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“Reader Emails,” Marcus & Lacy, & UnREAL Producers Talk Season 2

I was disappointed that when Josh Malina mentioned that he would like to see a person of color as the next bachelor the comment was essentially ignored by Chris Harrison. Granted the show was live, and addressing such an important, sensitive topic in an unscripted format would have been considered risky and frowned upon… I get it. But I consider the lack of response or acknowledgement of the issue truly awful.

Interested to hear your thoughts –

Comment: Yeah, because Chris knows it probably isn’t happening anytime soon.

Hey Steve! I’ve been reading your site since Jason’s season. You’re hilarious, blah blah blah. But seriously thanks for giving this stay at home mom some mindless mommy time!

I was watching UnReal on my DVR last night and it cut out right as Rachel’s mom opened the door to Jeremy. What did he say to her?!? I was so made that it cut off the end!! Thanks for getting me hooked on this show. Such a fun show that makes me question so much of what I see on The Bachelor and Bachelorette.


Comment: He said that Rachel needs help and that she’s sick again.

I notice you keep getting stuck on contestants asking before they kiss someone. I think the reason so many of them do it has to do with the setting and them not really knowing if the other person wants it. When they’re surrounded by cameras and producers and they’re being interrupted every two seconds, they probably won’t experience a “moment” the same way they would on a normal date, so they ask to clarify that the other person is comfortable with it. Like this week, with Mikey and Claire (I haven’t watched yet, so I’m going off what you said in you recap), he was feeling it and she wasn’t, and if he hadn’t given her the opportunity to say no, she would have ended up feeling violated. The setting is just so unnatural that most of them probably want verbalized consent to be sure they’re on the same page. Not a big deal to me, and as a woman who’s had a lot of men mistake my friendliness as interest, I’m always happy when someone makes sure I’m into him before making a move. My point is they SHOULD know. I mean, it’s obvious watching that Carly wanted Kirk to mouth love her and he just sat there doing nothing. As for Tenley, she gave JJ permission even though he never even asked. It’s just a weird concept to me I guess.

Also, you’re using the term “shipped” wrong! Lol it’s more like…fans who think Tanner and Jade are cute “ship” them (like a verb). You could also say Tanner and Jade are a “ship” now that they’re together. Ahhh, got it. Lets ship them.

Anyway, I can’t believe you think Lyla and Tim were just rebound sex, but I’ll keep reading your site because you’re the only one with spoilers.

Comment: Well remember, the only reason they began to hook up in the first place was because Jason got paralyzed. And then was it in season 3 or 4 where she came back for like 2 episodes and they slept together again and even she said it was a mistake.

The only thing that made me feel better about wasting my time watching this crap was reading your review. I completely agree with all your comments. I don’t think it really adds much entertainment value to have those two ridiculous sisters on. I’m dumbfounded that two people can be so identically dysfunctional in life, and I suspect they don’t truly live in reality. I get the feeling that they were spoiled as children, filled with Disney dreams, and never learned to grow up or develop a decent personality–therefore, they have difficulty with social situations.

I had to turn off the After Paradise show…because I had to go watch paint dry. You are bang on with calling out the hypocrisy. I have never seen Jenny Mollen (sp??) before and I hope I don’t have to again. She’s not really funny in how she cuts up the characters of this show just to get attention. Normally I would think it would be funny to make fun of this show but her comments lack the sharp wit that you weave into your website and she certainly can’t hold a candle to you. Too bad they didn’t ask you to co-host but thanks for keeping us properly entertained!
I’m going to have to tap out for the rest of this show—just not interesting. I look forward to reading your website once the Bachelor starts! Have a great rest of the summer!

Comment: It’s funny because you honestly think if Jillian was sitting on that couch Jenny would’ve asked her if she had a penis? Of course not.

Hi Steve!

Initially, I was so upset to find out that After Paradise was happening each week on Monday nights. I don’t know why I originally thought it was one live episode at the very end of the season, like an AFTR. So I was so mad at myself when I didn’t properly set my DVR to record it. But from your description it sounds like I didn’t miss much. Whew!! Thank goodness for your recaps!

Anyway, on to my questions:

1) I was surprised to see the results of last week’s poll pretty much being evenly split among all 3 answers. Given your viewers/fan base and knowing all the behind the scenes action because of you, do you really think 1/3 of the responders believe Kaitlin and Shawn will end up married? Or do you think some of them were trying to pull a Survivor-type move and throw the vote? I was shocked at the results. I was very surprised at those poll results, but, I asked it one day after the ATFR. Every couple looks happy and in love every season on the ATFR and people get fooled, so maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me people think they’re actually gonna get married.

2) Has anyone else noticed that Ashley I.’s lips look like they were totally injected since her time on Chris’s season? Wow, that upper lip looked so fat she didn’t know how talk properly. Pretty sad at 27 she has such low self-esteem that she is already resorting to minor forms of cosmetic surgery. Although I guess when you consider she wants to mimic a Kardashian, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve always thought she had full lips. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention enough to her lips on Chris’ season.

3) Have you or anyone else noticed that Tenley has the same “nasally” voice that Whitney Bischoff has? Neither of them bother me, but they sound awfully similar. I don’t consider Tenley’s voice nasally in the Whitney way. It just sounds very babyish and high pitched.Comment: I have it recorded but still haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I will though.

Hi Steve! Look forward to hearing about Olivia’s adventures in “Paris”

A few questions:

I don’t know if you saw that Mike Fleiss tweeted Sunday night that there would be a hint to the next Bachelor on that night’s BIP and later tweeted that some people got it, but I totally missed it. I don’t remember any reference to Ben H so I’m very confused. Saw the tweet. Don’t know what he’s talking about, if anything.

Also, in an email last week, you ranked Ben pretty high on the sincerity scale. Why is that? I happen to agree, he seems genuine to me, but while I am cynical of this show and these people, not nearly as much as you are so I wondered what about what you’ve seen of him leads you to think that? I didn’t think ranking him a 7 out of 10 was that high.

Also, just an observation. I think it’s funny how the producers/Chris constantly go back and forth on if they have a Bachelor or if they’re considering. Fleiss basically says they have one picked in the above mentioned tweet, but then Chris Harrison says they’re about to make a decision. An interesting example of how they lie to the public. Pretty much. Nothing new for them.

I also really agree with you about the Jenny Mollen comment. While I’ve seen it several times on Twitter, I felt it was uncalled for on national TV, especially given their new cyber bullying focus. I didn’t like her presence and didn’t think she added anything. I hope she won’t be on future episodes.

Comment: I highly doubt they’re gonna fire her after one episode, so expect her to be there all season.


Wow what a UnReal finale! That twist was unexpected and a whole lot of stuff for one episode. I wonder where season 2 will go now so many possibilities, what are your theories on it? That is one dramatic season finale for sure. I really don’t know. And considering the writers have barely even started mapping out season 2, it’s tough to know where they’re headed.

Second, BIP overload that theme/intro song was the better part of the show. Somehow I prefer Jade and Tanner over, Jared and Ashley. Jared is ok his edit/storyline well hmmm, I get the impression he actually seems bored with Ashley at times while she’s really excited and all. Lauren and Ashley are something else and not a good way, lots of unhappy reactions with the old ladies comment bad idea. For some reason now that its season two lots of desparation it seemed to stay on. Obviously Tenley and Clare aren’t old, but when coming out of the mouth of a 27 year old, you have to take it with a grain of salt.

What is the shocker is that some people found Jenny’s joke about Jillian funny and liked her on. Wow really. That was mean. I personally like the guests cross promoting more. I think waste of air time should be just one after it season end.

Also, I just started watching Ballers pretty interesting so far. Do you watch that? I saw on FYI something similar to Wife Swap but more dramatic.

Enjoy Vegas/Paris!

Comment: Yeah, I’ve been watching “Ballers” since the beginning. It’s ok. Total guys show. No real plot at all, but it’s football, the Rock, NFL player cameos, and nudity. Got my attention.

Hi Steve,

1. Do the Bachelor in Paradise couples that end up together (especially Tanner and Jade) get secret visits in a safe house like the Bachelor/Bachelorette lead and “winner” do? I know it is a completely different situation considering there are so many cast members of both genders and they interact more publicly, but I didn’t know what lengths the producers are willing to go to in order to prevent spoilers (even though it’s clearly too late for that haha). Lacey and Marcus did even though everyone knew they were engaged from the spoiler. As for Tanner and Jade, well, she’s basically living with him so I guess no need for any safe house visits.

2. What are the odds that “After Paradise” is a test run of sorts for a Bachelor/Bachelorette post-show?


Comment: Lets hope not. I really don’t think so just because ABC already has a show programmed in that hour time slot after “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” so I don’t see it happening.

Soooo, are we supposed to believe that Juelia actually thought Mikey T and Kirk were guys she thought would be on paradise so she printed them out to show her daughter? HA. Just had to get that out there. I forgot those guys existed. Of course not.

Which brings me to my first question…

-Are these packages filmed after filming or did they inform the whole cast who was going to be there? Because Tanner also mentioned in his package that Samantha Steffan was cute and he would love to see her in paradise. And Tenley? Why would he think she was going on when she’s like old generation bachelor ya know? They were filmed before but I’m guessing these people had an idea who was going on since they all talk.

-When did they start filming this show? How many episodes of Kaitlyn’s season did they get to watch before paradise? Filming started June 4th and ended June 24th. So they saw Kaitlyn’s first 3 episodes. Definitely the first 2. Some might have already been in Mexico on Monday, June 1st so not sure if they saw episode 3.

-After Paradise… why???? I don’t understand. It’s probably something that won’t do well and will be off the air next year if paradise does come back. I mean, it’s just not necessary I don’t think.

Comment: It’s not, but since it’s summer and ABC doesn’t want to run any repeats in that slot, and last season BIP had a 2 hr block on Monday, I guess they just figured to keep those 2 hours, but dedicate one to a live show.

Hi Steve,

I know that Ashley and her sister are considered a pair, and if one person leaves than the other has to leave. So after reading the spoilers, how come if Lauren left to continue being a mistress, Ashley was able to stay on the show?

Comment: Probably because Lauren left on her own and not because she didn’t get a rose. The rule was if one got a rose, then both got a rose. And if neither got a rose, they both go home. Lauren leaves on her own so that didn’t really apply to the rule. Not to mention, Ashley I. is TV gold to them so there’s no way they were gonna let her leave.

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  1. heathhere

    August 6, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    UnReal is seriously the best–cannot wait for season 2!

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