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“Reader Emails” (Part 1) & A Little Clarification on the “Bachelorette”

Dear Steve:

Thoughts on this Bachelorette duo. ABC made a moronic mistake on this one.

Andi’s season was down in the ratings because she just wasn’t that likeable going in to the new season. Juan Pablo was disliked, but he was the favorite going in to his season. People wanted to watch his season. Not so much with Andi.

Likewise, Kaitlyn really clearly was the favored Bachelorette going in to this new season. Mark the unenthusiastic response of the audience when Britt’s name was called versus the cheers for Kaitlyn during the ATFR.

This show’s main audience is primarily women, not men; women prefer watching a likeable gal as their lead, they just do. For the most part, people seem over Britt. They find her fake, whiney and narcissistic. ABC may get a large audience the first night of the season while the viewers find out who is the Bachelorette (though, no doubt, you will have spoiled that already), but going forward, watch the ratings decline if it turns out to be Britt.

My guess is most of the Bachelors won’t know either of them really, and they may make decisions based solely on looks that first night. Britt is attractive in a traditional sense, no doubt, but honestly, she is so unattractive in her personality, her looks wear off. Where as Kaitlyn grows more and more beautiful via her personality.

ABC had an opportunity to have a beloved Bachelorette who has a great personality, was the third runner up of her Bachelor season, take the slot. Kaitlyn has a real job, is mature and as a dance instructor, has the perfect resume for DWTS. Meanwhile, instead, they risk casting a teary eyed waitress, a waitress folks, who looks slightly bulimic in her face and clearly is more interested in herself than an actual relationship germinating into a marriage. Britt simply is wholly unbelievable as someone looking for love and marriage right now.

They had an opportunity to have a beloved Bachelorette who is sure to provide humor and intelligence to a boring formula or an immature narcissistic fake who will provide, what? Tears and fake dialogue? Booring.

Lastly, Kaitlyn is sexy and probably not afraid to get down, cum Fantasy Suites. Britt? I don’t see her even really into sex. She seems more into her hair and makeup than anything else. Booring.

This is an ABC fail. If Kaitlyn gets chosen, good, ratings will probably work out. If Britt is chosen, I predict a low rated season for them. I know I actually won’t watch if it is Britt and I have enjoyed many seasons.

So… until we know…

Comment: Here’s the thing though: IF Britt gets chosen by the guys, yes the response seems to be that people will be unhappy, but not a single person can actually physically prove that Kaitlyn’s ratings would’ve done better. All speculation. We wouldn’t know until Britt’s season aired and the numbers came out, but of course whatever they are, Kaitlyn’s fans are gonna say, “Kaitlyn’s totally would’ve been better.” You don’t know that and it’s unprovable so it’s just a biased opinion. Same the other way around if Kaitlyn gets chosen and Britt fans say “Britt totally would’ve had better ratings.” Ridiculous to be saying this before the show has even started filming.

What if this is the greatest cast of guys with the greatest drama in the history of the show? You’ll watch because of compelling TV, not necessarily because of the lead. Hell, last season you got to see the thriving metropolis’ of Deadwood, Santa Fe, Dubuque, Arlington, and Des Moines. Before the season, do you know how many people were saying how boring the season was gonna be? Turned out to be one of their better rated ones yet. So it’s really all hot air when people get infuriated over stuff like that.

Hey Steve,

I am baffled season after season that you put 25 women or men in a room and almost all of them seem to be deeply connected if not falling in love with the bachelor and bachelorette. Then, when almost invariably the chosen one doesn’t end up lasting, I always wonder why doesn’t the lead contact the number 2 or 3 from their season? How has this NEVER happened? (Ie: Andi and Josh or Emily and Ari) This is really more of a thought then a question and just further verifies the fact that the feelings are probably not really genuine anyway for the most part.

Anyway good work!

Comment: Well if you believe Courtney’s book, Emily did contact Arie after the fact. And Prince Lorenzo started dating Sadie after he broke up with Jen. As for why it doesn’t happen more often, I don’t know.

Hi, Steve. Just read your Bachelor recap and I am always amazed at the emails you get from The Doubters. They talk as if you are strictly speculating the outcome in hopes of being right. I don’t know how many times you have stated that you have sources, and very reliable one at that. Yet, they still doubt. Well, I don’t doubt and I haven’t since I started following you almost 7 years ago. Thank you for the great work and always keeping us “believers” correctly informed!

Can’t wait to get started on The Bachelorette.

Comment: Thanks. Like I said, I expect there to be doubters because I have been wrong before. However when I get an email from a doubter, inevitably they seem to be just venting at me or doubting just to doubt, and they have no evidence to back up why they doubt. Oh sure, they can say they see a better connection with someone else, or the way the lead looks at someone they can just tell, etc. That’s just speculation. If I have solid evidence (obviously that I can share) enough to run with “Chris is engaged to Whitney” two days after it happened, anyone coming to me with “you’re wrong because you can totally tell Chris loves Becca and he picks her” is just stupid. Come to me with facts, evidence, reports, whatever that shows the info I have is wrong, and then maybe I can entertain the thought the info I had was wrong. But this season? No. It was never wrong. Nobody could’ve brought anything to me to dispute the information I had on this season. Same with Andi’s season. And Juan Pablo’s season. And Sean’s season. The list goes on.

Des’ season was the one big screw up and I vowed that’ll never happen again. Hey, maybe I do get something wrong in the future, but I guarantee it will never be because of lack of effort.

Hey Steve,

Congrats on the spoiler win yesterday! Never doubted you for a second but do always love your vindication post and all of those idiotic (spelling-error filled) e-mails.

This is a part rant/part question. I hate this 2 Bachelorette thing because I know they are going to milk it. And as you said, they could care less about either of the girls or how they feel so they will probably make some ridiculous decisions.

Anyways, I know that the producers post all sorts of things and that we should not read into them. But I was wondering if you saw something that Robert Mills retweeted. This article:

He also retweeted some complaints about their decision. Do you think this is all just fluff or could you actually seeing them doing this type of approach? I think the appeal of both girls is that they would both make excellent bachelorettes- cutting one off the first night would just make a lot of people angry. Why not keep them both the whole time?

Thanks for reading!

Comment: This has been addressed. I don’t see how in the world you can keep 2 women all the way through. Assuming that each girl wouldn’t be allowed to have any of the same guys in their final 4, that’s 8 hometown dates and 6 overnight dates? Not happening.

Hey Steve,

I think the majority of your readers know that you have your sh*t together and are not going to be wrong. The mere accuracy of your episode-by-episode spoilers is enough to clear up any speculation as to whether your sources are valid. The emails you posted from your nonbelievers were pretty hilarious. Not only were they mostly incoherent (do their misspelled words not get underlined in red?) they also seemed so out of touch with reality which is just ironic as hell. That being said, I know it’s hard to do, but you really should ignore your haters. They’re just so comically stupid. That’s what I reprint the emails for every season. Pure comedic value and the utter ridiculousness of them after the fact.

I work at the bottom of the totem pole at a large unscripted production company in Los Angeles that produces some of the largest hits on major networks. It’s funny to me because even some of my coworkers are duped by The Bachelor. I overheard two women in the office talking about it today and they genuinely believe that people go on the show for love and to actually marry the lead. I find it really hard to believe anyone who works in this industry could think a show this well produced has any semblance of reality.

Just to get into that a bit more- I previously worked at a company that produced one of the hugest “unscripted” hits on television. I am an aspiring writer so I had no interest in unscripted television but on my first day my boss told me “that’s the joke of this industry, all unscripted television is completely scripted.” I had the opportunity to read several detailed scripts for this show that I thought was totally improvised. Not only were the situations planned, everything they said in the situations was written out. The characters were completely constructed and the stars were fed the dialogue.

I am able to watch the casting process these shows go through, even the ones that aren’t necessarily “character driven” are intense. These reality stars aren’t your average everyday people, they’re people who can live their life in front of a camera without clamming up and losing some charm. The women on The Bachelor are actually some of the most talented actresses I’ve ever seen for the sole fact that they can act natural in such a wildly unnatural situation.

The bottom line is that regular life isn’t really that interesting. If you watched my boyfriend and I when we first started dating you’d be watching a lot of drunk Mario Kart 64 and awkward texting conversations. The Bachelor isn’t real people dating, it’s people putting on an act for a variety of internal reasons. They all might not want to be actors/actresses but they are certainly not doing this with the intention of finding the one person that they will fall in love with and marry. If they really wanted to get married they would go to bars or clubs or f**king for fucks sake.

Anyway, reality producers are some of the slimiest most manipulative people I have met in this industry. They will say/do anything to make “good television.” Not that you didn’t already know that, but these people are well paid sociopaths. The Bachelor is a well oiled machine because these people are ruthless and completely unconcerned with the fact they’re ruining lives. When you hear everything from the inside you realize just how much it’s a numbers and profits game. A show like the Bachelor that wins ratings (almost) every night it’s on? It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As you’ve said.

Anyway, I just wanted to contribute my thoughts on this sad genre of television. You no doubt have given me some reason to enjoy The Bachelor for what it is in a different light. Even though I’m working in the unscripted field, this is really the only show I can bare to watch and that’s because of your site. Thanks again for all that you do and I’m super excited to party with you in Vegas!

P.S I hope the FOR-EV-ER was a Sandlot reference. If so, thanks for that.

Comment: Excellent email. Can’t say I disagree with any of it. Good to get confirmation from someone’s who’s worked in the industry. I’ve said it for years. The producers of this show are some of the slimiest people you’ll meet. Some would even call scum. They’d step on their grandmother’s grave to ruin someone’s life on this show.

Awesome job this season! Yay for Steve!

So there is a MAJOR amount of backlash about the Bachelorette situation.Some observations and questions…then your opinion please…

1. ABC is LOVING this. This is exactly what they want. People are talking about the show on TV, online, on social media and back and forth with friends. Like or hate the route they are going with this, they could care less because all they seek are ratings and attention. And they’re getting it. EVERYONE is talking about this right now.

2. Whoever thinks ABC and the people at the Bachelor give a rats ass about Kaitlyn or Britt’s feelings are very naive. People complaining that making the women compete against each other and having the men pick is unfair need to remember that this is all for ratings and buzz. True dat, homey.

3. Britt has been posting numerous pictures on instagram daily since being on this show. It is like she went thru all the pictures she has taken in the last 10 years and has slowly trickled them out on social media. She has started tagging her immediate family members along with making her mom and sister new public instagram accounts. This woman is so ridiculously irritating and out for her 15 minutes. The thought of watching her flip her ombre hair around 100 times per hour as the Bachelorette would be enough for me to not watch her season.I have not missed a single season of The Bachelorette since it started airing. I will not watch this season if she ends up being bachelorette. I have a boatload of friends who watch this show and as of today 8 out of 10 are saying hell no to this season if it is Britt. So while you have said in the past the lead does not matter, people will still watch….no, in this case with Britt, alot of women will not still watch. You say “a lot” meaning 8 of your 10 friends. Come May, if Britt is chosen, at least 6-7 million people will be watching every week. Your 8 friends aren’t really going to matter to them. That’s all I’m saying. Yeah, Andi had the lowest rated “Bachelorette” series in 4 years, but they still won the Women 18-54 for 2 hrs every Monday night, and still got 6 million people an episode on average, if not a little more. So it’s all relative.

4. This will be a make or break season for the bachelorette. Either it will see huge ratings or the lowest ratings ever. I don’t think that’s true at all.

5. I can see the Bachelorette being canceled before The Bachelor. My prediction….I think the bachelor will easily be around for another 7-8 seasons. Hey, that’d be great. Means I’ll be gainfully employed that much longer.

5. How much are they paying Britt and Kaitlyn? How much will whoever gets chosen get? How much will whoever gets voted off on night one get? I think both signed on as if they were being paid as the lead. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to be like, “Ok, if the guys choose me, I’m getting paid as the lead, but if not, I’ll take $5k and this lousy t-shirt.” No way. Both girls are getting paid as a lead regardless of if they are picked or not. You can count on that.

6. How soon do you think you can find out when the vote off filming will take place? Although you had said that filming starts tomorrow, when do you suspect that actual elimination night will be? I honestly have no idea. I could find out within 24 hrs. I could find out in 3 days. It might get spoiled on social media when the first date happens, or ABC might send out a press release telling everyone. We’ll see. I can’t imagine it won’t be spoiled by someone, somewhere before the end of the weekend.

7. I think this Bachelorette shake up is going to take alot of focus off Chris and Whitney…that could work to their benefit. I see Chris being voted off dancing with the stars by week three. There is no way he will be there until the end. I think he is super uncomfortable talking off script and answering questions pertaining to this show that he is not prepared for. I kind of find Chris and Whitney’s lack of over the top gushing and back rubbing (ahem Andi) on GMA and the after last night refreshing. I think Chris is over this process, he wants to get a quick Dancing with the Stars check and be done. He has zero appeal as a host, he fumbles words often and I seriously can’t see him chasing fame in Hollywood. I think Chris and Whitney have a chance of actually making it work.

Comment: I don’t.

Hi Steve,

This is my first time watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette since the Trista days. It’s way more fun to watch after reading your website! I was wondering about the role that religion plays in casting. Do you know anything about that? I read an article about Britt that said where she went to college and then looked it up because I’d never heard of it. It is waaaaayyy evangelical. So did they only cast super Christians for the next season? Just curious!

Comment: Yeah, she went to Azuza Pacific in California. Britt is pretty spiritual if we are to believe her Instagram. But since I don’t know her, I can’t say if that’s just an act or not. Doesn’t seem like it is because it’s not like she came across one way on TV and different on social media. Pretty much the same person.

I rarely write to you. Just wanted to send a couple of notes.

1. Good job. Thank you.

2. As far as posters who actually hope you are wrong, I am the complete opposite. I assume you are right and 100 percent hope you are correct. Me too.

3. I also heard that this is your full time job. Not sure if I’m correct. If so, GOOD FOR YOU. I hope you keep earning a living by doing something you enjoy. Not everyone can say that. I enjoy writing. Can’t say I necessarily enjoy watching this show though.

4. I know you have thick skin but jealous people who dislike you have other major issues in their lives. Keep up the great work. Of course they do. I weep for them.

5. In regards to how you find out information. I could care less. Its like watching a magician. I enjoy it and there is a big part of me that doesnt want to know how it is done.

Comment: I’m basically David Copperfield behind a computer.

Hi =) Sorry in advance. This may be long =/

Congrats on spoiling yet another season! Had no doubt at all you were right, as always! I have a few comments/questions.

I honestly think ABC likes that you spoil their show. I feel like a good amount of people (myself included) wouldn’t watch if it weren’t for your spoilers/recaps/insight. It seems to me that the producers know how much attention you bring to the show and I don’t think they are as tight-lipped and protective of some info, secretly wanting you to find out and purposely put some things out there. That keeps people intrigued and that only benefits the show. Why wouldn’t they like you spoiling stuff? Not so much the final choice, but little things here and there. Just a thought that has crossed my mind lately. Privately, they love what I do. They just can’t acknowledge it publicly because they’d still like people to be surprised, and acknowledging me publicly brings people to my site and they don’t want that. They know people go to it, and they know people know the spoilers. They’re just not gonna draw attention to it.

I’ve heard many, many people say Britt was the producer’s favorite pick for bachelorette but that Kaitlyn’s fans helped her get the gig too. I think the opposite. I love kaitlyn and I feel like production did too. Imagine the season without her jokes and personality? I feel like she was the clear choice for them yet they couldn’t let go of Britt, who is nothing short of your ideal bachelorette. And a season of Britt’s “tears” and drama, they couldn’t pass that up. Thoughts? I do think they wanted Britt in the beginning, but Kaitlyn’s popularity put them in this situation.

I personally think Kaitlyn is beautiful. She’s one of those girls who has that “normal pretty” about her. She’s much better than average looking but not so drop dead gorgeous that women couldn’t relate to her. With that being said, not sure how fair it is that the guys get to decide only after one night. Like you said in your column, the majority will no doubt pick Britt. But I feel like if they at least gave them a group date or something that they’d have a clearer vision of who to pick. Not based on looks alone. Which in a sense is exactly what they will be doing. And to hear Chris Harrison say that they get to pick who will be the best wife is down right gross. How the hell would anyone know who would make a good wife/husband after one day (probably more like 30 mins) spent with that person? This show isn’t based on finding a wife. Will never be.

Speaking of that. How much have the new bachelorette guys seen of the season so far? Have they seen any of the girls get eliminated, interacting with Chris, or even post finale interviews? I’d be curious to know how many guys know how these girls acted on their season? I mean I’m sure every one of the guys at least watched some of this season to know who they could be meeting.

I’m not exactly a fan of Britt from what I’ve seen this season and in her interviews. With that being said, I think she’s good drama for the show. Which leads me to the point that it would be smart for the producers to not let her be the bachelorette so she can take her butt down to BIP! She would absolutely kill it on that show! Being around a bunch of guys on the bachelorette won’t exactly stir up too many dramatic moments in comparison to the craziness that would happen on BIP where she would be getting every guys attention and pissing off the other BIP girls, especially ones from her season! The producers are crazy for not sending her straight to paradise. Which she’ll probably go anyway if somehow she doesn’t get chosen to stay the first night. Britt will absolutely be on BIP 2 if she’s not chosen as the “Bachelorette.” And vice versa.

After seeing the article you posted with Ashley S, it’s clear she’s pretty intelligent and the way she acted was just that, an act. She sounded adamant that producers were portraying her a certain way and making her look crazy which I believe. But why on earth would she go on BIP?! She wouldn’t possibly change the way she acted and all of a sudden be this clear headed, normal girl right? Do you think she’ll keep up the charade for the cameras but be her normal self when off camera and around the guys? Seems like she’d be contradicting herself by bad mounting production then jumping on board another show and be exactly the person they were trying to portray to start with. And if she does, I hope she is nominated for an Oscar. Because that’s one hell of a performance!

Thanks again for reading all of my thoughts and letting me vent!!! You’re the best!

Comment: I guess we’ll see how that pans out because it certainly looks like she’ll be on it.

Hi Steve,

Congrats on another season!

First of all …. SO not happy about the Kaitlyn and Britt thing. Kaitlyn looked pissed about the entire situation. Do you think she was told the gig was her’s, and then they brought Britt in at the last second? It’s clear that they only reason Britt is there is because Chris Harrison has a hard-on for her. At least they told her to wipe her clown make-up off, but she still needs a major hair cut and some color correction. She is so phony. I hope that the guys can see through that the first night, and also hope that ABC listened to the response when they introduced their plan for this season of the Bachelorette. Question: do you think whichever Bachelorette doesn’t get to finish out the season will later show her face on Bachelor in Paradise? Yes, whichever one doesn’t get chosen I can see on BIP 2.

And no, both girls knew when they signed their contract the show was going with two girls. They could’ve easily said no, and they didn’t.

I know you have said that Chris was not doing this “for the right reasons” and that Whitney was in it to win it. Are you still only giving them a few months to last before an inevitable break-up? Whitney seems very invested. Is she just a good actress? Were their secret rendezvous in Iowa weekends arranged by ABC, or were these in addition to the visits at the ABC-arranged “safe house”? I give them roughly 3 months.

I’m sure most of their safe house visits were sanctioned. But because they lived close to each other, and Chris is in the middle of nowhere, it made sense they could sneak in a few visits without getting caught.

I have been watching this franchise since Aaron’s season (I suppose that puts me in a certain age bracket). The whole concept of BIP last summer was poor. BP was much more entertaining and allowed for spontaneous romances to develop. For BIP, first of all I hope that they pick a better beach so we’re not subjected to hearing 80% wind and 20% dialogue. Second of all, I hope that they revise the concept. I think a much better set-up would be to have everyone start at the same time, and everyone votes on who gets a date. Every “week” there are 4 dates: 2 initiated by women, 2 initiaed by men. In order to get the date, everyone must place one vote for someone who they think should get the date. You can’t vote for yourself. And you can’t ask someone on a date who has also been “granted” a date. That would make for some interesting interactions amongst all of the castmates – pleading and negotiating for votes to get a date, but also having to calculate so that your “chosen one” isn’t also voted. Plus, everyone gets to know everyone in the beginning, and you’ll have more personalities throughout the whole thing, rather than just a few at a time. They can still vote people off the island or whatever, but there needs to be an added element to bring some competition and strategy to the show.

Finally, do you think Jimmy Kimmel will continue to make appearances on future seasons of this show?


Comment: All good suggestions for BIP 2. Will they use them? I have no idea. They’re definitely not going back to the same beach. That ain’t happening. But it will be down in Mexico again.

Hi, Steve! Love your site. A couple of questions:

1. Kaitlyn looked visibly pissed that Britt was also The Bachelorette. Was she not aware of this arrangement ahead of time? I got the impression that Kaitlyn was led to believe she was The Bachelorette (the only one) and then right before ATFR they were like, “Surprise! It’s actually you AND Britt and the men are going to vote on who they want!!!” No, she knew. They both did. I just think she’s still not happy about it.

2. I’ve started watching FNL on your recommendation, and it made me think of something. Jason Street was sexy and a good catch even though he is paralyzed. Do you think The Bachelor would ever cast a contestant in a wheelchair? Could the show even accommodate that? No.

Dear Steve, I just wanted to thank you for the enjoyment of reading your column since the beginning. You have a great writing style and I remember laughing myself silly over your sarcastic wit esp during the Andrew Firestone/Bachelor show..I am done with the series now this latest stunt with the 2 Bachelorettes is basically just a slap in the face to viewers. Of course I know it’s all about ratings/ entertainment but at the very core there was always the glimmer of finding love that kept the show together…very few ever found it …but it was always fun to have hope…However upon hearing that the actress from Hollywood was getting the co-lead it has made it clear that they aren’t even going to try to keep us engaged…of course they will stack the deck and she will get the lead after night one..but whatever…the show in an effort to deliver more ratings may actually shoot itself in the foot by hiring an “actress”. The show is just another part for her to play and a pay check. When Chris Harrison makes excuse after excuse for why the audience didnt clap for Britt, or she got the first rose therefore had a target on her back..I just shook my head and say no- it’s because she is a paid actress it’s obvious she is faking it for the cameras. When they cast regular people we can at least try to believe they are there for the right reasons. So I just wanted again to thank you for such a great column and say I am sorry but I will not read your column or listen to your spreecasts anymore because I am just done with the show. just done…

Good luck to you in the future,

Comment: Ok.

Great job on the spoilers. AGAIN. Your site is keeping this show on the air. I think Fleiss is finally coming around to this realization. Maybe you should sue them for a cut of the action. Haha.

ABC really does think their audience is stupid. They didn’t reveal Chris as a DWTS contestant because that week he was in Bali. It was revealed once the show was over because of all the dummies who think this show is happening in real time. Right?

Anywho. I don’t really have a question but a request. In the future can you start recording your initial thoughts when you get photos of potential contestants? Just one word. Then after you’ve looked up their info see if your original descriptor changes once you know more about them? I think it would be fun to see how the Bachelor Expert’s opinion evolves throughout the season. You could also hold off releasing potential contestants with photos of their celebrity doppleganger instead. Tease the readers and more page views.

I’d like residuals for that. Just kidding.

Comment: Well I usually get infos and photos together, so it’d be kinda hard.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. coffeeinchicago

    March 11, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    I definitely don’t think the Bachettes were told immediately before the AFTR about the dueling leads, but I do think Kaitlyn was led to believe she would be the only Bachelorette until less than a week before the AFTR. This would explain why K didn’t seem very jilted at the WTA, had a makeover, and was posting 5000 headshots on Instagram while Brit laid relatively low. Then, a few days before the AFTR… they both film intro vids, Britt tweets a happy face and starts blowing up Instagram while Kaitlyn goes radio silent. Then, of course, the AFTR where Britt seems excited and Kaityn is clearly not thrilled.

    Makes sense in my head.

  2. bachfan30

    March 11, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    ^^ I agree with you completely, coffeeinchicago.
    It sucks big time for our girl, Kaitlyn. I just hope the majority of the guys have watched the season and are familiar with both girls. Undoubtedly, they’d pick Kaitlyn. I just don’t know how much of Britt I can stand.

  3. toaster

    March 11, 2015 at 1:23 PM

    I can’t wait for Steve’s spoiler about which bachelorette will be chosen. I much prefer Brit as a person. But considering all the weirdness of the show I won’t be sorry if Kaitlyn is chosen and they get her jumping through hoops instead. It’ll be interesting to watch either way, even if it’ll make for a different show depending on which one goes through. I don’t believe the men will have the final say. I think the producers will know in advance who they want and will just make it look like it’s the guys’ choice.

  4. toaster

    March 11, 2015 at 2:14 PM

    The best part of having both women in the running for the role of Bachelorette has already been accomplished. Wherever she is, you can be sure Carly is green with envy and no doubt majorly annoyed that Britt is where she is despite Carly’s best efforts at maligning her throughout the show. That alone makes this twist all the more awesome! Here’s to several more sleepless nights for Carly while we all wait to hear more. 😉

  5. angelfish

    March 11, 2015 at 5:15 PM

    Totally agree, toaster! Somewhere Carly is crying to her little Chris Harrison hand puppet that she was so misunderstood and misjudged!

  6. jpoz

    March 11, 2015 at 6:07 PM

    Yeah I agree too Carly was a nasty piece of work. Is it any wonder she can’t keep a man?? She needs to look at her own flaws before having a go at people like Britt. I still say Britt is a sweet girl as evidenced by her Instragram pics helping sick children etc. She deserves a second chance and I’m hoping alot of peoples opinions will change if she becomes the Bachelorette.

    Everyone knows women can be extremely jealous of beautiful girls, it starts at high school so don’t try and dismiss it as not a major reason why Britt has been treated so poorly. Of course Britt could have handled herself better when Kaitlyn got the rose but really I fail to see much else she did wrong. If comforting other girls, not saying bad things about them and generally being a nice person to everyone makes her fake in some peoples eyes then I’ll gladly take that over people that are rude, arrogant and mean such as Carly.

    I can’t wait to see how this all plays out and hopefully Britt gets a chance to show everyone she really is a genuinely nice girl. #TeamBritt

  7. justforfun

    March 11, 2015 at 6:24 PM

    If Britt is chosen, I will not watch. This will be the first season I haven’t watched in several years, but that is how much I can’t stand her & her fake drama.
    Who are these posters that claim that anyone that doesn’t like Britt is jealous of her beauty?? Are you a man, or a 12 year old girl?? Most adult females like to be friends with beautiful women. Beauty draws people in. Unless what is under that beauty is a fake, narcissistic personality.
    Maybe Britt was just misunderstood by all of her theatrics, fake tears, and drama. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just know that I don’t want to watch more of that.

  8. cjscjs711

    March 11, 2015 at 6:28 PM

    @toaster you proly hit the nail on the head…. I don’t dislike Carly but her relentless crusade against Britt was beyond the pale. Even Carly wasn’t able to come up with one concrete instance where Britt had hurt Carly and deserved having Carly basically try to destroy her.

    Not sure whose idea it was at ABC to play so fast and loose with Britt’s storyline – from the not showering nonsense that grossed out America to the Big and Rich Concert rudeness (by Chris) to juxtaposing the second-hand comment about not wanting children beside Britt telling Chris she wanted about a “hundred.” You really hurt your own girl. She’s volunteered with children and put her own money into sponsoring children. So now after these sensationalized edits, ABC is giving her a chance to rescue herself……?

  9. punk

    March 12, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    I hope they go 2 episodes at least with both girls. Have them decide together who the final 16 should be (13 each), then go on at least 1 group date wiith their groups.

    Then let them vote.

    It does not get serious until it is down to 5 anyway, so prior to that, I hope they get creative.

  10. stevely

    March 12, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    I agree that Kaitlyn looked a little miffed and seemed to suggest it even more the way she said something about “not what I was expecting”.

    But I don’t see – given the online negativity I see towards Britt that they have Britt as the lead. So whoever the guys vote for, Kaitlyn is the one the producers will announce as the winner. And they will definitely not show any scenes of the guys talking about who they voted for so that we can’t get the impression it was rigged.

    I felt when I saw Britt that her beauty was too much. Women can handle a pretty woman, but Britt is beautiful which makes it tough. I think she has to be very careful the way she carries herself to avoid a negative reaction from women. And it’s already too late to win over viewers.

  11. stevely

    March 12, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    I would love to see the whole season with both, but two would also be good. But I guess they would have to pay Harrison a lot more millions for all the extra work he would be doing. “Gentlemen, Britt, this is Britt’s final rose”. “Gentlemen, Kaitlyn, this is Kaitlyn’s final rose”. “Today there will be a two on one date with Kaitlyn, a group date with Britt, a one on one with Britt, and a two on one with Britt after which one of you will be going home”.

  12. vessel

    March 12, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    @Justforfun, Agree with everything you said. It’s highly doubtful I’ll watch if they keep Britt, and the comments about women being just jealous of her really need to stop. It’s insulting and demeaning to women in general to chalk up an opinion of someone as nothing more than the result of a petty emotion. My opinion of the way Britt behaves most definitely does NOT stem from a place of jealousy. In fact, in general if someone is beautiful they usually get the benefit of the doubt more than someone who is not.

  13. loquacious39

    March 12, 2015 at 7:27 PM

    @jpoz I agree. I don’t understand the hostility towards Britt. I thought men wanted to compete for a beautiful woman. Remember how the guys all liked Emily. Women are vicious. I’m sorry, but I think Kaitlin is homely compared to Britt, she’s a “mouseburger” type, boring personality. Britt has life in her and infinitely more interesting, men would be falling all over themselves. It could be hilarious. We could have another “Bentley” type that will lament he thought he was vying for Britt. Personally, I wish they didn’t do Bachelorette shows, they’re never as compelling as The Bachelor.

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