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“Reader Emails,” Spoiler Updates, Are Britt & Brady Still Together, Next “Bachelor” Talk, BIP News with Additions to the Cast Including Who Showed up Last Week?

Hi Steve,

I love your blog. I bet abc’s executives are so furious right now not only because kaytlin spoiled her own show but because she corrected your spoiler and for sure they love it when you’re wrong.

Can you right down what she was saying to Shawn in that snapchat video? I didn’t understand what they were talking about

I’m so happy that she ends up with Shawn cuz I really want Ben z to be the bachelor he’s such a soda baby 🙂

In fact they should call his season the soda bachelor.

Regards from Bahrain

Comment: It’s not wrong that I didn’t have the faintest clue where Bahrain was, right? Ok just checking.

I’m not sure I know what a soda baby is. Must be some Bahrain lingo I’m not familiar with.

In the video, Shawn said something about 20 years and Kaitlyn said she had 200 more points than him. We have no idea what they were discussing and probably never will know. All we know is that they were definitely together that Friday night.


You’ve said multiple times that the reason your spoilers aren’t in the magazines or reported widely by the media is because the tabloids don’t want to ruin their relationship with ABC. What’s the difference between that and the snapchat video? The snapchat video is a spoiler and it is being widely reported on by all kinds of mainstream media, which kind of surprised me given what you said about how your spoilers are largely ignored by them (in the sense that they aren’t printed, not that they aren’t noticed). US Weekly and People have the biggest relationship with them and they were the only two major outlets that haven’t addressed it to this day. And they never will until maybe once the season is over when they do their cover story on Shawn & Kaitlyn.

Also, completely unrelated question – I just finished Courtney’s book on audio. Great recommendation, although she does not have a future career in voiceovers. Do you know generally how many contestants make it all the way to finals week and are then turned away after the STD results come back in? With as promiscious as these people seem to be, I find it hard to believe that someone like Chris Bukowski didn’t have SOMETHING.


Comment: I would have no clue what those results were.

Just wondering if you had any insight on how to get in touch with a couple of the guys from this seasons bachelorette? I’m really interested in Ben and Shawn, if you have any suggestions that would be great!! Thanks for your time!

Comment: I thought my site’s URL address was, not Apparently I was wrong.

Hi steve, I’ve been thinking a little bit about the next bachelor, and heres what I think. Let’s take a look at this season’s final nine, because they obviously wouldn’t go past that for casting a bachelor.

JJ- Everyone hates him and hes on BIP
Tanner- On BIP
Ben Z.
Jared- On BIP
Joe- On BIP
Ben H.
Nick- everyone hates him so obviously not the bachelor
Shawn who wins

So from that list, the only people left are Ben H., Ben Z., and Chris. Ben H., I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about him that just doesn’t seem like someone who would be the bachelor. Same with Chris. Ben Z. however, does seem kind of bachelor like. Even though he is eliminated pretty early, he leaves in episode 6 which is as far as Jake and Juan Pablo made it. As for the age issue, you said he’s too young, but he is 26 and Jesse Palmer was only 25 when he was the bachelor if i recall correctly. And Ben Z. definitely seems like someone they would want on BIP, so I think the reason they didn’t put him there is because he is in consideration for the next bachelor. I would say it’s either him or Josh. What do you think?

Comment: Obviously you’re a fan of Ben Z. and are making a case for him because that’s who you want to see. Noble effort, but it’s not going to be him. Sorry.

Hey Steve!

You make the Bachelor/ette worth watching. They should thank you. I’m sure that for many viewers, interest in the show would have waned by now if not for your column turning the otherwise unwatchable into can’t miss monday.

Aaaaaanyway, I have been sitting on this question for awhile thinking that there was nobody to ask. I should have thought of you sooner.

Bo Stanley, the plus size model from Chris’ season (friggin knockout!) got about a minute of airtime. Was casting a non-skinny an experiment? Cut immediately to show all the normal girls out there that apply that they are wasting their time?

Just curious about the motivation to cast her. I wish they would cast more healthy looking women, but I’m sure that won’t happen so why bother doing it once?

Nosy in the North

Comment: I have no idea why they did it and I doubt they’d do it again.

Hey Steve,

Is there a chance that Shawn proposed without knowing that Kaitlyn had slept with Nick prior to the fantasy suites? No. According to the interview with posted on the previous page, Kaitlyn told some of the guys. So yes, he knew.

Do you think that snapchat video was sent from a safehouse visit? Yes. The only time they CAN meet up are safehouse visits. They can’t just meet up whenever they feel like it.

Will you continue to recap Unreal? (I know this week was crazy with the change in spoiler) I don’t think so. All depends on if I feel like doing it. It’s tough with it being on Monday nights right after the “Bachelor.” The two that I did I was able to write earlier because the episodes had already aired. They aren’t releasing anymore early, and I don’t like doing recaps more than a day out. I just don’t see how I can finish both recaps on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Lastly, I’ve never understood people that get angry when the spoiler is wrong. You’re simply telling us what other people have told you. So it’s not even your fault.

Comment: Because they have no lives, I assume. Why they care so much about me and revel in my wrong spoilers is beyond me. Probably says more about them.

I didn’t vote in this weeks poll because there should have been a 3rd option… Don’t care.

I watch the show because it’s habit and we talk about it in the office the next day and because I follow your blog about it. I don’t care if your spoilers are 100% correct. And I don’t care who she picks.

The people who flip out when you’re wrong need to chill. (In my best Rodney from survivor voice “you need to relax bro”)

Comment: They do, but they never will. There will always be a faction out there that like to see the top dog get taken down. Human nature. But like I said, says more about them than it does me. I’ll continue to chug along and do my thing not worry about it. It’s all I can do.

Dear Steve,

First of all, I think you should replace the word sophomoric with sardonic on your header. Sophomoric refers to juvenile or bathroom humor and although you are funny, I see your posts as more sardonic. Particularly if when you are writing a scathing reply or post, you quirk one eyebrow up and maybe slightly curl your lip.
Enough of that…My questions for you are as follows:

1) Several people have made the comment that it looks like Shawn is holding the camera and perhaps he was the one who posted the video. Your thoughts? Regardless of who posted it, it was on Kaitlyn’s snapchat account.

2) You mentioned and I have also read elsewhere that the ratings for Andi’s season were terrible. Yet Kaitlyn’s numbers appears to be about the same as Andi’s. Who had the best bachelorette ratings season? I never said Andi’s ratings were terrible. They are solid summer numbers that the network will take any day of the week. Kaitlyn’s is basically on par with it. Maybe doing a tad better.

I believe Trista had the best ratings but that’s comparing apples to oranges. Different show, it was early in the reality TV franchise, and WAY less TV options at that time. Those ratings will never be topped by anything they do now.

3) As my first choice for bachelorette, I hate to see Britt fade into obscurity. Any word on upcoming things she may be doing? That was answered today.

4) Is it really true that Britt and Kaitlyn despise one another? How do you know? How do I know a lot of things when it comes to this franchise? I just do. I have good sources.

5) Love the pic in bed with your dog. Does she sleep with you every night? Yes.

Dear Steve,

Good job on the new spoiler. I’m glad Kaitlyn gave it away and you were able to confirm it. As long as the ending hasn’t occurred, it’s still a spoiler. Keep up the good work! And oh by the way, haven’t you been right so far about the episodes? You’ve been right about each episode, group dates, who gets the rose, who goes home, etc. Sheesh, what do people expect? Next week’s lottery numbers? Apparently. They just have to complain about something. Let them. I don’t care.

Anyway, I’m curious about a few things. Can the producers stop a person from leaving the show? Could they have stopped Ian from leaving? Isn’t it in their contract they have to stay until they get eliminated by the lead? It just seems to me it’s very easy for someone to just walk away from the show. They have to have some kind of control, otherwise they could potentially end up with everyone leaving! Yes. Plenty have people have wanted to leave earlier than they did but were kept around because producers convinced them. And some just stick around because they know they have a role to play.

I have more questions, hope you don’t mind. Does the show hire writers? And if so, what do they write? Did they write the words “Ladies, this is the final rose” or did Chris Harrison make that up? Writers? No. Story editors? Yes. They’re the ones who listen to hours and hours and hours of audio to splice up conversations and piece together things to create “characters.”

Who pays for the medical bills when someone is hurt on the show? What about if someone were to get seriously hurt? Boxing, sumo wrestling, parachuting, climbing tall buildings…there’s a lot of potential there for someone to get seriously hurt. Who pays those medical bills? Isn’t OSHA involved somewhere along the line?

Thanks again Steve, you are appreciated!!

Comment: It’s in the contract, but I don’t have it memorized. Not 100% sure.

As an avid watcher of that show, Sean and Catherine’s appearance is easily explained. Each season they pick a “perfect” couple in the public’s eyes and then they tease with edits similar to the Bachelor/ette show that the couple cheated or had something terrible happen when in reality they are cast to just play the perfect couple.

Trista and Ryan are 1 example of it Jeff and Jordan (Big Brother fans will recognize them) are currently playing that role.

So that’s all Sean & Catherine are cast for aside from the paycheck.

Comment: Yeah, they’re not there because they have some major marital problems. Definitely not. Just an opportunity for them to make another appearance on TV and get paid for it.

Hi Steve. Thanks for the UnReal recommendation. Great show!

Questions for your column:

1) If next season UnReal has a story line about a blogger who spoils the show, can you think of a good name for that character (you). I have no idea. I’ll have to think about that one.

2) Why isn’t Tony going to be on BIP? Judging by his Twitter page he wants to be on it and he is a recent contestant who is memorable, so I’m surprised ABC doesn’t want him. Not sure why they didn’t choose him, but he’s not on it.

3) If Josh doesn’t work out for next bachelor, any chance they might break with their tradition and bring someone totally new in? Doesn’t seem to be many front runners with Shawn B out of the running. No. It will be Josh or Ben H. based on everything I’m hearing right now.

4) Will they bring any surprise people into BIP besides those names in the list you shared?


Comment: This was answered today.

I think you should consider making a Frequently Asked Questions page so you won’t be asked the same questions over and over again.

Comment: Nah, I’m good. For reasons that I’ve explained 459 times.

Is it me or does Ben Z. look like Emily’s husband Tyler Johnson?


Comment: Sort of. Tyler just looks a tad more metro than Ben.

Hi Steve,

I will echo what many others have stated and hope that ABC reads this, but I would not watch this show without you!!

Who has been hooking up on BiP? You’ll find out soon.

Are they going to get rid of that YOPO statement since there are now repeats on the show? Lets hope so.

Have you seen this twitter exchange (attached) in reference to Kiptyn becoming a dad? A mutual friend of his (apparently a good enough friend to have been the best man at his wedding!) and his baby momma didn’t even know the news (of their relationship nor pregnancy) until they sold their story to the tabloids!


I think they were joking. Neither Murtz or Kiptyn are married. I believe he’s referencing Murtz had a “fake” wedding to Natalie Getz and Kiptyn was somehow a part of it.

You reference contestants wanting to help “their brand.” Why do people care about their “brand”, unless they’re going into entertainment? Doesn’t have to be entertainment. They could start a blog, pitch product, make appearances, etc. That’s the route most end up going.

Did you see that Ali got cut from E! News? Yes. She will no longer be on the show come the fall.

Were the guys bummed that they only got to travel to Ireland? Usually it seems that they do more international travel for the Bachelorette (to keep guys interested in appearing on the show). Why did they change it this season? I don’t know.

You have stated that you won’t read Sean nor Andi’s books. Do you think all leads will start penning books now, after Courtney successfully paved the way? Is there anyone in the franchise who could write a book that you would have interest in reading? Not sure of any particular person’s I’d care to read, but if it’s in the same vain as Courtney’s, I don’t care who wrote it, I’d read it.

Funny story — my husband watches the show with me (I know, I’m lucky). On Tuesday morning he was in an elevator at work with two women he did not know. For the entire elevator ride the women were gossiping with each other about the Bachelorette (which was on the night before), and he listened in silence. The elevator stopped at his floor first, and he walked off the elevator, but right before the elevator doors closed, he turned around and said to them, “yeah, but wasn’t it crazy when Ian totally flipped on Kaitlyn at the cocktail party?”, and the two women burst out laughing! 🙂 I know you always talk about the female demographic for viewership, but it’s fun that guys can watch this show (for what it’s worth) and have fun with it too.

Comment: I think that’s how most husbands watch. I can’t imagine any are requesting that two hour block Monday nights. Most are doing it to appease their wives. And to get laid.

I’m finally catching up on my DVR’d Unreal (it’s awesome so far). The teddy bear from the MILF (or her “daughter”) was a prop. Do you think Whitney’s expensive wine for her “future husband” that she opened for Chris in her apt was a prop too? If not, she really wasted that bottle.

Happy belated bday!

Comment: Lets hope so.

Hi Steve: long-time reader… Thanks for putting the “real” in “reality” dating, LOL. I couldn’t watch this show without your columns, though I know you hear that a lot. And “UNreal” just proves what you’ve been saying for years. It’s a great addition to the absurd fun of these shows.

One question that apparently I didn’t get in in time for the video chat tonight. Do you think it’s possible that either Caitlyn or Shawn “intentionally” slipped the snapchat out as a way of getting back at the show for the edit that both of them are getting? Sort of an FU? I can think of a number of motives, knowing it would look accidental and they wouldn’t be sued? Also, it looked to me that Shawn might have been holding the phone… And I could see Caitlyn doing something like that, since she appears to be a bit of a rebel and strong willed.

Thoughts? And thanks for all your hard work…

Dubious in Delray

Comment: No. The video wasn’t intentional. She screwed up and they aren’t happy about it but there’s really nothing they can do at this point.

Hi Steve,

I’m pretty new to your commentary, so you may have commented on this in the past? Has anyone else noticed how completely checked out Chris Harrison is on the show these days?

To me he was never a super important figure, but in the past it seemed he at least kinda cared how people were feeling? Now he just looks soulless and blank in response to the crying and emotions. In particular when he interacts with Kaitlyn, he looks like he’s interviewing a potential new dentist. I’m wondering if he’s not fond of Kaitlyn? Maybe the myriad seasons of ludicrous people have desensitized him to the dramatic lack of real emotions displayed in front of him? Have the producers put him in a more backseat role this season? Any insights?


Comment: I mean if you read his Yahoo blog yesterday, he went to bat for her so I wouldn’t say he’s not fond of her. He’s defended her all season.

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  1. shouldbeworking

    June 24, 2015 at 11:05 AM

    I know Ben H is only 26, but he seems to be a mature 26. I wouldn’t mind him as the next Bachelor. He is certainly easy on the eyes.

  2. wavecatchingmom

    June 24, 2015 at 11:48 AM

    Peter Brady for Bachelor!! well, honestly I’d vote for Ben Z. if only because the cat fighting might be better, although Peter Brady will make a good “straight man” bachelor like Sean. Also such a young bachelor will mean more young irritating women like Ashley I and less interesting “older” contestants like Clare, Blakeley, Ashlee… etc…

  3. teamkaitlyn12312

    June 24, 2015 at 11:49 AM

    I knew britt and brady wernt going to last he was more into her than she was into him. I guess she wanted fame and to date the guys than have a guy chase after her so all the hate kaitlyn is getting by saying britt found love and kaitlyn did check again because shawn and kaitlyn are still together

  4. purplerayne

    June 24, 2015 at 12:49 PM

    @teamkaitlyn Or maybe Brady just wasnt the right guy for Britt? her wanting or not wanting fame doesnt matter if he’s not the right fit.

    BTW love how people call Kaitlyn shallow at the same time as they slobber over Shawn or Ben Z’s physical appearance 🙂 We have seen zero depth from either of them and honestly not much humour or personality. (i dont blame them, well aware its editing). But not shocked that female viewers overlook this and mainly zero in on Kaitlyn’s “flaws”. Jesus, we are predictable 🙂

  5. olestinker

    June 24, 2015 at 12:49 PM

    It’s really too bad that they couldn’t get Britt to do Paradise. Sure, she’s boring, but the moment Carly and Ashly I saw her walking down the beach with a date card would have been epic.

    And say what you will about Chris, when he decided to put off going to the hospital last season because he had a decent shot at getting laid, the part of me that remembers being single stood up and clapped.

  6. jest002

    June 24, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    Hahaha, Britt’s entrance on BIP would have been epic. Maybe if they didn’t try the whole Britt/Brady thing, it could’ve happened. Darn.

    Yes to Ben H. Whatever edit he’s gotten, I’ve liked. I still get the feeling it’ll be Josh though, which I don’t care to watch. Maybe he’d surprise me….ugh, nah, I don’t want it. If you were F1 and got a shot at a real life relationship with the lead, I don’t care how awful that lead was, I don’t want to see you lead next. He’s got enough IG followers to sell his product.

    Makes sense on Britt/Brady. That friend-zone segment eased the audience into the break-up, so their explanation won’t come as a complete shock – at least I don’t think. lol People were already questioning it based on SM activity. Funny they both showed Elan major support around the same time.

    Well, it would be great if Shawn and Kaitlyn made it work. They certainly get tested on this season and seem to come out of it happy. Despite everything, I still imagine the FRC will be more convincing than Chris/Whitney.

  7. valadega

    June 24, 2015 at 1:51 PM

    If Josh doesn’t get The Bachelor gig I bet Andi will be LHAO! I knew Britt wasn’t going to stay with Brady. How could he extend her quest for her extra fifteen minutes of fame? Maybe she should give Josh a call. I heard Andi and Kaitlyn were yucking it up having lunch together in NYC. I wonder if it is Nick that is making them laugh?

  8. vessel

    June 24, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    I’m still hoping the next Bachelor is Josh just because from what I’ve seen he seems to have a bigger personality. If it’s not him I have no problem with it being Peter. He’s cute and seems like a nice guy. I guess my only concern is his age-with him being only 26 will that mean the bulk of his contestants will be 26 and under? I mean hey I’m 10 years older than my husband so I’m not complaining if they do give him a bunch of older women, in fact I hope he would get a variety to keep things interesting. Just guessing they might lean toward casting younger women and I hope I’m wrong.

  9. momma3j

    June 24, 2015 at 2:18 PM

    As far as Carly not going to Zak’s wedding in Ireland, I can guarantee she isn’t the first sibling to miss an overseas wedding and I’m sure she won’t be the last. Doesn’t matter if it was scheduled at the same time as BIP filming. I, in fact, missed my sister’s wedding, in Italy, in 2001. Why? Because I couldn’t afford the $1,000 airfare. Simple as that. I’m sure Carly is bummed she missed her brother’s wedding, but I’m happy she was able to get a free trip instead.

  10. samkwa

    June 24, 2015 at 4:14 PM

    I see Jade hasn’t posted yet on her Instagram. I’m not surprised, but I can’t even guess who she’d be into from the guys listed.

    Art from Bachelor New Zealand was 26 and the woman he chose was 24. I’m not saying they’ll last. The odds are against all the couples from this franchise, no matter their ages. But I don’t see it as a problem. If two people are lucky enough to click, they’ll click and continue dating after the show. If not, age is probably the lesser of their bigger issues. As far as drama goes – the show is going to cast those character types either way.

  11. adrie

    June 24, 2015 at 4:28 PM

    I disliked Carly W so so much, I cannot believe she didn’t go to her brothers wedding. Zak W is such a great person I can’t understand how these two are related.
    Secondly, I’m over the term slut-shaming because it puts all those who oppose Kaitlyns actions into one box. For me it’s not slut-shaming but about a million other arguments but can’t be bothered elaborating anymore.
    I wish Ben Z would be considered for Bachelor, he could carry a franchise.

  12. washbee

    June 24, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    i think ben should get the bachelor gig. sure, josh probably deserves it for putting up with andi and all, but i’m still rooting for ben.

    i really do like kaitlyn a lot, and i don’t think this slut shaming is fair, but yikes, boinking someone with the whole crew next door?

    and if she had already told shawn that “he was the one”, then i don’t see why she had to sleep with nick. i mean, sure, you can use the excuse that “i need to sleep with someone before i get engaged” after all, that’s a very valid point. but if shawn was the one, then she never had the intention of picking nick, therefore she didn’t “have to” sleep with him to see if they had that sexual chemistry. and how much can you really tell from one night? bottom line, i would have respected her way more if she would have been honest and said that she was horny, and that’s all it was.

  13. kmannone723

    June 24, 2015 at 5:18 PM

    Jesse Palmer was 26 when he did his stint as bachelor.
    The bachelorettes that were 26 when they lead were Ali and Ashley H

  14. ladyjane747

    June 24, 2015 at 7:46 PM

    I’m not crazy about Josh (and those huge teeth), but he’d make a more entertaining bachelor than Ben H., who’s a little dull. I think Nick would make for an entertaining bachelor too. If Josh is the next bach, he’ll be easy to make fun of.

  15. randpaul

    June 24, 2015 at 10:18 PM

    This Show is so entertaining. Thanks for making it better Steve!

  16. nora j

    June 24, 2015 at 10:55 PM

    Oh god please no Josh M….he was sooooo absolutely boring and unattractive and the way he talked UGH. All he and Andi did was argue and he claimed to be religious but then he had this annoying temper and blamed the whole sex thing on Nick as if Andi didn’t have a part in it. .

    Ben H sure is easy on the eyes.

    Josh doesn’t deserve this…he’s old news anyway. Does anyone really even care about Josh? I really really hope it’s Ben H.

  17. veno

    June 25, 2015 at 12:43 AM

    Steve Britt and Brady are still together might want to check with your snitches they are wrong but I’ll just wait for the day you correct this

  18. duckquack

    June 25, 2015 at 12:51 AM

    nora j…………You nailed it on Josh aka bullfrog er bull dog…and his eyebrows, plastic as they come….Andi is the only other beyotch that shares his plasticity…Them horse teeth are scary, producers would have to make sure he always had hay to chomp on…What a chump trying to blame Nick and still talking about it, like a little boy who didn’t get his peanut butter jelly sammich……..bah f**k Josh and the frog he rode in on….

    Ben H…..for Bachelor
    Ari ……….for Bachelor
    Brad Womack …round 3 would be hilarious and get some people going bonkers….lol
    Nick ……..for Bachelor

    As far as Nick getting him some off of Kaitlyn, the 2 of them had a long twitter session…it built up and it was bound to happen…
    plus he came on the show strictly for Kaitlyn, that tells us something…unlike the other yolks who came to play with 2 Bachelorettes.

  19. brick

    June 25, 2015 at 6:04 AM

    I’m looking forward to BIP, but not to seeing Carly again. The only person more annoying and brainless than Kaitlyn is Carly. I’m glad Britt turned down BIP but I’m not surprised. There is no reason on earth why she should consider a dumb show like BIP.

    I’d be happy with Josh as bachelor. Someone mentioned his big teeth but the only big teeth I’ve noticed is Kaitlyn’s. It’s like she can’t get used to how much bigger her teeth have become since having work done and having her lips done too isn’t helping.

  20. illylover

    June 25, 2015 at 6:29 AM

    I’m with you @veno – I think they’re still together. Brady just returned from a week in LA hanging out with people (Caitlyn Crosby of the Giving Keys) that Britt hangs out with. He had no gigs out there. I’ll wait until they say they’re kaput. Since the “Kaitlyn chooses no one” debacle. I’m not inclined to buy, 100%, into the Book of Steve. He was so off the mark with that “no one spoiler” even with fact-checking his sources and only found out about it after a multitude of fans spoiled it. If Kaitlyn’s snapchat hadn’t gone out into the interwebs, RS would probably have had to eat that rotten spoil at the FR episode. Ouch.

    And I’m not so sure Kaitlyn’s snapchat was a booboo. I think she put that out there intentionally. More to do with curbing the anti-Kaitlyn wave than anything remotely like tossing a pie in RS’s face.

  21. Sunnyside422

    June 25, 2015 at 7:19 AM

    When i first saw the batch of new bachelors (and I posted this then), I said Ben H. was the best looking of the bunch and nothing he has said/done has changed my opinion of him. He is very handsome. I thought Shawn was fuggly then and still do. Very shallow of me but so be it!

    As for Josh…with those glow in the dark teeth and wanting to gain some fame (now that baby brother Andy is a nothing quarterback after all), I’m not in favor of him being chosen as bachelor. He was such a pussy with Andi.

    Brady (another fuggly looking dude) and Britt…so not interested in their relationship and wish the show would let them go for good!

    Wish Kaitlyn had met up with mush mouth Nick before the show, did the nasty with him and let it be! He is such a putz and how in the hell can his parents watch their son repeatedly make an ass of himself! If he was my son, I’d smack him so hard! And I can’t look at the curly q’s he has for hair without laughing! He sure makes eye contact with the camera every chance he gets also! Doofus!

  22. TeresaRenee

    June 25, 2015 at 10:12 AM

    Tenley is going on BIP? Wow! Kiptyn must’ve really broken her heart.

  23. momma3j

    June 25, 2015 at 10:30 AM

    @washbee, regarding: “and if she had already told shawn that “he was the one”, then i don’t see why she had to sleep with nick.”….
    I personally think editing played a role in the timing of what she said to Shawn vs when she slept with Nick. I’d be willing to bet she told Shawn she felt the same as him after she slept with Nick.

    @Adrie and @brick. everyone is entitled to their opinion and I disagree with yours on Carly (and Kaitlyn, @brick). Both have similar “tell it like it is” personalities and that’s exactly what I LOVE about them. They aren’t pushovers and refuse to let anyone take advantage of them or the people they care about. I wish nothing but the best for both of these women.

  24. jessicat

    June 25, 2015 at 11:54 AM

    I agree with what you said, lilylover. The only reason Steve got this spoiler right is because it was spoiled by other people. If Kaitlyn hadn’t sent that video out, Steve would still be saying she didn’t choose anyone. So he didn’t correct his own spoiler, other people corrected it for him. He’s so arrogant about being right and degrades people for questioning him…….yet he was wrong about this season.

  25. missannmcd

    June 26, 2015 at 1:08 PM

    Geez… so sick of hearing about that airhead wannabe Britt. Let her go back into obscurity quietly…

  26. brick

    June 29, 2015 at 7:28 AM

    momma3j, Carly is common and vulgar, and she’s the sort of girl I’d expect to meet at a trailer park. Same goes for Kaitlyn. And I do think of both as girls who’ve never grown up, certainly not adult women.

  27. brick

    June 29, 2015 at 7:32 AM

    Actually the more I think about it, the more I think Carly is perfect for a show like BIP. No class, brains, or maturity required…

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