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UnREAL Episode 4 Recap

I’m sure you know by now, but Lifetime approached me before the season to cover “UnREAL” for them, and after getting an advanced copy of the first few episodes, I knew I was on board. All of you that have been watching the show and have personally emailed me all seem to love it, and really, what’s there not to love at this point? It’s right up our alley in terms of what you come to this site for, not to mention the show has been highly addicting. A lot of you have been asking me if the show is going to release more episodes early online, and the answer to that is no. They released the first four episodes a couple weeks ago, and if you haven’t been watching, now is your last chance to binge watch. You can check them out at: Tune in next Monday to episode 5 live, and the remainder of the season every Monday thereafter. The show is about to start heating up as the crew heads to Mississippi for Faith’s hometown date next Monday, and according to the episode 5 show description, “Rachel makes a startling discovery about Faith.” Hmmmm, wonder what that is? Lets get caught up on where we are with all the storylines:

The Group Date

The episode’s date revolves around going to Adam’s vineyard in Napa. One problem: it’s a dump and has been condemned. There’s no power in the place and it looks like it’s haunted. But of course, Adam is only doing “Everlasting” because he has ulterior motives. Don’t they all? Adam is using this show to try and revamp his public image and grow his business ventures and he’s hoping a couple of investors will buy in once the show airs. Rachel figures she could help Adam a bit by talking up the investors while Adam is on the date shooting and Adam is telling the girls he’s looking for a signature wine for his winery. However, after the date, the investors let Adam know they aren’t interested in doing business with JUST him. They want his father and the Cromwell estate in on it too because “no one’s gonna take you seriously.” Adam’s father basically sold him out and they don’t speak anymore, so he realizes his chances with those investors are now blown.

But of course, there’s always a Plan B. And considering all the sex happening on this show right now, that’s also a product that maybe some of these women should invest in. Geez. So here’s where the love triangle gets tricky. Or maybe it’s a love quadrilateral. Or a love hexagon. Lets break this down. So when they go up to Napa to film Adam’s group date, Chet brings his wife due to the problems he’s having with Quinn. They also bring one of their married friends named Brooks and Kelly. We don’t get much backstory on them other than they look rich and they’re friends with Chet and his wife, so they’re probably up to no good. Once the investors bail on Adam, he begins talking business with Chet and Chet thinks they should turn the winery into “Everlasting Resort & Spa.” Of course Adam is down for this since his career is in the toilet and it’s exactly what he went on the show for. But there’s one liiiiiiiitle thing Adam needs to do for Chet in order for the wheels to be set in motion for this to happen. He needs to have sex with Brooks’ wife. While Chet and Brooks watch. Yes, that happened. And Rachel walked in on Adam banging Brooks’ wife as a perverted Chet acknowledged her.

Rachel is disgusted by Adam for essentially selling out and tells him so. Adam doesn’t seem to care. “You’re my producer and this is a TV show.” Apparently Rachel felt slighted that’s all she was to Adam because…

Rachel & Adam

We’ve seen since the beginning of this show this underlying sexual tension between these two. From when Adam ran off set in the first episode and Rachel basically convinced him to come back on, to episode 2 where she hopped in the shower with him. In this episode, a sexting scandal breaks out. The show gets word that a major tabloid is running a headline that Adam has been sexting his ex-girlfriend back home. Rachel confronts him about this, takes his phone and demands he apologizes to the girls before they find out. Adam refuses so Rachel’s devious mind concocts a plan to purposely plant the magazine on set so that the girls will find it and Adam will be forced to address it. He’s pissed at Rachel for doing it but realizes she has him by the balls at this point and asks for her help. In her own warped way, Rachel says “What would you say to me if I was your girlfriend?”

Adam then has to face the music and confronts the girls by fessing up to the texting, and how his ex reminded him of home, and he misses home, but he realizes now he needs to put that in the past because “I could have something real with one of you…and I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to leave.” Which then makes all the girls swoon and gets everyone back on his side. Rachel has worked her magic again, yet, she isn’t done there. Once Adam got to the winery, Rachel pulls him aside to tell him she absolutely needs him to kiss one of the girls in front of the others. Rachel: “I want dropping panties…sweaty palms…intense…hot…kissing.” It’s not exactly what he gave Rachel, but Adam does lean in and kiss her after this pep talk while the cameras are rolling and, maybe it’s just me, but I’m guessing Rachel might’ve needed to change her pants after that one. There is no doubt the Adam/Rachel storyline is one that isn’t going away anytime soon. The show ended with Rachel deleting the footage of Adam kissing her, given to her by Jeremy who had mended their relationship once he was promoted to Director of Photography on the show.

Quinn & Chet: Trouble in Paradise?

After last week’s episode and the revelation that Chet’s wife Cynthia frankly doesn’t even care that Quinn is banging her husband, Quinn is basically starting to feel like whatever is underneath one’s shoe. She feels like trash and tells Chet, “I’m done…this is getting old…we’re getting old…I’m over being played.” Chet retorts with “I made you” and Quinn fires back that he wouldn’t have this “Everlasting” franchise without her genius. From here on out, the episode only goes from bad to worse with these two. We are introduced to a character named Bill, who is an ex from Quinn’s past. They meet for dinner and it’s learned that Bill not only still pines for Quinn, but that he knows Chet stole the “Everlasting” idea from Bill and Quinn when they were together. They created the concept, had it in written form, but yet here’s Chet years later cashing in on their idea. Bill tells her it’s not right and she should do something.

Once Chet gets word that Quinn was out with Bill, he decides to bring Cynthia up to Napa with him to piss Quinn off. Of course two can play that game and Quinn brings Bill up to Napa. Once there, Chet gets extremely jealous, confronts Bill, tells Bill he’s been sleeping with Quinn and we find out that Bill spent time in rehab in his past. So basically Quinn is only attracted to guys with former or current drug problems? Got it. At this point I was half expecting for her to jump back into bed with Ari Gold, but that would totally confuse everyone who doesn’t watch “Entourage” and makes zero sense in this TV world. In my reality? Makes perfect sense. Sorry to confuse everyone but hopefully you’re an “Entourage” fan and got that reference. If not, sorry. It’s a good one, trust me.

Jay the producer became quite the sh*t stirrer this episode as he was basically Chet’s weed dealer. Chet had him run and get him weed and hookers, all while Jay was using this as an opportunity to move up in the TV world and pitch something to Chet. He does while they’re doing drugs in a limo and hookers are about to go to work on him, so Jay’s plans might be falling on deaf ears. However by the end of the episode, Quinn finds out Jay is doing Chet’s dirty work, Jay is the one that breaks the news to her that Chet and Brooks are now going to invest in Adam’s vineyard, and Quinn immediately fires Jay. Jay knows he won’t get fired because ultimately Chet has the final word and he’s Chet’s right hand man now. Jay says he’ll finish out the season but warns Quinn she’ll be seeing him in the future working on his own show.

Quinn immediately storms into Chet’s office and asks him about the investment into Adam’s winery. Chet tells her that was something he was doing for her and wants her to design the whole thing. One last ditch effort to somehow wrangle Quinn into staying with him and help build “Everlasting Resort and Spa.” Quinn drops a bomb on him by showing him the book of original plans for “Everlasting” that she and Bill came up with. Pretty much expected Chet to have another coke-induced heart attack at this point but it didn’t happen. But you think maybe it’ll happen next week? After all in the description for episode 5 we get, “Quinn sues Chet.” Oh boy. Chet might wanna back off all the money he’s forking out on hookers and blow and lawyer up a bit. He’s in for a messy ride since Quinn doesn’t f**k around.

“UnREAL” airs on Lifetime every Monday at 10/9c.



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