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“Reader Emails” (Part 1) & A Little Clarification on the “Bachelorette”

Hi Steve,

Congrats on another successful spoil!!

1) Been meaning to thank you, during Sean’s season you linked to his sister’s blog. I have been reading it ever since (also some of her friends blogs). And not because she’s his sister (she hardly ever mentions him), she’s just a funny, practical, Christian mom. So thank you for introducing me to get blog! Also, she has 22k followers on Twitter, so she prob owes some of that to you I’m sure. I haven’t read it in a while but I know people seem to like her.

2) I don’t think Chris and Whitney will last either. I think she was too over the top in her feelings towards him. Like how you said she seemed to have read the book on what to say. Almost stalkerish, I think Chris will get creeped out and break it off. I just don’t see it lasting.

3) I know you disagree but I honestly think if Becca said she was in love he would’ve picked her instead. I mean his hesitation at the after special, was weird! I’d be pissed if I was Whitney (and I bet she was). No woman wants their man saying it might have turned out different. Also, I can’t think of another final 2 like Becca who was so “not in love” with the lead?? I don’t think so. I think they made it seem more conflicted at the end than he really was.

4) Bachelorette, I agree that the guys will pick Britt. Kaitlyn is just too much a “friend” type. I’m gonna feel bad for her though, don’t know any woman who could handle that rejection well. Don’t know how I’ll handle a season of Britt though, between the tears and her hair… Oh geez. We should know pretty shortly who was chosen. Chris Harrison even said the show might even release it since they know it’s gonna get out.

5) Can Jimmy Kimmel just take over the show? So much more entertaining with him there, cow named Juan Pablo! Lol

Comment: I don’t know if he’ll host an episode again like he did this season, but he’s very much involved every season with how much he talks about it on his show and has people on.

Hi Steve,

Love your blog.

Are the women sequestered from each other (staying in different hotels, eating meals separately) when it’s down to the final 2? Or are they having breakfast together on the morning of the final rose? If so, it would be great to see the drama/awkwardness of those conversations. But I’m guessing they’re kept apart because the Bachelor wouldn’t pass up a chance to broadcast drama and awkwardness….

And are the women kept apart from each other during the final 3? Or do they have a chance of chatting following a Fantasy Suite date, with one gushing about the night before and the other waiting to have her Fantasy Suite date?

Thanks. Looking forward to your recap today of last night’s cringeworthy-level awkward ATFR.

Comment: From the time the women reach the final 4, the only time they ever see the other woman is at the final 3 rose ceremony. You’re completely separated from final 4 on.

hi reality steve,

was it just me or was last nights proposal the most unromantic of all the proposals this show has had? i don’t think chris & whitney have much chemistry, and chris had absolutely nothing to say to whitney other than “i love you”. he had so many sweet loving things to say to becca as he showed her the door…no sweet words for whitney…except “i love you”. whoopee! that’s beautiful chris. i don’t think whitney is a passionate woman, and i believe that’s why chris had such a hard time making the decision. whitney was the easy choice, ready to move to arlington, get married, have babies…but i don’t think the baby making would be that exciting. hell, after spending the night with whitney in the fantasy sweet he still picked becca the inexperienced virgin over whitney. course this is just my opinion…do you agree?
thanks for keeping this series even more entertaining!

Comment: I’m confused. After spending the night with Whitney in the FS he still picked Becca over Whitney?

Hi RS-

Congratulations on your successful season!

I have a few comments/questions for you.

1. Do you think the pregnancy test they showed in the trailer at the beginning of the season could have been from Whitney’s home town date at the fertility clinic? Could it have been? Sure. Was it? No idea.

2. What was the folder Chris was carrying with him as he left Whitney’s hotel room? Did she give him a gift? Yeah. I read what it was somewhere but I forgot now.

3. Usually I find myself agreeing with your opinions on the contestants, but I have a different perspective on Britt. I have experience with people similar to her. They are very emotional. When they are happy everything is love and joy to the nth degree; however, when they are upset (scared, nervous, sad) they have overly emotional responses and say things that are not consistent with their “happy happy happy” character. When they are held accountable for their responses they either deny or claim they’ve been “misunderstood.” To Britt’s credit, she did apologize for a few of these incidents… I believe Britt is a genuinely nice and caring person, but the emotional roller-coaster that she rides leads to her being perceived as self-centered. This behavior is incredibly tiring to others; I can understand why so many women had a problem with her. Makes sense.

4. I hate the two bachelorette shake-up. Here is why.. Usually when people are upset about the next bachelor/bachelorette, they have a couple of months to get over their dislike for the chosen contestant. In this situation, people will be rooting for their favorite, and when that person is sent home, it will taint the remaining episodes… Not if Kaitlyn is chosen. She seems to be the overwhelming fan favorite at this point. Britt fans will whine and moan but they’ll probably still watch. And if a few don’t, millions of others will. The fact that all of America is talking about this twist is exactly what they want. Sure, they might not be happy with it, but they’re talking. It’s when people become indifferent and don’t care either way, that’s when TV shows start to worry. You gotta move the needle as they say.

5. …which brings me to my last comment. If they are going to have two bachelorettes, it would be so much more enjoyable to keep both of them around the entire season. They could trade off dates.. while one is on a date, the other would be getting to know the people in the house. At the rose ceremony, there would be the same number of roses, but the girls could take turns making picks on who they individually want around- however, they both can keep dating all the guys remaining… Then there will be the added twist of the guys having to reciprocate feelings for the same person in the end.

Anyway, those are my thoughts…Keep up the good work!! You are the only reason I pay attention to this silly show!

Comment: Doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen, nor I don’t see how they could pull it off.

To the new cast of bachelors, please be smart. Did you hear Kaitlin’s comments last night? “This could be fun; thats not ideal.” This girl is funny and smart. Did you hear Britt’s airhead comments last night? Seriously, she may be pretty and nice, but what happens after you get past that?

Comment: I guess we’ll see.

Hey Steve,

Just a few thoughts on this finale.

1. Do you think Becca thought this whole show that she had a chance? I mean has she never watched this show? I have no idea.

2. Along with that, what do you think Becca expected? She tweeted at Sean Lowe last night saying she was hurt by their tweets, and being really defensive about comments towards her. I just feel like she can’t take a joke and that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into? I didn’t see anything she said so I can’t comment.

3. If you had to choose based on what you saw, would you choose Whitney or Becca? Ummmmm, neither?

4. Why are people being stupid and calling out past contestants for “hating Britt”? People just like to complain on the internet. It’s very easy to do. Do I understand people “hating” someone that they see on a television show? Of course not. I think those people have a screw loose.

5. How long are you giving Whitney and Chris as a couple? I see a year? 3 months.

And then a rather random question…Who do you think they would pick to replace Chris Harrison if something happened to him?

Thanks for all you do! This franchise is nothing without you.

Comment: Me.

Hi Steve,

Great site. I’ve been a fan ever since Jason’s season.

So I know for bachelor leads they like to keep it clean cut which is why Jade and her Playboy past wouldn’t make it. Do you think because Kaitlyn has these two big tattoos on her arms they were struggling? They do stand out a lot every time you see the back of her arms.


Comment: They’re tattoos of doves. Yeah, they’re pretty visible but I’ve seen way worse. Any picture taken of her from the front (which is probably 99% of pics she’s in) you can’t see them. I don’t see an issue.

Sorry, you have to be getting FLOODED with emails today. I have never seen such an uproar over this franchise since I’ve been watching. I think the dual Bachelorette controversy is outdoing Mesnick’s switch, Womack not choosing anyone and everything Juan Pablo. Given I’m working from home and have been watching ABC all day, I didn’t plan it I swear, so my opinion of the capacity of the situation might be construed. But it is all over the media and I don’t think I’ve heard one good thing from anyone of importance about the decision today. Chris Soules could barely mutter an appropriate response on LIVE and Whitney said she feels bad for them. The few positive comments are generally coming from faceless Twitter accounts. With that said I have two questions.

Do you think ABC will revoke their decision? I mean didn’t they just host the Oscars where Patricia Arquette’s feminist-geared speech received rave reviews (where the hell did that come from by the way? I’m still confused about the whole feminism topic as a married women with a career, I do not feel inferior to men. Therefore I do not feel the need to shove feminism down anyone’s throat, but I digress) I feel like they are going to get ripped apart if they don’t do something. While their excuse will be that they have done this format with men in the past, irrational people simply won’t care. And extremists tend to be irrational so…Revoke their decision to have the guys choose? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m having a hard time understanding this, but why is this feminist? Women have been being dumped on this show for the last 13 years, but you make a guy choose between two on the first night and NOW an uproar? I don’t see it.

I have also been telling myself that it is Kaitlyn & Britt’s choice to do this so I shouldn’t feel bad for them. But then I realized that they could have been tricked or misled. We know how ABC is with their contracts, they cover everything. When you reported Kaitlyn was chosen that was probably correct and she had signed the contract. They could have turned around afterward and given Britt a contract as well. Do you think that’s what happened? If so, I really do feel bad for them.

Comment: They weren’t tricked or misled. They were both told this is what they decided to do and either girl could’ve just chosen to say, “You know what? I’m good. I’ll do it if it’s just me, but not this.” And neither did because I think each thinks they have a chance to win. Good for them. Healthy competition.

I was really looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts about ATFR. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time EVER when the #2 didn’t ask “When did you know?” LOL. She is so grounded in reality, and had no business going on this show. I was dying laughing when Kimmel cracked the joke about her just not being that into him. I stopped keeping track of the “When did you know…” questions from the final 2 person after a while.

So, how many months do you give Chris and Whitney? 3.

And #2 lately has a track record for getting engaged/married pretty soon after. Do you think Becca will follow or break the trend?

Comment: She has to be able to have a boyfriend that she can introduce to her family before she can even start thinking marriage.

Hey RS,

Congratulations on successfully spoiling another season of this ridiculous show! Never doubted you for a second. Couple of questions/observations from last night:

1) When the lead and final two are backstage watching the finale, are all three watching in separate rooms? Chris and Whitney’s reaction to seeing one another looked pretty genuine, I can’t imagine the show would want to take away from that by allowing them to watch the 2-hour finale together. No. All three are separated.

2) Poor Chris S- so anxious, awkward, tongue-tied, and watching him all season made me cringe. Did you happen to catch the look on his face when Becca was walking up the barn stairs towards him? It was this weird half-smile, twitchy thing where he looked like he was going to throw up. Seriously, it looked like something was very wrong with him. In Chris’ defense, I also think it was damn cold in that barn. Maybe his face was twitching from the cold? You can tell when Whitney was talking, it was a mixture of being nervous and freezing. You could hear it in her voice.

3) Did you happen to see the “happy” couple this morning on GMA? Not sure if they were exhausted from being up late and all the excitement, but to me, they looked uncomfortable and Whitney in particular was subdued- not her bubbly self. Didn’t see it yet.

4) I didn’t see the season where they had two bachelors, but I read your column from Monday about how it works. I agree with your initial thoughts- overall, Britt would make the better Bachelorette. Don’t get me wrong, on a personal level, I’d much rather hang out with Kaitlyn, but I think Britt has the look and personality that would make for a better lead, and the guys will love her. That being said, I don’t see how Kaitlyn could possibly beat Britt if guys vote the first night. Do you have any idea if the franchise will do things differently this time, like maybe have them both stay longer than just the first night? Doesn’t look like it. Guys are voting on Night 1 for who they want as the “Bachelorette.”

5) Thank god for Jimmy Kimmel.

Thanks for your time and your thoughts. And I’m looking forward to meeting you in Vegas for your birthday- I’ll be at your party!

Comment: Thanks. See you there. We are at capacity pretty much, so I’ll be talking about it in the coming months in terms of what the plans are. For those locally or close enough to drive, we might be having a mini get together Sat night.

Hi Steve,

After getting quite a chuckle at the emails your detractors took so much time and mental energy to compose, I thought out of the kindness of my heart, I’d make this offer:

The “I Hate Reality Steve” Basic Expository Writing Class 101.

Are YOU a loyal member of Bachelor Nation? Do YOU know deep down in your soul who the RIGHT love match will be for every Bachelor or Bachelorette? Do you go to bed every night, hoping and praying that the evil Reality Steve and his blasphemous “spoilers” are dead wrong, only to be crushed at the end of each season?

Do you want to give Steve Carbone a piece of your mind (not that you have a lot to spare)? Do you find yourself wishing Steve a slow and painful death, but still can’t seem to tear yourself away from the computer screen at work, cursing Steve and his ever-expanding Bachelor Spoiler Empire?

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Don’t wait! Availability is limited. The first 50 applicants will receive their own custom-fitted “Hands Up, Shoot Steve!” T-shirt and matching tote bag.

Comment: I’ll never understand the emails I get from doubters. I just know they’ll be there every season. Can’t argue with the ignorant.

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on another season of correct spoilers!

So, hypothetically speaking, if Arie had been picked to be the Bachelor this past season instead of Chris: who do you think he would have chosen? Who would have been his Final Four?

Comment: Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, and probably Mackenzie since she’s right in his age range.

Hi Reality Steve,

Huge fan of your website and looking forward to many more spoiled seasons.

Why did Chris Harrison call out Whitney and Chris for their secret rendezvous in Arlington during the ATFR? I don’t recall him doing this in previous seasons.


Comment: He called them out for it? Like as he was mad or something? I don’t think he really cared. Ben and Courtney had an “unsanctioned” meet up in AZ after their season ended. So did Sean and Catherine in Dallas. So we know it happens.

Hey Steve!

Congrats on a great season! Thanks for all the great reads! Quick question…usually on ATFR Chris Harrison will show the couple the proposal so they can watch it for the first time together in front of the live audience and also they usually show a replay of the whole season showing the couple’s love story on the show. Why didn’t those two get aired last night?? I don’t know.

I really think they should have showed more about Chris and Whitney last night rather than Chris Harrison pressuring Chris to still talk about Becca and her amazing qualities…awkward seeing he’s engaged now.

Comment: Chris and Whitney got 3 segments up on stage, so that part was normal. But not showing their engagement back wasn’t.

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  1. coffeeinchicago

    March 11, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    I definitely don’t think the Bachettes were told immediately before the AFTR about the dueling leads, but I do think Kaitlyn was led to believe she would be the only Bachelorette until less than a week before the AFTR. This would explain why K didn’t seem very jilted at the WTA, had a makeover, and was posting 5000 headshots on Instagram while Brit laid relatively low. Then, a few days before the AFTR… they both film intro vids, Britt tweets a happy face and starts blowing up Instagram while Kaitlyn goes radio silent. Then, of course, the AFTR where Britt seems excited and Kaityn is clearly not thrilled.

    Makes sense in my head.

  2. bachfan30

    March 11, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    ^^ I agree with you completely, coffeeinchicago.
    It sucks big time for our girl, Kaitlyn. I just hope the majority of the guys have watched the season and are familiar with both girls. Undoubtedly, they’d pick Kaitlyn. I just don’t know how much of Britt I can stand.

  3. toaster

    March 11, 2015 at 1:23 PM

    I can’t wait for Steve’s spoiler about which bachelorette will be chosen. I much prefer Brit as a person. But considering all the weirdness of the show I won’t be sorry if Kaitlyn is chosen and they get her jumping through hoops instead. It’ll be interesting to watch either way, even if it’ll make for a different show depending on which one goes through. I don’t believe the men will have the final say. I think the producers will know in advance who they want and will just make it look like it’s the guys’ choice.

  4. toaster

    March 11, 2015 at 2:14 PM

    The best part of having both women in the running for the role of Bachelorette has already been accomplished. Wherever she is, you can be sure Carly is green with envy and no doubt majorly annoyed that Britt is where she is despite Carly’s best efforts at maligning her throughout the show. That alone makes this twist all the more awesome! Here’s to several more sleepless nights for Carly while we all wait to hear more. 😉

  5. angelfish

    March 11, 2015 at 5:15 PM

    Totally agree, toaster! Somewhere Carly is crying to her little Chris Harrison hand puppet that she was so misunderstood and misjudged!

  6. jpoz

    March 11, 2015 at 6:07 PM

    Yeah I agree too Carly was a nasty piece of work. Is it any wonder she can’t keep a man?? She needs to look at her own flaws before having a go at people like Britt. I still say Britt is a sweet girl as evidenced by her Instragram pics helping sick children etc. She deserves a second chance and I’m hoping alot of peoples opinions will change if she becomes the Bachelorette.

    Everyone knows women can be extremely jealous of beautiful girls, it starts at high school so don’t try and dismiss it as not a major reason why Britt has been treated so poorly. Of course Britt could have handled herself better when Kaitlyn got the rose but really I fail to see much else she did wrong. If comforting other girls, not saying bad things about them and generally being a nice person to everyone makes her fake in some peoples eyes then I’ll gladly take that over people that are rude, arrogant and mean such as Carly.

    I can’t wait to see how this all plays out and hopefully Britt gets a chance to show everyone she really is a genuinely nice girl. #TeamBritt

  7. justforfun

    March 11, 2015 at 6:24 PM

    If Britt is chosen, I will not watch. This will be the first season I haven’t watched in several years, but that is how much I can’t stand her & her fake drama.
    Who are these posters that claim that anyone that doesn’t like Britt is jealous of her beauty?? Are you a man, or a 12 year old girl?? Most adult females like to be friends with beautiful women. Beauty draws people in. Unless what is under that beauty is a fake, narcissistic personality.
    Maybe Britt was just misunderstood by all of her theatrics, fake tears, and drama. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just know that I don’t want to watch more of that.

  8. cjscjs711

    March 11, 2015 at 6:28 PM

    @toaster you proly hit the nail on the head…. I don’t dislike Carly but her relentless crusade against Britt was beyond the pale. Even Carly wasn’t able to come up with one concrete instance where Britt had hurt Carly and deserved having Carly basically try to destroy her.

    Not sure whose idea it was at ABC to play so fast and loose with Britt’s storyline – from the not showering nonsense that grossed out America to the Big and Rich Concert rudeness (by Chris) to juxtaposing the second-hand comment about not wanting children beside Britt telling Chris she wanted about a “hundred.” You really hurt your own girl. She’s volunteered with children and put her own money into sponsoring children. So now after these sensationalized edits, ABC is giving her a chance to rescue herself……?

  9. punk

    March 12, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    I hope they go 2 episodes at least with both girls. Have them decide together who the final 16 should be (13 each), then go on at least 1 group date wiith their groups.

    Then let them vote.

    It does not get serious until it is down to 5 anyway, so prior to that, I hope they get creative.

  10. stevely

    March 12, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    I agree that Kaitlyn looked a little miffed and seemed to suggest it even more the way she said something about “not what I was expecting”.

    But I don’t see – given the online negativity I see towards Britt that they have Britt as the lead. So whoever the guys vote for, Kaitlyn is the one the producers will announce as the winner. And they will definitely not show any scenes of the guys talking about who they voted for so that we can’t get the impression it was rigged.

    I felt when I saw Britt that her beauty was too much. Women can handle a pretty woman, but Britt is beautiful which makes it tough. I think she has to be very careful the way she carries herself to avoid a negative reaction from women. And it’s already too late to win over viewers.

  11. stevely

    March 12, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    I would love to see the whole season with both, but two would also be good. But I guess they would have to pay Harrison a lot more millions for all the extra work he would be doing. “Gentlemen, Britt, this is Britt’s final rose”. “Gentlemen, Kaitlyn, this is Kaitlyn’s final rose”. “Today there will be a two on one date with Kaitlyn, a group date with Britt, a one on one with Britt, and a two on one with Britt after which one of you will be going home”.

  12. vessel

    March 12, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    @Justforfun, Agree with everything you said. It’s highly doubtful I’ll watch if they keep Britt, and the comments about women being just jealous of her really need to stop. It’s insulting and demeaning to women in general to chalk up an opinion of someone as nothing more than the result of a petty emotion. My opinion of the way Britt behaves most definitely does NOT stem from a place of jealousy. In fact, in general if someone is beautiful they usually get the benefit of the doubt more than someone who is not.

  13. loquacious39

    March 12, 2015 at 7:27 PM

    @jpoz I agree. I don’t understand the hostility towards Britt. I thought men wanted to compete for a beautiful woman. Remember how the guys all liked Emily. Women are vicious. I’m sorry, but I think Kaitlin is homely compared to Britt, she’s a “mouseburger” type, boring personality. Britt has life in her and infinitely more interesting, men would be falling all over themselves. It could be hilarious. We could have another “Bentley” type that will lament he thought he was vying for Britt. Personally, I wish they didn’t do Bachelorette shows, they’re never as compelling as The Bachelor.

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