turned on by watching it. He was probably thinking about baseball, old men, anything to help him not get hot and bothered haha. He is a gentleman, I give him that! I don’t know how I would’ve reacted but I wouldn’t have wanted to watch it with her there, that I’m sure of.

I also wanted to tell you that carly said on her twitter that she has a disease that made her eyebrows fall out. However, she could easily fix her eyebrows with eyebrow gel or pencil, and just tweeze the part that makes her eyebrows look like a half moon. I liked her until the last few episodes. Jealousy is not a good look on her or anyone for that matter. Yes, and she should fix them. I don’t get what her disease had to do with not being able to fix them.

Why did you say you would do dancing with the stars as the only reality show you would do? Do you dance or would like to learn to dance? I did ballroom and Latin dance for a few yrs and loved it! It’s a great workout too! I think you would have fun! Thanks for the great columns and your humor! You are hilarious and always make me laugh! Being bedridden, it is the highlight of my day to read about my three favorite shows all on one site!

Comment: It’s just the only reality show that’d ever interest me to go on. No dance background other than tearing up a rug at all my old high school dances back in the day.

Hey Steve! Thanks so much for such a great job this season, which I consider to be the best season of the Bachelor yet! I don’t know how anyone could belittle what you’ve spoiled so far. I really appreciate your work and I’ve had such a good time watching everything unfold as you predicted. I really appreciate what you do, from taking the time to answer so many questions (even the repetitive ones!) to providing great point-blank advice to readers to holding some things close to the chest until it would be appropriate to reveal them… I just really appreciate the responsibility that you take with this job and thank you for it!

I also wish I was headed to Vegas in June to celebrate with you – how fun that would be! Thanks for inviting all your faithful readers!

Also, thank you for giving a shout out to Rachel Dratch. I binge watched the Dratchelor last night and seriously laughed out loud SO MUCH. I love her fresh witty perspective on this show. If only everyone watching the Bachelor took a cue from Rachel (and from your advice too!) and didn’t take it all so seriously… Between you, All the Pretty Pandas, and the Dratchelor, I’m thoroughly entertained by this show!

Just wanted to be someone wishing you well and thanking you for your great work! Have a great Wednesday!

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it.

The “Dratchelor” was going well for a while where she’d put a video up on Wed or Thurs recapping Monday’s episode, then it turned into a Monday video where she previewed that night’s episode along with thoughts from the previous Monday. Not sure why they changed the format, but it screwed up when I was posting them.

Hi Steve,

Writing you for a second time from Ireland.

Wanted to bring to your notice that when Chris and Whitney are checking out the pictures they shot during their love journey date, the actual date displayed on the screen of the camera they took the pictures with is 01/22/2015. So the producers did try and add this nonsense to throw viewers off on the dates the shooting happens, when you have already spoiled that Chris is engaged to Whitney and it happened back in November. Yeah that’s been pointed out a few times to me and I just think it was an editing error. Everyone knows that date was back in late October.

As a question do you agree with the girls that Britt was trying to manipulate Chris in apologizing or asking her to stay instead of just having a talk and leaving? I like her style when she gives a bit of apology and then asks Chris “Anything you want to say” Like apologize or keep me around. I like her style, this girl has watched this show a lot and prepared well. Unfortunately it didn’t land her the “Bachelorette” gig.

Keep Spoiling can’t get enough of your witty comments.

Best one of the week from you ” Chris friends go and ask the barber, just give the Arlington” I laughed for a few minutes after reading that.


Thank you for everything you post. I enjoy your blog so much.

Is there any truth to the romours that Whitney’s sister was in Iowa back in November for the final rose ceremony?

Comment: I haven’t heard that.

Jesse Kovacs is on Millionaire Matchmaker tomorrow. Previews show him coming across like a douche. Weird…

Love you columns and site. Thanks for making the Bachelor/Bachelorette sorta/kinda fun to watch.

Comment: Plenty of you have emailed to let me know Jesse was on last week. I don’t watch the show nor did I watch that one.

Sorry if you already were sent this – I just heard Norm Hitzges talk about it on his show. It would NEVER happen.

Comment: Lets just put an end to ANY speculation that ANY current pro athlete in the 4 major sports will ever be the “Bachelor.” Not happening. The “Bachelor” films from Sept. thru Nov. The 4 major sports seasons run:

MLB season: April thru October
NBA: October thru June
NFL: September thru January
NHL: October thru June

Every single season is running during “Bachelor” filming. No athlete is leaving his sport to film this show. That’s ridiculous.

I thought Chris seemed especially upset about saying bye to Jade. His emotion plus her being chosen for the hometown date make me wonder if she was the frontrunner for him before he found out about her past?? Also, why don’t you think Jade has a chance at Bachelorette?? Her past would bring in the ratings and the guys! I personally like her but it will take a certain type of guy to be ok with her past but that would make a good storyline/theme for the season.

Comment: For reasons said earlier. PR nightmare for ABC. There’d be certain advertisers that I guarantee would pull out. They’d never take the chance.

There’s been a lot of assumptions that it’s a C-section scar, but it’s probably a hernia operation scar. I had that surgery when I was three months old and am pregnant right now. When I went to my doctor a few weeks ago she took a look at the scar and asked what it was. After I told her, she jokingly said she thought it was a messy C-section scar so they can look a lot a like. Might silence some of the readers who insists she’s been pregnant.

Comment: I’ve been saying for 3 months that Jade doesn’t have a kid, yet people kept telling me “Look at her video. Jade has a C-section scar.” Oh trust me, I looked at her video. Quite a few times actually. Believe it or not, I was able to not focus on some small scar below her belly button. Imagine that.

Hi Steve,

I enjoy your blog, and frankly, while I don’t really care about the bachelor/bachelorette, my wife is a big fan. I found your spoiler site a while back, and have been ‘cashing’ ever since! Well other than I think Emily’s season, that one cost me, but being an +EV kinda guy, I am still way up!

Do you make enough money off the blog to support yourself? I’m currently looking at being unemployed, and have always wondered if bloggers can actually make a living, with monetizing, ads, etc. I ask you because assume you have very high traffic, and have been at it for some time.

Of course, helps to have built up a nice following over the years, certainly understand it doesn’t happen overnight. I used to have a poker blog, and when online poker was banned, that went by the wayside, but have always like to write, and maybe something I’d like to start up.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Comment: Yes, you can make enough money off a blog to support yourself. I do. But it didn’t happen overnight. It’s all dependent on traffic, and that takes time to build up. Some people might never build up traffic, some might do it overnight. So there’s no real definitive answer I can give here. I had this blog from 2003-2010 without making a penny off it. Now it’s my full time job. Not saying it’s gonna take that long for you – might take shorter, might take longer – but just wanted to give you a reference to work with. Good luck.

Hi Steve

I’m a long time reader. So much easier and enjoyable to watch this train wreck after I have read the spoilers.

I just watched the Jade video and she clearly has a scar on her lower abdomen. Not from a c-section but more likely a mini tummy tuck. She also has significant scars below both breasts from her augmentation surgery. I work in surgery and see these procedures and the resulting scars on a regular basis. Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

Also, could you explain why the residence driveway always seems to be wet? …. Just kidding!!

Comment: Hey, you’re the doc so I’ll take your word for it. Jade’s scars becoming quite popular today.

Hi Steve, as always, thank you for your insight on the show, it makes it much more entertaining to watch.

The more seasons I’ve watched, the more I am surprised that the rejects from some of the seasons don’t rekindle their relationship with the lead after he/she and the final one break up. For example, why didn’t Lindzi and Ben get together again after he and Courtney failed? Or what about Emily and Ari? Don’t you find it surprising that, with as much chemistry as the lead seems to have with the final 2 or 3 onto synod the seasons, that at least one of them doesn’t get back together or at least hook up with the lead somewhere down the road? I know it happened with Jason and Molly, I’m just surprised there haven’t been more. Do you know of any situations other than J and M where the lead has gotten back together with one of the rejects in bachelor history? I’ve only been watching since Jason’s season. Imagine it would be likely, especially because there are so many bachelor franchise events where chances are good that they will run into each other again … You have to have some juicy gossip, give us the scoop.

Comment: Lorenzo started dating Sadie. And if you believe Courtney’s book, Emily did start chasing Arie once her and Jef broke it off. Other than that, it hasn’t really happened. Why didn’t Ben get back with Lindzi? Probably because she had Kalon’s stench all over her.

Hi Steve. Just finished reading through today’s batch of Reader Emails. Why do you think Chris and Whitney will not last and give it 3 months? Is it due to living in Arlington and if they were in a more “normal” place would you give them more a shot? Or is there anything you’ve heard about them since the show filmed that makes you believe they’re having trouble? When I watch, knowing it’s Whitney he chooses, I really do see something special and different with them and really like them together. So I’m just curious as to on what basis do you think this one won’t last?

Also, I’m all for Kaitlyn for Bachelorette. I wouldn’t watch if it was Britt – she’s too fake.

Comment: There are a variety of factors why I don’t think Chris and Whitney are getting married. It’s just not happening.

You got your wish.

Hi Steve! Sorry to bring up Britt again – I’ve never written in, as I usually find that any comments/questions I would have are usually brought up by another reader. However, after reading last week’s reader emails, I noticed no one brought up this point:

I think the biggest strike against Britt being the Bachelorette is how she handled “the process” of the show. It’s something that contestants from every season struggle with, and often times is brought up in conversations with the lead. How would that work with Britt?

Contestant: “I’m having a hard time with this whole process, it’s hard to see you with other guys.”
Britt: “I know, I’ve been in your shoes. In fact, when I felt that way, I threw a tantrum after a group date and said I was going to quit.”

I don’t think she’d actually say that, but my point is that it’s incredibly inauthentic and I just don’t know how they would get around it. The Bachelorette gig was hers to lose, and she may have blown it with how she acted. I’ll be interested to see how the show gets around her behavior and exit if she ends up being the Bachelorette.

Comment: We’ll never know the exact reason why they chose Kaitlyn over Britt. I mean, once the announcement is made official by ABC, they’ll just tell us every reason why they picked Kaitlyn and how this is her second chance at love, the audience loved her, guys loved her, blah blah blah but they’re not gonna go into why they didn’t choose Britt. They’ve never done that.

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  1. rob22

    February 25, 2015 at 10:45 AM

    Just for fun, I googled “Fertility Clinic in Cedar Rapids, IA”. There are more than one. Cedar Rapids is about an hour away from Arlington…. that’s a commute length that’s not uncommon in Chicago. Whitney can thank me later.

  2. carolina

    February 25, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    Rob22 you are hilarious. You are a man of infinite resources. HEY OUT THERE–if Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette, PLEASE PLEASE just do her HAIR (the two strings going straight down her forehead are AWFUL) and provide her with some VISINE. Rob22, any other suggestions??

  3. katewilky

    February 25, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    Am I the only one in the world that wanted Carly to be the next “Bachet”…..

  4. angelfish

    February 25, 2015 at 10:57 AM

    So now maybe we can look for the beauteous Britt on BIP this summer. I’m betting most previous male contestants would love a shot at her and line up in droves to be on.

  5. gvagirl

    February 25, 2015 at 1:10 PM

    Dude, you write for a living. Learn the difference between it’s and its.

  6. olestinker

    February 25, 2015 at 1:39 PM

    The first episode of BIP writes itself at this point. Get a good mix of the we hate Britt club in the house on the first night (Ashley I and Carly, I’m looking at you), have Britt show up halfway through the episode with a date card, and let the cattiness commence.

  7. jpoz

    February 25, 2015 at 3:24 PM

    Gutted that its Kaitlyn and not Britt for Bachelorette. Britt got thrown under the bus. Feel sorry for her. She is WAY better looking than Kaitlyn and classier. I’m sure alot of guys especially the guys who signed up for Bachelorette are going to be very disappointed its not Britt.

    I’m sorry but Kaitlyn comes across as cheap, especially with all those dirty jokes. Not a fan of her lazy eye look or piranah teeth either. #TeamBritt

  8. anonime

    February 25, 2015 at 4:40 PM

    Not a fan of either Britt or Kaitlyn. I liked Britt at first but then she veered…
    Kaitlyn turned me off the 1st night with her “plow me” comment.And the “wet seal” joke. Her whole personality just comes across as low rent. She then further turned me off by swearing too much, with her lame rapping , & just trying so hard to be cool. Also, like @jpoz I’m not a fan of her “lazy eye,piranha teeth” ( those chompers are really bad) and those super ugly tats .
    Too bad about Britt. It was hers to lose and she blew it.

  9. vessel

    February 25, 2015 at 6:01 PM

    @anonime, All the reasons you listed are why I am thrilled they chose Kaitlyn. Guess that’s why they make chocolate AND vanilla, lol.

    Cannot stand boring formulaic leads like Desiree or Emily, etc. who may be sweet but are also a predictable snooze-fest to watch. I love how irreverent Kaitlyn is and what comes out of her mouth seems very ‘in the moment’ and unrehearsed. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but one thing I can appreciate she will be is her authentic self.

  10. coffeeinchicago

    February 25, 2015 at 6:11 PM

    Definitely bummed that it’s Kaitlyn. She seems fine and all, but like someone you could just as easily meet on Tinder. Kind of takes away the “fantasy” aspect of the show.

    rob22 – My boyfriend did the same thing! All while scoffing at how ridiculous it is that I watch the show. He’s secretly invested.

  11. shirls429

    February 25, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Can’t believe they would take Kaitlyn over Britt feel very sorry for these guys what a let down for them.

  12. hattiebloom

    February 25, 2015 at 9:58 PM

    I thought Kaitlyn was too low rent in the beginning…..and I liked Britt.

    I’m thrilled it’s Kaitlyn. It turns out she’s full of personality and Britt is full of sheet.

  13. rob22

    February 26, 2015 at 6:12 AM

    I suppose, if Kaitlyn’s chosen, we will get the same scenarios that we got with Ashley, where some of the guys (most notably Bentley) were hoping for Emily. Don’t think there won’t be some drama around a few guys who came to the show “for Britt”. We will definitely seem some version of Bentley/Ashley/Emily triad again. Will we also hear some drama about how Kaitlyn is never taken seriously by men & see tears about it? Let’s just call this Ashley 2 (with tats) and be done with it.

  14. mush

    February 26, 2015 at 6:42 AM

    i might just watch the bachelorette! on amazon. so happy its kaitlyn and not britt. i always read here and ihategreenbeans recaps. i watch some of the vids the show uploads to their bachelor tv youtube chanel and with all that i dont need to actually watch the show. how old fashioned to watch an actual tv show on tv! i dont even have a tv.

  15. mush

    February 26, 2015 at 7:00 AM

    about whitney and her job. jeez. with no kids yet she could live in chicago for 3 days and in arlington for 4 days a week. id love that schedule, love my alone time and my time with my husband. sounds great to me. or like rob22 found out, commute to cedar rapids. of course keep options open in chicago since the relationship might not work out. is chris really into her or was the the best of the bunch he got? i dont really care about that anyway. what i love is reading these comments. it makes the whole bachelor experience worth it. especially rob22 who always has something interesting to say.

  16. a795303e

    February 26, 2015 at 7:55 AM

    Ugh I wish the next bachelorette would have been Britt!! I think she is way more exciting than kaitlyn, they should do two bachelorettes at once!

  17. punk

    February 26, 2015 at 12:16 PM

    I think Kaitlyn will be a wild Bach’ette. I expect her to get her freak on with 3 dudes in that suite, and to make out with enough guys to set a record.

    Basically, she will be the female Bob Guiney. Should make for fun viewing.

  18. mush

    February 27, 2015 at 7:10 AM

    not a big fan of kaitlyn but i dont dislike her. i think this idea was what made the producers final decision to chose kaitlyn. the lead cant be too polarizing. it has to be a given that they are desirable, liked or at least not hated. britt was so fake. nice girl, but so obvious she was acting. that was her mistake.

  19. hattiebloom

    February 27, 2015 at 8:42 AM

    especially rob22 who always has something interesting to say.

    @mush……..^^^^to each their own I say. 🙂

  20. sorgesu

    March 1, 2015 at 3:23 PM

    If Whitney was the one who “wins” and is on the verge of quitting her job and moving to farm country, why would she change jobs in February? Doesn’t make sense. If you look her up on Linkedin you can see she took a new job in a place that is a 1 hour drive from Chicago but no closer to Arlington? Why bother making such big change in your life if it is shortly expected to change with a marriage and a move? If she DID win, then I would say they are no longer together, OR someone ELSE won.

  21. draculaface1

    March 3, 2015 at 5:37 PM

    IMO Chris narrowed it down to the three least interesting women on the show. Somehow horse teeth Kaitlyn manages to make me yawn even with her “jokes.” She wants to know why Chris eliminated her? Maybe her clothes (omg that awful dress she wore on the fantasy suite dates), too pink lipstick, teeth, weird lips, trashy mouth, and the hair? Doesn’t she have any friends to help her out with looks? Wardrobe? Love the bachelor shows but not looking forward to having to look at her for a couple months.

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