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“Reader Emails” & Chris Harrison Bashes UnREAL (Of Course He Does)

I’ve seen that Disney has had ESPN cut annual costs pretty significantly, which is likely why Simmons, Olberman, and Cowherd (among other reasons for each of them) did not have their contracts renewed.

Do you think Disney may be passing this down to ABC as well, leading to the lack of exotic locales the last couple Bach seasons?

Comment: It’s possible, yes. But I don’t think that’s the reason. At least not for this season as we know now they were supposed to film the overnights and final rose ceremony in Patagonia, but the deal fell through late.

How do the other contestants find out the ending of the show and when are they told? Did producers tell Nick Kaitlyn had accepted Shawn’s proposal and when was he told? What about contestants like Ben H, Jared, and others that finished towards the end – do they get told directly by the producers and the others eliminated earlier find out from them?

Comment: Talking amongst themselves and reading the spoilers. The producers don’t tell contestants who’ve already been eliminated who won.

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for the site – I just started reading it last year and the spoilers seriously make the show much more enjoyable.

I know everyone comes on this show for exposure to some extent, but I do think Kaitlyn and Shawn may be one of the more fame-hungry couples to come out of this show – both of them seem very invested in post-show “celebrity” and have little in terms of actual careers. Not saying that’s a bad thing (it’s what the show is), but just an observation. My question is, do you think this may counter-intuitively make them more likely to stay together? It seems the leads/winners who have been most able to maintain their fame are those that stay together – beyond Trista and Ryan who are a special case, look at Catherine and Sean and Jason and Molly still being on stupid couple reality shows. Do you think Kaitlyn and Shawn may realize that and conclude it’s worth it to their new “careers” to stay together? Especially since they are now talking in interviews about how they want to start something “fitness-related” together (whatever that means).

Would be curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Comment: Every couple that ends up on this show knows it’s much more worth it to cash in on opportunities as a couple than it is broken up, and yet most of them still break up anyway.

Great job this season. Enjoy your funny remarks. You should save all those smart and funny remarks and write your book. Your comments are excellent. You are a real egghead (means very smart). Will continue reading reviews.???????????????? lol

Comment: Sweet. I’m an egghead. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Long time follower since before you started spoiling. Just wanted to express an observation that supports everything you say. The way they set up the first episode was so obviously manipulated and contrived. First, they already knew that they had one bachelor (Brady) who only wanted Britt and at least one bachelor (Shawn) who only wanted Kaitlyn. They knew this before the Bachelorette was even announced. Plus they knew they wanted Kaitlyn and not Britt to be the Bachelorette. They only brought Britt in for the drama on the first episode already knowing whom the bachelors would pick (unless Kaitlyn screwed up and got drunk or whatever). I’m sure Brady was pre-coached to follow Britt off the show. Shawn was also surely coached to follow Kaitlyn off if she got the boot (which was never going to happen).

Kaitlyn may have had a great first impression of Shawn. But you can bet producers pushed for him to get the first impression rose as well since they knew he had a head shot of Kaitlyn with a heart around it saying he was coming for her. He had to be their number one match for Kaitlyn even if she didn’t fall for him. The set up was just too good. And then when Nick wanted on the show, he was the perfect villain. None of the guys would like him for joining late. He already had a pre-show connection with Kaitlyn and Shawn was the perfect target for Nick’s type of personality. Producers would have been really upset if they lost Nick so that was never really an option for Kaitlyn even though they made her think it was. Nick was just too good at playing his role with Kaitlyn.

Nick was really well coached and manipulated into thinking he would win. The final two were decided shortly after Nick came on the scene and everything after that was window dressing. They not only gave Nick and Kaitlyn more wiggle room, they made a huge story line out of their “misbehavior” all for added manipulated drama between Nick and Shawn. Of course they really didn’t care who she chose in the end as long as she picked one of them. We’ll soon see if the producers picture of Shawn that they shoved down Kaitlyn’s throat matches the real world picture of him. Who knows, maybe it does. Will Shawn and Kaitlyn ever realize how much they were manipulated? Probably not.

Comment: Good email. Can’t say I disagree with any of it.

Thanks for another great season of spoilers! My questions is this. Do you think the producers offered any type of incentive to Kaitlin if she let Nick get to the very end and almost propose before she let him go because it’s better TV? After watching Unreal I’m wondering if they actually offer incentives to not only the other producers but to the contestants as well?

Comment: I don’t think she was monetarily compensated for that if that’s what you’re asking.

Hi Reality Steve,

Last night was the only episode of Bachelor/ette that I’ve ever watched even though I have been enjoying your website for years. As I was watching I wondered…..Did Nick honestly believe up until the second that Kaitlyn stopped his proposal that he was the final pick or did he have an idea he wasn’t but had to “go through it” anyway? Has there been times where in the final 2 one of the guys or girls knew for some reason they weren’t the final pick but had to go through the ceremony anyway or are they always actually surprised by who the lead picks? Obviously I know you aren’t privy to their every thought, just curious as to your opinion.


Comment: I’m sure in the past there were others who didn’t think they were gonna get picked. Like Lindzi Cox. I can’t imagine she thought Ben would pick her.

I was wondering if you had any possible insight on Becca Tilley or Chris Soules lately? I’ve noticed she has been paying a lot of attention to her time on the Bachelor lately, on twitter and instagram. Was thinking maybe she missed him? If maybe someone may be talking about it in the ‘bachelor grapevine’? Or if Chris contacted her after Whitney and him broke up? I haven’t heard anything like that.

One more…have you seen how Shawn and Kaitlyn have been laughing at Nick and trashing him on talk shows? On GMA they laughed about him, even People mag on twitter had an article about it, and also on Jimmy Kimmel they did as well. I liked Kaitlyn all season, Shawn too, and I just don’t get the point of making it a big issue to let the world know that feelings for Nick were genuine and then make fun of him after its all over? I noticed Nick defended Katilyn on twitter all season of the Bachelorette so I was hoping that she would have the same courtesy.

Comment: If that’s how they choose to carry themselves after the fact, that’s on them.

I want to have faith that Kaitlyn and Shawn will work out, but here’s why I don’t think it will:

Shawn was on his best behavior.

He had to keep his cool on matters that in real life he would freak the freak out on. He got caught up in the game and wanted to win the girl, so he gritted his teeth and beared it (not to mention, cameras capturing it all probably helped him reign it in) And Kaitlyn “fell in love” with this guy that can “roll with the punches” and “handle all types of situations”. But when I think they get in the real world and cameras aren’t around to keep one in some-sort-of check, plus actually being real around each other, Shawn’s intensity just isn’t going to mesh with Kaitlyn’s free spirit (or whatever you want to call it).

Only time will tell! But that’s my opinion!

Comment: You’re right. Time will tell. But no, I don’t see them getting married.

hi steve! i just have a comment about nick. he said in interviews that he would never go on the bachelorette again or on bachelor in paradise, and he said he would consider being the bachelor but we all know thats not gonna happen, so i think its safe to say that we’ll never see nick on a bachelor show again.

Comment: Never say never. And of course he says he would be the “Bachelor.” It was the driving force behind him coming on this season. The guy loves the attention.

Hey Steve,

I found it funny that one of the things Kaitlyn said was in the jar that Shawn gave her were notes that he had written to her. But if he had given her those notes, wouldn’t SHE have had them? How did Shawn get hold of them to put them in the jar? Did he make duplicates? Did she return them to him after reading them? Or could it be that the entire gift was a fabrication of the producers, as are most things on this show? My guess would be the latter.

Comment: The gifts are all put together by the producers, but yeah, they probably just asked Kaitlyn for the notes back and threw them in the jar along with the Snickers and jelly beans.

I watched the Jimmy k. Show and saw that shawn had said after the snap chat got out that the ABC producers sent a car to have him picked him within 30mins. And I remember a few days after the snap chat released he was spotted and had pictures of him supposedly “holding hands with a girl..flirting..and taking pictures” do you think that was ABC saying go out and be flirty with females so maybe be could look single and people would somehow overlook the snapchat video?

Comment: Possible. Just funny how when the video popped up on that Friday night, then the next day Shawn is seen publicly in Nashville and Kaitlyn is in Chicago with Whitney and then Becca joining them, people immediately said either the snapchat was fake, or it was old, and completely discredited it. The show went into full panic mode once that video was released because they knew she’d spoiled the season, so they had to cover up the best they could. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

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  1. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    I think Ben H already has his “hook” and he set it the first night while talking to Britt.

    He sponsors a child in South America, so he’ll be the “Bachelor That Gives Back”, or the “Philanthropic Bachelor”.

    I’ll bet they’ve got him pumping up his charitable efforts so they can capitalize on them for the show.

    Obviously he’s a nice guy and legitimately cares, but I’m betting that’s his angle for the season.

  2. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 11:25 AM

  3. angelfish

    July 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    That’s not a new or interesting “theory”. It’s been talked about all over the Net since Steve spoiled that Nick was going to be on the show. And that was as soon as he showed up in New York.

    She’s WAY too late to the party to think she came up with that theory. *LOL* It’s been hashed out for months already.

  4. jessicat

    July 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    The person who said Jesse Palmer had Bob beat by 1.5 Knows that Bob slept with 5.5 women. If Jesse slept with 7, he beat Bob by 1.5. How did Steve not understand that? He can be so demeaning to some people about the things they ask, when really he misunderstands some of the questions.

  5. cjscjs711

    July 29, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    On Shawn’s two photos. Can’t say whether Shawn had a nose job but these two photos certainly don’t prove it.

    The one on the left was shot with a wide angle lens, which famously distorts whatever is nearest the camera – in this case his nose – and makes it bigger. One on right with a longer lens which gives more realistic proportions.

    One on left lit by looks like sunlight around noon – hard-edged shadows, dark eye sockets, and (natural) Butterfly Lighting on the nose. This lighting is very unflattering for long/big noses as it accentuates it all with long shadows cast.

    I’m a retoucher and it’s shots like this that help me feed my family….. Look for shade and shoot with longer lens and your subjects will look better. Jus sayin

  6. ashleigh11

    July 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    Shawn’s original nose looks like it was broken once and didn’t heal right (maybe playing sports). Make-up contouring can do a wonder of things though – especially on camera/film.

  7. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    @jessicat too true. Steve misunderstood one of my reader emails a while back and he completely put me on blast. Makes me a little hesitant to ask him anything now.

  8. bachfan22

    July 29, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    So, was the conspiracy theory disproven?

  9. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    @Jessicat, ha thanks for pointing that out, its yet another example of Steve being condescending without comprehending/paying attention to the question. What did Steve do prior to running this site? It couldnt’ have been anything that required much attention to detail 😉

    Also, whats the big deal if Shawn gave Kaitlyn a quick lift at the end of the night? Maybe Steve has been single for too long…but its completely NORMAL. Its what guys do (especially if they have the right physique). They probably had a few cocktails and were feeling silly. What a stupid thing to harp on.

  10. purplerayne

    July 29, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    Im not too shocked by the poll answers. It seems that Kaitlyn and Shawn are well matched. She’s his type, he’s her type (personality and looks wise…got this impression from what family has said and from Kaitlyn’s former boyfriends). They seem to want same lifestyle (important!) and both career wise are on same page (using fame to start their own fitness biz). Will they actually get married? Who knows? But they are the couple in last few seasons that seem to make sense on paper. (As I type they might be breaking up LOL)

  11. vessel

    July 29, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    @purplerayne I’m pretty sure Steve used to work in radio, if I’m not mistaken sports radio.

  12. rob22

    July 30, 2015 at 8:14 AM

    RS worked for Jim Rome on sports radio. I never heard him on the air, though. He was a phone screener and maybe a producer.

    The reason CH hates UNReal is because the host on that show is a vacuous, empty suited tool. Obviously that character was patterned after CH himself. Not very flattering. I picture CH in a sort of indignant rage while watching the show. “I have never said things that stupid!” Yeah right CH. UnReal has you dead to rights!

  13. amelie

    August 2, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    UnREAL was great for the first couple of episodes, it opens your eyes & exposes all the nasty behind-the-scenes manipulation that goes on in this type of ‘reality’ shows. But this type of exposure is more suited for a mini series, a documentary or a short film, definitely not a TV show… after a couple of episodes it loses its luster & appeal–like a magician telling you all his secrets–and now all you are left with is very unlikable characters, overly exaggerated plots and a boring premise.

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