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“Reader Emails” 7/8/15

Hi Steve,

Any way you could add Unreal to the tv show drop down menu at the top of your homepage so we can read all your recaps in one place?


Comment: I don’t think I’m doing any more UnREAL recaps the rest of the season. If it aired on a different night, or if I was able to see the episodes in advance maybe, but that’s not happening.

Hi, Steve.

Long time reader, first email. I just have one question. I have been thoroughly enjoying unReal, but do you think it went to far with Mary on Monday?

Thanks! Keep doing what you’re doing.


Haven’t seen many snaps recently!!!

Comment: Yeah, I do.

Hi Steve,

Could only think of a couple of questions:

I hadn’t heard the term Eskimo Bro’ before, but I reckon Nick & Shawn are now that. What are the chances one of them refers to the other as his E.B. at ATFR? Probably zero.

How do you pronounce (or rather, how will Clare pronounce) YOPT? And will she be made to look as pathetic this season as on last season? I would fully expect Clare is not going to get a good edit and at some point, they will show her talking to some animal.

Saw this linked from Yahoo:

I guess you already know most of the revealed “secrets”, but you might like this one: “On Bachelor In Paradise, there were a lot of lonely nights. Luckily, most of us had brought vibrators. Some of the girls would name their sex toys and sing songs about them when we were going to bed. I highly advise all future contestants to pack a vibrator. You’re going to need it!” —Lacy Faddoul

Comment: I honestly have never heard that and I think it’s made up. 1) I can’t see Lacy saying that 2) I heard a lot about Paradise last season and that never came up.


How could you not recap the funniest part of the show? The Britt part at the end? I feel so sorry for her. That dude (whose name I’ve already forgotten) comes off looking so asexual, goody-goody and boring – which is fine if you like that sort of thing but I highly doubt Britt does.

It’s so sad, uncomfortable – and yet funny – to watch Britt try so hard to make something significant out of this. After being booted off the show in such a humiliating way – it would have been great for Britt’s ego if something good and magical and amazing had come out of this relationship with.. Brady – that’s his name!

I don’t know if I feel sorry for her or think it kind of serves her right for being so confident at the beginning that she’d be the one the guys chose.

Anyway – it’s awkward and hilarious. I don’t know how anyone can believe these two are together. I don’t think even Brady believed it at the time that that last clip was shot. I guess he was getting such a “eww.. go away you are so boring and it’s so much effort faking this up with you” vibe from Britt that he finally clued in and realised it was going nowhere.

Comment: I have no idea how those two are going to play it out on the show or whatever, but they definitely aren’t together and haven’t been for a while.

Hi, Steve! I fail to understand how you can crank out a column so fast after an episode and be THAT FUNNY. You’re the only blogger that has me laughing out loud. And the best humor on the internet thanks to the insider and spoiler jokes you throw in there, too. Very fun! Thank you.

Here are a few Q’s:

1) So Entertainment Weekly is starting to charge to read their articles including their Bachelorette recaps. I’ve head it’s because it’s hard to make money off just ads, so a lot of sites are going to a PAID model. Do you seriously make enough money (I know you are just ONE person, not a big company) just off your ads to support yourself well? I hope so b/c you deserve it — you’re funnier than anybody. They are? I’m on that site daily and I don’t ever remember clicking on a story or recap and having to pay for it. As for me, yes, this is my full time job, and yes, I’m doing just fine.

2) You said that Shawn may be the most producer-manipulated contestant ever on this franchise. Can you go into more details about that? I just think they really screwed with his head in his ITM’s and these private conversations he has with Kaitlyn all season were all producer induced.

3) UnREAL just got renewed for a 2nd season but I heard they got really crappy ratings. It’s a great show that I hope catches on, but why do you think they renewed it? The ratings haven’t been crappy. For a cable show on later Monday night, it’s doing well. Hence the reason for the second season renewal.

Hi Steve,

Been reading your blog religiously for past few seasons and you make the show so fun to watch! Thanks for suggesting Unreal I watched last nights episode and it was so crazy! Especially with the storyline of the contestant committing suicide. I know that’s never happened on the show, but I could see how these producers could push contestants to the edge and not to mention how one would feel after watching their edit.

We did an episode of the Dr. Phil like 6 years ago regarding financial issues we were having and he whispered to us during commercial break how great a thing we were doing, that it was going to help sooo many people. The producers I feel did manipulate us to opening up about about things that in hindsight was exploited, and we were told are story would be done in a respectful way. Yeah right! I was so embarrassed after it aired and depressed and regretful for doing it for a years afterwards. So I can’t even imagine how some of these contestants feel after watching the show, especially if they get a bad edit. It’s certainly not the only reality show that manipulates their contestants. Basically every show does. Just some do it on a much larger scale than others.

Anyway, I really want to know if you think the show is only looking at contestants from Kaitlyn’s season for the next Bachelor? I thought Josh Murray was being considered? Please don’t tell me Nick has a shot at it either?

Comment: Yes. I’m hearing it’s going to be Ben H. Josh is a candidate, but he’s not the front runner. At least anymore. And no, Nick is not going to be the “Bachelor.”

First time writing you. You’ve been open about what you know about Chris Soules intentions regarding this show. I’m curious as to what you’ve heard regarding Whitney’s intentions or about how she was liked behind the scenes of the show. I’m a Whitney fan, not a Chris and Whitney fan just Whitney. For superficial reasons since I don’t know her. I appreciated how she played the game of bachelor because it is a game! I’m also a fellow Chicagoan and enjoy watching what she does in and around our city on social media. Also I have a 13 year old daughter and 10 year old twins the result of 7 years of infertility treatments. I didn’t work with the medical practice she works at but I am aware of it. Anyone going through infertility treatment relies on their medical team for both emotional and medical support. I have much respect for everyone that works in that field. Anyway I’ve been curious about this for awhile and decided its time to ask. I honestly don’t know much about Whitney.

Since I’m writing one more comment. Do you get as frustrated with the show Nashville as I do? I’ll always watch because of the amazing Connie Britton but the show cold be so much better. It needs to let some of their stories develop longer. And any story with Teddy is just silly. Thanks for your time.

Comment: I’m actually liking “Nashville” better and better. I’m fine with it. When you have a show like that, of course every storyline for every character isn’t going to be great. Impossible. Some hit and miss. But overall, I haven’t been bored with any of them.

I am hooked on UnREAL! In what felt like a major misuse of time, I watched the first 5 episodes and then the 6th yesterday. Even though some of the acting and writing is a little hokey, doesn’t matter, still loving it. It will be interesting to see how and if Shia’s role in Mary’s behavior comes out even though she’s trying to push all the blame to Rachel (who isn’t innocent by any means either.)

I get that everyone is looking for their time in the spotlight and that is their motivations for being on the show. On UnREAL, the contestants and even Adam are all really vocal about that! He keeps saying how it’s a show and it’s all done for the show and for good tv… how much of that is that “upfront” in regards to how the lead and contestants are on the Bachelor. I just assumed that they kept all that to themselves and put on a front about being on the show for love.


Comment: I’ve heard stuff in the past where the lead would say things during a date off camera and the people involved were like, “Did they really just say that? I guess it is a game to them.” So it happens. I think once you’re in the middle of filming, everyone realizes you’re part of a TV show, so you start acting accordingly.

Hi Steve,

I usually at least try to think these people have a chance at getting married after the show, this is the first season where I do not even see a shot in hell of Kaitlyn and Shawn lasting. Guy is crazy. How many months do you think they last?


Comment: Not very many.


How much of the ‘sex’ edit for Kaitlyn can be attributed to the success and popularity of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’? It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that in the past producers have played up the love/marriage angle and now, after the wild success and attention (especially from this target demographic), they have changed their approach.

Just curious if you think the success of the movie had any impact on them changing things up.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: Tough to say. Only a producer could really answer that question. However, we know sex sells. So to say it plays no role would be wrong. But how much? I’m not sure.

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  1. Jman123

    July 8, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    On the Nick wedding ring question, I strongly suspect it is the Irish ring that he bought on their date (he bought her one too).

  2. rob22

    July 8, 2015 at 12:06 PM

    So, status quo on the Bachelorette front. Nothing new. But, I am liking UN-Real much more. I thought the suicide was a… dare I say it… shocking twist. I didn’t see that coming. I was pretty sure she’d become unhinged & go postal, but never saw her jumping off a roof. So, it does have me wondering where they go from here. The police will now be involved as well as the media. It seems like the whole things is coming off the rails. But I guess a straight parody show wouldn’t really be that interesting.

    As far as the future of The Bachelorette, obviously this season has been a one off with the slut edit and emphasis on open sex with Nick & all the fall out from that. I never thought they’d go down that road, but it’s an old franchise & the ratings have taken a turn upwards this season. Attitudes are changing and a new generation is in the mix. (Did you know a Millennial can be as old as 33?) It wouldn’t surprise me if future shows were closer to this season’s style than past seasons. I guess we’ll see. Certainly that’s the model you see in most other recent reality shows. The contestants or stars are usually not respected. They’re on TV to be mocked by the masses.

    It is pretty amazing though. A sub-par group of guys and a decidedly plain looking, immature, brain donor & non-career woman becomes the lead & ratings go up. Crazy.

  3. jlyoung

    July 8, 2015 at 3:24 PM

    I have actually liked Kaitlyn through most of the show but hearing that she lets Nick get down on one knee to propose knowing that she isn’t going to accept is disgusting! I understand the show is probably loving that for ratings. I actually see her in a whole new light. At least give the guy proposing the dignity of cutting him off at some point or sending an obvious signal to let him know he doesn’t need to go through that whole production. Some people in the real world actually consider a proposal to be special and something they only want to do once (and yes, I know, not something they do on TV). Like I said, that’s tacky and classless. I gave Kaitlyn too much credit it seems.

  4. vessel

    July 8, 2015 at 5:26 PM

    I don’t get why some of these leads let the producers talk them into allowing their F2 guy to get down on one knee only to yank them back up. Ashley and DeAnna also did that with guys they knew they were rejecting. Anyone remember anyone else doing that? Hmmmm, both those seasons the rejected proposal guy went on to be the Bachelor (Jason and Ben) but I suppose Steve is right that Nick won’t get the gig.

  5. wavecatchingmom

    July 8, 2015 at 9:52 PM

    They probably get some incentive for multiple proposals?? If not the “actors” than the producers so they somehow talk them into it…
    UNreal jumped the shark for me, unfortunately, I loved the episode before and now… cmon, where can they go from here?? A little too over the top, I think Adam is going to find out about Shia and save the day for Rachel, like a real prince, before Kevin can do it…
    Rob22 I fear you are right, but then again, at any time they could make Ben H like Shaun’s season, and maybe cast a hopeless romantic and keep her sheltered like they did Catherine?? Who knows, only time will tell, I think that is why they are moving away from Josh though, no one would think big choppers is really sincere, or any of the girls after big choppers would be….seems like more potential with Ben H to develop the contestants’ story lines. Can’t wait to see Ashley S in Paradise!!!
    This season is yawnworthy now.

  6. brick

    July 9, 2015 at 6:35 AM

    I never bought the snapchat thing being a mistake. Of course Kaitlyn will maintain it was a mistake. Saying it was accidental has gotten her into enough hot water – she’d never have it in her to admit it was done on purpose and face even more wrath and why should she. She well knows no one can prove her intentions. But it goes with other behaviours we’ve seen of hers both in this season and in Chris’ season. She’s not “edgy” as some have claimed. She might as well be a rebellious teenager without a cause.

    When all is said and done Kaitlyn and Shawn are two terribly insecure people. They just show it in different ways but neither one is more confident than the other. They both have a need to prove themselves ad nauseum. One is an adolescent boy and the other is an adolescent girl. We’re not looking at an adult man or woman here, folks.

    I’ve been loving Unreal up until recently but the jumping off the roof bit was too much and disappointing.

  7. cjscjs711

    July 9, 2015 at 1:09 PM

    @brick I agree – released accidentally on purpose. When the public was believing Steve’s wrong spoiler Kaitlyn was taking a lot of heat for ‘not choosing anyone’ and on some level wanted to let people know she in fact did.

    As a lot of health professionals have commented, the show took a real risk in having such an emotionally distraught person – distraught you might say, beyond anything normal…. get dumped at the edge of a cliff. The show uses many techniques common to ‘brainwashing’ and in experiments such as the Stanford Prison experiment (Kelsey agreed specifically on this last point in one of her blogs.) in which people are pushed beyond a normal perception of reality and will do things they would not normally do.

    So before seeing this Cupcake cliffside episode, I’d have agreed UnREAL went too far. If Chris had decided to jump, no one would have been able to stop him in time. So actually– I don’t think it was that farfetched…..

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