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“Reader Emails” & Chris Harrison Bashes UnREAL (Of Course He Does)

You’ll be happy to know I had no “Bachelor” related dreams last night, but we do have an email this week that already dissected the dream about credit cards. Granted, I don’t buy all of it, but one part is true, so look for that today. You know how sometimes when you have an itch, you just have to keep scratching it. That’s what it feels like in my throat right now. Ever since my chills and fever went away, I’ve been coughing non stop and it blows. Taken all sorts of medicine, but it hasn’t calmed down just yet. Yesterday was the worst. Seems a little better today, but when I do cough, it definitely has that base to it. I’m shocked I was able to not cough yesterday morning on “Good Morning Texas,” but that was only about 5 minutes. Should be interesting tomorrow night on the live video chat. I have a feeling I’ll be coughing a lot more with having to talk for an hour straight. We’ll see how it goes, but if it gets too bad, I’ll probably end up shutting down the chat early. Just a heads up. I rarely get sick, and I’m really not sick anymore. I just can’t stop fighting this itch in my throat without coughing. Maybe I’ll just bundle up on the couch and down a pint of ice cream today. That’ll do the trick.

One thing that I didn’t address in yesterday’s column was the uproar on social media Monday night regarding Shawn’s nose. People are convinced he got a nose job. It certainly looked different when watching, then someone sent me this picture. On the left was during the season, on the right was at the ATFR:


However, Shawn addressed this yesterday on E! and said he didn’t have a nose job. It was just contouring. Whatever the hell that is. I know nothing about it, but damn, seems to work pretty well.

Get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. The sick doctor needs some more emails to do today to keep him busy.

Chris Harrison did his weekly interview and basically said he figured Kaitlyn would pick Shawn the whole time. So yeah, this really seemed like a done deal most of the season and they did whatever they could to spice it up a bit. However, that’s not the only story involving Chris Harrison today.

Someone finally got around to asking Chris what he thought of UnREAL and, well, Chris definitely had his opinion on it. Not the least bit surprised he trashed it. And why wouldn’t he? UnREAL exposed the behind-the-curtain underbelly about what producer manipulation goes on behind the scenes. But to sit there and compare viewership? That’s just stupid. Chris, your show has been on 30 seasons. UnREAL just started. Of course it’s not going to draw the ratings you guys do. It got picked up for a second season, so it’s gotta be somewhat profitable to the network. Cable ratings are completely different than network ratings, so Chris is really digging at straws to insult UnREAL and it makes him look childish. He’s butt hurt because people are finally getting a look at what really goes on and he’s lashing out. Are the storylines extreme? Yes. Do they exaggerate situations? Of course. But at its core, what UnREAL is portraying is not far off from what the “Bachelor” does. I’m sorry, but when the executive producer of UnREAL is someone who worked on your program for 9 SEASONS, don’t tell me that she doesn’t have an idea of what she’s talking about. Funny how Chris trashes it, yet so many contestants have come out and said this is pretty much what goes on. That’s all you need to know. Nice try, Chris.



Totally weird realization but Rachel reminds me of Selma from Sean (?)’s season. Thoughts? Or am I just crazy.

Comment: I don’t see it. Selma is much sexier. Rachel is attractive in a plain Jane kind of way.

Hi Steve,

I haven’t really been watching the series since Emily’s season, but have been always keeping on your blog posts. Recently a friend wanted to make a Monday girls night watching the show, so I caught up with Kaitlyn’s season.

I noticed it in previous seasons and I noticed it again now, but are the leads told not to tell any of the contestants that they love them before the final rose ceremony? It seems like they make a lot of generalized statements to the group (“I’m falling in love”, “I’ve fallen in love”) and imply they’re in love but don’t seem to say it. Shawn’s comment on the last episode about knowing Kaitlyn loves him but “she can’t say it” made me wonder.

Thanks for all you do! Hello to Maddie as well 🙂

Comment: They’re told to keep it pretty general. Some abide by it, some don’t. Kaitlyn obviously was in to Shawn night one and made it known throughout the season. Hell, she even told the guy. But for the most part, they keep it pretty generic.

Congrats on your craps winnings! I didn’t think they 1099ed craps, just slots and Kino. Regardless, you (or your accountant) probably know you can write off those winnings pretty easily.

They’ll 1099 you on any “jackpot” you hit that goes over a certain amount. As I mentioned Thursday, if I just won a bunch of money on blackjack or just betting numbers on craps, that doesn’t get taxed. But the “fire bet” is what I got taxed on because of its payoff.

On a different note, do you think on UnReal the story line will include Chet’s wife faking the pregnancy?

Comment: Well only one episode left and Chet’s wife hasn’t been on for what, the last 2 or 3 episodes? No idea what’ll happen with that.

Hi Steve.

Thanks for another entertaining season!

A Reader Email this past week (as well as various other commenters/articles throughout the season) pointed out that part of the reason why Kaitlyn’s season has been less than stellar is due to the fact that we don’t “know” her, her motivations, or really anything of importance about her. However, if Ben H. does become the next Bachelor (as it’s looking he will be), I feel like it’s going to be the same scenario. All I know about Ben H. so far (unless I’ve been missing something), is that he’s 26, his hometown is listed as Denver, he’s cute in a Peter Brady kind of way, & he can string several well thought out sentences together (something that Chris was painfully unable to do); oh, & he’s “unloveable” – whatever the eff that is. To use Ben Z. as an alternate example (I know he won’t be the bachelor), but with him they’d have the storyline of “dead mom, unable to cry, can he find a girl that can soften his dead, cold heart?”

All of the recent previous Bachelors that I can remember, no matter how terrible, did have some sort of storyline: Chris – farmer; JP – single dad; Sean – born again virgin; Ben – winery owner; Brad – second time’s the charm; etc. So unless they create some storyline in the time between now & the Bachelor announcement, Ben H. will be as unknown to us as Kaitlyn. And maybe no one will give a sh*t about that because he’s a guy & reasons.

Comment: What about the “I feel like I’m unlovable” storyline? That’s possible. Ben Z. “I’ve never cried since my mom died” is a pretty flimsy premise to base a season around. Not to mention, he’s a fitness trainer. Then again, it’s not gonna be him so no worries. I honestly don’t think you really need this deep rooted back story. What did we even know about Kaitlyn from Chris’ season? Practically nothing. And still don’t. But she got it, so ultimately, I don’t think it matters all that much. What matters most is a fan base, and Ben H. certainly has that.

Hi Steve,

I have been reading your spoilers for years and thoroughly enjoy them and your sarcastic commentary. It gets me through my god awful work days. All of my Bachelor watching friends know that I read the spoilers and always come to me to talk about the latest episode. It drives me absolutely insane to listen to them talk about this show like its a storybook fairy tale .. it’s all garbage, I tell them!

I have a few questions for you:

1) I just read the comment section of the NY Post article you shared. Someone said that Jessie Palmer told an ESPN interviewer that he slept with seven girls on the show. Did you hear anything about that? If it’s true, he has Bob Guiney beat by 1.5! Never heard that. Bob was 5.5, not 1.5.

2) Kaitlyn’s season, in my opinion, has been probably the worst cast (both lead and contestants) season thus far. Also, the dates and destinations are getting stale and boring. Do you think that this franchise may be starting to jump the shark? 8 million viewers and a 2.4 rating, winning the night in basically ever demo, followed by 4 hours a week the next 6 weeks of BIP 2 pretty much says no.

3) Since I love to hear your opinions on Bachelor/Bachelorettes in their “real lives”, which Bachelor(s) and Bachelorette(s) do you think were the biggest phonies and why? I am thinking Emily Maynard for the Bachelorette because she played the sweet as peaches Southerner when she was actually not that innocent.


Bachelor Cynic in NJ

Comment: There are too many to name.

Hi Steve,

I’m currently watching your video chat and I have to say I’m sorry for all the dumb questions you receive. It wasn’t even from me but even I don’t take kindly to them. Heh! Anyway, I hope you can answer this for me. Why is it that we haven’t had an original bachelor in ages? Why have they decided recycle from the previous season?

Comment: Because the show has a formula that works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Hi Steve,

Sorry if you’ve answered this before in some capacity, but when Nick came on and “asked to stay”, do you think the producers coached her to say yes, or do you think she really wanted him on? I can kind of see that maybe they just wanted her to show her commitment to the guys by saying no (like Ben with Shawntel), but then again, maybe she actually asked to have him on because she wasn’t feeling it with any of the guys? I’m sure Kaitlyn wanted him on. She’s made that clear.

Other question, of all the bachelorettes, who do you think rivals Kaitlyn as least likely to have “done it for the right reasons”, ie, actually wanting to get married? I can’t think of any that come close.

Comment: I’d need to think about that one.

Hey Steve,

I have been reading your site since Jason and Molly but have never written. I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks.

Even the very few times your end spoiler has been wrong, your site always brings great entertainment value….haters gonna hate don’t worry about them, they clearly have some screws loose. It’s a reality tv show for goodness sakes get a life.
And a big thank you for Friday night lights! I just finished binge watching all 5 seasons you were so right! Just an awesome show I only wish it had gone on for more seasons. I haven’t watched the movie though is it as good as the show?

Keep doing you Steve, we appreciate it!

A Canadian fan

Comment: See Kaitlyn? Canada loves me!

Hi steve,

Thanks for the spoilers and info!

Im sure you probably got this email a lot this week but i can’t help but ask, why the heck did they have the after the final rose at the mansion? Have they ever had it there before? Byron’s season was the last one. This was addressed in last week’s column. They were supposed to go to Patagonia, South America for overnights and final rose ceremony but it fell through late.

Second question is about the live shows after paradise. How do you think the cast will be brought in, say if jade and tanner are a big topic one week, will they bring both in together, yet that could spoil the episodes to come. Or will they just bring in the non relationship drama people, like if it were applied to last season, would they bring in like clare and ashlee? What do you think?


Comment: I have no idea how that’s gonna work. I’m sure they don’t either and are just booking on the fly.

UnReal is getting crazy! I’m just now watching last weeks episode tonight … been on vacation so catching up on all my shows today! That was a lot in 1 episode! Jeremy leaving Lizzy for Rachel, Chet and Quinn getting engaged, Chet cheating on Quinn with the intern, Rachel and Adam sleeping together … Whoa! You should do a recap next season of each episode and your feelings on each. I know it’s fictional but still fun to discuss with someone who watches regularly.

I think Jeremy would be good for Rachel but she is too much of a wild child for him in my opinion. He is going to be pissed when he realizes she doesn’t want him. Should have stayed with Liz. I’m sure this will be a love triangle going into season 2.

Why do you think Chet did what he did with the intern? He seems like he really loves Quinn so I’m confused! He definitely black mailed the girl but why? Chet’s a horny pig. That’s been made known since the get go. Not the least bit surprised he did that.

And the whole Adam and Rachael thing we all saw coming. She will be jealous going into season 2 and it’s a great story line.


Comment: I really have no idea how the finale is going to end up. I can see about 5 different scenarios playing out.

Hi Steve!

I’m a long time fan – LOVE your site!

Is it just me or does Des seem like the black sheep of the Bachelor family? I know they wouldn’t air her wedding and Andi just posted a pic of her and Ali and Catherine at Good Morning America this morning and I didn’t see Des.

Do you know why ABC doesn’t like her? I just think she deserves more respect from ABC since she did marry her F1 and her season was dramatic for sure.

Defending Des in Datlanta (okay, I live in Atlanta, GA, but I was trying to do that alliteration thing you love!)

Comment: Not really sure, but she definitely doesn’t get the love that other couples have, that’s for sure.

Laughed out loud when this came on in the car. Perhaps Jared is a 90s on 9 fan.


Comment: He totally is. Has to be. Unless he has “Linger” on repeat, that’s basically the only way he’s hearing it.

Hey Steve!

I was just curious as to who your favorites on Friday Night Lights are? It is seriously the best show ever.

Mine are….
Favorite Characters (in no particular order) – Matt Saracen, Smash Williams, Eric Taylor, Jason Street and Tyra
Favorite couple – Matt and Julie
Least favorite couple – I didn’t hate Lyla, but I thought she was pretty blah. I also HATED that sleazy married TA Julie got involved with.
Best character development – Both Riggins brothers
Favorite characters were Coach and Tami and it wasn’t close.
Favorite couple was probably Matt and Julie since they went the duration of the series.
Least favorite couple was Riggins and Lyla. Rebound sex.
Best character development I’d say is all of them.

In Bachelor World, I am so ready for Paradise. I like Katelyn but I am done with the Shawn and Nick drama. I also seriously think Ben is too young to be the Bachelor. He’s a great guy and all, but I feel like his crowd of girls is going to be recent college grads who aren’t ready for anything serious and early 30 somethings who they’ll portray as sad cougars. Not excited.

Comment: And how would casting those women be any different than any other season of 25 women? That’s basically what every “Bachelor” cast looks like.

Did u start your own website first or start on a blog site? If so which one? I am going to start a blog that nobody has done. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything similar because it’s so oit of the norm but people would really relate to it. Any advice for a huge fan of yours? It’s nothing like what your doing, but I just don’t know where to start. It’s a fashion and makeup blog that hasn’t been done yet.

Thanks and looking forward to the next few days on your site for recaps, questions and advice! U Crack me up!

Comment: We use WordPress. Is that what you’re asking?

Good luck.

You’re Mike Fleiss and have to pick a new Bachelor for next season, your choices are Nick V or Chris B….

Who do you pick and why?

And you have to pick one!

Comment: Nick.

Hi Steve,

On the Sean Lowe scale of sincerity with 10 being completely sincere about finding a wife on this show, 7 being Sean Lowe and 1 being Juan Pablo, where would you rank Ben H?

Comment: Probably around a 7 as well.

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  1. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    I think Ben H already has his “hook” and he set it the first night while talking to Britt.

    He sponsors a child in South America, so he’ll be the “Bachelor That Gives Back”, or the “Philanthropic Bachelor”.

    I’ll bet they’ve got him pumping up his charitable efforts so they can capitalize on them for the show.

    Obviously he’s a nice guy and legitimately cares, but I’m betting that’s his angle for the season.

  2. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 11:25 AM

  3. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    That’s not a new or interesting “theory”. It’s been talked about all over the Net since Steve spoiled that Nick was going to be on the show. And that was as soon as he showed up in New York.

    She’s WAY too late to the party to think she came up with that theory. *LOL* It’s been hashed out for months already.

  4. jessicat

    July 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    The person who said Jesse Palmer had Bob beat by 1.5 Knows that Bob slept with 5.5 women. If Jesse slept with 7, he beat Bob by 1.5. How did Steve not understand that? He can be so demeaning to some people about the things they ask, when really he misunderstands some of the questions.

  5. cjscjs711

    July 29, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    On Shawn’s two photos. Can’t say whether Shawn had a nose job but these two photos certainly don’t prove it.

    The one on the left was shot with a wide angle lens, which famously distorts whatever is nearest the camera – in this case his nose – and makes it bigger. One on right with a longer lens which gives more realistic proportions.

    One on left lit by looks like sunlight around noon – hard-edged shadows, dark eye sockets, and (natural) Butterfly Lighting on the nose. This lighting is very unflattering for long/big noses as it accentuates it all with long shadows cast.

    I’m a retoucher and it’s shots like this that help me feed my family….. Look for shade and shoot with longer lens and your subjects will look better. Jus sayin

  6. ashleigh11

    July 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    Shawn’s original nose looks like it was broken once and didn’t heal right (maybe playing sports). Make-up contouring can do a wonder of things though – especially on camera/film.

  7. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    @jessicat too true. Steve misunderstood one of my reader emails a while back and he completely put me on blast. Makes me a little hesitant to ask him anything now.

  8. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    So, was the conspiracy theory disproven?

  9. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    @Jessicat, ha thanks for pointing that out, its yet another example of Steve being condescending without comprehending/paying attention to the question. What did Steve do prior to running this site? It couldnt’ have been anything that required much attention to detail 😉

    Also, whats the big deal if Shawn gave Kaitlyn a quick lift at the end of the night? Maybe Steve has been single for too long…but its completely NORMAL. Its what guys do (especially if they have the right physique). They probably had a few cocktails and were feeling silly. What a stupid thing to harp on.

  10. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    Im not too shocked by the poll answers. It seems that Kaitlyn and Shawn are well matched. She’s his type, he’s her type (personality and looks wise…got this impression from what family has said and from Kaitlyn’s former boyfriends). They seem to want same lifestyle (important!) and both career wise are on same page (using fame to start their own fitness biz). Will they actually get married? Who knows? But they are the couple in last few seasons that seem to make sense on paper. (As I type they might be breaking up LOL)

  11. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    @purplerayne I’m pretty sure Steve used to work in radio, if I’m not mistaken sports radio.

  12. rob22

    July 30, 2015 at 8:14 AM

    RS worked for Jim Rome on sports radio. I never heard him on the air, though. He was a phone screener and maybe a producer.

    The reason CH hates UNReal is because the host on that show is a vacuous, empty suited tool. Obviously that character was patterned after CH himself. Not very flattering. I picture CH in a sort of indignant rage while watching the show. “I have never said things that stupid!” Yeah right CH. UnReal has you dead to rights!

  13. amelie

    August 2, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    UnREAL was great for the first couple of episodes, it opens your eyes & exposes all the nasty behind-the-scenes manipulation that goes on in this type of ‘reality’ shows. But this type of exposure is more suited for a mini series, a documentary or a short film, definitely not a TV show… after a couple of episodes it loses its luster & appeal–like a magician telling you all his secrets–and now all you are left with is very unlikable characters, overly exaggerated plots and a boring premise.

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