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Daily Links 4/23

So much for the strong thunderstorms and possible tornadoes last night. Ummmmm, we got some rain and that was it. My TV never lost signal and I got to watch everything I needed to. That’s a productive day, I tell ya’. Then again, this is Texas weather and it changes about every 10 seconds so I guess I should’ve been a little more suspect when they say possible tornadoes in the area. Somehow I managed to watch all my shows AND catch the Clippers/Spurs game last night, which was excellent. Finally glad to see a competitive game so far in the playoffs. Do you realize there have been 16 games played so far and there’s only been 2 games decided by 5 pts or less, and both came last night? Not to mention every series is 2-0 right now except for the Spurs/Clippers. So much for that wild and wacky Western Conference. The Pelicans will be lucky to win 1 game in the series, the Mavericks are completely melting down and are way too injured to compete with Houston, and Portland losing Wesley Matthews earlier this season killed their playoff hopes. Every lower seed will win in every series, except for the Wizards, and possibly the Spurs. Other than that, playoffs are true to form with a ton of blowouts.

Daily Links 4/23

-We’re only one day away from the interview and ABC has released yet another teaser of Bruce Jenner talking to Diane Sawyer. I’d say he’s looking more and more like, ummmm, not Bruce Jenner with every clip they show. You know what I realized? I’m gonna be at the Mavericks Game 3 tomorrow night and won’t get to watch this trainwreck live. Dammit.

-I had no idea but apparently there’s a new tabloid magazine out there called “Who” and they put pictures of Bruce with his breasts and in a bikini on their cover this week. Whoa. That’s disturbing. No, not Bruce. The fact that we have yet ANOTHER tabloid magazine to add to the list. What is “Who” going to give us that US Weekly, Life & Style, Star and In Touch don’t already?

-It’s Thursday the day after “Survivor” so of course Jeff Probst has his “3 Questions” for The double vote that Dan won from the auction would be pretty impressive if we didn’t see next week that Tyler finds it in his bag. Kinda makes it not nearly as useful anymore since people know he has it. Now it all depends on if people tell him they KNOW he has it, or plan accordingly without telling him.

-As if Kim and Kanye weren’t insufferable enough as it is, would you be surprised if I told you that they built a $35k movie theater at their home where they can watch movies the day they are released in theaters for $500? Of course you wouldn’t. Honestly that may sound like a lot, but really, it’s not at all to people like that. Them forking over $35k for a theater and $500 to watch a movie is like you and me paying $10 to see one. We’re just not giant narcissists.

-Robert Downey Jr. is in London promoting the new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie when he walked out of an interview by some London blowhard known for doing this in the past. I’m fine with what Robert did here. What was the point of bringing up his dad and his past drug abuse. It’s not like it happened last month. It was years ago and has nothing to do with why you’re getting to interview him at that moment. Moron.

-The Olsen twins aren’t ruling out a possible role in the “Full House” reboot. Oh good, because we know that thing possibly couldn’t move forward if neither of them are onboard. Put it this way, they are the least important former cast members from that show that people would want to see on it.

-In case you haven’t recovered from Miley and Patrick’s breakup from earlier this week, apparently we have a reason now as to why Miley broke it off. She’s “not who she thought he was.” Hmmmmm, you mean basically you flipped your sh** when the dude went down to Cabo with a college friend and started taking body shots off her? That kinda become a red flag? Smart girl, Miley.

-From “Inside Amy Schumer” the other night was this genius sketch that was a parody of “Friday Night Lights.” I’ve always been a fan of smart humor and this is exactly that. Taking the topic of rape and turning it around on the men who do it to convey your joke was brilliant. And doing it in a funny way to mimic one of the greatest dramas ever made it that much more impressive. Good stuff.

-Adam Levine’s wife cut his hair and now everyone is basically freaking out. Ummmmm, ok. What I’m more disturbed with is how Behati looks like she’s about 13 years old.

-Some wellness expert told the lie of all lies. Belle Gibson told people she had terminal brain cancer even though she didn’t. Bhahahahahahahhaha. Hilarious. What a true comedian. I mean, if there’s always something to joke about, going to the I-have-terminal-brain-cancer card always seems to break the ice in the room. Can’t wait for your next joke, Belle. How about you tell us you were once in a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq?

-It’s Thursday so that means Lip Sync Battle is back on tonight. And if Mike Tyson is going to dress up like Salt N’ Pepa and mouth the lyrics to “Push It,” I’m there. Although I’m guessing Mike’s lip sync’s skills are probably pretty awful. Just a hunch.

-Rumer Willis says she used to have posters all over her wall of Ashton Kutcher when she was growing up. But then when he started banging her mother, it got kind of awkward. Ya’ think?

-Part 2 of Joe from “Survivor’s” conference call with the media is now up. Like I said, you can fully expect to see him in the All-Star season coming up.

-Remember Elian Gonzalez, the little Cuban kid taken from his home in the middle of the night? Well, it’s been 15 years since that happened and US Weekly has pictures of him now. You know what I remember most about that? Christopher Walken hosting SNL that week and them doing a parody sketch about it. I mean, when you get the “Blue Oyster Cult” and an Elian Gonzalez sketch in the same episode, that’s pretty good.

-Yesterday was Earth Day for those that care. And because it was Earth Day, Kim Kardashian decided to give us a bikini picture since she’s so generous. Or maybe, like I think, she just gave it to us because it was Wednesday. If Kim knew the first thing about Earth Day, I think we’d all be stunned.

-And finally, last week I had the link where Giuliana Rancic told us back in the day that Jerry O’Connell cheated on her with Geri Haliwell of the “Spice Girls.” Jerry went on “Watch What Happens Live” last night and basically, well, he certainly didn’t deny it. I know nothing personally about Jerry O’Connell, but if your current wife left John Stamos for you, I’m guessing he’s got a pretty healthy ego.

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  1. angelfish

    April 23, 2015 at 10:16 AM

    I find the “man bun” one of the most ridiculous things ever seen. He didn’t even have enough hair for a bun, it was more of a head-top sprout. I prefer Adam, and most men in general, with short hair.

    Though I will say that Survivor Joe wears his long locks well.

    No luck yet in finding out where Bruce Jenner got that black & white dress. *sigh*

  2. rhirhi

    April 23, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    Don’t worry Steve – Who is an Australian magazine that’s their version of People Magazine but a little trashier I guess.

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