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“Reader Emails” & Chris Harrison Bashes UnREAL (Of Course He Does)

Have you ever heard of bachelors/bachelorettes hooking up with one of the final 2 on the last date? Or as Kaitlyn likes to call it… Getting off-camera time.

Comment: Yes.

So happy you can mark another season off as correct!!

And Chris was right in that he saw something we hadn’t seen before – nick get dumped in finale twice lol

Random question – the gift nick gave kaitlyn is that done by producers and he plays it off as his idea or that’s all him? That’s producers idea.

UNreal question..
Who do you think will win “everlasting”

what would you like to see happen next season?

Congrats again!!

Comment: I really don’t know. I want a cliffhanger though heading in to season 2. And I do hope Adam comes back. I’ve grown to like him.

Dear Mr. Steve,

I have a few questions for you. Thank you for taking time to respond.

1. What is the point of Chris Harrison? Every show needs a host.

2. Could producers have corhorsed Nick into making the move to sleep with Kaitlyn? I don’t think they needed to. Those two horndogs wanted to.

3. Did kaitlyn sleep with Ben? Yep.

4. Why do contestants let the producers change them? Because they love the fame.

5. Why does Nick think Kaitlyn could have chosen him? Because she liked him.

6. Is Shawn as dumb/immature as Kaitlyn? I don’t know.

7. Why does Neil Lane act like the bachelor’s are dumb and has a creepy as sh*t smile? I don’t know.

8. Does Kaitlyn EVER change her hair? I think so.

9. Any other cool fun facts or maybe not so fun facts about the bachelor and or bachelorette that you can share?

Thank you!!

Comment: About a million. What I give you is what I can share.

Hey Steve,

On the Bachelorette, do they let the F1 get the first meeting with Neil Lane so he has the first pick of the rings?

Comment: I don’t think it’s something that’s set in stone every season. Get it? Set in stone? I kill myself.

How do you think casting and the type of people that apply to be on The Bachelor and Bachelorette will change because of what people have seen on Unreal?

Comment: It won’t.


Any thoughts on how Kaitlyn and Shawn acted at the finale? Do you believe that they were faking it or do you think they were genuinely happy. I think compared to couples that didn’t last like JP & Nikki and Andi & Josh they seemed way happier. I think the happiness was genuine.

Comment: I don’t see them as any different than any previous couple. Same ol’, same ol’ to me. They looked happy, in love, and can’t wait to start their real life. They said absolutely nothing different than any other couple has.


I don’t know if you saw on Jimmy Kimmel last night, they explained the Snapchat thing in that they were snapping with a producer. Kaitlyn says she got in trouble but didn’t mention it. But then why was it a video? I heard people say on Twitter that it was only a picture? And that’s creepy why Snapchat yourself in bed to a producer. One of my biggest pet peeves in this Snapchat story is people continuously saying they snapped a pic of themselves. It was a video that lasted :10 seconds. I retweeted the video 5 minutes after it went up. I put it up on my site when I talked about it. Shows you how 99% of the people following the story were naïve about Snapchat, hence the reason the show didn’t feel the need to address it. Yet here we are after the fact, and they both have said now to three different outlets that they gave it away and the show wasn’t happy. Not sure why everyone has to go all conspiracy theory when this stuff happens.

Do you think the whole ATFR Nick and Shawn staged that was all sorts of awkward? Plus parents in the audience. Everything about the finale is staged. You don’t think they just decided on the spot to put Nick and Shawn on the stage, do you?

Last question, we know there stuff behind the scenes in Bachelor US but in the other counterparts AU, CA is there still producer manipulation or not as much?

Good solid season thanks!

Comment: I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t tell you a thing about the “Bachelor” in other countries because I’ve never seen them.


Does ABC tell the bachelorette to let the final guys talk first at the final rose ceremony? It seems weird that she gives the roses out and then at the end the tables turn and the guys profess their love first.

Comment: I don’t think it’s weird at all. So you think the final rose ceremony should be just both guys there at the same time and she just gives a final rose out like a regular rose ceremony?

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to congratulate you on yet another successful season of spoilers! You continue to be my go to for all things Bachelor/ette. Thanks for entertaining me during the week. Looking forward to your Paradise recaps!

I just had to comment on this season for a second. I was so happy that Kaitlyn was picked as Bachelorette. I thought she would be a refreshing change from all the cookie cutter/ Polly Perfect Bachelorettes before her. I feel like the show missed an opportunity with her, instead focusing too much on pointless and overblown drama. I found the editing this season to be quite awful. I hated how chopped up the episodes were. It was hard to keep track of what was going on in each episode with things edited the way they were. As much as I know this show is phony I really wish they would have backed off showing so much “man drama” and Shawn vs. Nick. It was way overkill and mountains were made out of mole hills. I have been watching the Bachelor franchise since Jake’s season and I have never seen a lead have to deal with so much stupidity. Every date there was something blown way out of proportion. It got to be ridiculous.

What was the purpose of having Nick’s family at the ATFR??? Made no sense to me whatsoever. It was interesting to hear Shawn and Nick both mention the editing…. Gotta love Nick throwing out the Bukowski comment. That was awesome.

Sorry for the rant, this season was not nearly as good as I thought it would be.

Thanks for the entertainment and keep doing what you do!

Comment: I don’t know why Nick’s family was there. Maybe I could understand the parents just for support (although I can’t remember many times in the history of this show where the final 2 person’s family was there), but the two younger sisters? Completely exploitative.

Keep wondering why I watch this effed up show. Oh wait, wifey likes it, that’s why. And I get points for watching her stuff, which I get to cash in when football season starts.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, a few observations about last night’s thoroughly irritating finale that aptly punctuated this miserable season:

1. Shawn. Wow, dude. Again, you made Nick (Nick!!) likeable, which alone makes you deserve the plague of an enormous honking nose. And again, you managed to seem like an insecure teenage boy who Kaitlyn completely controls. Embarrassing. Did you see him giving her a piggy back ride in NY yesterday because her feet hurt from being in heels all day? By the way, we are one day into their “public” relationship, and already their social media activity is nauseating.

2. Nick. I have to admit, I couldn’t stand the guy during Andi’s season, and while I’m still no fan, I’m a bit more convinced that he actually really no-kidding cared deeply about Kaitlyn. Or, maybe he thinks he does. Maybe he believes his own bs. Either way, not as bad a guy as I thought. Err…maybe it’s just because I can’t stand Shawn, ha. He’s not a terrible guy. Just an opportunist who wants to continue to be on TV in any way he can but pretends like he doesn’t. That’s my biggest problem with Nick. And most of these people for that matter. They’re phony. Just say you’re doing the show because you want all the perks that come with it, you want more social media followers, you want to increase your brand, and you want more opportunities to come your way. Quit hiding behind the, “I really think this process works and I’m here to find love” BS.

3. The Shawn-Nick meeting. The single dumbest thing the show did this entire season, which upon reflection is really quite a statement. Chris Harrison’s questions to Shawn were so awful he really needed to be knocked upside the head. “Gosh Shawn, why don’tcha like Nick? Can we hug it out?” No, douchebag. Nick banged his girl. Nick also told Shawn’s “eskimo brothers” story to Kaitlyn. It ain’t happenin’. Even for a show that is hopelessly contrived to begin with, this was ridiculous. I have no idea what Chris Harrison was expecting would happen, but whatever it was, he never came close to achieving it.

4. Nick bringing up that Kaitlyn said she loves him. If I liked Kaitlyn more I’d probably oppose him doing that. But frankly, she did lead the guy on. Yes, it’s a dating show with multiple relationships going on at the same time. But Kaitlyn isn’t required to bang Nick AND tell him she loves him, yet she chose to do both. For his part, Nick showed a surprising amount of restraint in not talking about the sex throughout the season. And bringing up that she said she loves him is more of an emotional “you hurt me” statement than when he brought up the sex with Andi, which came across more like a guy who was pissed and wanted to go out ugly. The other reason I was ok with it was Kaitlyn’s reaction—she clearly had hoped that wouldn’t see the light of day and wasn’t comfortable hearing it repeated. Once again, she so loved being pursued that she let at least 4 different guys really believe they were going to be the one. I didn’t see any of the final guys who had overinterpreted Kaitlyn’s signals—when that happens you can’t really blame the lead. I saw them picking up what she was giving them for her own enjoyment. Then, when she wants to back out of it, she expects you to quietly go gentle into that good night. Sorta like casual sex, but with emotions too, not just with physicality. In a way, Nick bringing this up kinda called Kaitlyn on her BS, which made it worthwhile.

One thing you need to incorporate is a pool in which your site readers predict the demise (with timing) of the Bachelor franchise relationships. Whoever comes closest wins some inexpensive but symbolic prize. For example, I’d call Shawn and Kaitlyn’s relationship over before Thanksgiving. I’ll go with November 1.

Thanks for the site…makes the show bearable.

Comment: Did you see the poll question results? As of right now, it’s almost a 1/3 split for each answer. 33% (3,826 votes) think they’ll last 3-6 months, 31% (3,547 votes) think they’ll last 6-12 months, and 35% (4,050 votes) think they’ll get married. I’m surprised by that.

Hey Steve!

Just a few questions for you:

Was the proposal initially supposed to happen on Padagonia but then that location fell through? Yes. Mentioned that last week.

Why do you think people are calling Nick a jerk and arrogant for the way he responded in the limo? I mean, this guy did get dumped for the second time on national television, Kaitlyn slept with him first in the competition, and she’s carried a romantic relationship with him longer than anyone else. Of course he’s gonna be pissed about it. So what he threw the ring? He could’ve done much more. I wish he would’ve kept the same stance in the ATFR. Because he went from having a strong stance to being a little lapdog and being soft on Kaitlyn. All he did was take the ring off and toss it aside. It’s not like he threw a temper tantrum and fired it at someone. I didn’t see the big deal.

How do you feel about Shawn’s jealousy? I’ve studied domestic violence and his jealously, constant need for reassurance, and his threats to leave Kaitlyn are all signs of an abuser, whether it is physical or emotional. There’s healthy jealousy, and an unhealthy possessiveness. That might be reading into it a bit much saying she’s on the verge of a possibly physical or emotionally abusive relationship. Remember, a lot of hours of footage we didn’t see.

Paradise Question: Would they ever put another lead in how they did on Bachelor Pad? I don’t know.

Last question and this is a little fun fact.

Did you know that Zack Grienke’s wife follows you on twitter? You were one of the first people she followed.

That’s all Steve.

I’ll probably send a new email next week once in done puking from the overkill of Bachelor in Paradise.

Comment: Actually, I did know she followed me because she sent a tweet once that had my name in it so I saw it in my replies. Now if she’d only hook me up with some tickets, we could totes be BFF’s.

Apparently Brandon Belt, the 1B for the SF Giants, referenced me last season in an interview he did as well. Lets get a private survey of MLB players and ask how many of them read the site.

Congrats on another season well-spoiled! What a typical, boring finale though, geez. I was really sad when you revealed she picked Shawn. Brad 2.0 would have been much better.

The other day my boyfriend was making fun of me for how much time I spend on your website, because I’ve been following it religiously since Jake’s season, including at least 95% of your columns, all but 1-3 video podcasts and most of your off-season posts. I started thinking about it, and has actually taken up a significant amount of time over the years. Since I started reading at the beginning of Jake’s season (2009):

6 years x 8 months/year x 4 weeks/month x 1.5 hrs/week (approx) = 288 hrs!! That is 12 days of my life!! Hopefully you can appreciate that. Wow. That’s some serious dedication to this site. Thanks for the support.

Now onto a couple items:

1. You mentioned something in last week’s video podcast that actually really surprised me, and that’s how you now believe Rozyln may have had the affair with the producer after all. I remember when you had your interview with her, it was SO interesting. I actually think I listened to it twice, when you posted it and then again a couple of years later. I tell the story to my friends as a prime example of how fake the Bachelor franchise is. Are you telling me that she lied? Please tell us whatever you can on what you’ve found out because that story was hands-down the most interesting story of Bachelor manipulation I’d ever heard. Years after the fact, yes, I believe she lied the whole time.

2. I was actually surprised they didn’t at least mention Britt during the ATFR. Were you? Not really. People were much more interested in Kaitlyn’s season than Britt and Brady’s little fling.

3. Man, is Nick ever good. Even after everything you said about him, I still find him SO believable and charming. Also, I think he pulls off that full beard very well, and I was super attracted to him for the first time yesterday. But don’t worry, your column snaps me out of it pretty quickly. There isn’t much middle ground with that guy.

4. Speaking of Nick, I know Andi obviously wasn’t a fan of him right after their ATFR but since pictures have surfaced of them together, I figured they were at least amicable. But her tweets are pretty harsh towards him. I guess she still doesn’t like the guy?

Thanks for a great season!

Comment: It doesn’t sound like she does.

Hey Steve,

Since I know you’re a sports/fitness fan, I was wondering what your thoughts were about American Ninja Warrior? I don’t recall you’ve ever commented on it, unless I missed it somewhere. Our family didn’t really begin following it until last year, and it sort of reminds me of that old 80’s show American Gladiator. I watch it more now because my niece is obsessed with it. I enjoy it. Very hard stuff.

The other show I thought you may enjoy is a half-hour sitcom called The Goldbergs. As a teenager of the 80’s, I find the writing is hysterical and spot-on, and I love the dozens of obscure 80s-era references I hadn’t thought about in years. I watched season 1 of the Goldbergs and loved all the references, but it just wasn’t something that I could sustain. I didn’t find it as funny as I thought I would so I gave up and haven’t watched since.

Final question: Since you’re a Dallas resident, do you ever see/hear about the filming every summer for the DCC show, Making the Team? I’m a fan of the show (yes, I’m a middle-aged mom with no life) and I’m colossally disappointed that CMT chose to bring on Melissa Rycroft as a “judge, consultant, and big-sister” type of person last season. She danced for the DCC for what, like, five minutes? And now they brought her back and everyone fawns over her like she’s the second coming of Ginger Rogers.

They waste perfectly good filming time on her that could be better spent on some of the more interesting aspects of the squad: their special halftime shows, some of their retreats, even their swimsuit calendar shoot (of which I’m sure you’d be in favor). Instead, were treated to Rycroft having private little pep talks with her “special project” girls (who barely made the team last year, and got cut this year), or meeting with all the rookies so they can compete for her attention. Rycroft’s fifteen minutes have been milked WAY beyond her expiration date, and watching the DCC rookie hopefuls starstruck over her has me reaching for the fast-forward button on my remote.

Okay…done with my rant. Thanks.

Comment: I have never watched the show, nor have I seen it filming anywhere.

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  1. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    I think Ben H already has his “hook” and he set it the first night while talking to Britt.

    He sponsors a child in South America, so he’ll be the “Bachelor That Gives Back”, or the “Philanthropic Bachelor”.

    I’ll bet they’ve got him pumping up his charitable efforts so they can capitalize on them for the show.

    Obviously he’s a nice guy and legitimately cares, but I’m betting that’s his angle for the season.

  2. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 11:25 AM

  3. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    That’s not a new or interesting “theory”. It’s been talked about all over the Net since Steve spoiled that Nick was going to be on the show. And that was as soon as he showed up in New York.

    She’s WAY too late to the party to think she came up with that theory. *LOL* It’s been hashed out for months already.

  4. jessicat

    July 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    The person who said Jesse Palmer had Bob beat by 1.5 Knows that Bob slept with 5.5 women. If Jesse slept with 7, he beat Bob by 1.5. How did Steve not understand that? He can be so demeaning to some people about the things they ask, when really he misunderstands some of the questions.

  5. cjscjs711

    July 29, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    On Shawn’s two photos. Can’t say whether Shawn had a nose job but these two photos certainly don’t prove it.

    The one on the left was shot with a wide angle lens, which famously distorts whatever is nearest the camera – in this case his nose – and makes it bigger. One on right with a longer lens which gives more realistic proportions.

    One on left lit by looks like sunlight around noon – hard-edged shadows, dark eye sockets, and (natural) Butterfly Lighting on the nose. This lighting is very unflattering for long/big noses as it accentuates it all with long shadows cast.

    I’m a retoucher and it’s shots like this that help me feed my family….. Look for shade and shoot with longer lens and your subjects will look better. Jus sayin

  6. ashleigh11

    July 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    Shawn’s original nose looks like it was broken once and didn’t heal right (maybe playing sports). Make-up contouring can do a wonder of things though – especially on camera/film.

  7. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    @jessicat too true. Steve misunderstood one of my reader emails a while back and he completely put me on blast. Makes me a little hesitant to ask him anything now.

  8. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    So, was the conspiracy theory disproven?

  9. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    @Jessicat, ha thanks for pointing that out, its yet another example of Steve being condescending without comprehending/paying attention to the question. What did Steve do prior to running this site? It couldnt’ have been anything that required much attention to detail 😉

    Also, whats the big deal if Shawn gave Kaitlyn a quick lift at the end of the night? Maybe Steve has been single for too long…but its completely NORMAL. Its what guys do (especially if they have the right physique). They probably had a few cocktails and were feeling silly. What a stupid thing to harp on.

  10. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    Im not too shocked by the poll answers. It seems that Kaitlyn and Shawn are well matched. She’s his type, he’s her type (personality and looks wise…got this impression from what family has said and from Kaitlyn’s former boyfriends). They seem to want same lifestyle (important!) and both career wise are on same page (using fame to start their own fitness biz). Will they actually get married? Who knows? But they are the couple in last few seasons that seem to make sense on paper. (As I type they might be breaking up LOL)

  11. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    @purplerayne I’m pretty sure Steve used to work in radio, if I’m not mistaken sports radio.

  12. rob22

    July 30, 2015 at 8:14 AM

    RS worked for Jim Rome on sports radio. I never heard him on the air, though. He was a phone screener and maybe a producer.

    The reason CH hates UNReal is because the host on that show is a vacuous, empty suited tool. Obviously that character was patterned after CH himself. Not very flattering. I picture CH in a sort of indignant rage while watching the show. “I have never said things that stupid!” Yeah right CH. UnReal has you dead to rights!

  13. amelie

    August 2, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    UnREAL was great for the first couple of episodes, it opens your eyes & exposes all the nasty behind-the-scenes manipulation that goes on in this type of ‘reality’ shows. But this type of exposure is more suited for a mini series, a documentary or a short film, definitely not a TV show… after a couple of episodes it loses its luster & appeal–like a magician telling you all his secrets–and now all you are left with is very unlikable characters, overly exaggerated plots and a boring premise.

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