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Daily Links 4/27

So lets try this one more time. We’ve upgraded the mobile version of the site, tested out all the redirections people were getting last time. It should not happen very frequently, if at all, anymore. It went live last night and I’ve checked my site from my iphone and ipad at least 10 times each, and haven’t been redirected once. Knock on wood. The problem looks to be fixed. So if you read today’s column from your phone or tablet, and it happens once, don’t get discouraged and immediately email me. If it’s continuously redirecting you, then please let me know. And if you can, please take pictures of what it’s redirecting you to. It’s very hard for me to know how to fix the problem when I’m not getting it myself. My webmaster has been working furiously at this since our last mobile launch, so hopefully the redirects have died down a bit. We are doing our best on this end to make the mobile site much more reader friendly since we know that most people now read on their phones and tablets than on a desktop or laptop. So any input is appreciated. It hasn’t happened to me once since the re-launch last night, but please let me know if its continuously doing it to you. Thanks.

Daily Links 4/27

-I’m sure by now all of you have seen the Bruce Jenner interview and formed your own opinion. I thought it was well done and much more educational than exploitative. It was fascinating to watch really. One of Bruce’s sons Burt is calling out a few people for pretending like they’re on board. Dammit Burt. You need to start naming names. I mean we know how many phonies there are in Hollywood. Now’s your chance to tell us which ones are pretending to be behind your dad’s transition when they really aren’t.

-The interview on Friday Bruce ratings killed it in the ratings as expected. Basically for a non-sporting event, that was one of the most watched shows ever. It was also confirmed that Bruce will have a show on E! this summer that chronicles his transition into being a woman. Is it gonna be like this whole thing where we get glimpses of his life here and there, and then the last scene of the last episode, we’ll get the full glimpse of what he looks like as a woman?

-Kim’s former 72 day husband Kris Humphries took to Twitter after Bruce’s interview and basically embarrassed himself for saying he was glad he got out of that family. Of course, the minute everyone started attacking him, he backtracked. You gotta love people who apologize only because they’re called out on stuff and not because what they actually think what they did was wrong. Then again, Kris Humphries doesn’t really strike anyone as the sharpest crayon in the box. He’s a lighthouse on the shores of ignorance.

-I never speak politics on my site because it’s too divisive of a topic, and frankly, I don’t care. I don’t follow politics all that much, so any opinion I make about it will be jumped upon by people who do. So I just stay out of it. It’s not a part of my life at all, so therefore, it’s just not something to consistently comment on. However, the White House Correspondents Dinner was this past Saturday night, and that’s something I find entertaining every year because I like stand-up and I like roasts, and essentially that’s what that dinner is. I thought Cecily Strong held her own, and Obama did pretty well for a guy who isn’t a comedian. Uh oh. Here comes all the Republican backlash.

-Miss Etiquette Britt McHenry was back at work this past weekend after her weeklong suspension from ESPN for berating a tow truck company worker. I didn’t watch her coverage, but I’m sure for the immediate future, she’s going to get heckled relentlessly if she’s doing any updates in a crowd of some sort. She’ll be on assignment this weekend for NFL draft stuff, but those reports will be just with a team. Just wait til she starts out in public again. That’ll be fun.

-Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara have a movie coming out in a couple weeks called “Hot Pursuit.” Great. No intention of watching that mess. However, I’m much more interested when these two start goofing around on Vine doing karaoke to T Swift songs. That’s much more interesting. If they did that for 90 minutes, I guarantee it’s probably funnier than that movie will be.

-Tattoos are a big deal. Plenty of people have them. Some have small ones on their ankle, some of have tramp stamps, and some have scripture verses inked onto their body forever. It’s not for me, but hey, to each their own. Well, unless you’re this dad who decided to tattoo his son’s face on his face, which makes him a gigantic moron. Congratulations buddy. I’m sure future employers won’t use that as a strike against you. Who am I kidding? Like this guy will ever be employed.

-Taylor Swift is popular. We know this. I just found this video of her fascincating as she’s getting stalked by the paparazzi just walking to her car. When you can’t walk to your car without having to go head down and backwards with a bodyguard directing you, you know you don’t lead a normal life. It’s like, we know what Taylor looks like. She’s one of the most popular music stars out there. Is it really that important to hound her as she walking to a car? What shot are you gonna get of her that’s any different than anything else we’ve seen? I don’t get it.

-I know this is gonna come as a major shock to a lot of you Real Housewives fans, but Kim Richards has checked herself into rehab. I know. I know. Be still my heart. Then again, when you go on a drunken rampage kicking cops in public, chances are that’s going to be your next step. But as I said last week, Kim Richards isn’t who she is if she isn’t acting like a drunken fool, so this might do nothing but damage to her “TV career.” Priorities Kim.

-Prom proposals have become the it thing nowadays. Coming up with the most creative way to ask your date to prom and recording it has been a big deal for a years now. However, I think this guy maaaaaay have gone a little overboard. Ibrahim Ahmad is a high school student in Washington state who decided to strap a fake bomb to his chest and walk into school to ask his date out. Yes, people all knew about it and he even had people helping him put it together, but still. In this day and age, how in the world he thought this wasn’t over-the-top is beyond me. Not the smartest thing to do. School didn’t think so either as he was expelled for 5 days and missed the prom.

-Remember last week when I gave you the awful, horrible, mind blowing news that Ariana Grande and Big Sean broke up after spending a whopping 8 months together? We may have our answer as to why now. Well, at least according to TMZ who never embellishes anything. According to them, it all had to do with song lyrics where Big Sean bragged about Ariana’s “billion dollar p***y.” Subtle, Big Sean. Very subtle. I’m sure she loved that.

-I’m actually pretty shocked that Quentin Alexander lasted as long as he did on Idol this season just because, well, he was kinda out there. Anyway, he spoke with the media about his time on the show and included his thoughts on his “argument” with Harry.

-And finally, one of my all time favorite 80’s teen movies is now on its 30 Year Anniversary. “Just One of the Guys” was awesome. Impossible not to like that movie. Damn. 30 years? Ugh. It feels like just yesterday I was watching that over and over and over again after school on my VCR. Wow. I am getting old people. And in 34 days, I will officially be reaching the big 4-0. Fun times.

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  1. olestinker

    April 27, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    Would Bruce Jenner’s transitioning have made the news if he hadn’t been involved in the Kardashian machine for so long? I know he was an Olympic hero, but that was almost 40 years ago, and I don’t know how many people under a certain age would know him for that rather than being Kim’s stepfather and Kendal’s dad. I’m just wondering because it would be nice if we could all look back at the Kardashian era when it finally ends and say “yeah, that was totally annoying, but at least it created an opportunity for someone to educate a lot of people about what transgendered people go through.” (That and the bikini pics.)

  2. rob22

    April 27, 2015 at 12:00 PM

    The thing I find funny about Bruce is that he’s been doing this corporate keynote speaker gig for 25 years, or so, where he recounts his Olympic journey. The “hook” is that he “had a vision” and “worked hard towards his goal” and “reached his dreams”. So, it works well as a motivational speech. And after 10,000 tellings (yes, he gives the same exact speech every time. I know. I’ve heard it more than once) Bruce has got it nailed. Problem is….. he’s now saying it was all a lie. That his Olympic efforts were an effort to prove to himself that he was really manly and not really a woman. Kind of a self deception of mammoth proportions, the results of which were nonetheless pretty amazing. Olympic decathlon champion born out of trying to prove his manhood…. because he has feelings about being a woman. Wow. Maybe he doesn’t care anymore, but that completely kills the corporate gigs. They want “motivational” speeches…. not to hear about the inner workings of a person who motivated himself by self delusion based on his sexual identity. It doesn’t fit…. and Bruce knows it too. He alluded to it in the interview. I guess it’s time for a re-vamped speech and a completely different audience. The whole thing is amazing on so many levels.

    That said, it was educational. And Diane Sawyer asked the right questions, because 99% of people just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense at all to people who don’t have gender issues. But, I give Bruce credit. He answered all the questions, and even if I still will never understand how it happens. I do understand better the reality of a transgender person.

  3. cjscjs711

    April 27, 2015 at 9:01 PM

    Granted the Baby Boomers are getting older, starting to die off and numbers getting smaller, but there are still plenty out there to remember Jenner as the big deal Olympian. This is bigger news because of his long-time connection with the Kardashians but would have been big news nonetheless.

    I’m a little sad for him that he felt he had to wait this long to do this. @Rob22 I didn’t get where he said he did the Decathelon to prove his manliness. Don’t forget there are some pretty strong women out there – it isn’t a trait exclusive to males.

    I’ll watch his show. I hope that tabloid headline that he’s on suicide watch isn’t true.

  4. justforfun

    April 27, 2015 at 10:46 PM

    I don’t think Bruce is doing this as a publicity stunt, but do think he is doing as this family always does, cashing in on the media attention. I don’t care about what Bruce or any member of this family does. They are not special, and I don’t need to know how they live, or what they do.

  5. tgp51

    April 28, 2015 at 5:09 AM

    Cashing in and then some! Chris will take care of him and now he has his own new reality gig in the works showcasing his transformation. I wonder how much he got paid for the Diane Sawyer Interview. I’m gonna take a stab at his new name: Louisa or Marybeth 🙂

  6. hattiebloom

    April 28, 2015 at 5:24 AM

    Even though you don’t read these comments Steve (and Lindsey Lohan is a Mensa member), on two occasions the site redirected me to the App Store and it also took me about 5 minutes to log-in to type this comment. Hope you figure it out because it navigates like a hot mess and is visually a hot mess.

  7. rob22

    April 28, 2015 at 6:11 AM

    cjscjs711: I don’t think I imagined the part about Bruce saying he was motivated athletically to prove his manliness. He wasn’t just a decathlete but was also a star football and basketball player (which I didn’t know until the show). He indicated that his desire to not want to be a woman & be manly (not his exact words) were big motivators & helped him push down his desire to be a woman. Anyone else remember that? I have it recorded if I need to review again. It certainly explains a lot. In his corporate speech, he describes watching the 1972 Gold Medal ceremony for the decathlon, where he came in 10th, and deciding right there that he had to win in 1976. He immediately did his first training run and by 1974, he was #1 in the world & the favorite for the 1976 Olympics. That’s pretty manic even for a star athlete. Being driven by a desire to drive down his desire to be a woman & prove his manliness makes a lot of sense. I can really imagine the desperation to not feel the way he felt driving his extreme behavior. Behavior, of course, that put him up as the most manly man in America at the time. Every girl wanted him. Every man wanted to be him. Truly an amazing twist on the story.

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