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“Reader Emails,” Your Full BIP 2 Cast List, & SPOILER Info on Nick

So People magazine released the partial BIP cast list this morning, however they left out everything important – namely the four guys (to start off) from Kaitlyn’s season who are on the show, and the “surprise” guest. We’ll get to that in minute. One thing this article did was confirm that they definitely started out with 16 (9 girls and 7 guys), and made the list I’m about to show you official. So anyone who’s thinking this was somehow planted and sent to me so I’d post it and that’s not the cast, well again, that’s not what happened. I can’t make this any clearer than I do every season: This show does not go out of their way to try and fool me with planted information or anything like that. It’s never happened before. Info that I’ve gotten in the past that’s been wrong has never come from anyone even remotely associated with the show. I say it all the time: people just like giving me info. This BIP info is no different.

So I tweeted out Sunday about how maybe if they don’t want their cast spoiled, production should be more careful about where they leave the cast list lying around. I can even tell you the source on this one (without name of course because you wouldn’t know them anyway), but it was a couple that was honeymooning in Nuevo Vallarta last week that was having dinner at one of the restaurants at the resort and found this cast list. They emailed it to me Thursday night when I was in Vegas, and whaddya’ know, here are your BIP cast spoilers:


So lets break this down now:

-The show will start with 16 people (9 girls and & 7 guys). They will be:


Carly Waddell
Tenley Molzahn
Ashley Salter
Ashley Iaconetti
Lauren Iaconetti
Jade Roper
Jillian Anderson
Clare Crawley
Juelia Kinney


Dan Cox
Kirk DeWindt
Mikey Tenerelli
Tanner Tolbert
Jonathan Holloway
JJ Lane
Jared Haibon

-The sibling I was teasing who was cast and is the “surprise” contestant “People” mentioned is Ashley I’s sister, Lauren. This is what she looks like. Basically a blonde version of Ashley:


-Based on the cast list found, Joshua Albers, Joe Bailey, and Michael Garofola joined the cast over the weekend.

-Megan Bell and Samantha Steffen arrive in Nuevo Vallarta tomorrow then join the cast shortly thereafter.

-A couple names on that list that you might have questions about. Catherine Selden is the show psychologist. She travels everywhere with the show. Obviously you know who Mike Fleiss is, so he’s there. You see on Sunday 6/7 the names of Devon Fleiss and a Patrick. That’s Mike Fleiss daughter and her fiancé Patrick Martin who are getting married next July in Colorado in case you want to buy them a gift. No, Devon and Patrick aren’t on the show. Looks like they’re just vacationing on daddy’s dime. Must be nice.

-Justin Reich and Nick Peterson arrive this weekend, with the final remaining 4 girls arriving later next week.

-You might see the name Desiree Deonigi and ask who that is. That’s Mackenzie Deonigi from Chris’ season. The 21 year old who has the kid. Not sure why it’s written as Desiree on that list, but if you google Desiree Deonigi, it links to the girl we know as Mackenzie. Maybe it’s her middle name? Whatever the case, that’s the girl it’s talking about.

-So of the two tentative lists I’d previously posted, the only names I hadn’t heard at all that were going to be a part of the show were Dan Cox, Nick Peterson, JJ, and obviously Lauren Iaconetti. All the other names were mentioned, including 19 of the 20 I posted last Wednesday.

-So 9 girls from Chris’ season and 7 guys from Kaitlyn’s season. What’s even more amazing than that? That of those 7 guys, six are the guys whose names start with “J”: JJ, Jared, Jonathan, Joshua, Joe, and Justin. I’m sure that won’t get annoying. Not to mention there will be 4 other girls on this season who’s names begin with “J.” 11 of 27 “J’s” on the show? Geez.

So lets see how many entertainment outlets now run with this cast list, and which ones just adhere by ABC rules and only run with the list ABC gave them. Put it this way, if a site only posts the 11 of the initial 16 like “People” did, you know they’re in ABC’s back pocket. Everyone else, feel free to bite off this list and be sure to give credit where it came from. That’s all I ask. Even though this cast list is now out there, I don’t see any of these people getting swapped out or them changing arrival dates, etc. But if for some reason they did, you know the reason why. And that’s exactly why they won’t because they don’t want my spoilers dictating how they run their show. That would be the ultimate sign of defeat, and they’d never admit that. Unfortunate, but hey, be more careful where you leave your cast lists.

Also mentioned I had some information regarding Kaitlyn’s season I wanted to share. Since I posted the episode-by-episode spoilers back on May 18th, I told you I was going to try and find out any details I could about the finale and what went down. Well, I’ve been able to find out something regarding Nick that, once again I can’t prove, but it definitely happened.

Nick was the first guy out at the final rose ceremony, he proposed, and Kaitlyn said no.

So there you go. I’m not 100% sure on how it went down with Shawn if he proposed or not, still working on that one, but I know without a doubt now that Nick did propose and Kaitlyn said no. Womp Wooooooooooooomp. So anyone still holding a candle for Nick, sucks to be you. It happened. Deal with it.

On to “Reader Emails…”

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  1. missannmcd

    June 10, 2015 at 10:27 AM

    Bwahaha! Kaitlyn told Nick the *ick NO! I love it! What is it with that guy? You can see he’s a prime candidate for the hair club for men and will wind up with that ring around the noggin hair loss heads. The dude is sooo annoying. I hope his 15 mins are up for good.

  2. purplerayne

    June 10, 2015 at 11:53 AM

    As much as people hate on Nick, he’s been able to get two quality girls interested enough in him that he’s made the final two. Maybe in person he comes off as sincere and slowly over time, both Kaitlyn and Andi suspected something was off? Who knows. But its clear the guys is smart and witty, so its not shocking that these two women, who are smart and witty themselves, would be drawn to him.

  3. laurac

    June 10, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    Oh, Steve. Just FYI, Argentine asado is kinda like their version of a barbecue. The BEST meat you will ever eat in your life is from Argentina. If a true Argentine extends you that offer – accept! Lol!

  4. angelfish

    June 10, 2015 at 1:39 PM

    I am DELIGHTED to know that Nick gets shot down again.

    I honestly think he just wanted to get in Kaitlyn’s pants and Kaitlyn just wanted to love on a bunch of available guys.

    Win/Win for both of them, because I will never, ever, ever believe that either one of them was looking for a marriage partner.

    They both just wanted network sponsored and sanctioned sex, and that’s exactly what they got. And now they both get to move on to the next fame-making activity.

  5. vessel

    June 10, 2015 at 2:32 PM

    Mixed in with this sh*tstorm of hate Kaitlyn is unfortunately being hit with on social media I’m seeing the phrase “she’s just not marriage material” a heck of a lot. What exactly is meant by this, especially in the context of being a lead on this show? I’d love one of these complainers to explain exactly what defines ‘wife material.’

    I get that people are pissed she let Nick stay, and that she had sex prior to the fantasy suite, but how do these things rule her out as a proper candidate for marriage? I mean before the fantasy suite or in it (and honestly, what difference does it make when? sex is sex) except for Sean they all have sex with multiple people, make out with a whack of different men/woman, etc every single season. I hate to use Ashley as an example, but she slept with Ben right before accepting JP’s proposal, and obviously she was ‘wife material’ as they are happily married. I Think it’s actually a pretty stupid thing to say because none of these people go into this expecting love, and I don’t see Kaitlyn’s motives any different than anyone else’s before her. That a few couples actually did stumble into a successful relationship or marriage from being on the show seems more a happy accident than a result of going on the show with serious ‘wifely’ intentions.

    I know I’m ranting and I’ll stop now. I’ve just seen that judgmental phrase parroted by so many idiots it’s starting to really irk me. It so makes me question the maturity and intelligence level of the majority of viewers of this show when I read some of this junk. Arrrrggghhhhh…

  6. gemsnob

    June 10, 2015 at 3:14 PM

    I know a lot of people are not happy Nick joined the cast. Look at it this way it will be sooooo good to see him get rejected by Kaitlyn! Hopefully this will be the last time he is on one of these shows. I do feel bad for the guys on this season. It is too bad they didn’t know sooner they did not stand a chance. I would be ticked off if I took time off of work, etc for nothing.

  7. angelfish

    June 10, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    @vessel, I hear what your saying. And for MY view, I think Kaitlyn is actually ok wife “material”. She’s energetic, open to new experiences and likes humor. She’s a nice girl and seems pretty flexible.

    I just don’t think she’s ready to settle down with 1 man, establish a home and a career, then get busy having babies. That’s a pretty traditional view, and of course there’s no guarantee she even really wants any of that.

    But that’s the “textbook” way this show and most viewers seem to view all The Bachelorettes. They need to be classified in some way. Plus, she’s already 30 and we seem to know so little about her. Does she even have a job or is she just going to do the “Whitney” thing & be a SAHM to a professional husband? Is she like Ashley, and in school with a plan to get her career started, then have a baby or two? Emily made it abundantly clear that she was looking for a rich husband and stepfather for her daughter.

    Kaitlyn just seems to have no “story” and comes off as a directionless party girl with no goals or plans past next weekend. Is she waiting for a guy to give her some focus in life? Because no spouse can give your life purpose and worth.

  8. Athena

    June 10, 2015 at 4:32 PM

    angelfish: nice job of describing the various back-stories of various contestants. I think you’ve really nailed the reason I’m having a bit of trouble connecting with Kaitlyn. Whatever it is she’s after is just fine with me. If we knew, for example, that her goal is to find a long-term relationship with someone to have fun and adventure with that would eventually lead to marriage, so be it. Maybe in the midst of all the manufactured drama I’ve missed it, but I don’t think we even know if she wants ANY kind of serious relationship, do we?

  9. purplerayne

    June 10, 2015 at 4:52 PM

    @athena, yeah, seems Kaitlyn is looking for a boyfriend. And its not entirely her fault. The producers /edit hasnt shown the audience what Kaitlyn does for a living and if she wants to stay in Vancouver. With the other leads, we heard more about their plans. At this point the entire production is starting to look like MTV’s Singled Out. Again, not her fault. But they wanted a fun, carefree lead…..and well, guess its turning some people off. (Doubtful it will effect the ratings though).

  10. angelfish

    June 10, 2015 at 5:06 PM

    Thanks, Athena. I’m a fairly analytically focused person (Accountant!) and tend to try to “classify” things, whether it’s actually appropriate or not. *LOL*

    Kaitlyn’s ratings will be comparable to all the others, with a little variation. This show is a cash cow, and it would take a gigantic scandal of Duggar proportions to make any dent in it’s profitability.

    At this point, It’s really immaterial who is the lead is, who the contestants are, where they go, and what they do. And production can and will do exactly what pleases them, because the audience/fans have zero impact.

  11. karynr

    June 10, 2015 at 5:22 PM

    I’m also very curious what makes someone “not marriage material?” After I read that antiquated, ignorant phrase I thought about it a few times. That is not only ignorant, but mean and insulting. I don’t recall and don’t really care who said it, but it’s the equivalent of saying someone isn’t worthy of being loved enough to become a wife. That is so absolutely ridiculous. I get the fact that the haters have to hate, but that was such a mean and judgemental thing to say. I’m glad someone else brought it up and should have know it would be vessel.

  12. vessel

    June 10, 2015 at 5:30 PM

    You guys are right. We have very little back story on Kaitlyn. I never really thought about that aspect but its so true. Just referencing Ashley again I distinctly remember them devoting a nice chunk at the beginning of her season to her dentistry career, being a student, her love of dance, etc. Ben, too, with his winery, loss of his Father, relationship with his sister, etc etc. I still like Kaitlyn, but I don’t really feel like I know anything at all about her because they never gave us anything.

    This season’s edit seems to be so ridiculously focused on manufactured drama. But I pretty much thought that during Chris’ season as well. There has definitely been a shift in this show. I get that they want to change things up, and I’m not bored so I guess it’s okay. I have to say, though, that I wouldn’t mind next season if they chilled a little on trying every new stunt they can dream up to get people talking. It’s too much and no one deserves the backlash Kaitlyn’s getting. For her sake I hope she’s made of teflon.

  13. vessel

    June 10, 2015 at 5:36 PM

    @Karynr 🙂 You’re so sweet. And It’s not just one person. I made the mistake of reading Kaitlyn’s Instagram and the Bachelorette’s FB page yesterday. BIG mistake. Ten minutes of comment reading there will dumb you down, lol. In any case it was TONS of people saying that awful phrase. Or 3,679 people liking a person for saying it. And you’re right, it is very mean and I take it the same way you do: that she’s not worthy of the commitment of love and devotion from a man. How dare anyone make that claim about another human being?

  14. angelfish

    June 10, 2015 at 6:43 PM

    I’d bet that the people making cracks about “Wife Material” feel the same about “Husband Material”. They’re basically the same thing.

    Chris Soules was considered good “Husband Material” because he graduated from college, had a very friendly and traditional family, had LOTS of money, exhibited maturity and said repeatedly that he wanted a wife and family.

    A successful marriage usually requires from both individuals, sacrifice, a lot of compromise, maturity, emotional stability, patience, responsibility and a slew of other character traits. Kaitlyn has exhibited how many of these things thus far in her dealings with the guys?

    As I said before, she’s a nice girl. But I see her in this for the short-term thrills, not the long-term relationship. YMMV

  15. nora j

    June 10, 2015 at 7:48 PM

    Okay but even though Kaitlyn says NO to Nick’s proposal could it be that she still picks him to continue on with?? or that she picks Shawn to continue on with even if she says no if he proposes? I’m just wondering does she really straight up reject both guys like Brad womack did his first season? It just seems she actually likes both Nick and Shawn…maybe she just wasn’t sure about accepting a proposal. Like Brad just didn’t really even like DeAnna and Jenni but not getting that feeling with Kaitlyn’s feelings. I just don’t believe that she straight up rejects both guys and never wants to see either of them again.

  16. nora j

    June 10, 2015 at 9:45 PM

    So I’m confused about this whole Nick proposes and Kaitlyn says no….doesn’t the Bachelorette usually let the guy know she isn’t going to pick him before letting him propose. I remember Ben about to do it but Ashley stopped him. and maybe Reid..did he propose? knowing that might be the only way to get Jillian back since he was making a desperate attempt by coming back. Has there been a time the guy actually proposes to the lead and she says no??

  17. cjscjs711

    June 11, 2015 at 12:07 AM

    Kaitlyn’s bio that was released prior to Chris’s season listed her as dance instructor, singer, and model. Her byline on the show was “dance instructor” and did not say, “former”. It also said her mother was a ballet dancer and that was where Kaitlyn got her interest. And that she got a dance scholarship which brought her to the US.

    Still not much to make you feel you know her. Just reinforced my feeling this is something She needs to get through in order to get to DWTS. I think she should be on something like “Canada’s Got Talent”. Not a show that’s supposed to be about finding a husband. I just don’t see that.

  18. Athena

    June 11, 2015 at 3:57 AM

    The comments you are all making about how insulting it is to say someone isn’t “husband/wife material” makes perfect sense. I guess that I had always assumed that it meant that they weren’t looking for marriage “now”, however I can see that it can have a much more hurtful interpretation. Ironically, even those of us who are looking for a spouse “now”, aren’t necessarily as ready or able as we think we are or as we’d like to be… Marriage IS hard work, and that’s just the tip of the marital iceberg when it comes to making a success of it.

  19. toaster

    June 11, 2015 at 8:01 AM

    Angelfish, you make so many good points. I don’t see the “not husband/ wife material” comment as signifying character defects. Just that that’s not where their head or heart deep down is at at the moment (and that can always change later). In the last episode or two I kept wondering why Kaitlyn was reminding me of Miley Cyrus. Then it dawned on me – likes to party and have a good time, goes for immediate gratification, and yes, kind of directionless although the latter probably fits Kaitlyn more than Miley. Which could be a temporary phase in life and maybe later when Kaitlyn’s priorities change she’ll go ‘full on’ pursuing what it is she wants once they know. I’ve been under the impression Kaitlyn doesn’t have a job now and hasn’t for a while, but that she’s hardly going to be billed on the show as ‘unemployed’. I also couldn’t help noticing how being on stage excited Kaitlyn and made her happier than any other time we’ve seen her. Maybe like most of the people who go on the show she just wants the fame and to figure out a way to have a life on center stage, after the show is over. Time will tell.

  20. toaster

    June 11, 2015 at 8:04 AM

    Correction to my post above – “Which could be a temporary phase in life and maybe later when Kaitlyn’s priorities change she’ll go ‘full on’ pursuing what it is she wants once SHE KNOWS (not once they know).

  21. vessel

    June 11, 2015 at 8:54 AM

    @nora J, Jason also got down on one knee and proposed to DeAnna before she pulled him back up to his feet and said “no” same as Ashley with Ben. I did not watch the first 3 seasons of the Bachelorette so I can’t say if anyone else put a guy through that besides those 2. Honestly I can’t remember exactly what went down at the end of Jillian’s season aside from Ed’s proposal.

  22. scrappy

    June 11, 2015 at 1:43 PM

    I want to add someone to the cast list. Cody Sattler. He would be perfct for Jillian. When Chris sent her home I thought that he should have given her his buddy Cody’s number as they would be a way better match.

  23. nora j

    June 13, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    @vessel….well Ben didn’t actually propose to Ashely…I guess he was about to but didn’t do it cuz as he was getting down on his knee is when she pulled him back up because she wasn’t picking him. i’m just wondering has a guy ever gone thru the act of proposing (asking and showing her the ring) and the bachelorette says no…I mean not really cuz that would be mean esp if she is picking the other guy. In Jillian’s season…gosh maybe Reid did propose but that might have been because he was let go earlier so maybe he proposed to prove himself.

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