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“Reader Emails,” Those Finale Rumors & Brady Makes a Funny

Being only a week away from the finale, gossip sites have to get their last stories in before the big final reveal, and as is the case every season, they’re back to misreporting and giving you fake headlines so you’ll click on their sites. The rumor that’s been going around for at least the last couple weeks based on the emails I’ve been getting is that Kaitlyn and Shawn have broken up, and that Shawn is jealous watching all this stuff play out with Nick, and he and Kaitlyn argue all the time, blah blah blah. Here to tell you don’t believe a word of it. It isn’t true. Shawn and Kaitlyn are together, they’re engaged, and they have been since the final rose ceremony. I know I sound like a broken record, but this is what gossip sites do. No gossip magazine or site will ever in the history of ever print a headline that says, “Shawn and Kaitlyn Doing Great! Everything’s Perfect!” They HAVE to come up with something that will pique the readers interest, and it’s much more of a headline grabber to go with something negative. So yeah, nothing’s changed, they’re together, from all accounts they are giddy in love with each other, and that’s that.

Hey, look at Brady throwing a little personality at us. Did you see his Instagram post from yesterday? Pretty funny stuff. Who knew? He just earned 1 billion bonus points with me. Shows me he doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t driving around listening to Cranberries songs over a breakup like someone else we know. Kudos to Brady. He made a funny.

On to your “Reader Emails”…


I watched Afterbuzz the other day and Brooks commented that the flights/transportation arrangements for the families weren’t covered by the show/ABC that his family had to make their own way to location of his hometown. They mentioned Andi saying similar on her tweet. Do you know anything about this or if this for all? And that’s a cheap of them to do that. It’s not convenient for everyone and costly if you have a large family.

Comment: I can’t speak directly to his situation since I know nothing about it, but I know people in the past had family members flown in on ABC’s dime for the hometowns. So maybe it was something to the effect of them telling Brooks, “We’ll cover up to 5 or 6 for your hometown (because per average, that’s about how many we usually see on a hometown, right?), but if you want any more, they have to pay their own way.” Could have been something like that. But absolutely I know family members are paid for, so maybe he had extras.


So many of your readers are feeling some pretty strong rage against Shawn these days. As one who tends to get irritated with insecure, jealous, angry men, I would typically tend to agree with them. But in this situation, I just feel sorry for Shawn.

He was pretty confident that Kaitlyn would choose him in the end. Then she brings in someone with whom she has a history of sorts. And week-after-week, she keeps him around. I challenge any person to not feel upset by that slight. Then tag on the fact that Nick is a). arrogant and b). extremely intelligent when it comes to reading and manipulating people, and it’s got to be infuriating. Shawn is insecure, and Nick–with the help of producers, I imagine–is playing him like a ukulele. Just as Shawn met Nick at his room after his overnight, Nick did the same. Clearly this was staged by production. And Nick stood there acting innocent and “mature,” while Shawn lost his cool.

Plainly put, Nick is the sneaky older sister who persistently pokes her little brother while staring blankly out the car window and pretending she’s doing nothing wrong. And Shawn is becoming enraged at the fact that his mama is oblivious to it all.

In both of his Bachelorette seasons, Nick responds to difficult questions by sucking on various parts of the woman’s body. Both women praise “the passion” they feel with him. Because he can press them up against a wall or tree and feel them up? Foreplay is his M.O.

Consider that Nick, still claiming to be in love with Andi, threw her under the bus with the “making love” comment. I tend to believe it was a calculated attempt to cause conflict between Andi and Josh.

After having sex with Kaitlyn, he smoothly relays just enough info to the other men to make them question what happened, but not enough to get him in trouble with Kaitlyn (or all of America).

After pushing Shawn’s buttons and getting the desired response, and eyebrow lifts in amusement. “Are you threatening me?” He got exactly what he wanted out of that.

Even with his family, they are fiercely protective of him while he disregards their concern and ultimately does whatever the hell he wants.

And his coffee Tweet? Really? Was it actually about the coffee or about his clearly posed half-nekked plea to be the newly buff Bachelor Skeezewad.

Bottom line, he’s smart. (Not in a sexy, intellectual way so much as a sneaky, slimy, bottom-feeding kind of way.) He’s working Shawn. He’s working Kaitlyn. And with the help of the producers, he’s working America.

My favorite part of Monday’s episode was the awkward end of the rose ceremony. Shawn downs his drink and puts it down on the silver tray. Nick waits for Shawn to move away from the tray before silently walking to the tray and silently putting his glass down. I suspect we’re supposed to admire his cultured control and calmness. But check out his detour as he attempts to keep 20 feet of rug between him and Shawn. Hilarious!

Comment: A very methodical breakdown of Nick’s character. Not bad. Can’t say I disagree with a lot of it. He certainly knows how to push people’s buttons and that’s exactly what he’s been doing with Shawn. And Shawn is letting him, which makes Nick feel even more powerful.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for helping me get through this season. Perhaps the most contrived yet, and I am missing the cheesy poetry and other awkward romantic gestures. Apparently it’s Nick v Shawn and sex sex sex this season, big yawn fest.

So, here is my question. I know the show puts up for safe house visits while the season is airing. What happens for the long distance lovebirds after the season ends (assuming they are not yet broken up, ha ha)? Does the show continue to fund their meet ups, or do they have to pay their own way? I’m sure they could coast a bit on the PR tour, but…

Don’t worry, 40 isn’t so bad. Might want to keep your lower back toned up, though. 😉

Keep up the good work!

Comment: You mean once the finale airs? Yeah, pretty much on their own. Granted, a lot of places that are bringing them in for appearances usually cover travel and lodging, but ABC is pretty much down with them and throws them to the wolves once next Monday airs. They’re on their own. There’s no booklet or manual to read to prepare you for what’s about to come. Some can handle it, but most can’t.

Hey Steve

so I guess my main question is about how much say the lead has in who they get to keep around for the next show. If Kaitlyn wasn’t into Nick, why keep him so long? Is it for her to save face? Or were the producers in her ear, saying how funny it would be for Nick to be in the final 2 twice and not “win” twice or to keep the drama between Shawn and Nick? What are your thoughts? From what you’ve heard, how often do the producers talk the lead into keeping someone just for the drama/ good TV (for example Tierra, Jenna etc.)?

Thanks for your answer, I really enjoy your site and I’m glad you were able to fix the spoiler in time.

Comment: Mostly producers telling her what to do. Yes, producers have a major influence on who sticks around and who doesn’t. Is it ultimately their decision no? No, it’s the leads. But when the lead has been told to do certain things, they usually just go along with it.

So I watched a couple of episodes of Unreal and one thing struck me. The Chet character looks like the love child of Mike Fleiss and Elan Gale. And acts like a total douche. From what I have read, Fleiss appears to be kind of a jerk as well. Do you think they had him (or them) in mind when they cast that part? Absolutely.

Also, Elan Gale has responded so nastily to some posts about Kaitlyn on his instagram page. Way, Way out proportion to the comment made. Seems like a very angry person. What is his role with the Bachelor enterprise? I know he is a producer, but what level? Any insight or stories about this guy?

Comment: Co-executive producer, King Manipulator, Head Ass Kisser to the all the contestants. Some of the stuff I’ve heard he’s told contestants and the flat out lies he tells them are mind boggling. Yet, it works so he’s good at what he does.

Hey Steve,

I’m sure other people have emailed you this, but pronouncing aunt ‘ont’ is very common in New England. A little less so in CT where Shawn is from, but no one born and raised in the state of MA, for example, says anything but ont.

Comment: I’ve since come to find that out. Just like it sounds weird to me when I hear people pronounce it “ONT” instead of “ANT,” I’m sure it’s the reverse for people who hear me say it.

Hey Steve,

I know you don’t care about Jake Pavelka (neither do I really!) but I did get a chuckle out of him popping up on the online dating app Bumble. I did “swipe right” on him just out of curiosity to see if we matched, but unfortunately I must not be as hot as Vienna ????. Anyway, here are few screen grabs of the pictures he has posted. I did think it was interesting it says he works in real estate now? I thought people still saw him working as a pilot. Pretty sad….he could not look any worse than he does in these pictures!

Love the site!


Comment: Well if those aren’t some of the douchiest, most cheesedick dating profiles pictures I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. Bumble? Who wants to meet someone on a site named Bumble? You sure you didn’t get those Jake pictures off his “Grinder” profile? I mean…it’d make more sense.

Dear Steve,

When you do your webcast from your house, you grab your water bottle with your right hand. When you do your webcast from your sister’s house, “on the other hand,” you grab your water bottle with your left hand. What gives?

Comment: I had no idea I even did this, but as I’m sitting here at my computer right now, I have a bottle of water on my left, so I’d grab that with my left hand. Maybe you’re mixing it up?


What country singer is Shawn’s “Eskimo brother”? I don’t know.

I find it kind of funny and ironic that Nick is calling Shawn out for that, when Kaitlyn is essentially doing the same thing. He’s having sex with a girl who he knows is having sex with Shawn….and possibly Ben H.

Cue the Alanis Morrisette “isn’t it ironic….?”

Okay, that was super cheesy. Hope it at least made you smile.


Comment: I’d smile if you referenced “You Oughta Know” just because for years the urban legend had it that the song was about Dave Coulier and it wasn’t.

Thank you for the constant updates. They are so entertaining! A few questions:

1) I felt like last season of bachelor in paradise was so incomplete without the tell all episode, probably because im so used to that format. Do you think they will have one this season and why do you think there wasn’t one last time? I guess this season’s after-show will be their “Tell All,” except we’ll get it every week and want to shoot ourselves afterwards.

2) Do you think the producers and the network have some seasons in mind that they kinda just would like to sweep under the rug and pretend didn’t happen? Like JP’s season? Or even Ben Flajnik’s? I feel like no one ever mentions his? Are they embarrassed by them? Prince Lorenzo, Travis, and Ben are three that come to mind. And yeah, probably JP even though that gave them good ratings.

On a side note, i just wanted to point out that on one of tenley’s periscopes that she did with ashley i, jade stopped by and one of the first things she says is “tanner says hi,” clearly not knowing fans were watching live. I just think its so humorous that these people kinda spill it for us!

Thanks again!

Comment: Yeah, it is kinda funny how inevitably social media will somehow spoil every season.

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  1. whattamorondude

    July 22, 2015 at 9:26 AM

    I didn’t need to read any further after reading the 2nd email detailing Nick’s sociopathic personality. Brilliant…..and dead on.

  2. kmannone723

    July 22, 2015 at 12:01 PM

    They kept Nick in the Final 2 mainly because they wanted Ben H. for The bachelor post and since The Bachelor is never a villain or a final 2 guy the only other earliest would’ve been final 6 meaning no fantasy suite for him which is not what they wanted for him.

  3. vessel

    July 22, 2015 at 1:06 PM

    They have used final 2 guys as the Bachelor. Ben Flajnik was F2. It’s Bachelorettes who can never be F2.

  4. rob22

    July 22, 2015 at 2:34 PM

    Melissa Rycroft is not the most successful Bachelor/Bachelorette. Jesse Palmer, by far. He was a 3rd string QB for the Giants (which means he never sees the field & has a lifespan in the league of moth) who nobody knew. Now he’s got a full time gig on ESPN as a commentator. Dude really worked the Bachelor angle to up his brand & land that gig. He probably had the least interest in the girls of anyone. He was all about the business. BTW: he’s Canadian too. So, another “foreign” born Bachelor.

  5. Scout

    July 22, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    and I would disagree with both of those…..I’d say Ali Fedowtowsky for most successful.

  6. rob22

    July 22, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    @scout: Palmer also just got a Good Morning America contributor gig to go along with his ESPN gig and SEC network gig. His net worth is estimated at $4M. Ali Fedowtowsky is doing well with an estimated net worth of $600K. Good, but it’s Palmer in a landslide.

  7. oddsmaker

    July 22, 2015 at 3:29 PM

    What about Travis Stork? He probably doesn’t have a ton of name recognition, but he had that daytime show, and I could have swore I saw him on a Doctor Scholls commercial. My google search says he has a net worth of $8M

  8. purplerayne

    July 22, 2015 at 4:04 PM

    Im still not getting the logic that by addressing an issue, you are encouraging that issue. I dont recall the same rationale when the topic of bullying gay teens was a big thing in the media. I dont remember people saying “oh by talking about it, you are only giving these people more attention”. Im guessing Steve and the people who have issue with it do not have counseling backgrounds 😉

    However, I dont doubt ABC/Bachelor is using this as a way to deflect blame for how Kaitlyn is being treated. They choose to show the footage and to make it the centerpiece story line of the season . And no, they didnt have to. I mean I dont recall them showing Lead X snorting coke with producers during hometown dates back in the day? So they are able to be discreet…but only when it serves them.

  9. purplerayne

    July 22, 2015 at 4:12 PM

    I have noticed that Josh was VERY active on Twitter Monday nights, prior to Steve revealing Ben H is (pretty much) the next Bachelor. Now? A few tweets here and there. He’s just as hungry for fame/opportunities as all the other contestants. This is why I got a kick out of the women who scolded Andi for quitting her job yet completely ignored the fact that Josh doesnt have a real job and is milking his 15 min with Advocare. SMH at the blind following some of these contestants have.

  10. vessel

    July 22, 2015 at 5:19 PM

    @purplerayne I agree about the cyber bullying. Of course Andi and JP got quite a lot, too (I remember a few nutjobs blaming Andi for Eric Hill’s death for Pete’s sake) But from what I’ve read Kailtyn’s getting way worse than I’ve seen past leads get. I think it was totally appropriate to bring it up at the MTA, and I don’t think by addressing it is encouraging more.

  11. cjscjs711

    July 22, 2015 at 5:35 PM

    People who bully and cyberbully are often looking for attention. By publishing and televising their mean tweets, especially on the shows that include the names, you really ‘make their day.’

    The age-old advice has always been ignore minor events when you can, go to authorities or site moderators when it’s more than minor. Don’t respond, cut off communication, block them; certainly don’t seek them out.

    They also pretty much agree don’t sink to the bully’s level by tauning them back, name-calling or insulting them back – they want attention and to get your goat. That stops nothing and actually only likely to keep it going.

    The franchise is well aware that saying basically, ‘don’t name-call Kaitlyn any more, she’s hurt,’ will stop no bullies of hers.

    A general, anti-bullying campaign is different – they tell victims how to handle the situation, parents and teachers how to recognize when a situation is transpiring, etc. Here, they did exactly what not to do – gave the bullies national attention and acknowledgement that they caused hurt as intended. Basically a reward.

    What I noticed about the Kaitlyn comments was how few positive comments she received. Andi, Clare, Juan Pablo, etc. all each got some horrible and explicit hate comments – but also a good number of positive. Kaitlyn: it’s one after another negative.

    Kaitlyn seemed to be trying to get back into her humor groove – which was making fun of other people, as she did on Chris’s season of her fellow contenders – by making fun of the hater-comments. But it’s so no longer about her humor. For the reasons we’ve all discussed, it’s that her season, her acting, her unbelievability – was just so bad. I think the bad season made it hard for even her former fans to say much positive.

  12. rob22

    July 22, 2015 at 5:40 PM

    Ya know, oddly this Mary Hartman season has been pretty good. Mainly it’s been the awesome train wreck I had hoped for. I mean you have the slut edit, Shawn the Tool Man and Nick. The smarmy opportunist that keeps on giving. Bless you Nick Cialis!

    The cyber-bullying segment was merely an effort to try to mop up some of the self-created damage to the show’s brand. “Hey it wasn’t us…. it was those bad people who say bad words on Twitter”. “Bad people”. “They’re Hatas”. CH: “Kaitlyn’s my friend. (Friends with Benefits, I’m hoping). Please. Gag me with Captain Jack Sparrow’s sorry beard.

    I’m not sure we can go back to a normal show again. I mean going to PBrady after this season? How is that going to work exactly? Expectations have changed. Hey, I know, bring Marcia on the show for some nice TV incest. Or that chick from Dodgeball that kind of looked like Marcia who was shagging Vince Vaughn on the show, and for real doing Ben Stiller. Works for me!

  13. vessel

    July 22, 2015 at 6:48 PM

    I liked her going into this season and I like her just as much on our way out of this season, she’s done nothing to make me like her less. Frankly I think she handled the MTA better than any lead I can remember. No ugly crying with snot and mascara dripping down her face because they don’t let them have tissues. What a relief to be spared that finally.

    What I don’t like is the editing and format change this season. The bromance crap was stupid and boring, and way to much attention was given to it on the MTA. Also the love triangle stuff got old for me weeks ago. Hated the no hometowns, and the rose ceremonies in the beginning and middle was a fail for me as well. It’s a bummer that the Patagonia trip didn’t happen but that’s not her fault.

    Oh well, I’m definitely ready for BIP. Judging from the preview it looks like Ashley I practices Kim Kardashian’s signature ugly cry face in her mirror. She’s got it down to a T.

  14. Dianne

    July 23, 2015 at 9:24 AM

    rob22 – let’s not forget another Canadian success story. Ex-bachelorette Jillian Harris. She’s currently the host of “Love It Or List It Vancouver”, which is a very successful program. She also has her own interior design company. Ah yes, gotta love our Canadians 🙂

  15. joy1987

    July 23, 2015 at 9:38 AM

    Totally agree with rob22. I also think it’s annoying how she loves to play thr victim but constantly retweets comments that say anything but praise about her like Steve mentioned on his last post. She retweeted someone telling her she sucked. That’s lame. She also has “told off” 15 yr Olds who slut shame her. The most mature thing would be to not say anything at all or delete the comments. Reposting and trying to be “funny” is her way of bullying and bullying is not okay in any form! Doesn’t matter what she did or what people say about her, she is continuing it by posting the hate tweets. Steve made valid points in his last post about this topic. I used to really like kaitlyn. I don’t know anything about her and I can tell that all she wants is fame and is very boring. The dates are annoying, she has meaningless conversations, she can say whatever she wants that’s bad about people but doesn’t like people saying anything about her that isn’t praising her, it’s been more about fun then being serious and I don’t think it’s right she told Shawn he was the one but then gets annoyed with him for being upset that she is messing around with nick. My husband watches the show with me and said he wouldnt be able to stay if I told him the same thing but then had sex with someone else, especially that he disliked. Glad Ben is the new bachelor. Seems very real. The show is ridiculous. It’s sad how little they care about people.
    Does anyone know if she actually made the “sounds” when I’m bed with nick or was it producers? I can’t remember if Steve told us or not. I think he said it was producers but I can’t remember.

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