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Daily Links 4/28

I bet a lot of you are sick of seeing that “Candy Crush” picture aren’t you? So am I. I know the redirections if you’re viewing the site on a mobile or tablet are annoying. Just remember, they’re just as annoying for me as they are for you. If you don’t read anything else today on this site, PLEASE read this link on spam ads and what’s happening. Hopefully you’ll understand what I’m going through. It’s very tough to get to the bottom of the issue when it’s hard to detect where the issue is coming from. We are working on this every day behind the scenes. If anyone who is proficient in this stuff and has an idea on how to combat these spam ads, please contact me and I will put you in touch with my webmaster because a lot of this stuff is over my head. I don’t understand a whole hell of a lot of this, so anyone who does, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of yesterday who notified me on their redirections and took pictures of their phone. It helped. We will get to the bottom of this eventually, so bear with us.

I’m not sure why all of the sudden yesterday I got bombarded with emails asking me about Kaitlyn spoilers. People really seem to have a short term memory when it comes to information I give out. Exactly one week ago I gave you 4 more guys to the season. I also answered 5 of the teaser questions I gave you and added 5 new teasers. Not to mention gave you the breakdown of what happened on the rapping group date. It’s the offseason. I don’t have information every single day of what’s going on with the “Bachelorette,” nor will I ever. Last season I went two whole weeks without saying anything regarding Chris’ filming and did you end up getting all the spoilers you needed? Of course. Do I know what’s happening right now? Yes. Do I know who’s left? Yes. But they are doing things this season that are different than past seasons. It’s a little more complicated this season so I’m just making sure I have everything ready to go before I deliver it. I don’t deal in speculation. That’s not what this site is. When I give you the spoilers, it’s stuff you will eventually see play out on TV. Be patient. We’re still three weeks away from the show starting. You will have your spoilers of this season (like you do every season) before the show starts. I understand that in this day and age you expect to know every single detail about every single thing on this show 4 seconds after it happens, but it doesn’t work like that. Calm down. Breathe. Play with your kids. You will get your spoilers in a nice, tidy bow before the show starts like you always do. Let me handle things on this end, and when I’m ready, I will deliver you the goods. In the meantime, enjoy the “Daily Links” every day.

Daily Links 4/28

-Remember the pictures last week of Bruce in his Maxi dress outside his home smoking a cigarette? Well, now he’s suing over it. The pictures were illegally obtained by X17 and sold to that tabloid “Who” in Australia. Yeah, I’m unfamiliar with the laws regarding that, but apparently even if you’re a mile away from Bruce’s home, but use a telescopic lens to take pictures of him on his property, that’s a no-no. But aren’t that how most paparazzi pics are taken? With a telescopic lens?

-I think we can all rest easy now knowing that the Osbournes reboot at VH1 isn’t happening anymore. Probably a good thing. You realize when the Osbournes first aired on MTV, that basically was the pioneer for “family” reality TV shows, right? Amazing to think that they were the ones that pretty much started it all.

-FHM has come out with their annual “Sexiest Woman in the World” Top 100 List and, drumroll please…this year’s winner is…Michelle Keegan. Ummmm, who? I mean, she looks hot but I don’t have a f***ing clue who she is. We’ve come a long way since the days that Jennifer Love Hewitt was winning that thing.

-If you want your DWTS scoop, check out Jessica Radloff’s blog for A lot of good behind-the-scenes stuff from this past weekend and last night’s show. Not to mention a preview of the 10 year anniversary show that airs tonight which was taped last Tuesday. You know, the one where Derek couldn’t walk straight and injured both feet.

-Adam Lambert said in a recent interview he’s been with a few gay men in Hollywood who have yet to come out. Hey Adam, just between me and you, exactly who are you talking about here? Don’t worry. Know one else will know. Not that we didn’t know there’s plenty of actors in Hollywood still in the closet, but nice to know that Adam Lambert is bedding a few of them. Congrats.

-Dave Chappelle recently did a stand up gig in Detroit and was booed off the stage. What happened to that guy? He literally had it all when he was arguably the best stand up in the business with his own Comedy Central show, then pissed it all away and jetted off to Africa for whatever reason. He hasn’t been the same since.

-Did any of you ever watch the Lifetime show on “Saved by the Bell?” I know. It was awful. So poorly done, didn’t really have any insight to what went on, and was basically a joke. Get ready, because now Lifetime is doing one about “Full House” and John Stamos thinks it’ll suck. He’s probably right.

-A teen set the world record for completing the Rubik’s Cube in the fastest time ever. He did it in 5.25 seconds. Wait, what? How is that even possible? I mean, I watched the video. I saw him do it. I just don’t know how he did it. I think the next world record this kid should go for is longest time from birth without ever feeling the touch of a woman. Back away from toys from the 80’s bud and go get laid.

-You know who’s weighing in on Zayn leaving One Direction? Stephen Hawking, that’s who. Thanks Stevo. We all want Zayn to come back even though he won’t. But at least you’re giving us hope in your own little way. 1D! 1D! 1D! 1D! 1D!

-Fallon had another great bit last night when Robert Downey Jr. joined him. He did an emotional interview covering a wide range of topics. Very powerful stuff. Especially the bacon.

-Former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man. I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but I’m gonna guess that with Jeremy’s history of drug use (including a season 5 appearance on “Celebrity Rehab”), this was probably a drug deal gone bad. I know, what wild speculation on my part, but hey, is it really that far fetched? He says it was self defense because the guy pulled a gun on him. Exactly.

-Those still wondering about the fight between Dan and Shirin last week on “Survivor,” wonder no more. Dan took to social media to make things so much clearer for all of us, all while making himself look even worse. Nothing like making a domestic abuse victim look more like a victim. You should probably shut up now, Dan. The second people start going to social media to defend their actions on a reality TV show, is the second no one buys a word they’re saying…(cough)…Juan Pablo…(cough)…

-In case some of you women reading this might be feeling a little bloated today, just know that Kourtney Kardashian took a picture of her scale yesterday to let us know she weights a whopping 116 lbs. Thank you Kourtney. How much of that weight is your ego if you don’t mind me asking?

-And finally, if Kourtney’s body doesn’t make you want to eat leaves and berries for the rest of your life, maybe the chick who delivered a baby two weeks ago who’s flaunting her body every day on Instagram will. Model Sarah Stage really wants us to know how great her post baby body is. Sure. It’s wonderful Sarah. However I’m more interested in what prompted you to come up with with the fake “stage” name of Sarah Stage? Awful.

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  1. rob22

    April 28, 2015 at 11:11 AM

    The reason Jenner can sue the paparazzi is because California has passed a series of anti-paparazzi laws. One of the earlier laws makes it a crime to trespass to take photos. Trespassing includes using technology to take pictures that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to take without trespassing. So, if Jenner was in a private area of his house that couldn’t be seen from the street & they climbed a wall or used a camera on a stick, or used a zoom in lens, or something, to take the picture, that’s breaking the law. There are newer laws that address paparazzi traffic chases, taking pictures of children and a newer anti drone law. Basically paparazzi are restricted to taking pictures when celebrities are out in public…. with some limitations even there. Of course, surprise, some of them break the law. Some celebrities, the ones that are hounded like Jenner, are usually the ones that fill out complaints and file lawsuits. Others are just happy to get the attention.

  2. Anna

    April 29, 2015 at 4:57 PM

    Thanks Steve for working so hard to get your site in tact for all of us. We really appreciate it. I hated Candy Crush and Words with Friends with a passion because every time that j tried to read your article it would send me somewhere else. Eventually I would give up and have to try again another day. So thanks for doing what u do! Love your site! ????

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