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“Reader Emails,” Marcus & Lacy, & UnREAL Producers Talk Season 2


I was thinking this would have come up already but why wasn’t Shawn’s mom at the meet the family in Utah? I think it is strange that something so important would be missed by a mom…

Comment: I’m not sure about their family dynamic. No idea.

I found it curious that when Nick did his speech at final rose, that he said how he felt and then started to go straight into the proposal before Kaitlyn said anything. However,when Shawn went, Shawn said his thing, then paused to hear how she felt, and then he proposed. That is what I would have expected Nick to do too – pause to hear her response before he proposed. So either he was very confident he was the final one, or he was coached by producers to go for it before she said anything. I can’t remember if that happened before or not. But you’d think, given this wasn’t Nick’s first rodeo, that he would have paused to hear what she had to say first before starting to propose. Even Shawn did.

Comment: Ben gave his speech then started to propose. So that was another one.

I think Nick was confident, gave his speech, and she didn’t stop him, so he just kept going. I think most people would’ve.


I don’t know if you are still doing readers e-mails for the season, but I thought I’d throw one in. First of all thanks for all the work you do for bringing us all the spoilers. As you said in your column it’s not hard, just tedious. I can’t even imagine all the e-mails, texts, tweets and phone calls you get at any given time of the day. It would drive me nuts. But like you said, it’s your job, and it’s all a part of it. I got to say you really got a good thing going for yourself. You actually have a job that no one else, basically anywhere, has. There are tons of recap sites, blogs, forums, but you have the only spoiler site. You built your site from scratch and grew it to the point where you can make a decent living at.

Kudos to you, sir. Hiccups and all!

That being said, I know you don’t care for Nick. I love the dude. When I saw your bio on him for Andi’s season, I thought…. Gross, Spencer Pratt. Didn’t think he’d last night one, who was to know he would grace our screen for TWO seasons? I know you heard some things about him, and I’m glad you didn’t share. Whose to say what is real and what is all out gossip? But he is different. Not your typical cookie cutter “Cupecake”. I like different, someone who doesn’t follow the “pack”. I mean I don’t know him from Adam, he could be the biggest azz in the world. But two people I really like and respect from this franchise are Sharleen and Ally. Both of them say that they consider Nick a friend and that he is truely a great guy. They actually KNOW him. That takes precedence over a bunch of
gossip. One problem I do have with him is that outfit he wore on your infamous plane video. Maybe the airline lost his luggage and he had to borrow an outfit from a 12 year old girl!?!

Anyway, cheers to you on the great year you are having! Your 40’s are starting out to be a great decade for you!

So, I guess I guess my question to you is this. Is Ben locked in to be the next Bachelor? Any chance whatsoever the guy with the tight blue Capri pants and the red, white and blue star shirt has a chance in hell? It would definitely be unprecedented. The F2 from two straight seasons who got dumped on his butt will get a chance to do the picking to find his ” true love”?

And your opinion on Andi and her tweets. She tweets she doesn’t like Nick, was very vocal about her dislike of Juan Pabs, but yet she slept with them both ON NATIONAL TV. I think she should really just shut up or at least “stoooop”

I know u don’t think Kaitlyn and Shawn will last. I don’t either. They seem like polar opposites. Her and Nick seemed to be the better match, but who knows what goes on in “off camera time”? Has she been saying anything negative about him since the end of the show? He has nothing but good things to say about her, publicly anyway. Shawn seems like a whiney baby.

Thanks again for making another season fun to watch. And may your good fortunes last.

Comment: Nothing has changed in terms of what I reported weeks ago regarding Ben H. as the “Bachelor.”


Didn’t know if you saw the response Josh Murray gave someone on Twitter when they tried to call him out on showing up to the red carpet and pretending to be happy with Andi then breaking up days later. His response: “Did I look happy?” Goes to show you how easy it was to fake it for cameras. Although I didn’t buy it for second and thought they seemed so awkward. They all do it. He was no different than plenty of others. Only difference is he was actually engaged when he did.

Also, who the heck is this Possesionista (Dana Weiss)? I see her conversing with many people from the franchise and as far as I knew she was just a fashion blogger who is actually pretty funny. That was until I can across her blog. Particularly, where she blogs about UnReal and answers questions. She seems to have a lot insight on behind the scenes stuff. Has she ever worked for the show or does she have some close friends working on it? Or is it just because she speaks to a lot of contestants and gets info? Didn’t know if you have ever read her UnReal blogs but here’s the link:

Comment: Never worked for the show. Just knows people in the franchise, and knowing that these people love getting their stuff promoted, it’s not hard to figure out how she knows what everyone is wearing and where to buy it.

Hey Steve,

I just had to share 2 really funny comments I saw on Kaitlyn’s periscope (paraphrased)
“When you go on your honeymoon, will you periscope with us”
“I haven’t watch ATFR, so no spoilers please!”


Comment: There are people that think this show is live, sooooo, yeah. Not surprising there are others out there like that as well.

Hey, Steve! So you probably already know this, either seeing it yourself or another reader filling you in…however, I had to make sure because I find it highly ironic after Chris Harrison was such an ass about the show.

Evidently ABC doesn’t have too big of an issue with UnREAL, as they have cast one of the same actresses in their new drama coming this Fall.

Johanna Braddy plays Anna on UnREAL, and she’s also Shelby in the new ABC series, Quantico. I caught an ad for this new show while I was watching Wife Swap online yesterday, since I missed that silliness on Wednesday night. When I saw it, I was like, “Wait a minute…that’s Anna…ABC must not care too much!”

Anyways, just wanted to share.

Have a great weekend!

Comment: Yeah, I saw she was in “Quantico.” But this is acting. They wouldn’t not give her a role because she was previously cast on a show on a completely different network that essentially pokes fun at the “Bachelor.” And now come to find out today she’s dating Adam in real life.

Hi Steve,

Nice job again on a great season and spoiler!

When a proposal comes, does the bachelor get input on what style ring his person of choice wants, or does he just pick whatever. Or is he told to pick a specific ring? I’m not 100% sure. I’m sure Neil shows them rings that he’s already designed and they pick what they like. I mean, has ANY female on this show gotten the ring that the guy picked and said, “Ugh. He chose terrible. I hate this one.” Uhhhhh, no. And they never will.

Also, Kaitlyn herself said they were in big trouble with the show for her spoiling the ending. Do you know of any ramifications that came her way? She’s making it out to seem like she just kind of got a slap on the wrist.

Take care!

Comment: I don’t think anything happened other than they were really upset with her. What can they do at that point?

Hi Steve,

My hubby is one of those good guys who watches “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” with me, and we both love your blog and spoilers. If we are talking about the show he will often say something like, “What did Reality Steve have to say about it?” We are among your fans who think the show is much more interesting because of you.

I am a former elementary school teacher. I was known for hearing/detecting when a child needed speech therapy for articulation issues. I’m just wondering if you noticed or any of your readers made mention of noticing that Nick could have used some speech therapy. He mispronounces the “S” sound, most often when it is at the beginning of a word. He has what is called a “lateral S.” The best way I can describe it is it sounds like he has excess saliva in his mouth. The “S” ends up sounding what I call “slushy.” I’m not a Nick fan, but I don’t think the guy is stupid. Unfortunately, people with articulation issues are judged unfairly sometimes as not being very smart. One reader did observe that Nick often has his hand in front of his mouth when he speaks. This could be a conscious or subconscious gesture related to his articulation problem. He also mumbles a lot. It would be nice if someone told him it’s not too late to correct the issue.

For what it’s worth…

Comment: Thanks. I noticed the hand in front of the mouth a lot. Never noticed his “S”’s.

Are you paid to be on the bachelor or bachelorette?
Thanks love reading your spoilers

Comment: No. Only on “Bachelor in Paradise” do the contestants get paid.

Heard this today on NPR. It’s an interview with the author of the book, _Fri. Night Lights_, which is out with a 25th anniversary edition that goes into what happened to the _real life_ characters. The author, H.R. Bissinger, is also the journalist who did the “Vanity Fair” piece on Caitlyn Jenner. I found today’s radio interview extremely interesting.

It is thanks to you that I discovered the series. I’d like to read the book sometime. It sounds like a very good portrait of Odessa, TX and football culture.

Here’s the link:

Comment: Haven’t listened to it yet but I will.

Funny thing is, I’ve never read the book either. I saw the movie because I’d heard such good things about the book. Then the TV show was an extension of the movie (with different teams, characters, and city) but I knew what they were getting at, and the rest is history.

Hi Steve, I hope you are fully recovered from your cold as I have tons of questions for you to answer.

Is Kaitlyn the first lead to get engaged to the person she gave the first impression rose to? Now that the Bachelorette finale is over, is the contract that Kaitlyn signed completed? In other words, is she done with all the interviews and appearing on tv shows? No. Roberto got the first impression rose also. He was the last one, so it’s been a while. Everyone who appears on the show is under contract with them for one year from the time the finale airs. So no, they aren’t done.

Now some Bachelor in Paradise questions:

I get that they asked the popular male and female contestants from the recent seasons (Kaitlyn and Farmer Chris). But why ask meathead Mikey and Tenley from 5 years and the others from so far back? Do you think these were favourites of Mike Fleiss? Mikey wasn’t that far back. He was on Des’ season. Tenley was a given because of her recent history with Kiptyn, so obviously that played a role in them wanting her and her agreeing to do it.

As per your awesome spoilers with the cast and who shows up and when. How did they decide that Jade, Ashley, Jared, Tanner and others to be on first to enjoy it all. Versus when Clare, Joe and others come on later on. Cos really if you are not there in the beginning to form a connection, you might not get to date the one you want.

Was so happy to see that Marcus and Lacey got married. I really liked them together last year.

Comment: Not sure how they decide, but considering 2 of the 3 couples who “made it” at the end were people who arrived later, I guess it didn’t matter.

Hi Steve,

Last weeks episode of UnReal had the scene of the hot air balloon, where it was actually not that high up and being held down by ropes, and the scene with the body doubles riding the horses. Are these types of things done on the Bachelor/Bachelorette? If so, do you have any examples?

Comment: Not that I know of. Chris and Britt definitely went up in a hot air balloon.

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    August 6, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    UnReal is seriously the best–cannot wait for season 2!

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