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“Bachelor In Paradise 2” Episode 2 Recap

Oh Vegas. How I love thee so. Granted, there wasn’t any fire bet winnings like last time, but I still had fun nonetheless. I think what I find fascinating about Vegas is just the people there. Whether they’re the drunk ones, the slutty ones, the obnoxious ones, the randoms you meet at tables, etc. It’s always such an interesting dynamic. Like the people who roll craps. As you know, it’s my favorite game to play. Just to watch all the different people who roll and the different things they do before they roll the dice is hilarious. Sure I have my own thing but I change that up probably every two trips or something. In reality, there’s no rhyme or reason to who can roll well and who can’t. Anybody with a pair of hands has the ability to roll well at craps and everybody also has the ability to crap out right after their point. I rolled terrible myself for most of the weekend, except for one run I had where I hit 6 points on one roll. Then the next time I got the dice I crapped out on my first roll after I hit my point, so go figure. It’s a crazy game but it sure is fun when someone is rolling well.

Olivia loved every second of Vegas. If you saw my Periscope on Friday when I checked into my room, you probably know now why I love staying at the Venetian. They are good to me there so that’s why I choose to continue to go back. My account manager will always bend over backwards for me and I just like the hotel in general. Olivia had never stayed in rooms like that before so she was fired up. We got to take the Eiffel Tower tour over at the Paris, we had lunch at a French Bistro, then I took her swimming at the Venetian pool which was interesting. I mean, we know how some of those pools are with the type of “talent” that is walking around. So there’s Olivia wanting to go to the pool to actually go swimming, all while Uncle Steve was basically just checking out the scenery the whole time. One can only do so many hand stands underwater before it gets old, right? Great handstand Olivia. Now let me get back to checking out the hot number in the barely hanging on bikini over there. Yeah, so that’s how that went. All in all good times, and I think I know what Olivia’s getting for Xmas this year. She has no clue right now.

Again, in case you haven’t seen them or can’t find them, here are your “Bachelor in Paradise” episode-by-episode spoilers for this season that have been up for over a month. Maybe bc of the “To Be Continued” last night you forgot what happens. It’s all there.

Also, get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. Very low right now, not to mention I might’ve accidentally deleted some while I was away this weekend. I can’t remember. So any “Reader Emails” or “Dr. Reality Steve” emails you have get them in today and tomorrow respectively.

Ratings are in from this week, and both Sunday and Monday’s numbers were up a bit from last week. Ratings from Sunday showed a rise in total viewers over last week from 3.5 to 3.7 million with a rating of 1.2, up from a 1.1 last week. As for last night, total viewers was up to 5 million from 4.7 last week, along with the rating jumping from a 1.3 to a 1.5. As for the after-show, total viewers went from 3.1 million to 3.3, with a .8 rating staying the same as last week.

Nell Kalter has your RHOC recap now up for your viewing. Go read it and tell her what you think. She’s been hard at work slaving over that silly show while I slave over this one. You realize I didn’t get back til yesterday, so I basically watched Sunday’s episode around 5:15, and was done around 6:55, so last night’s episode started right away. 4 straight hours of that crap. I will probably never do that again in my life. My brain feels like mush.

One of the simplest poll questions ever. I don’t know, maybe I’m in the minority and because I’m older and my tolerance for people that clueless is lower than most people’s, but I’m curious to know how many of you like Ashley I. So here you go:

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  1. kamikaziesub

    August 11, 2015 at 9:21 AM

    Steve, You certainly are opinionated regarding Jade and her photos. Have you never dated someone and wanted and classy photo of them naked?????? Whether one does it for a magazine and makes some very well paid money while doing it for others to sit back and judge the persons body or the photographers work Ya gotta admit over half the people here have purchased those magazines, so go ahead sit and gather your half level intel that you post here and make your judgments on their purpose and “mistakes” but, keep the true reality of what people are doing out their as well. If you truly wanna write about a dang reality show and a female that posed for Playboy you could write a book on Miss Kendra on Top!!! Her behavior and/or mistakes that got her fame still shows that she can not open her mouth without insulting someone, abusing people an calling herself the victim and never having risen from trailer trash.

  2. olestinker

    August 11, 2015 at 10:30 AM

    Two thoughts on the Ashley I – Jared- Claire triangle.

    1. I think the world would be a better place if, on your birthday, you had to sit through a tape of every time you called someone old when they were your new age.

    2. If I were in Mexico looking for a three week showmance with minimal possibility of it turning into something serious after wrap, I’d go with the 34 year old woman rather than the 26 year old virgin every time. Trust me Jared, Claire knows how to do things that Ashley I has never heard of.

  3. flightgirl

    August 11, 2015 at 11:24 AM

    I think Tenley likes Joshua because he looks like a lighter version of Kiptyn. His face reminds me of Kiptyn. Too bad she passed on Michael.

  4. flightgirl

    August 11, 2015 at 11:26 AM

    The same people judging Jade for posing for Playboy (steve) are the same ones drooling over her photos. Pathetic. Her body and her choices.

  5. jessicat

    August 11, 2015 at 11:44 AM

    flightgirl – You’re exactly right. Steve has made some gross comments about Jade on here (that she made him hard, etc.), but then he has the audacity to judge her for posing for Playboy (which he clearly enjoyed). It’s brutal.

  6. rob22

    August 11, 2015 at 11:44 AM

    Well, you have to say that Jade has parlayed those pics into two reality shows. Congratulations?

    I honestly get lost in this recap. I don’t know any of these people by name, except Jade, of course. Can’t we go back to using nicknames? They make way more sense. Jade’s the only one that doesn’t need a nickname.

  7. soccertory

    August 11, 2015 at 12:22 PM

    Here’s a big clue why Ashley doesn’t have much luck with the fellas. When you finally get the guy of your dreams to kiss you, don’t bring up his ex girlfriend the second your lips separate. Kinda a moment killer.

    The Clare attack at the end? Jade needed a little more camera time, I think. Who would ever believe her and Tanner have something real. At least Lacy and what’s his face tried to keep to themselves away from the drama last year. You know this show is crazy town when Ashley S. seems to be the most sane person.

  8. rob22

    August 11, 2015 at 1:56 PM

    The whole thing with Jade is that, on TV, she’s been really kind of dull, except for knowing (in the back of our minds) that she gets naked for the cameras. Supposedly, according to her parents & inferred on social media, she’s kind of a wild child. But that doesn’t come across on the show AT ALL. So it becomes really hard to justify air time for her if she’s going to shyly smile, giggle a little and not say much. I mean TV does show off her assets, but you do have to show SOME personality.

  9. punk

    August 11, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    This show is a trainwreck. My wife loves the franchise, but quit on this show for how crap it was edited. The whole Ashley-Lauren thing was so ridiculous that normal people tune out. Only brainless dolts who like contrived KUWTK might enjoy that stupidity. Because it isn’t really funny either.

    And the whole looking for love pretense–seriously–just staahhhp. No one is buying it for a second.

    I preferred the Bachelor Pad challenges. Putting the contestants through those was the best, and seeing them get their massive egos bruised was worth it. Schadenfreude is real people.

  10. rob22

    August 11, 2015 at 4:30 PM

    I agree. This show is unwatchable. I’m done watching & I’ve only seen a few minutes. That’s enough. I did watch the first Bachelor Pad, but it was just too much & afterwards I needed a shower. Wasn’t that the one that had Jake Pukevelka and insane Vienna with some low-IQ moron…. the guy that got the tattoo about guarding someone’s heart in a Bachelorette episode? IDK: it was really stupid, that’s all I remember. It was actually offensive it was so stupid. I’m assuming Butt-kowski was also somehow involved, but I’ve blocked it from my memory.

  11. whattamorondude

    August 11, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    I enjoy watching this show because the editing is brilliant. If the show consisted of Jade, Ashely S, Dan or Kirk types we’d all be bored silly. They are essentially background noise. I love the way they pick and edit so wisely. You are an absolute fool or just plain desperate to willingly be a part of this trashtastic train wreck.

    Ashley S — it’s hard to believe she’s only 25. I don’t believe she’s crazy, but I do believe part of her edit is that she’s legit two beats off – like at all times.

    I voted yes for liking Ashley I. She lets it all hang out with no shame. Clearly her parents did a crap job of raising those two girls, but nonetheless, those girls have entertained.

    The tattoos on the guys are so terrible. Jj’s colorful shoulder tattoo is just awful. Josh’s random tatts are totes terbs.

    I have new love for Jonathan. All that booing and hooing was shocking, embarrassing and strangely endearing.

    Last comment – Jenny cohost on After is still awful.

  12. jest002

    August 11, 2015 at 7:06 PM

    Steve shares things about his personal life on here. I would think the reasoning is to connect with his readers. He invited them to his b-day party in Vegas to possibly win prizes on Bachelor-related trivia. So then, why does he have to be so darn negative about it all? He stresses viewers should not take the franchise seriously, but that’s what he’s doing. Not in a “I believe the love” sort of way. But in the way he gets so freaking annoyed. Every time I finish reading an article, I’m just like spent from the negativity. Some recaps out there are plain fun to read. They take jabs at the show and contestants, but in a silly way. Steve actually sounds annoyed. And now he wants someone to troll the live after show. wtf, get over yourself. I mean, ok, I might laugh if it happened out of nowhere. But asking for it cheapens the trolling.

    It’s silly mindless reality tv. Yes, I’ve found Ashley I. entertaining. Dare I say she’s been the most hilariously entertaining contestant this season. I only dislike scummy contestants like Joe.

    The cohost on After is what happens when a person doesn’t know how to hate in a likeable way. Call it real, but it’s not a good look for tv. The celeb guests they’ve had on know the deal and how to do it right.

  13. mirage

    August 11, 2015 at 8:39 PM

    Besides all the other douche-baggery Joe is guilty of, anyone else find his kissing style totally gross? Tongue out and lappin’ before his lips even connect to the woman’s? First with Kaitlyn, then Juelia, and well, crap, it looks like next week we’ll have a front row seat as he turns on the magic with Samantha. Ick. No amount of kissing from the ladies will turn this frog into a prince! Creepy eyes pan to the camera “Gimme that rowwwwse!!!” Ewww.

  14. lanelp

    August 11, 2015 at 8:46 PM

    Okay, I’ve had it it. Enough so, that I went on to create a user name and password to comment – not to mention that I had to find my password in my junk mail…and went through 2 kick backs to some sort of app.
    Reading this recap has been awful. Steve absolutely hates this show. I think it’s hilarious! It’s my guilty pleasure! He says the viewers are dumb, because they believe Clare is talking to a raccoon. Actually, he is making his readers look dumb-of course we know she isn’t talking to a raccoon! His negativity is exhausting as a previous commenter stated. If it weren’t for this franchise, there would be no “Reality Steve”. I can see making fun of it, making light fun of contestants, but this is getting ridiculous. I honestly can’t believe he hasn’t ticked off his sponsors in the last couple of weeks, considering he hates Bachelor in Paradise so much, he doesn’t feel it’s worth it to recap each episode, rather than throw it into one. And this one was thrown together so fast-his grammar was off, he flew through 4 hours like nothing. I don’t care about his trips to Vegas-at all. I don’t care about his niece and nephew and what concert they went to, etc. In fact, I’ve gotten used to skipping through the first page. His arrogance is so unbelievable, it’s unreal. Other reputable sites have been blogging each episode, and certainly had me laughing out loud. (I recommend They take the time to recap each episode, without going through 1 of 4 pages to talk about their ridiculous trips to Vegas. And finally, how are his advertisers okay with the fact there are so many pop-ups, so much so that I can’t even log onto his site without my computer crashing! I now only use my mobile, and STILL get kicked to game apps. Seriously, if he is the best (as he so says, every week), why wouldn’t he spend a dollar or 2 working out the bugs on his website? I’m so disappointed-I’ve been reading his posts for years. I’m actually kind of sad. Not to mention, the fact he is so arrogant he just throws out the fact he may have deleted some reader emails-he can’t remember. Wow, Steve! Way to thank your readers!

  15. rob22

    August 12, 2015 at 7:12 AM

    Yeah, I don’t care about Vegas, his niece, etc. either. I guess someone out there cares, but I’m not sure why. I think we all know how craps works by now. Grab dice, blow or rattle dice, throw dice. Then, win sometimes & mostly lose a lot of money. The end.

    And in this world full of internet creepers, I’m not sure why he’d expose his niece on an internet chat…. or why her parents would allow it. It all seems very naive. I’d never allow one of my young children to appear like that. It almost has a Kardashians quality to it.

    The arrogance is definitely coming through, but the long, unedited ramblings are what’s getting tough for me. I mean 5 pages on BIP? Seriously? Two pages max. Maybe this is just a form of arrogance where RS really believes we want more of his words in our lives.

    Oh, and the deleted emails are becoming common place. I don’t mind really, because if he didn’t lose them, he’d probably print them all and comment on them, which would add another four pages to the Reader Emails…. which have become repetitive and totally unreadable. But, how do you lose or accidentally lose emails? Uh RS, check your Deleted emails folder. Or are you still using AOL email? Duh.

  16. jessicat

    August 12, 2015 at 7:40 AM

    I agree with the two posters above me.

  17. simplybd

    August 12, 2015 at 8:27 AM

    There is so much complaining about RS – if you don’t like him – go to another site.

  18. lanelp

    August 12, 2015 at 8:32 AM

    @simplybd I have actually. That’s why I said I was disappointed and sad. Because I’ve read Steve for years, but now have felt the need to go elsewhere. I use to be excited to read the recaps, now I only go on once in awhile.

  19. whattamorondude

    August 12, 2015 at 8:40 AM

    To all you Steve negative posters —

    prepare to have your account deleted as evidenced by ‘comment being moderated’ after you try to post OR ‘unable to login.’

    If you email Steve to ask what is up, he will tell you that “other people” have been complaining about you and he had to request his “moderator” delete your posts. You know….he pays a “moderator” because he can’t be bothered reading the comments section.

    He lives in Texas….but I can see the chip on his shoulder all the way from Chi-town.

  20. rob22

    August 12, 2015 at 10:39 AM

    I don’t know about that. I post 90% positive stuff for RS and every now and then, I have an issue with the site. I post my comments & move on & have never had a problem.

    I agree that any blogger who’s sensitive enough to delete negative posts should not be a blogger. This site is tame in that regard. A couple of sites I visit have some full-on full time trolls. And they keep on posting, so obviously the blogger is letting the wild west be the wild west.

    That’s the way it should be btw. Oh, and ever been to YouTube? The trolls are out 24X7 there ridiculing pretty much everything. That’s life on the internet these days.

  21. rob22

    August 12, 2015 at 10:47 AM

    Oh…. and telling negative posters “if you don’t like it, stop reading” is just the height of ridiculousness. People have opinions & they aren’t always positive. I agree that if there is a particular poster who CONSTANTLY posts trollish negative comments, you might say that. But I’ve never seen anyone like that that here…. with maybe an exception, or two, a long time ago.

    And…. the negative comments don’t hurt RS. The more people post, the better off his site looks. I know a now defunct site that was getting paid based on comment posts. Most of the posts were just a bunch of regulars jumping on every day to talk about random stuff. I guess the advertisers finally figured that out since the site is totally gone now. Good riddance too. It was the most ridiculous site on the planet. If you tried to jump in and comment on the actual posts, the regulars would jump on you like wolves. The internet is a crazy place!!

  22. Serpephone

    August 12, 2015 at 1:04 PM

    Wow, lot’s of negativity this week in the comments section! Goodness!

  23. samkwa

    August 12, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    Steve says viewers are naive enough to think Clare is speaking to animals, but he still thinks Kaitlyn’s snapchat was an accident. Ok.

  24. cjscjs711

    August 16, 2015 at 10:24 AM

    Steve’s forte is spoiling, not recapping. I looked once at some really old blogs and way back when, he was really fresh and funny and into the humor of it. Now, he comes across as being burned out, which I think he may be, and cynical.

    There also are NOW a lot of very very witty and truly hilarious blogs out there now – someone mentioned Lincee’s, Jen F, etc.

    I’d have preferred the recap boiled down to about 3 paragraphs. To summarize the action, all the while making nasty remarks about it, brings Steve down to the level of the Jenny person on the After show. (I’d have actually preferred seeing Michelle Money in that seat.)

    Steve should know that on “live” shows, there is still a delay before broadcasting in order that unacceptable portions can be edited out if necessary. It used to be an 8-10 second delay. So if they didn’t want the name “Reality Steve” on their show, you can be sure they’d have time to cut it.

    I, too, disagree with the statement if you don’t like what Steve is writing then you should not read any of it. The guy makes is his living from people reading/visiting his site, not people leaving it. It’s like saying employers shouldn’t tell their employees what they’re doing wrong – if they don’t like the person’s work, just get rid of them. Fire him or her. It’s that simple. Don’t give feedback if it’s negative.

    @rob22: I thought I was the only one who felt as you do about having Olivia the child on the Spreecasts. I’ve wondered whether the child is an orphan, or if she has a mother. My child is a boy but even so, I’d never put him on an internet chat having to do with a TV show that’s 90% about making out, casual hooking up, and premature engagements. Why? Just to be on internet video? …… First, I’d think the context is adult and inappropriate. Second I’d think, “Why would this audience have any interest whatsoever in what my kid says (as though a child’s random conversation is something they’ve never heard before).”

    Everyone should do what they do best, and I wish Steve would just stick to spoiling. And on the episodes, a few anecdotes or reminders, like about Michael’s history, that we who do not devote our time to this show as our full time occupation may not know or remember.

    The main problem I have with the recaps is there are tidbits within the dull recaps, but I don’t always know till I’ve read nearly the whole paragraph, whether there was anything in it I wanted to read. JMO

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