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Daily Links 4/24

You wanna know why Steph Curry is good? You wanna know how he can hit some of the shots he did in that 20 pt. 4th quarter comeback last night against the Pelicans? Read this article. Really good stuff. This is the kind of thing that I love about sports. Sure I love watching the current product (of anything for that matter) but I’m always just as more interested in the behind-the-scenes of how things work as I am what I’m actually seeing. It’s why when I get the DVD box sets of my favorite shows, I immediately watch the extras and director’s commentary episodes first since I’m fascinated in the how/why/what just as much as I am the finished product. I guess that’s why I do what I do with the “Bachelor.” And even for this show, I don’t care about the finished the product because it’s not real. I’m much more interested in how they got to the place they did and what goes on behind-the-scenes. Always more interesting, especially with reality shows.

Daily Links 4/24

-Hey, guess what tonight is? I know. Game 3 of the Mavericks/Rockets and Spurs/Clippers. Psssssh. I’ll be at the Mavs/Rockets game pretty much the whole time wishing I was home watching the Bruce Jenner interview. It’s finally here. So many questions, so little answers. What would you ask Bruce? In the teaser clip, he asks Diane what he/she would ask himself if he/she were Barbara? I’ve got about a million other questions I’d ask, but ok. Lets see how Diane does tonight.

-Not to be outdone by her dad/mom, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram yesterday to show us all her thigh gap. Thank you Kylie. We needed that. Tell Tyga we all say hi.

-Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner decided to have a little fun promoting the “Avengers” movie by calling Scarlett Johanssen’s Black Widow character a slut and a whore during an interview. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing to do. Didn’t go over too well. Then again, anyone who will sleep with the Hulk has gotta be a little on the promiscuous side, no?

-As you know, I’ve seen every episode of “Girl Meets World” so hearing the news that Mr. Feeny and Eric Matthews will be making their return to the show in the beginning of the next season makes for happy times. Hey, I’m going to the playoff game tonight so that should at least buy me another 6 months with my man card.

-More reboots of 80’s franchises. Looks like there’s going to be a “Gremlins” reboot, however, the “Goonies” one isn’t looking so good right about now. Probably a good idea. And really, do we need a “Gremlins” reboot now in 2016 or 2017? What’s the point? The fact they tried to market that as a kid’s movie back in the 80’s still blows my mind. I love how they pretended it was about this cute little Gizmo, yet during the movie, we see this thing “giving birth” to fur balls popping out of his back when he got wet, then cocoons hatching in Billy’s room when he fed them after midnight, then these things going around killing people and destroying a city. Go look at the picture that headlines this article. Does that look like a character that should be headlining a movie geared towards kids? Fun for the whole family!

-There’s a chance that Derek Hough may not be able to dance the rest of the season after injuring himself during the taping of the 10th anniversary special this past Tuesday. Apparently he can’t walk and injured both feet on a light and some stairs. That will basically kill Nastia’s chances of winning because as good as she is, lets face it, a lot of her votes are coming for people who just want to see Derek stay on the show. Sasha Farber isn’t generating that much excitement to say the least.

-“Survivor” castoff Jenn Brown spoke with the media about her exit from the show. Seems like it was a relief to her and she would’ve much rather partied with Hali and Joe than be on the island of misfits.

-“50 Shades of Darker” has a release date and a new writer to pen the script. It’s E.L. James husband Niall Leonard who will write the second movie. Some marriage these two must have. The wife writes about bondage and S&M and the husband re-writes it basically for the movie. Good luck you two. Hope it all works out in the end.

-Unless you live under a rock, you know what happened on “Grey’s Anatomy” last night. I don’t even watch the show and four seconds after IT happened, people were all over my Twitter feed and FB timeline commenting on it. Yes, McDreamy is dead. Sorry for the spoiler, but uhhhhh, you should know by now. Here’s Patrick Dempsey’s take on what went down and how he feels about the whole thing.

-Of course, the spoiler in me loved that McDreamy’s death actually got out before the show aired, when an issue of this weeks “Entertainment Weekly” mag arrived at someone’s house yesterday. In it was a full length interview on Patrick Dempsey’s death on the show, which wasn’t supposed to arrive for anyone until today. Ooooooooooops. Man, that woman was really pissed about finding out early. Sure hope she doesn’t watch the “Bachelor.”

-Taylor Swift is on another magazine cover and people love to make a big deal out of her showing her belly button for some reason. Look, we know she’s popular. However, I don’t think anyone praises Taylor for anything she’s done in her career because of her belly button. But hey, knock yourselves out.

-Yippeeeeeeee!!! There’s gonna be a “Furious 8” movie as Vin Diesel announced it yesterday. Awesome sauce. Can’t wait to not watch that one either. Do I lose points on my man card if I openly admit I’ve never seen ANY of those movies? I shouldn’t.

-I don’t know what it’s like to go on a juice cleanse because I’m a red blooded American who likes to actually eat food, but “Funny or Die” did a parody video about it. If you’ve ever done a juice cleanse, maybe this is how you feel. Pretty good:

-And finally, man the Star Wars dorks are gonna love this. Granted, I’m sure they were already dissecting the latest trailer 15 seconds after it came out, but did their own thorough dissection of it, and this has the makings of someone who lives in his mother’s basement and hasn’t touched a girl since high school. Or ever. I guess because maybe my site deals mainly in delivering facts that you will eventually see play out on TV, but I’ll never understand the incessant need to spend so much time speculating on stuff you don’t know the answers to.

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  1. rob22

    April 24, 2015 at 10:42 AM

    No, you don’t lose your man card for not watching any of the Fast & Furious movies. I’ve seen most of them because my teenage boys love that kind of stuff. But after a certain age, do we really need to watch incessant car chases, things exploding & fights…. with no real plot? I mean, the movies are alright. The special effect are top notch and the constant action keeps you watching. But, let’s be honest. They’re not good movies and Vin Diesel is not a good actor. He’s just a modern day Arnold or Stallone. They made good bank on a ton of movies, but nobody mistook them for Lawrence Olivier either.

  2. rob22

    April 24, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    And I get to keep my man card because not only was I not aware that McDreamy died, I wasn’t aware that he was still on the show. I guess I figured that if he was such a hot ticket, he must have moved on to something else. I guess he’s not. (though he’s probably smart, a lot of these guys think they’re better than they are & find that out quickly. A series like that is a real cash cow that a smart actor will milk until the very end). Also, I admit that I was only vaguely aware that the show was still on the air. It’s hard to believe that show hasn’t reached it’s expiration date. I don’t get that one at all…. but I guess maybe I’m not supposed to.

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