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“Reader Emails” & Chris Harrison Bashes UnREAL (Of Course He Does)

Hi Steve,

Do you think the Bachelorette gets a financial bonus if she lets the guy propose (or make a speech, etc)? Have you ever heard rumor of that? I’m just wondering why anyone would let the guy ramble on about everlasting love and pull out a ring when she’s plans to break up with him. You’d think she’d want to immediately put an end to it.

Thanks for weighing in!

Comment: Never heard of that happening. It’s more that they’re highly encouraged to do so. Translation: manipulated.

I am so confused because Kaitlyn asked Chris why he had her go through that rose ceremony just to send her home. What she did to Nick – having him stand there and reach for the ring – was the same thing. I don’t think she’s a hypocrite or malicious, so my question is: did the producers MAKE her do that? Does she get any extra money for doing that? The simple answer is yes.

Also, what kind of money are these people getting? Nick has been runner-up twice now – does he get a bonus for that?!

Comment: Contestants on the “Bachelor/ette” don’t get paid. The lead does. “Bachelor Pad” and “Bachelor in Paradise” you get paid for appearing on the show. Some are paid daily, some per episode, some a flat rate.

Hi Steve!

Congrats on another successful season! I love reading your blog and believe it makes watching the show better.

Anyway I have a quick question, how much time elapsed between when the final 2 are brought out? A couple minutes? An hour?
Thanks 🙂

Comment: Definitely not a couple minutes. I’d say an hour or two.


I watched Kaitlyn’s GMA interview and honestly I love how she said how the producers tried to confuse her but she said “Nope still thinking about Shawn”. It shows how clear it was that Shawn was the one from the beginning and how nobody else stood a chance. Despite what was shown and said on tv, she was not torn at all.

Comment: Maybe a little torn, but not nearly as much as the show made it seem.

I’m not sure if you’ve answered before but who pays for the ring? I was just reading that the ring Shawn picked out was $100,000 and that seems like a lot for a show to pay for the ring so does Shawn pay for some of it??

Thanks love your site!!

Comment: Neil Lane gives the show the ring in return for free advertising. The contestants don’t pay for anything. If they break up within two years, the ring has to be returned.

Hi Steve,

You are right— the filming location where Shawn and Kaitlyn had their final date was the same spot where Chris and Whitney crashed a wedding last season. It’s called Semler Wines, aka Malibu Wine Safari, and is located about a 5-minute drive from the Bachelor house. I happened to be there for a tour a few months ago, and the tour guide confirmed that they have quite a few Bachelor dates in the estate. Pretty sure a Sean date was there a few seasons back as well. For anyone who wants to take the tour, here’s the link:

Comment: I knew it looked familiar.

Hi, Steve!

This is from Dream Moods:

Credit Card

To dream about credit cards, relate to your worth, value and/or credibility. Depending on your waking experiences, the credit cards may symbolize being in debt and your attitudes about money, work, and thrift.

To dream that you lose your credit cards indicate your carelessness in some aspect of your waking life.

To dream that someone is stealing your credit cards suggest that something or someone is robbing you of vital energy.

Comment: A portion of that is true. But also the reason why dream interpretation should never be taken seriously. I’m not in debt, I don’t have credit card debt, and I’m so anal about my money and paying things off, that certainly wasn’t it. The last thing I am is careless when it comes to my bills and credit cards. I think I even tweeted this out a month or so ago. One of the weird things about me is I can’t wait until payday, because the first thing I do is pay off all my bills the morning I get paid. Like, actual excitement to do it. I get it all out of the way immediately so I know exactly how much money I have at all times. I’m very good at handling my money. Yes, I know I go to Vegas a lot, but I’m smart about it. I only bring what I can afford to lose.

However that last sentence in there? I recently had a couple fraud charges on my credit card that I had to cancel and replace with a new one. Nothing major. Like a couple $25 charges I never made, but still. A hassle nonetheless to dispute the charge and have to have a new card sent out.

(Subject): NEVER again am I going to trust your words

KAYTLIN’s ending was surreal

Comment: Yes, that was the whole email.

I have no idea either.

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on another successful season of spoilers! (I don’t give a crap that the original one was wrong.)


1. Why didn’t they bring Britt to ATFR, if only for a short segment? It seemed like that would have been more interesting than the 35 minute Nick Show. I don’t think so. No one cared about Britt by that point.

2. Is it possible that Shawn’s screenshot “rescue” picture of Kaitlyn was fabricated by the show to make him seem more likable?

Comment: Being the cynic that I am, I absolutely could see that whole story being made up after the fact. Was it? I don’t know. But isn’t this like 3 seasons in a row now where the winner (Josh, Whitney, Shawn) immediately said right out of the limo that they specifically came there for that person? That storyline is getting old. Might wanna change it up next season.

Wetpaint is reporting that Catherine Lowe complains about problems her and Sean have in the bedroom on Marriage Boot Camp, and that Sean is too ‘vanilla’ in bed. Now, Sean doesn’t exactly strike me as the most experienced lover, but is this true? Why couldn’t they just make up fake issues to collect the pay check?

Also, are there any more TV shows left for them to do?

Comment: I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out when “Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp” airs if she really called him out on that.

There are plenty of shows left for them to do. My guess is they aren’t done.

Hey Steve!

Wanted to congratulate you on another season of correct spoiling! Love it when the naysayers are proven wrong! Anyways, I didn’t watch this season – just read your recaps. I live in KC and am a huge Royals fan (have been since I was 5, not a bandwagon fan) so we watch nearly every game and it makes it hard to watch anything else. But I enjoyed your spoilers and recaps every week! I did watch the last 30 minutes last night and the ATFR as well (Royals were kicking Cleveland’s butt)! I had a few questions/comments –

This has been asked before, I just can’t remember what you said – How long is there between each guys arrival at the Final Rose? Is it several hours so Kaitlyn can do her ITM’s, get her makeup fixed, etc. or is it less time? I’d say 1-2 hrs.

Also – when a guy/gal is getting rejected, do the producers tell them, if this were to happen, you need to stay and talk with the bachelorette/bachelor? Hear what they say (hoping emotions rise and things are said, so it will make good TV)? If I were in that situation, I would say all right this in embarrassing and walk away once I was rejected, that would be my first instinct (I would do a lot of things differently, but that’s why I would never go a show like this). I can just envision a producer saying, hey if you by chance aren’t proposed to/chosen, don’t just say that’s ok, instead stay and talk with them, figured out what happened. I think by that point, these people know it’s a TV show, so combining that with how they feel, you don’t need to have gone to acting school to put on a little bit of a performance.

Also – Nick throwing the rings in the limo is what my two and a half year old does when she throws fits. That was a little dramatic and ridiculous. But what do you expect from a man who has someone take pictures of him lifting his shirt and posting it to Instagram. I didn’t think the ring toss in the limo was all that big of deal. However the shirtless pic on Instagram looking out the window? Totally douchetastic.

And I liked that Shawn called out that the show only showed the drama in front of Chris Harrison.

Thanks for the UnReal recommendation, LOVE IT! It’s the one show I am watching right now. Thanks again for an entertaining season and can’t wait for the next one!

Comment: Shawn and Nick both called out the show for focusing so much on their drama, when you know they had plenty of other footage they could’ve used.

Hi Steve,

Last night I was scrolling through your tweets while watching the finale and you said you had some interesting in info on the ATFR. I don’t know if I missed it, but I never saw what this bit on info was. Can you reveal?


Comment: Not yet. I will though. I’d say in the next couple months.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader (since the Jason spoiler) and there’s no way I would still be watching this monstrosity without your site. I don’t care if the spoiler is right, wrong, or somewhere in between; the recaps alone are worth it and the behind-the-scenes info is fascinating!

First, when did they start inviting the families to the ATFR? I seem to remember, perhaps, Andi’s dad being in the audience (I can’t remember his name, but he was awesome), but she was the lead, so it makes sense that her family would be there to support her. I would never have noticed Nick’s family there, either, but who could miss the CHILD sitting in the front row, gazing backward with those “help me, please” eyes in every live shot?! Outside of Charlie’s season (where he made his decision live), I can’t remember a time where the #2’s family was in the audience. I have no idea why they were there.

In my (worthless) opinion, it was wildly inappropriate for her to be there, but speaks volumes as to Nick’s need for the spotlight, having been raised by people that would willingly subject an innocent little girl not only to a live national audience at an emotional time, but to all that manufactured drama, knowing that her brother was rejected. AGAIN. I cringed every time he openly spoke of their animal physical connection and intimacy, knowing she was there and witnessing it. Shame on the producers for probably suggesting it, and shame on the parents for allowing it to happen. Yeah, parents I can maybe understand. His younger sisters? Exploitative.

Second, I couldn’t help but notice Chris Harrison cutting Nick off a LOT. Nick said some pretty open and honest things about the show production in a live forum (to be fair, so did Shawn) and I think they were worried just how far he’d go. I realize they have time frames to keep, but it was more than that. It seemed like they were trying to stifle him when they didn’t get what they expected.

And I agree, his reference to Chris Bukowski was GOLD.

All in all, it was a great season- thanks for the site, keep up the good work and I’ll be along for the BIP ride!

Comment: As Chris said in his interview, he had to because Nick rambles. And that was live TV. They have to hit commercial breaks on time, so in that situation, if Nick doesn’t shut up, he’d go on forever. Chris kinda has to at that point.

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  1. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    I think Ben H already has his “hook” and he set it the first night while talking to Britt.

    He sponsors a child in South America, so he’ll be the “Bachelor That Gives Back”, or the “Philanthropic Bachelor”.

    I’ll bet they’ve got him pumping up his charitable efforts so they can capitalize on them for the show.

    Obviously he’s a nice guy and legitimately cares, but I’m betting that’s his angle for the season.

  2. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 11:25 AM

  3. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    That’s not a new or interesting “theory”. It’s been talked about all over the Net since Steve spoiled that Nick was going to be on the show. And that was as soon as he showed up in New York.

    She’s WAY too late to the party to think she came up with that theory. *LOL* It’s been hashed out for months already.

  4. jessicat

    July 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    The person who said Jesse Palmer had Bob beat by 1.5 Knows that Bob slept with 5.5 women. If Jesse slept with 7, he beat Bob by 1.5. How did Steve not understand that? He can be so demeaning to some people about the things they ask, when really he misunderstands some of the questions.

  5. cjscjs711

    July 29, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    On Shawn’s two photos. Can’t say whether Shawn had a nose job but these two photos certainly don’t prove it.

    The one on the left was shot with a wide angle lens, which famously distorts whatever is nearest the camera – in this case his nose – and makes it bigger. One on right with a longer lens which gives more realistic proportions.

    One on left lit by looks like sunlight around noon – hard-edged shadows, dark eye sockets, and (natural) Butterfly Lighting on the nose. This lighting is very unflattering for long/big noses as it accentuates it all with long shadows cast.

    I’m a retoucher and it’s shots like this that help me feed my family….. Look for shade and shoot with longer lens and your subjects will look better. Jus sayin

  6. ashleigh11

    July 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    Shawn’s original nose looks like it was broken once and didn’t heal right (maybe playing sports). Make-up contouring can do a wonder of things though – especially on camera/film.

  7. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    @jessicat too true. Steve misunderstood one of my reader emails a while back and he completely put me on blast. Makes me a little hesitant to ask him anything now.

  8. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    So, was the conspiracy theory disproven?

  9. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    @Jessicat, ha thanks for pointing that out, its yet another example of Steve being condescending without comprehending/paying attention to the question. What did Steve do prior to running this site? It couldnt’ have been anything that required much attention to detail 😉

    Also, whats the big deal if Shawn gave Kaitlyn a quick lift at the end of the night? Maybe Steve has been single for too long…but its completely NORMAL. Its what guys do (especially if they have the right physique). They probably had a few cocktails and were feeling silly. What a stupid thing to harp on.

  10. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    Im not too shocked by the poll answers. It seems that Kaitlyn and Shawn are well matched. She’s his type, he’s her type (personality and looks wise…got this impression from what family has said and from Kaitlyn’s former boyfriends). They seem to want same lifestyle (important!) and both career wise are on same page (using fame to start their own fitness biz). Will they actually get married? Who knows? But they are the couple in last few seasons that seem to make sense on paper. (As I type they might be breaking up LOL)

  11. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    @purplerayne I’m pretty sure Steve used to work in radio, if I’m not mistaken sports radio.

  12. rob22

    July 30, 2015 at 8:14 AM

    RS worked for Jim Rome on sports radio. I never heard him on the air, though. He was a phone screener and maybe a producer.

    The reason CH hates UNReal is because the host on that show is a vacuous, empty suited tool. Obviously that character was patterned after CH himself. Not very flattering. I picture CH in a sort of indignant rage while watching the show. “I have never said things that stupid!” Yeah right CH. UnReal has you dead to rights!

  13. amelie

    August 2, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    UnREAL was great for the first couple of episodes, it opens your eyes & exposes all the nasty behind-the-scenes manipulation that goes on in this type of ‘reality’ shows. But this type of exposure is more suited for a mini series, a documentary or a short film, definitely not a TV show… after a couple of episodes it loses its luster & appeal–like a magician telling you all his secrets–and now all you are left with is very unlikable characters, overly exaggerated plots and a boring premise.

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