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“Reader Emails” & Taylor Swift Last Night

Hi Steve,

Love your site, I’ve been reading for years and look more forward to reading your columns than I do watching the actual show :).

Sorry if this has already been asked and I’ve missed it but is there going to be an after paradise show? I would love for Jonathan and Mikey to get a chance to confront Joe on all his scheming and crap he said behind their backs. Especially Jonathan, the way Joe manipulated him was hard to watch. I don’t think we need that to happen. They already force fed Juelia to us and he apologized, and she still kept digging. He was asked about Jonathan and Mikey and gave his response which I thought was good enough at that point. Plus, I doubt those guys really even care anymore.

Also you have said that Tenley won’t be on Ben’s season of the bachelor but do you know if that’s because she doesn’t want to or because producers won’t let her? She doesn’t want to be on the show. Tenley is very image conscious to say the least.

Off topic but as a 90210 fan myself I do agree with you that the college years with Valarie were much better than the high school years, although I enjoyed them as well. I think you should have a 90210 quiz for sh*ts and giggles since you remember a lot about the show, I think that would be fun. No prize for the winner, just for fun. Maybe in your down time with paradise ending soon you could? People could e mail you their answers (lol now that wouldn’t create an e mail explosion in your inbox).

Anyways, keep on doing what you do!

Comment: The only problem with that is anyone can find any answer they want about pretty much everything by Googling it. So doing any sort of quiz like that would be counter productive. It’d have to be done how I did my “Bachelor” quiz at my birthday party, where everyone is there live and have to answer right away without looking at phones. That’d really be the only way to truly test someone’s knowledge of not only 90210, but anything. Google would essentially have every answer.

Hi Steve,

I am a long time reader and wanted to thank you for all of your work. I really enjoy your weekly blogs and video chats. You have been keeping me entertained for several years – since well before Jason’s season. Thanks again for all that you do.

I have a few questions for you for the Thursday column:

1) How many ITMs does a contestant do in one day? How long does a typical ITM last? A lot and they vary. All depends on what the producer needs. I’ve heard some are real quick, and I’ve heard some last til the wee hours of the morning and they won’t let you sleep until you tell them what they want. So most oblige because they just want to go to bed.

2) The information you shared concerning travel during Kaitlyn’s season and the deal with Patagonia falling through makes a lot of sense. How often are the travel plans and dates planned on the fly? Or does the show have a lot of back-up plans in case something falls through? I don’t think anything is done on the fly. This stuff is pre-planned in advance. I have no idea over 30 seasons how many times locations have fallen through like Patagonia did, but I would venture to guess you could probably count on one hand.

3) Similarly, I’m curious about the how travel arrangements work for the show. Do the airlines hold a bunch of tickets for the show since the show doesn’t know or cannot share the names of who will be flying when the tickets are booked? I believe so. A lot of nameless tickets are booked then just added later.

4) Have you ever heard of any contestants getting into problems at customs? No. But doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I’ve just never heard one way or the other.

5) Are all contestants required to get certain vaccinations before a season starts in case they travel to exotic locations? For example for Ben F’s season were all contestants required to get the Yellow Fever vaccine in case they made it to Belize? I’m sure they did.

You have suggested in the past that the producers were not big fans of Ben F. It seemed like his season did pretty well with all of the attention surrounding Courtney. Can you share any more insight?

Thanks again!

Comment: I was told Mike Fleiss wasn’t a fan of Ben at all and was trashing him after the season. I don’t remember his ratings. It’s not like he killed the franchise or anything, but Fleiss for whatever reason just didn’t think he was a good “Bachelor.”


Though you might find this interesting. It’s a quiz to see which “Unreal” character you are. Which UnREAL Character Are You Really? I’ll take that sometime. Although I can’t imagine which one of them I could possibly be similar to. Jeremy would be the only one.

I’ve been watching BIP2 with some of my friends, and our biggest question is why aren’t they showing more of the dates or the couples? Jade & Tanner are supposed to be engaged by the end of this, yet we see my 5 seconds of their relationship basically one of the two episodes per week. With 3 hours of the week dedicated to BIP2 it’s a little strange that about 10% of the show is the actual dates and relationships.

I know it’s not really about love and that this is all showmance and fame, but you ABC would be trying a little harder for all the saps out there!

What do you think?

Comment: I think you answered your own questions. Because this show isn’t about love. The dates where things are going great are boring to watch. Would much rather see uncomfortable awkwardness on dates, or Ashley S. getting blasted on tequila and spewing nonsense. Much more entertaining.

Hi do you know what the deal is with Mikey being brought back? Did he never go him? Did they fly him in last minute via private jet?


Comment: Heard he had basically just landed back in Chicago when they asked him to come back.

How old is Nick peterson? I saw that samantha is 28 and I’m guessing he is around her age or older. Nick is 30.

I know you said they were still dating, but was wondering if you think they will last or if it’s just for more fame? I’m having a hard time believing anything Samantha is doing on this show is for anything other than attention. Which is fine. Just admit it.

Do you think samantha or Joe is the bigger villian? Joe because of how many nasty things he did and said on the show. Samantha isn’t a saint, but her edit just shows her being shady. Not a rude, cruel, jerk off like they made Joe out to be.

Who was Ashley talking to when she was “talking” to the bird? Did she have something in her ear and a producer was talking to her because it looked like she really was talking about his ” fruits” lol that actually was funny but it’s obvious she wasn’t talking to the bird. Absolutely it was a producer.

Did samantha really do what we all that she did in the hot tub? It seemed pretty real with Joe telling her to not stop and leaning his head and arms back. Eew! What else could it have been? Do u know if that was editing or more? There aren’t many different things it could’ve been. It’s not like she put her head underwater between his legs or anything. Only a few people know for sure what happened, but I don’t think you need a crazy sense of imagination to figure it out.

Love your spoilers! Fan for years now!

Hi Steve,

I’m totally confused about the timing of this season’s Bachelorette and BIP filming schedule. My assumption is that no one actually saw the Bachelorette that was on BIP right? Bc no one seemed to have any biases to the cast. (People liked JJ!) So can you tell me when filming stopped and started for both. And then refresh my memory on the airing dates of everything? Was After the Final Rose filmed after BIP was done? Did they fly everyone in? But they already had previews so I guess they didn’t?! Thank you for shedding light on this!

Comment: Filming for BIP started Thursday, June 4th and ended June 24th. Kaitlyn’s season aired from May 18th to July 27th. Most of the original BIP cast was out there a few days before the 4th. Kaitlyn’s season began May 18th, so the cast that started the season defintely saw the first 2 episodes of Kaitlyn’s season, maybe 3. Depends on if they saw that Monday, June 3rd episode.

BIP was done taping on June 24th. Kaitlyn’s MTA taped July 11th, and the ATFR was live on July 27th.


Samantha is the absolute perfect person to have on BIP. Does any one person more fully encapsulate this franchise?

She’s shallow, disloyal, mean, and incredibly selfish. She trucks people’s feelings all day long without batting an eyelash, and then expects to kick dumb-as-a-brick Kentucky Fried Joe to the curb, letting him take all the blame for a situation she entirely manipulated, and then rejoin the group and be back with the cool kids. In other words, she’s a very, very bad person.

But holy hell she’s really hot. And she knows it. And the BIP producers know it. In fact, both her personal awfulness (Nick too? Wow) and her obvious sexiness (good lord, that bikini shot was mesmerizing) are an absurd thing to be watching. I can’t even pretend that there is something redeemable about Samantha, or that I think there ever realistically could be. I just want to watch her cause she’s, what’d Nick call her—a “smoke show”. So, in other words, BIP reveals my own shallowness to me. Great. Maybe I’ll change my viewing habits and watch the news—only to see the Celebrity Apprentice guy as a leading candidate for president. Now I feel better—the whole damn country is apparently not much deeper, given its willingness to have a reality star as a serious candidate for the most important and powerful job in the world.

Sad to say, but Juelia fits the category well too. Watching her getting all weepy at the rose ceremony, acting like her tenure on this ridiculous show was her one big chance in life, and watching person after person “pulling for her to stay” in their ITMs was an outright embarrassment. Woman, go home and raise your kid. Remember, this show is made for the Samanthas of the world.

Oh wait, wait…Mikey T is coming back for Juelia, and suddenly, magically, mystically, even though Juelia had no use for him while Muscleman was there the last time, he’s been transformed into her Great Lost Love! And as for Mikey, even though he spent most of his time hopping around Clare, hoping she’d throw a protein bar his way, Juelia has become his big “Chance At Love” too! Oh for —- sake, nevermind Juelia. I obviously had more respect for you than you had for yourself. I was wrong! You’re qualified for this franchise, and you should stay!

Feeling a little disoriented here.

Comment: Can’t say I disagree with any of that.

Hi Steve – I have been reading your posts ever since my mother told me that Jake Pavelka was going to pick Vienna and I couldn’t believe it – who is this reality steve I said???? I have been watching BIP and I finally realized what really bugged me about Samantha Steffen. Her hair is just way too long. Even before this, I was asking my hair stylist about what length of hair was just creepy and we were talking about that very unhip way too long hair thing. my new name for Samantha is Crystal Gayle. no offense intended for Crystal but both of them have that way too long hair thing going on.

I think that she thinks her “beautiful” hair is an asset but just get it cut! Everything about this woman screams “I need attention”. I’ve been watching for many years and I’ve never felt the EEEWWW factor as I have with samantha and her freakin ridiculous hair. I would take Ashley I’s crying before the yuck factor of this jet black way too long hair.

Am I way out there in my thinking?

Comment: The last thing I’ve thought negatively about Samantha was the length of her hair. Must be a chick thing.

Hi Steve,

I just finished watching my first “After Paradise”. Before watching After Paradise, I disliked Joe a lot. Once I saw that he owned up to his mistakes, I have a lot more respect for him. I can fully understand someone having tunnel vision if they thought they had a connection with someone prior to the show.

I thought it was a Cheap Shot of the show to bring on Julia after Joe had already apologized and explained himself. I AGREED with the older caller who said that Julia needs to grow up and move on. When you look back at the episode when the two of them got together, Joe didn’t even ask her out. From what I remember he said “Does anyone want to go horse riding with me?” and Julia jumped up and said she wanted to go. Then throughout the date, it was clear Joe was luke warm about Julia, but Julia interpreted everything as though he was “into” her, which clearly wasn’t the case.

I completely agree with your post last week where you said a person with a child should not get any preference on these shows. THEY are the ones who have made a decision to leave their child for this. I’m getting tired of all of this stuff where people say that they have to treat Julia differently than the others. I thought the caller was right on about Julia. I don’t exactly remember what she said, but the message I heard was… She’s an adult. She needs to own her decisions and stop crying about it.

Anyway… just my take.

Oh and the Nick thing was very cheesy. I live on the West Coast so I already knew who the Bachelor was going to be. The Nick talk was really, really stupid in my opinion.

Comment: Can’t say I disagree with much of this email either. I’ve given my thoughts on the “single mom” thing, as well as Joe’s apology.

Dear RS,

I’m curious to confirm my thoughts of Sunday’s episode. The whole Juelia drama seems to continue to escalate. I feel like her “favor” to Chris H. was something that had to be producer driven. I don’t see her asking to bring Mikey back on her own. I felt it comical the way the whole thing was set up for her to interrupt Chris to ask him to find out if Mikey would want to give it another go. Even if it were her idea am I right to believe that Chris H. is a talking mouthpiece? Like he can’t make that type of decision for the show correct? Everything has to be approved through the puppet masters of the show? Mikey never went home right? I don’t believe he went all the way home and then came back did he? Just keep in mind this is a TV show. Will probably answer most of your questions. But no, Mikey did go home and wasn’t home more than a few hours before they called him back.

The whole Sunday episode was too much! The way they made JJ go out like he was an American Hero saving Ashley so Nick would have someone to pair up with to fuel the drama with the Joe/ Samantha storyline. Ugh! I don’t dislike Juelia by any means but for her to sit there and plug herself as a great catch irritated me so much. I don’t get how someone leaves their 2 year old to try and find love this way. I mean wouldn’t it be better for her to try dating websites and be close to her daughter? I get it money talks but it’s annoying how they continue to make her the victim of the show! People F each other over all the time in real life, it sucks it happened to her on national TV but it happens! Sorry…on to another topic. Yeah, and the money they make for this show isn’t money you’re retiring off of. Some people just love the attention and the adoration on social media. In fact, addicted would be a better word for it. I don’t get it, but I know it plays a major role in their decisions.

Tanner/Jade date where he asks her to be his girlfriend what’s your thought on that? On the date? Or him asking her to be his girlfriend? I don’t know. Guess I really haven’t thought about it at all since we know the outcome of those two.

I just finished UnReal and I did like the show. I have a question about the Mary suicide note. It was planted? No one ever said it outright but from my conclusions when the note was read I felt it was a fake. It cleared the show from every wrong doing and it was just too convenient. Did Mary’s sister know it was fake? I felt like she did but was trying to protect her niece so used it to her benefit. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention during that episode and missed something?

Thanks for the spoilers and keeping it real.

Comment: Yeah, you missed it. Rachel wrote the note and the sister went along with it to gain sympathy.

Hi Steve,

Did you see Lifetime is airing in October unauthorized movies on 90210 & Melrose Place.

I just watched the one they made on Full House. I never really watched that show but there were a lot of interesting things I didn’t know behind the scenes that happened. They have look alike-ish actors playing the parts.

Looking forward to the 90210 & Melrose Place ones as they were two of my favorite shows ever! I know you loved 90210 as well so just wanted to let you know.

Comment: I saw the one they did on “Saved by the Bell” and it wasn’t great. I have zero interest in watching the others.

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  1. cjscjs711

    August 26, 2015 at 9:51 AM

    I think the appearance by Nick as a next Bachelor teaser was obviously being playful with the audience and I didn’t see it as meaning to be hurtful to anyone. Nick was a good sport about losing again, even though that was all unspoken, the silly pretend indecision they’d been hawking about who to choose – Nick or Ben. I saw some humor in it, and was glad Harrison didn’t do to Nick what he did to Britt – make it seem like he was leading up to telling her she won only to tell her she lost. That would have been hurtful.

  2. kimmyfromdablock

    August 26, 2015 at 10:55 AM

    I like the reader mail about rating attractiveness on the women left on BIP. For me, the order would be:

    1). Jade
    2). Ashley I
    3). Juelia
    4). Ashley S.
    5). Samantha
    6). Tenley
    7). Amber
    8). Carly

    This is of course, not accounting for personality — strictly looks. Clearly I don’t see Samantha as a ‘smoke show’ but I understand the appeal of her look for men. She’s too Elvira/porn star look for me.

  3. elizabeth82

    August 26, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    rob22, was that you with the paragraph about how hot Samantha is?

    I agree with the person who said her hair is just way too long, especially ’cause she has such a small head (so does Nick, ha) and shorter hair would complement her features much better. I also don’t like her porn-star-looking nails. Of course she’s very pretty but her personality isn’t.

    Rankings are fun, so here’s mine:

    1. Jade
    2. Ashley S.
    3. Tenley
    4. Samantha
    5. Carly
    6. Ashley I.
    7. Amber
    8. Juelia

    Juelia would be a lot prettier if she lost the clumpy eyelash extensions, fake boobs, streaky hair color, and orange skin tone. I don’t care for Jade, but she has great natural beauty, I just wish she didn’t have the fake boobs too. Carly’s the only one whose personality I really like, so maybe that boosts her attractiveness to me. 🙂

  4. rob22

    August 26, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    elizabeth: No. I didn’t send the email about Samantha. I’ve emailed RS once, didn’t like the response, commented on it & have never done it again. And probably won’t in the future.

    But ironically, I WAS going to say that I would put Samantha #1 on my list. I’d never commented on her (certainly not about her looks), so some pretty good mind reading there in that I was going to agree with that email.

    I’m honestly not all that taken by Jade. I wonder if the fact that she did the nude video that probably most have seen, factors into their rankings? To me, she’s not incredibly awesome looking. I do think Ashley S is nice looking, so I’d put her at #2. The others, I mean they’re attractive (95% of the women on the show are attractive), but to me they’re not drop dead gorgeous or anything. They don’t stand out to me.

    Obviously Ashley S is a borderline mental patient and Samantha is manipulative and kind of a self-absorbed semi-sociopath. So, neither is remotely girlfriend material. But they are very nice looking.

  5. rob22

    August 26, 2015 at 1:08 PM

    Oh, and on Carly. Initially her bubbly personality made her seem attractive. But she’s one of those people who the more you see of them, the less attractive they seem. It’s not just the bad hair dye job. It’s her clingy and kind of stalkerish personality. You go out with Carly, and you’re going to have a heck of a time getting rid of her. And you’ll want to get rid of her fast. She was the one with all the snarky comments about Britt, among others. She’s not a very nice person. Very insecure & has a dead end job on some cruise ship. I’ve been cruising a bit, and a lot of their entertainers are big drinkers and live sad depressing lives…. and are not paid well unless they are headline acts. She’s one of those people that evokes a “Danger Will Robinson” warning. Stay away from that.

  6. elizabeth82

    August 26, 2015 at 8:59 PM

    @rob22: Aw that’s too bad you think so poorly of Carly. Britt deserved most of the comments Carly made about her; Britt’s phony and manipulative. I don’t get how Carly’s clingy either. A little insecurity comes through and her hair dye job is unfortunate, but I think she’s funny and likeable. Are you sure you’re not (as I think RS is) judging her mostly for the Britt comments?

    That’s funny you didn’t make the Samantha comment but agree. RS’s answers to e-mails leave much to be desired, as he doesn’t even answer many of the questions therein.

  7. kimmyfromdablock

    August 26, 2015 at 9:32 PM

    Interesting that a few find Ashley S so attractive. She’s definitely pretty and has a great body….but between her perma-startled expression and an overall look of a 35-year old suburban mom….she just doesn’t WOW me.

  8. braveo900

    August 27, 2015 at 1:20 AM

    Mine is: Ashley I/Samantha, Amber, Jade, Juelia, Tenley, Ashley S, Carly

    And Dan, Tanner, Jared, Joshua, Nick, Justin, Kirk, Mikey/Joe

    (Based on looks & voice)

  9. caffeinequeen

    August 27, 2015 at 2:06 AM

    I like rankings too–
    1. Ashley I.
    2. Tenley
    3. Ashley S.
    4. Juelia
    5. Jade
    6. Samantha
    7. Carly
    8. Amber

    Leaving Tenley’s voice aside, I think she’s really attractive in a wholesome sort of way. Juelia too, but use less mascara (or remove the lash extensions).
    I guess I see Samantha’s attraction, just doesn’t do it for me. If I had to be stuck in an elevator with any of them, Carly would be the most entertaining. 🙂

  10. Scout

    August 27, 2015 at 6:59 AM

    OO! I’ll rank too!

    Tenley, Jade, Ashley S, Ashley I, Carly, Samantha, Juelia, Amber

    And guys:
    Jared, Tanner, Dan, Kirk, Nick, Josh, Mikey, Joe, Justin

  11. helloday

    August 27, 2015 at 9:26 AM

    Wow. There are a bunch of racists here. There’s tons of variation in the rankings for the white girls, but the black girl is always last or second to last. She’s one of maybe two people who let their natural beauty shine through and don’t cake it on, but because she is black, it is deemed unattractive. This is why we will never have a minority bachelor/ette. You don’t even think about your racism. It’s just programmed into your mind that minorities are unattractive. Amber is up there with Jade when it comes to beauty. Open your racist eyes to see the truth.

  12. Bellatriks

    August 27, 2015 at 10:30 AM

    Since rankings are now a thing: 🙂

    1. Tenley
    2. Ashley S.
    3. Samantha
    4. Jade
    5. Ashley I.
    6. Amber
    7. Carly
    8. Juelia

  13. LynnS

    August 27, 2015 at 10:37 AM

    Regarding the above post: I am sick and tired of people thinking I am racist because I don’t happen to believe a woman of a different race is attractive.

    It is sickening to me that I “must” consider a woman beautiful just because she is a different race. Clear and simple, I don’t find Amber very attractive.

  14. rob22

    August 27, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    helloday: I do like Amber. Good looking and great personality. I forgot she was on the show. I’ll add her 3rd on my list. She not really a classic beauty, you’d really have to admit that. I see her as more of an attractive girl next door type. In a good way. I don’t think it’s fair to label people racists because some, not all, have her lower on the list. I mean, she’s on the list.

    elizabeth: probably I do have Carly lower because of the way she treated Britt. I’m still a little bitter about that. I would definitely have Britt up on my list. Maybe even #1. But I have to admit that Kaitlyn provided a grand train wreck and great entertainment, so she probably was the better choice. Britt might have been kind of boring. It was a pretty sad group of guys when Alf ends up being the winner. There wouldn’t have been much hope for that season unless Kaitlyn did all the stuff that she did.

  15. Scout

    August 27, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    LynnS: stole the words right out my mouth! I find Amber pretty…or cute. But as for who I (and only I) find attractive, she just wasn’t high on my list. There are plenty of women of colour that I find attractive – just like there are plenty of white women that I find unattractive.

  16. vessel

    August 27, 2015 at 10:56 AM

    I’m with you Elizabeth on the Carly thing. I’ve always liked her and found her witty. It is unfortunate about the hair/eyebrow combo, but that’s fixable. Also agree any snark she directed at Britt was totally earned. Britt’s snotty ‘me me me how dare you give others roses over me’ attitude and behavior, plus the over the top theatrics deserved probably even more snark than they showed us.

  17. purplerayne

    August 27, 2015 at 11:20 AM

    Naturally pretty girls:
    Ashley S

    Pretty girls that get help from their hair, styling:
    Ashley I.

    The average girls that makeup and extension cant help:

  18. purplerayne

    August 27, 2015 at 11:25 AM

    Carly is a giant red flag once you look at all of her offenses: her insecure cattiness, her “profession”, her constant admiration of Kirk when he’s given only 10% back, missing out her beloved brother’s wedding to be on television……individually these things might not be a big deal, but collectively they say a whole lot about Carly and it aint good.

  19. ladyjane747

    August 27, 2015 at 12:45 PM

    Ooh, I’ll play.
    1. Samantha
    2. Ashley S.
    3. Jade
    4. Ashley I.
    5. Amber
    7. Juelia
    8. Carly

    1. Dan
    2. Jared
    3. Nick
    4. Josh
    5. Tanner
    6. Kirk
    7. Mikey
    8. Justin
    9. Joe

  20. cjscjs711

    August 27, 2015 at 5:02 PM

    Well this is something new – looks like more fun than the betting ring on the Bachelor! I’ll play, but I can’t help but be influenced by my work. The types I’m used to working well with photographing and retouching.

    Amber far and away #1 (and no, it’s not race preferred, I’m white). Lovely skin, natural beauty, love her style, her warmth, her figure. I could see her beauty or editorial
    Ashley S. – Agree with the housewife comment, but those women make a lot of money doing lifestyle! She’s very commercial with her can’t miss features. I could see her doing some elegant ads, too. Not kooky crazy. No.
    Ashley I. – We already have one Kim Kardashian we don’t need another. Kind of curious about what’s under the makeup. She seems like she’d like seeing good pictures of herself, and I like working with people who like my work.

    That’s about it for me. Samantha – love her hair; Jade is adorable but they both still come across as a little too men’s mag for me. JMO

  21. kimmyfromdablock

    August 27, 2015 at 5:08 PM


    These rankings are fun and your post is depressing. I would bet that not one person ranked Amber low because of the color of her skin. Her skin color is actually quite beautiful, but I still don’t favor her looks overall.

    Don’t look for problems where they don’t exist.

  22. braveo900

    August 28, 2015 at 1:30 AM

    I don’t agree fully with helloday, but I think the sentiment they’re trying to convey is that in the first 5 rankings offered by commenters, 4 of them had Amber being either last or 2nd to last. I was surprised by it too. It’s just not proportional to what you’d expect. It could be a coincidence, or it could be that sometimes people have different standards/preferences for beauty for different races, even when they don’t realize it. This is what it usually is in real life, so I can see why helloday may take that frustration out here.

  23. flightgirl

    August 28, 2015 at 1:33 AM

    helloday— I agree with kimmyfromdablock, don’t look for problems where they don’t exsist.

    I also find women of color to be gorgeous. IMO, Amber just isn’t. But again, IMO, none of the other women are flat out gorgeous either. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t find Samantha attractive, but many others here do. I think Ashley I is very pretty, but most here don’t.

    Enough of that. I also thought it was tacky and redundant to have Juelia on the after show still looking for sympathy. I do believe Joe was sincere with his apology. He was a complete dick on the show but he finally owned it.

    Nick does look much, much better too. I think Dan and Tanner are the most attractive guys. But again it is just my opinion.

  24. vessel

    August 28, 2015 at 10:29 AM

    I thought it was interesting the other night while I was watching BIP my husband looked up from whatever he was doing when it was mentioned by one of the guys for the 20th time how “gorgeous” Samantha is he goes “THAT is the girl they are all in a twist about??? Wow she’s definitely not all that” or something to that effect. She’s got a lot of hair and a great body for sure but I don’t find her face all that stunning. In fact if we’re getting picky she’s got a really weak chin, it’s almost non existent. IMO out of this group Jade is definitely the prettiest.

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