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“Reader Emails,” Marcus & Lacy, & UnREAL Producers Talk Season 2


hey steve, i have a few questions about bachelor in paradise

1) mike fleiss kept tweeting saying there was a clue about the next bachelor during Sundays episode. do you know what this was? No. It’s also kind of pointless because half the production staff is saying the “Bachelor” is already chosen and half are having people comment on who they want and vote. So which is it? As I’ve said numerous times, nothing’s changed. It’s going to be Ben H. I haven’t heard a word about them seriously wanting anyone else.

2) what does joe do that makes him so unlikable? one of the producers (can’t remember who) tweeted saying next week theres gonna be a new villain who’s even worse than bentley, and i assume he’s talking about joe. i remember in one of Chris Harrison’s blogs during the bachelorette he said that joe was probably the most liked guy there. so I’m wondering why everyone including some of the guys from his season starts not liking him. It’s in the spoilers. He lies to everyone about his prior relationship with Samantha, who comes on in week 3. Not to mention basically tells Juelia he wants to be with her, then the second Samantha arrives, dumps Juelia for her. Not to mention Samantha and Juelia are friends and Samantha lies about her previous relationship with Joe as well.

3) that after paradise show was so boring and pointless. will they have a tell all like episode of it where they bring in the entire cast to talk about what happened?


Comment: Not sure what their future plans are for it. I’m sure they’re just taking it week by week.

Steve, I’ve seen the playboy video from Jade and I notice the c section scar, but I haven’t find anything about it on the internet…

Do you know anything about it??

Love your spoilers.

Comment: She doesn’t have a C section scar. She doesn’t have a child. So unless women just randomly go get C sections even though they’ve never had a child, it’s not a C section scar.

So me and a coworker are discussing this week’s BIP and we heard something odd that I’m not sure who else may have picked up on, but when Ashley I. was trying to get the courage to talk to Jared and was getting shots at the bar you can clearly hear someone in the background saying “that will be $4” – I wouldn’t think they would EVER have to pay for drinks as drunk people make good television, but when they replayed the clip on the after show that part was definitely cut out. Strange.


Comment: Either you heard wrong, or the bartender was just joking. Those people don’t pay for their drinks. Hell, if they did, none of them would agree to come on the show.

Hey Steve,

I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but do you know of any instances in bachelor bachelorette world where the girl unreal style straight up said listen we both know this is fake pick me and we’ll spend a year together and we both get famous?

Could you give that example maybe?

I know it’s annoying duplicate questions I just couldn’t find much.

Comment: I’ve never heard anything like that happening before.


First and foremost, you are the reason I love the bachelor/bachelorette. It is a million times more fun to watch the show and see things happen and think, “Yep, my boy RS called that one.” Seriously though, love you.

As for the BIP2 episodes from this week:

-Marcus and Lacy’s wedding…did they REALLY have to get Chris to officiate???? I don’t think I’d want him to be the one to seal my covenant with my spouse….Ashley and JP did.

-Ashley I. and Lauren: I don’t even know what to say. They look alike, sound alike, and what do you know…they cry alike. Does Ashley cry the entire season?! And it’s very obvious that she is OVERLY obsessed with Jared. Yes, that is quite obvious.

-Was Tenley THAT desperate to be on the show that she would throw herself at JJ?! I mean, IT’S JJ!!! That’s pretty sad, in my opinion, but to each his own. I think Tenley is playing a game out there.

-Is it just me, or is Carly more likable this season? She still has her annoying moments, but I think she is way more funny this go around. I don’t care for her either way.

-Jillian: I figured since she got boobs, they’d show her (and the girls) more often, but she hasn’t had much screen time at all. And she won’t because she’s done. I thought she looked a lot better this time around.

-Did you catch the uses of the classic bachelor/bachelorette line? “I have always had a crush on you” or “I only came hoping you’d be here” etc….

Keep on keeping on. You the best.

Comment: Oh yes. The cheesy lines flow like wine out in Mexico.

Hi Steve! Love reading your spoilers!!!..

Was wondering if you knew the status of Jade and Tanner ? According to Carly and Jade’s Instagrams, the two of them are moving to Nashville together. Do you think they said this to throw off the idea of either of them finding love on the show? I don’t see why they would move somewhere together if she were engaged. I don’t know why I care, but I do. 🙂

Comment: They are engaged, and yes Carly and Jade both moved to Nashville, but aren’t living together. They got their own places. However, Jade’s essentially been living with Tanner in Kansas City since the show ended, so there’s that.

I’m sure someone asked this already but I am curious to know what your thoughts are about the unreal finale?

Did you like the ending? To be honest, I was a little disappointed since the Mary stuff. I guess I just expected a different ending. I guess bottom line is this is what Rachel is good at and can’t get away bc it’s almost like she belongs doing this. Still love the show, the behind the scenes stuff and love the cast. Will definitely be tuning in for Season 2. Do you have any info when it will air?

Comment: I actually liked the ending because I didn’t see it coming. Well, I knew Adam wasn’t gonna run away with Rachel because that wouldn’t have made sense for either character, but, how it happened and then how everything that went down at the wedding I didn’t see either.

I don’t have details on season 2 other than the links I provided on page 1, but I’m guessing the show will air at the same time next season, which is around June when the “Bachelorette” is airing.

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  1. heathhere

    August 6, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    UnReal is seriously the best–cannot wait for season 2!

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