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Daily Links 3/18

I’m well aware of the pictures floating around social media yesterday of Britt taking pictures with fans down in Venice Beach. What does it all mean? I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face or until I have an answer to what’s going on: I don’t know. Britt will be on the “Bachelorette” next season in some role. Could be a major role (although I doubt it), could be a small role, could be a role that we never see after the first episode, or it could be something that’s on every episode. If I don’t know what her role is yet, the pictures that surfaced yesterday of her just chilling in Venice Beach taking pictures of fans surely didn’t make anything more clear. I just trust my sources to know that Britt does have a role on the show. As mentioned, it’s definitely Kaitlyn’s season. She won the vote. She’s the “Bachelorette” and Britt is not. So whatever Britt’s role is, it’s not equivalent to what Kaitlyn is doing. Maybe her being in Venice yesterday had something to do with her role, maybe it didn’t. Hell if I know. I just know after the vote happened, she was not just immediately sent packing and told, “See ya later.” Something is going on. When I find out what, I’ll tell you.

As for yesterday’s group date at the Hollywood Improv, not a whole hell of a lot to report. Here are the basics:

-There were 7 guys on the group date. NONE of which I’ve given you yet since I only know who 2 of them were.
-Amy Schumer was the “moderator” so to speak, and basically the date consisted of each guy getting up there and telling jokes
-There was no rose given out and no one was declared the winner
-Most of the guys were horrible and not the least bit funny, but then again, I wouldn’t expect them to be
-A female comedian (not Amy) took the stage at one point did some song about boobs, and then ended up motor boating two of the guys. Wonderful
-One of the guys brought Kaitlyn up on stage for his last joke and kissed her
-Kaitlyn got up there and told a few jokes and even mentioned Britt in one of them
-Random, but actor Justin Long was in the audience. Had no role on the show and didn’t speak, but he was there
-There is a date on Thursday at Universal CityWalk. Don’t know if it’s another private event or this will be out in public where anyone can take pics and post them, so be on the look out for that if it is public

Looks like yesterday’s poll question just about says it all. I’ll bring it over again, but almost 6,000 votes and Kaitlyn is winning by an 80/20 margin right now of people that are happy she was chosen:

-So who says that Whitney never talks about Chris on social media and vice versa? Well, this is close, isn’t it? This is either screaming, “All the rumors already spreading that my Chris is cheating with his dance partner aren’t true because we’re like totes BFF’s,” or, “I want to make out with Witney cuz she’s hot.”

-Ahhhh, so Kelsey is so emotionally distraught from the show that she wants ABC to pay for her therapy sessions? Bhahahahahahahahahaha. Kelsey, go read that ridiculous contract you signed before coming on the show. It really is laughable of you to think you have a leg to stand on here. Hell, even if EVERYTHING you said on TV was all taken out of context, it doesn’t matter. They own you, they can do whatever they want to your edit, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sorry Charlie.

-Nell Kalter’s RHOBH recap is now up. Wait, did Brandi really slap Lisa last night? Damn her.

-Katie Holmes has secretly been dating Jamie Foxx for the last year and a half? Huh? What the hell? Is Pacey aware of this? I’m not sure Dawson would approve of this either. In all the years of living on the Creek, I don’t think a black man ever even appeared there. So how did she even meet him? I’m totally confused by all this. I’m also living in 1998.

-Speaking of living in the past, we had a mini“Breakfast Club” reunion the other day when Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy got together. Not sure how many of you know this, but there’s about 8 movies that I can recite word for word. All of them were made before 1990 and one of them is “Breakfast Club.” You’re a neo-maxi-zoon-dwee-bee. Don’t get me started. Great flick. You know it’s a great flick when it can stand the test of time 30 years later.

-Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync battles on the “Tonight Show” have become legendary. So much so that the concept is now becomingit’s own TV show hosted by LL Cool J. Initially I’d think this is pretty corny, but when you see some of the A-listers they’re getting to do this, well, it now becomes must-see TV for me. I mean, you really expect me not to watch this?

-Because I don’t have a vagina, I could really care less about what the hell is said on E!’s show “Fashion Police.” But since a lot of people do, I guess this story would interest them. After the Giuliana Rancic/Zendaya debacle, and two hots now quitting, “Fashion Police” has decided to push back their premiere date until September now. Great. I’m sure bored housewives everywhere are devastated now.

-In “Who the Hell Cares” news: Looks like we are close to getting a “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3,” and Keanu Reeves would actually be a part of it. Let me ask you something: If this movie wasn’t funny 30 years ago, how is it going to be funny now? That’s what I thought. Unoriginal Hollywood is at it again.

-Speaking of Unoriginal Hollywood, guess what? Another Pee Wee Herman movie is in the works. Now I will say this, I actually thought the Pee Wee Herman movies were funnier back in the day than Bill & Ted’s. But they think Pee Wee’s act will play in 2015? Have we all wiped the masturbating in an empty theater visual from our head with this guy, or no?

-Derek Hough wrote a piece for telling us why he returned to DWTS. I didn’t even read it to be honest but here’s why: Since they know he’s their most popular dancer, they’re going to put him with someone who inevitably has a chance to win. That guy ain’t doing the show if they stick him with Patti Labelle. And they never would.

-Interesting piece this morning by People magazine about how Robert Herjavec contemplated suicide after separating from his wife after 25 years. Just goes to show, we do not know these people. He literally seems like the happiest guy in the world on DWTS.

-So much so, that the rumors have already started he’s banging his partner. Granted, US Weekly’s story is just quoting “sources,” whereas reporter Jessica Radloff was actually an
an eyewitness to them being very touchy feely at the after party. So yeah. I guess Robert is doing just fine right about now.

-Usually women are huge germophobes about stuff like this, so why the hell is Shailene Woodleywalking barefoot in public? Can someone get this girl a pair of shoes or something? And in NY of all places? Can’t really say the sidewalks are the most sanitary places you’ll see in NY. Yikes.

-In one of the more uninteresting stories of the day, Christina Aguilera went brunette for her upcoming role on “Nashville.” I watch “Nashville” so that’s why I even cared about this story. Just let me know if/when she starts hooking up with Gunnar, then we’re talking.

-Jimmy Kimmel has penis problems. More specifically, it’s his urethra. Not sure why he felt the need to talk about this publicly at SXSW this past weekend, but he did. Thanks Jimmy. I will now throw up my breakfast.

-And finally, just a bizarre story from the sports world. Apparently dudes in the Cleveland Cavs locker room are trying to sneak pictures of Lebron in just his towel. Huh? Some weird ass people out there.

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  1. lisa e

    March 18, 2015 at 9:47 AM

    Katie Holmes hasn seeing a married producer for over a year now. It’s why she and Suri moved back to
    LA. Old news. Not a well-kept secret.
    Go to for more

  2. mush

    March 18, 2015 at 6:09 PM

    so, ive spent the day on omg! get steve to read this about his beloved SNL and other stories. love the style of this gossip site. its so addicting. not prose, as all other sites report gossip, but told in a gossipy, run on sentence real life way, that i cant help but to believe everything. poor jimmy fallon. and the andi/josh/aaron triangle.

  3. thatguy181

    March 19, 2015 at 5:50 AM

    About Britt hanging around… Is it possible ABC just isn’t ready to announce who the Bachelorette is and are keeping her around a (pathetic) attempt to throw spoilers off?

    As per usual, I’ve no doubt in what you say RS! Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette. I think Britt may just be getting a vacation until you say otherwise.

  4. rob22

    March 19, 2015 at 8:02 AM

    So we’ve moved from pushing personal blogs in the RS comment section to gossip sites? Foxella? Is that a real thing? Or just something a 14 year old does out of his/her bedroom? I actually clicked it and it looked like a lengthy Facebook post. Total stream of consciousness & pretty much zero content.

  5. mush

    March 19, 2015 at 8:55 AM

    rob22 is a fuddy duddy, complaining every time we post a link to something. lol

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