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“Reader Emails” & DWTS Cast Announced w/ No “Bachelor” People. Thank God.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Finally!!!!!!!! The Nick questions are over!!!!!!!!! Even though for the last two weeks I’ve consistently told everyone that Nick wasn’t going to be on DWTS nor was he even a serious consideration since he never even met with them, there I was getting something pretty much every day asking “Hey, I heard a rumor that Nick is gonna be on DWTS? Is it true?” Ummmmm, no. So now we can all thank the DWTS gods we don’t have to deal with that anymore. In case you missed the announcement this morning (even though pretty much all of them had already been confirmed by DWTS themselves or other entertainment outlets), the pairings were announced on GMA today. Glamour Magazine has a good breakdown of the pairings, their social media following, and what their predictions are. I gotta imagine Bindi is going far just because she’s with Derek. Other than that, the one thing I’ll say is they kinda strayed from their usual cast stereotypes. No Olympian, and no pro athlete this season. Nor is there a current Disney star on the show. Weird not seeing that. But my favorite pairing? Victor Espinoza and Karina Smirnoff. Only because she’s already 3 inches taller than him and I find it hilarious when the woman is taller than the man. He ain’t lasting long.

Get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow to be answered. Already have 3 or 4 already since we didn’t have a column last week, but will take any more you wanna throw my way. On to “Reader Emails…”

I don’t understand why all these guys (Joe, Nick, Justin, and Dan) are all so into Samantha. She’s not ugly or anything, but what is so attractive about her? Why are they all pining after her, even when she’s shown that she’s a pretty awful person?

Love your blog!

Comment: Quite clearly the guys are attracted to her looks and aren’t going any deeper than that with her.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been an avid viewer of all the Bachelor / Bachelorette series’ for years, watching them however I can from Australia. Australia has just recently started a local franchise which has been reasonably scandalous (last year’s Bachelor did a Jason Mesnick) but the current series that is airing is getting loads of media attention with the girls complaining about editing. I know all of this from watching the show forever and your site but thought I would highlight this article as it again supports everything you’ve said all along:

Secondly, I had a question. (Apologies if it has been asked before). I have read and seen some of your comments about Desiree and Chris’ wedding. Why didn’t ABC televise their wedding? They are one of the few true success stories from the franchise so I thought they would want to exploit it at all costs?


Comment: Because I don’t think they are televising any more weddings in the franchise, regardless of who it is. At least in terms of what they did with Trista/Ryan, Jason/Molly, Ashley/JP, and Sean/Catherine. Marcus and Lacey got 5 min of airtime on a beach.

I am so sick and tired of everyone saying how sweet Juelia is and she deserves to find love. What a great, nice girl. Has everyone forgotten on Chris’ season how she told him about her husband’s death at a pool party so she wouldn’t be eliminated? And that she spilled a very personal detail about his death on national tv that his family did not want disclosed?

What a fame whore. No different than anyone else, but she seems to be getting a total pass on it.

Tired of the BS in TN

Comment: People have short memories when it comes to this franchise. Very short.

Hello RS-

Quick question for you. I live in Seattle WA and on my drive into work I listen to one of our local radio shows. Molly Mesnick is one of the hosts and she always claims to know all of the gossip about the Bachelor/ Bachelorette. The hosts are always saying how they all knew info months before things are officially announced. For example, she mentioned that Ben was chosen as the Bachelor and the rest of the hosts talked about how they knew this info for quite some time. Do you think Molly gets her news from your site or do you think she has inside sources since she was on the show? I keep waiting for her to mention your site as her source (not that you need her to do that) but haven’t as of yet. I keep meaning to call or text in when they discuss Bachelor news and to give you credit as to where I hear it….maybe someday.

You’re site is awesome…thanks for spoiling!!! 🙂

Comment: I know in the past Jason and Molly have mentioned me numerous times on their podcast they were doing, but maybe she’s not allowed to at her job.

As for where she gets info, I don’t know. I’m sure some of it comes from my site, and probably some things over the years she heard from producers.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your blog since the Jason and Molly fiasco back in the day. Wow, thinking about that now makes me feel pretty ridiculous for keeping up with the Bachelor franchise from early high school to my mid 20s. You’d think being a married home-owning young professional would move me along to bigger and better shows. Nope. I’m still hooked.

I have to admit that this season of Bachelor in Paradise has been excruciatingly painful to watch (almost as painful as Ben F and Juan Pablo’s seasons). I am thoroughly bored with Sam and Joe. Like we get it. Joe likes Sam and now she’s playing the field. How can you even drag out like 6 episodes around one situation???

Do you think ABC will try to control who’s talking to whom before the show? Do the producers even try to prevent people from connecting before the show starts? I feel like this is the first time that contestants talking before the show starts filming has really been a huge focal point during aired time. It’s like the producers are using the contestant’s off air stories to fuel their on air demise. No, because I don’t think they can. Social media has brought a whole new aspect to this show that we’ve never seen before.

And I’m tired of people taking this stuff seriously. Do people not see that this is a game? If it were not a game then there wouldn’t be a limited number of roses that determine whether people stay or go. Everyone would just hang out and get to know each other. But that’s not entertaining. Limited resources + rules + end reward + time limit + players competing for said resources = game. Because it’s a game, it allows the component of strategy. So why do people get angry when the players play the game? It’s like when people get mad when you try to steal their country while playing the board game Risk. Like hello, this is war, not my little pony unicorn land. Makes no sense. Because too many people take this show and this franchise way too seriously. Hence the reason I do what I do. Just do my best to inform the masses of what they’re really watching and maybe, just maybe, they won’t take it so seriously. Can’t reach everyone.

Also, how come every other second they play footage of Juelia face timing her daughter? It’s annoying how much they are playing up this whole “I’m a single mother away from my child” thing. Yeah must be so painful to voluntarily go on an all paid for tropical vacation with tons of attractive single men. Also, Jonathon and JJ have kids and they’re not shown communicating with their kids. And I didn’t see anyone talking about how much JJ gave up to be on the show in order to find a wife and mother for his daughter. It just seems extremely one sided.

Anyways, can’t wait for Bachelor spoilers! Keep up the good work.

Comment: Because JJ and Jonathan didn’t have a storyline based on that. They decided they were going to play up the single mom thing, so they wanted to drive it home that not only was she dumped, but she had a child at home that missed her. You’re right. Doesn’t make her any more special than any other single parent, but for this show’s purpose, that was her storyline they with.

Hey Steve!

A reader sent you this question:

Quick ratings question. When you say, for example, that the show had 5 million viewers and a 1.2 rating, what does a 1.2, 1.3, etc mean? Does it have any correlation to the millions of viewers or are the numbers completely separate?

I work in the industry and happen to know the answer in simple terms 🙂 In this case 5 million viewers or 1.2% of the people who could be watching television that night during that hour were watching the show. If they give a show’s share number, that is the percentage of people who are actually using a TV that are watching the show. So in this case if they said the show had a 25% share then 20 million people were using TV during that hour.

Hope this helps!

Comment: Much easier. Thank you.


Now that you’ve had a few years to get over it, are you ever going to tell us what happened with you and Holly Durst? If you already did, I missed it, and Nick and all the Bachelor Pad talk reminded me of your past angst.

Comment: Not really. It’s not all that important. She’s a phony, someone I thought was a friend, and that’s that. The only time Holly ever crosses my mind is when you guys bring her up. It’s old news. That was 4 years ago.

Hi Steve! Long time fan, blah blah blah. I’ve watched every single season since it first premiered and wanted to respond to one of the readers from last week (I think last week?) The question was:

Does Carly look like someone else from a previous season, or am I just confused? It’s driving me nuts!

I think this person is thinking of Sarah Brice from Charlie O’Connell’s season. What do you think?


Comment: Kind of. Although I’ve seen Sarah in person once and I find her much more attractive than Carly, who I haven’t.


I am a long-time reader of the site, and have been following you since the Jason/Molly days. Thank you for making this show bearable to watch and I love knowing what is going to happen and like knowing not to take this show seriously!

You mentioned in your column this week that you have your fantasy football draft coming up soon and use the auction draft system. I am on my 3rd year of fantasy football and love it. We are introducing the auction draft system this year. Do you have any tips on how to make this process the most effective and to get the best players out of the process? Any help would be appreciated.

Comment: Anyone who plays FF should do an auction draft. Snake drafts really are for amateurs and there’s zero excitement to a snake draft. Trust me, once you do an auction you’ll never do a snake draft again.

All depends on what you set the budget at and how engaging the people are in your league. Lets face it, FF is about 90% luck anyway. All you can do is draft your players and start them on Sundays. What happens after that is completely out of your control. If FF had the ability to change out players during games, then it’d be much more strategical, but that would constitute dedicating 7 hours every Sunday paying attention to everything that is going on so you can see who got injured, who’s hot, who’s not, etc. Hence the reason I’ve never understood the FF guys that take it so seriously. I’ve played it every season for 10 years. Even won a couple times. But I never get that geeked over it. I guess because I’m more of an instant pleasure, it’s just kinda hard for me to get that excited about something that takes 4 months to pay off.

Hi Steve,

I’m a big fan of your site. I was wondering if you knew when the upcoming Bachelor season (Ben’s) is taping their Women Tell All episode?

Trying to see if I can get tickets, but first want to make sure I’d be in town on the date they film it.

Thanks very much!

Comment: I don’t know the exact date, but it’d be towards the end of February.


I’ve been wondering this for a while and I don’t know if it’s just common knowledge or what but how did they choose the bachelor before the bachelorette was around? And if they just chose a random person how do they know he’s sincere?

Thank you so much!!!

Comment: Not sure on their process. Guess they just had casting people scouring the U.S. for single men.

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  1. barbararap

    September 2, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    Oops! Victor Espinoza is dancing with Karina Smirnoff. Cheryl Burke is not on the show this season.

  2. purplerayne

    September 2, 2015 at 12:29 PM

    Its obvious what Juelia is getting the single parent preferential treatment because:

    1. Shes a woman and mother’s are held to a higher standard of parenting than men. Not saying its right, just pointing out a universal truth.

    2. Unlike the other contestants with children, her child doesnt have the other parent around. Her partner is dead. So yeah, a child with one deceased parent will take the departure of their remaining parent a LOT harder.

    Besides finding a husband, lets be honest why Juelia is really there: the money. I can understand why the other contestants what her to stick around…to get as much money as possible for herself and her daughter. (assuming her contract probably pays per episode).

  3. Cndgirl

    September 2, 2015 at 12:34 PM

    Maybe the ‘reader emails of the week’ are Tanner. Haha.

  4. rob22

    September 2, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    I totally forgot that Juelia was the one that talked in detail about her husband’s suicide. She took a lot of heat for that, and now she’s back for more. That’s pretty sad.

    But I didn’t dump on her for what she said about her husband. I’m sure producers dragged it out of her & in the bubble of the show, she spewed. Obviously national TV wasn’t necessarily the right place for that conversation to start, if his parents weren’t ready yet. But it would be better for society if things like suicide weren’t so hush, hush. I know a lot of emotions come out with these things, but generally nothing hidden gets better. Child abuse doesn’t get better in the dark. Spousal abuse doesn’t get better. Sexual abuse doesn’t get better. Suicides, and depressed people who commit suicide, don’t get better. Shine a light on anything that you want to get better. Don’t hide in the dark from it. It’s not going away & pretending it didn’t happen solves nothing for anyone.

  5. bigcupcake11

    September 2, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    I’m confused how next week’s engagement will be “good television” when we have barely seen a grand total of five minutes of Tanner/Jade airtime. Last season, Marcus and Lacy had a nice 30-second segment almost every episode, so that by the engagement finale their “true love” story was actually believable. This season, they have spent more time focusing on Carly and Kirk’s dead-in-the-water relationship than the actual couple of the season. So confused!! Let’s hope they give us some damn backstory next week before Tanner just ups and proposes!

  6. rob22

    September 3, 2015 at 6:08 AM

    I’m afraid that Tanner/Jade has surpassed Des/Chris in the ability to be simultaneously, an attractive couple, and at the same time, deadly boring. Perhaps they’re even surpassing the snoozefest non-entity that was Britt/Brady. That’s really an accomplishment.

    I am still amazed that Jade’s family continually referred to her as a “wild child”, and the fact that there are social media pics to backup that claim. In addition, of course, she’s put out a Playboy video & is clearly on these shows to self market. And yet, on a show designed for drama and debauchery with plenty of opportunities to call attention to ones self, Jade manages to do nothing interesting besides sit there and look (sort of) pretty. As pretty as you can look, I guess, with humidity hair & the constant need for a not forthcoming shower.

    Even during the Joe confrontation, Jade was a potted plant. Just kind of there. I’m pretty sure the show placed her there to try to get some kind of a pulse from her. But obviously the producers came up empty. Kind of an epic producer fail in that it’s their job to create drama & content for the show. They got nothing from Jade. Therefore, Jade gets no air time. Tanner provides no such dichotomy. The guy is amiable enough, but clearly not Mr. Excitement. I really don’t understand the dissonance between the, apparently, two Jades. After two shows, all we got from her was the ill-advised, pre-fantasy suite tease, of her watching her online nudie video with Chris. That’s it. I can’t remember a single other interesting thing she’s done…. in two shows where she’s lasted to the end in one (do we call that being the “winner”?) and the final four in the other. An amazing accomplishment of shear tedium.

  7. j1scarlett

    September 3, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    @rob22 its simple, there arent “2 Jades,” one who is wild and one who is the person you have seen on TV, her family and many people are likely assuming because she posed nude that she is wild, but they are just wrong. Shes just sweet and kind of boring. Being a “wild” person isnt a requirement of nude modeling, I know this because I am also generally very boring, except Ive done plenty of nude photos and videos as well, and continue to have a very successful career in that industry, but I also spend a lot of time watching tv and doing jigsaw puzzles…so Id also be boring and you really wouldnt want to watch me be on these types of shows either.

  8. hurricaneemily

    September 3, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    Hey, Steve.

    Great emails, especially the one where the writer pretended to be Joe’s lawyer.

    Am I the only one on the planet who couldn’t care less about DWTS?

    You can check out my recaps for BIP week 5 here:

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