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The Bachelorette 11 - Kaitlyn/Britt

The “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Episode 8 Recap Incl Blogs, Ratings, & New BIP Promo That Aired Last Night

We’ve got a lot to get to before today’s recap once again. Remember, “Reader Emails” tomorrow and “Dr. Reality Steve” on Thursday. Already quite a few “Reader Emails” after last week’s mishap of not getting any of Monday’s and Tuesday’s emails in the column, and right now I believe I already have four “Dr. Reality Steve’s” ready to go. So get em’ in. I’m feeling very advice-y this week. Can’t imagine why. Anyway, today we have your blogs from Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn, last night’s ratings, your RHOC recap, another interview from our “Big Brother” recapper Scott Ottersen with contestant Zach Rance, a new BIP promo that aired last night, “Men Tell All” taping this weekend, a new poll question, and an answer you all need to hear regarding the “Crazy Days and Nights” blog a lot of you love to ask me about. Please pay attention to that one. It’s kind of important. Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. I spent most of it blowing my nose and being congested, so that was a blast I tell ya’. On to today’s information…

Here’s Chris Harrison’s weekly interview with talking about Kaitlyn’s admission to Shawn and how he thought she handled it. Of course he backed her. What’s he supposed to say? Pretty much did the same thing on his Yahoo blog as well. As for Kaitlyn, she gave her thoughts on sex with Nick and telling Shawn on her blog and if you’re good at reading between the lines, not like you needed any more proof, but it’s so painfully obvious she’s out to protect Shawn in this blog, she might as well just tell us she wrote it with Shawn right next to her.

Ratings are in from last night, and yet again, the show is trending upward. Drew a little less than 7 million viewers overall and a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demo. Andi’s 8th episode last season (which was her overnight date episode), drew 6.8 million and a 1.8 rating. This was the most viewers for an episode this season since the premiere, which is usually par for the course. Once they whittle the contestants down, that’s when the casual fan starts tuning in, hence the uptick in viewers last night from last week.

Your RHOC recap from Nell Kalter is now up, so check that out when you can. I know some of you want Nell to write about every housewife season, but she has a life. I think. She can’t do that many. She’s at three shows right now, and for someone as busy as her to cover two Housewives franchises along with “Vanderpump Rules,” I commend her for it. Not an easy task to do just for fun.

Our “Big Brother” recapper Scott Ottersen has an interview today up with former contestant Zach Rance. A video interview he did while Zach was driving to the golf course nonetheless. So here you go:

From the second he walked into our television sets, we all knew we were going to like Zach Rance. From his eccentric ways, to his funny quips and his pink hat, he quickly became a fan favorite. However, being a fan favorite isn’t always the way to earn yourself the $500,000 check in the end, and he was eventually sent out the door by his best friend in the house, Frankie. I had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with Zach the other day, and let me just say I definitely Froot Loop Dingus’d this one. I may or may not have forgot to hit the record button at the very beginning of the “call.” Technology has to make it so difficult sometimes, but after the second question, I saw I didn’t hit the button and quickly switched it on, so in the end, at least some of it is on display for you to enjoy. He was kind enough to take time out of his day to speak with me, while he was driving, so since I didn’t want to watch him die live on camera, I made it as quick as I could, so go check it out.

If you want more Rancey Pants in your life, go follow him on Twitter (@RANCEYPANTS), and then follow him on Instagram (ranceypants), too, while you’re at it.

And for those who didn’t know the many talents of Zach Rance included writing novels, well consider yourselves educated now and go buy his book on Amazon:

And just in case you thought we were done, we’re not. The man is also gracing this earth with music. Check out his new song, “Sawagoo,” on Amazon, as well:

Enough promotion here, let’s get to the stunted interview. Here it is in all it’s glory:

I know a lot of you are familiar with the website. It’s a gossip site that prints a bunch of rumors and innuendo that people love to immediately take as fact. Then twice a year (on 4th of July and New Year’s), he reveals the answers to some of his “Blind Items.” Well one in particular that he released this past weekend caught a lot of attention from the “Bachelor” world, and that was this rumor. I can absolutely tell you that is 100% false. None of that happened. In addition, for those that maybe don’t actually scroll down to the bottom and read his disclaimer (which I’m guessing is 99% of you), this is all you need to know about the “Crazy Days and Nights” website. It’s written right at the bottom of his own site. For those that don’t feel like going over there, I’ve cut and pasted it for you. Here’s what it says:



So now you have your answer. Lets hope none of you are ever hoodwinked by anything on that site ever again.

In case you missed last Wednesday’s post, here are all your “Bachelor in Paradise 2” episode-by-episode spoilers. EOnline posted the first promo of the season first promo of the season before the episode aired last night, then we saw it run during the last commercial break. Only :30 seconds, a lot of quick shots, but pretty much what you’d expect. And yes, that’s Ashley S. being transported into the paramedic van. That happened on Day 2 because of dehydration. Dan Cox went with her and got IV’s as well. Apparently like 5 people ended up in the hospital for exhaustion/dehydration at some point.

As mentioned three weeks ago, the “Men Tell All” tapes this weekend in LA. As is the case every season, when I get the spoilers from them, I’ll let you know. I might get them that night, I might get them the next day, or I might not get them at all. I usually do, but I think there was one recent season where I didn’t. You will know if/when I get them, because I will post them. My hope is post a Monday column with the MTA spoilers, but we’ll see. Stay tuned.

As for this week’s poll question, there were a lot I could’ve done. But some were too easy. Like, if I just did a standard “Are you Team Shawn or Team Nick,” I’m guessing it would’ve been a majority Team Shawn since you know she’s engaged to him. So I tried to think of something a little different regarding Kaitlyn telling Shawn about the sex. We knew she had to at some point, but what did you think of the timing?

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  1. punk

    July 7, 2015 at 1:10 PM

    Kaitlyn did a great job positioning herself to have lots of fun, and to end up with no one. No self respecting guy would pick her at the end after watching this season. So I guess we will see if Shawn has that or not. Nick certainly doesn’t. So I guess she still has a chance.

    Either way, both guys are doomed. Totally not gonna work. She isn’t ready for it.

    This season is painful to watch. There is now no one to root for. Ben is great, but I do not want him to end up with Kaitlyn. She is no prize. He is way too good of a guy for her.

    As to Shawn and Nick, honestly, no one I;d want to root for either of them. Shawn is an insecure dude who emotes all day, and Nick is a juvenile, smug 34 year old chump.

    I totally want the Brad Womack S1. Burn it all down. It is what they all deserve, and it would make the most sense.

  2. soccertory

    July 7, 2015 at 1:29 PM

    Has anyone else noticed how much Nick touches his mouth when he talks? I noticed it a few episodes ago, and it is driving me nuts. Ugg!

    I am really enjoying the battle the season between Kaitlyn pretending to want love and Kaitlyn badly hiding that she just wants fun. Its hilarious that she spouts the show lines, but then just swaps saliva every guy there. The hypocrisy here is probably the only thing holding me to the end of this show.

    That and the MTA. Good golly, I think that will be fun. Nick won’t be there, but Kaitlyn will. And she’ll take the heat from the guys who feel betrayed that they weren’t told about her “off camera” time. BTW – are they all scared to say “sex” in ITMs? Its weird that they dance around the word like they are trying to be appropriate with innuendos, but come on.

  3. adrie

    July 7, 2015 at 2:23 PM

    This season is literally insane.

    When Ben H said he was looking forward to spending more time getting to know Kaitlyn and she immediately reacted wondering if he was a virgin and panicking there would be no sex… Wow I completely lost any remaining shred of respect for her. Kaitlyn is the worst Bachelorette ever.

    As for Shawn – has a producer hid his meds? He is possessive, needy, neurotic, demanding and annoying. It should be a red flag for Kaitlyn. He is seriously exhausting, I can’t actually believe Kaitlyn picked him when it doesn’t seem like they even have a relaxing relationship.

    Nick and Kaitlyn seem so at ease with one another, their relationship seems genuine and I’m truly disappointed she doesn’t pick him based on what we have seen of them together. I think Kaitlyn will watch this back, see Shawn being a little b*tch all the time and ditch him.

  4. rob22

    July 7, 2015 at 2:25 PM

    Geez, is this site about to crash, or what? RS: better stop using that IBM 8086 as your web server.

    So, this was pretty much a pro-forma episode. Lots of drama, but everything was laid out in advance. Chewbacca & Nick Cialis are the only ones that matter. Kaitlyn would tell Chewbacca about riding Nick’s baloney pony. And everything else was just manufactured drama.

    So, the first casualty is Sheriff Roscoe who was taking a break from chasing around the Duke boys. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Uh, Roscoe, there’s no way in hell that a Canadian girl is hooking up with an ex-Moonshiners cast member like you. Laters.

    Next castoff is Captain Jack Sparrow’s turn. “Arrrgh!” Why was this fuzzy faced, goofey, grinning simpleton even on this show?

    Next episode it’s Peter Brady. Boy, after having Adrienne Curry for a short while, this is a significant drop off. If this guy can pull in models, why is he interested in Mary Hartman? He’s probably not that interested if he just wants to “talk” in the Fantasy Suite. That sounds like code to me. Definitely gay. So, for all of you that have been pushing for a Gay Bachelor, you’ve got your first real shot next season. Strike up the rainbow banners on Facebook!!! The Supreme Court has ruled! Theoretically, though, we’ve already had Jake Pukevelka. Closeted should still count. Jake, be loud & be proud! It’s a new day!

    So, Mary Hartman continues her angst-fest by (after about a 3 week wait) finally telling Chewbacca about having sex with “the other guy”. Whoo-hoo. Yeah, most guys would go with the flow at this point. Best quote of the season from Chewbacca. “GGGWARRRHHWWWW!!!” Sorry, I don’t speak Wookie, so no translation is available.

    Meanwhile Nick Cialis is starting to feel the heat. Especially after Mary sits him down to express regret about their little trampoline ride. She starts by saying “Don’t you think it was a little fast?” Whoa! Not exactly what a guy wants to hear about his first performance. “Well, I’d been fantasizing about you, and watching a lot of porn…. uhhh…. I promise the second time will be better. Much better than the seconds that Chewbacca’s going to get”. And….. fast forward….. & he gets his second shot! Based on the casual half dressed breakfast they were having in the hotel room, it seems round 2 went a little better. But, since she was still upright, apparently Nick left the door open a crack for Chewbacca. You would have to imagine that an 8 foot tall wookie would outperform a 150 lb dweeb in a sweater vest. I think we see where this is going.

    A little teaser for next week. This is what Chewbacca says after finding out that Mary had sex AGAIN with Nick, AGAIN before he had his first shot at hitting it. “WAGRRRRWWGAHHHHWWWRRGGAWWWWWWRR!!!” Sorry, no translation for that one either.

  5. alikat

    July 7, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    “She definitely doesn’t seem to care she had sex with Nick. Like, the actual sex part. That’s obvious. It’s the ramifications of it that she’s worried about. The ramming that happened in the room that night is the least of her concerns.”

    Okay, I don’t consider myself a conservative at all (I’m mostly pretty moderate), but can anyone explain this statement/attitude to me? I think it’s pretty obvious that the ramming that happened in the room that night is pretty high on Kaitlyn’s list of concerns right now seeing as she’s spent approximately 500 hours freaking out about it. It’s matched in terms of priorities by the moment when she told Shawn he was her #1. I just can’t understand the ability to separate the sex from the ramifications. To me, it’s like an obese person saying “I love food. I have no problem with food. But the getting-fat part, THAT I can’t handle.” I mean, isn’t actions–>consequences something we’re supposed to learn by the time we’re approximately 10 years old? Consequences are PART of the action.

    If Kaitlyn was really okay with the sex, she wouldn’t care that Shawn knew about it, and she’d dump him so quick as soon as he showed the slightest sign of taking offense of her perfectly natural and understandable behavior.

  6. purplerayne

    July 7, 2015 at 2:56 PM

    To Alikat: she doesn’t feel bad about having sex on a tv show or that it was with Nick or that it was on their first date. She liked it and she likes Nick. BUT she does feel bad that it might affect Shawn in a negative way since he’s so threatened by Nick in general. She cant say producers are constantly telling her that Shawn is about to walk out any moment, further increasing her freakouts. She also cant say on camera that she was drunk when deciding to sleep with Nick. She cant admit that Shawn unlike the other men is a bit unstable. So she’s limited to how she can phrase things 🙂

    I don’t believe for a second that a producer didnt whisper in her drunken ear “sex now on this date or a week from now in the fantasy suite, who cares. you really want to wait on a technicality? go for it girl, he might be the ONE”.

  7. justforfun

    July 7, 2015 at 2:58 PM

    I haven’t watched much of this season until the last couple episodes. They are really giving Kaitlyn the “sex edit”. It almost seems like Kaitlyn thinks her sex appeal is her best quality, and mostly what she has to offer a man in regards to a relationship. Which is very sad if that’s the case, but could also just be the edit she is getting.

    It is also completely unbelievable that Kaitlyn is looking for a serious relationship. She is not a good actress, and anything she says in regards to finding a husband, or serious relationship sounds very forced and fake.

    I looked at her twitter last night just for the heck of it. She has a freaking logo! She is working on creating herself into a “brand” LOL. If I had any doubts about her real motives, that just cleared them up.

    I know that no one really goes on this show looking for true love, but I don’t recall any other Bachelorette being so obvious about their real reasons.

  8. rob22

    July 7, 2015 at 3:04 PM

    @alikat: kudos. Yes. She sees nothing wrong with sex with a guy she just met. OK fine. But isn’t OK with the ramifications. Uh, I’m not sorry about the sex part. I’m just feeling guilty because it might mess up our relationship. Yeah, well duh. That’s one of the big reasons to hold off a while. Having indiscriminate and indiscreet sex tends to negatively impact having a more serious relationship with someone you’re dating. I felt like Kaitlyn was having a middle school discussion with her Mom…. and never quite grasped what it all meant. Kind of unbelievable, especially since she’s 30 freaking years old!!! Maturity just ain’t happening on any kind of normal time curve.

  9. punk

    July 7, 2015 at 3:37 PM

    Glad to see some people get it rob22.

    You can have all the sex you want, but if it is going to mess up a relationship with someone else you want to pursue, and hopefully you respect that person, you don;t sleep with other people. It is Relationships 101.

    The weird thing is that she keeps saying she regrets telling Shawn he is the guy more than she regrets sleeping with Nick. In other words, she wants to test drive lots of guys, and wanted to do so without emotional attachments, and realized she messed up when she started one and it got in the way of her fun.

    So what did she do? She certainly did not back off from Nick. Instead, she told Shawn telling him that was the mistake, and she went for the sex with Nick again. And probably Shawn and Ben next. So she really doesn’t respect Shawn much at all. If she did, she’d have taken a different approach with her season.

    She is the female Bob Guiney. And his season didn’t work out either.

  10. randpaul

    July 7, 2015 at 4:48 PM

    @rob22, your nicknames and cutesy references are too much for me. I enjoy what you have to say, but I can’t get through the whole post.

    Steve always seems to find one guy that he’s jealous of and this season it’s certainly Ben H. I can’t find a thing wrong with Ben H. He’s handsome, articulate and seems genuine. Who cares that he wore a sweater? It’s a nice change from the giant dress shirts that men wear hanging out of their jeans. Add in the turned back cuffs with a coordinating design and you have the worst outfit in looking like everyone else.

    Finding Kaitlyn wrong in sleeping with Nick has nothing to do with Middle America or being uptight as Stevie insinuates. I have no problem with someone who wants to sleep with someone a day or an hour after meeting them. What matters to me is that you have relationships with other people going at the same time and there is a general understanding that only the final two are potential overnight sleep together dates. You can’t change the rules without making other guys feel played.

    Sharleen Joint writes for Flare Magazine and tweets her re-cap column. I’m guessing much of Steve’s thoughts on whether Kaitlyn should’ve told Shawn was inspired by Sharleen’s column on the same exact subject.

    I agree with the post above that there are no winners in this season. Shawn has no appeal and Nick has absolutely no appeal. I can’t find any redeeming qualities about Nick and the only thing I enjoy about Shawn is when he consistently refers to Nick as “the other guy” and never calls him by name.

    Steve didn’t even mention the Britt/Brady update. I’m guessing that was the setup for their ultimate breakup announcement?

  11. brick

    July 7, 2015 at 5:50 PM

    How did Kaitlyn manage to avoid extreme dates this season? It was hilarious how she managed to dupe producers in Chris’ season with the “I’m afraid of shopping at Costco” story to avoid doing anything scary on a date. But they let her off the hook this entire season. Considering how much she’s being paid it would have been nice to see some more interesting dates that would have her go out on a limb, tackle heights, etc. Yes, she could still bore people to tears with her juvenile and more girl than woman “I like sex” boasts AND still do something interesting, outside of her comfort zone something or other on a date. Lord knows talking isn’t her strong suit. There is no way this girl is going to make a go of any marriage at this point in her life. No way is she ready emotionally.

  12. brick

    July 7, 2015 at 6:05 PM

    I’ve been hanging in this season mostly to see the MTA too. Should be interesting. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see Shawn’s family’s reactions after watching this season towards their supposed future daughter in law. Too bad we can’t see that on TV too.

  13. vessel

    July 7, 2015 at 6:06 PM

    I really hate how the Britt/Brady fake relationship crap has replaced the bloopers at the end of each episode. Especially now that we know the showmance was over practically before it began.

    I don’t get a gay vibe from Peter Brady at all. Aside from him being slightly younger than the previous Bachelors I can’t find any reason he wouldn’t potentially be a great lead. I was hoping for Josh but I’ll be very happy if they do cast Peter. And sorry but I just can’t call another season “Ben’s Season” so I’m afraid I’m going to have to stick with “Peter’s Season” 🙂

  14. samkwa

    July 7, 2015 at 6:25 PM

    Shawn has got be one of the most irritating contestants I’ve ever watched. I wish I could find it funny when he refers to Nick as the other guy, but all it does is tie into his insecure & entitled persona, which was there before Nick walked on.

    Ben H. is fine and all, but something about him being Bachelor is kinda underwhelming. At this point, I’d rather skip next Bachelor, and watch a season of Britt, who always looks stunning aside from when she wears that beanie… was it Tanner who brought her tissues? Who knew he should have given them to Kaitlyn.

  15. nora j

    July 7, 2015 at 6:45 PM

    Is Shawn one of the most psychotic contestants ever on the show….he is SO annoying.

    I’m sure Kaitlyn picked him because she was scared his head would explode if she didn’t.

    Do we all agree now that Shawn was the one responsible for leaking snapchat video….the crazy mofo was looking straight into the camera when he filmed himself and Kaitlyn….his eyes were saying to Nick “haha look at me, bitch” and he does this the first chance he gets right after the episode of Nick airs. SO obvious.

  16. lovetheworld

    July 8, 2015 at 1:35 AM

    I couldn’t stand Nick. He is so creepy and annoying. The only fun of this season for me is to watch him get dumped on national TV twice.

  17. rob22

    July 8, 2015 at 5:51 AM

    Let’s see…. Peter Brady or Josh? Aaaak!

  18. jlyoung

    July 8, 2015 at 7:41 AM

    Shawn seems truly unstable and a little pathological. He seems to be on the verge of “losing it” every second. Its almost scary. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nick’s but next to Shawn he’s coming off as just a regular, pretty sincere guy which I don’t think was many people’s impression after Andi’s season. I SO dislike Shawn that I generally fast forward through any of his one on one time with Kaitlyn. I’m a die hard fan so that’s pretty big for me. Shawn’s super creepy and not good looking enough to have such a huge, inflated ego. He needs a reality (Steve) check (and probably stronger meds!)
    I know everyone is calling Ben H. Peter Brady but does anyone think he has a remarkable resemblance to a young Donny Osmond? I see it so strong that it distracts me every time I see him. He seems nice enough but I think he’s a little too vanilla to be the next Bachelor.

    I know

  19. rob22

    July 8, 2015 at 9:07 AM

    vessel: I agree that the Britt/Brady segment has to go. It’s soooooooo tedious. Britt tries so hard to act interested in Brady, but nobody’s that good of an actor. Brady has the personality of Patrick from SpongeBob Square Pants.

  20. vessel

    July 8, 2015 at 9:19 AM

    Yeah what’s with Brady’s weird whispery way of speaking? It sounds so contrived. I couldn’t tolerate him for 10 consecutive minutes if that’s truly the way he speaks all the time.

    And yeah I also see Donny Osmond in Ben H. Okay so he’s Peter Osmond. And he is pretty vanilla I agree but so was Sean. I thought I’d hate him as the Bachelor but imo he was a really good one.

  21. rob22

    July 8, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    @randpaul: yeah, I have to admit I left the reservation a bit on that long post. Not the first time! Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s goes off the rails. Stream of conscience gives and stream of conscience takes away!

  22. jlyoung

    July 8, 2015 at 3:03 PM

    Peter Osmond! I love that! If Peter Brady and Donny Osmond had a child he’d look like Ben H.

  23. flightgirl

    July 8, 2015 at 4:48 PM

    CDAN is awful now. The ownership/format completely changed about 6 months ago. Enty Lawyer is not the same person anymore.

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