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Daily Links 4/16

We are essentially one month away from the “Bachelorette” premiere. I say this every season and it’s worth mentioning again. It’s pretty crazy how it takes the show one month in real time to get from 25 guys down to 4, then takes 3 weeks to get from 4 down to 1. Hometown dates begin shortly, and I will update you on them, plus give you the remaining guys I’ve yet to release when they happen. Every season we know hometown dates get spoiled because, well, it’s almost impossible not to. If there’s filming going on in the states, it’s almost impossible to keep under wraps. So as it gets spoiled publicly, I’ll fill you in on who’s getting them. As mentioned the other day, I have all your guys and eliminations up to this point. There are only two guys who I only have first names on, but they are not important to the season. So 23 of the 25 I have bios on and have for the last couple weeks (24 of the 26 if you include Nick), and I’ve released 19 so far. You will get the four remaining bios soon, along with who the final four are. If it gets spoiled on social media, I’ll alert you when it happens. If not, I’ll tell you after the fact.

Daily Links 4/16

-The Thursday after “Survivor,” we always get our 3 Questions with Probst from A shame to see Joe go last night when you know he would’ve won the jury vote had he gotten to the end. Are there any likable people on the Blue Collar tribe? How is Probst touting this as one of the best season’s yet when not many left are all that likable? And why do I have a feeling Carolyn or Tyler is going to win this season?

-Speaking of “Survivor,” Jenn got taken to task on Twitter last night as someone scrolled down her Twitter timeline back a few years ago where she made quite a few racist, and anti-Semitic tweets. She immediately apologized and took them down.

-Lip Sync Battle is totally my new favorite show. I thoroughly enjoy it every week. So now you combine my favorite show with one of my favorite girls right now, Anna Kendrick, and by golly, I’m happy as a clam. Anna really gets into it in her battle with John Krasinski as even gets J-Lo to appear for her. I’ll just call victory for Anna right now.

-James Corden, the new host of the Late, Late Show has been doing whatever he can to try and get his bits to go viral. This one absolutely should since it’s iconic. Well, at least in my 80’s movie watching mind it is. He got Jon Cryer to reprise his role as Ducky and re-create the dancing scene from “Pretty in Pink.” We can debate this until the end of time: Ducky or Blaine? For those that don’t know, in the original ending, she ended up with Ducky, but it tested horribly with the audience, so they changed it and she ended up with Blaine. However, Andrew McCarthy had already shaved his head for a new movie, so when they came back to re-shoot the prom scene, he had to wear a wig. Go watch. That wig is awful.

-Guess what? Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne hate each other. Great. I want maybe one week to go by where this isn’t a story anymore. Do we realize on the scale of Hollywood Celebrity Feuds, this would rank near the bottom? How long are we going to hear about this “Fashion Police” tiff that is completely irrelevant now?

-Nice little argument between Harry Connick Jr and Quentin last night, huh? In case you missed it, here it is. . Quentin reacted shortly afterwards and didn’t seem too pleased with Harry. I honestly think Quentin does think the competition is stupid and beneath him, but once he was called out on national television, he had to apologize and change his story. He’s annoying anyway.

-Hazing the rookies in professional sports happens on every team, in every sport, with every rookie. Once you come into the league, you are going to get peppered by the veterans. Sacramento Kings rookie Nick Stauskas just did. His teammates popcorned his house. Man, imagine having that butter smell lurking in your house for weeks? Blech.

-With only being a week away from Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, they’re going to family members for reaction and no one is saying anything. Even Kendall was asked about it in her GQ cover story and basically didn’t realize why it’s a big deal. Really? I mean, I know she’s young and dumb, but c’mon. This is a huge story. He’s arguably the most popular transgender person we know of in this country, and he’s doing it at such a late age. I’d say it’s a major deal Kendall.

-Audrina Patridge is still employed, and still stages bikini shoots so she can stay relevant. And you know what? I’m not complaining.

-The first Batman vs Superman trailer has been released and it’s about as uneventful as you can get. We know what their uniforms look like dammit. Lets get some footage of the actual movie please?

-Miley took a selfie and had the same hairdo as Justin did recently. This isn’t news. What is news is that she hashtagged the pic #trufflebutter. Might wanna go Urban Dictionary that one to see the importance. Just don’t do it while you’re eating.

-Dakota Johnson has a new haircut and US Weekly had the audacity to put in the headline, “What Would Christian Grey Think?” God these tabloids are stupid sometimes.

-Hey the American Idol Tour is coming to a city near you! Hell, I didn’t even know they did this tour anymore since the show has severely dipped in the ratings the last few seasons. And now they’re only taking the top 5? Oh boy. Someone put this thing out of its misery and just cancel it all together. Thanks.

-And finally, in case you didn’t know, Brandi Glanville has had some work done on her body. Pretty much everywhere you can think of, she’s stuck a needle in it. Even her lady bits. Congrats Brandi. Hey, at least she admits it, right? That counts for something.

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  1. enndea

    April 16, 2015 at 10:31 AM

    Am I the only one who is totally bothered by Sienna’s obviously tattooed eyebrows?! It’s SO distracting!!

  2. jessicat

    April 16, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    Isn’t the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer?

  3. thatguy181

    April 16, 2015 at 12:35 PM

    Such an exciting teaser. I’m so excited to know what Superman and Batman will be wearing. Truly a masterpiece of a teaser trailer. Avengers has NOTHING on this.

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