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“Reader Emails” & DWTS Cast Announced w/ No “Bachelor” People. Thank God.

Hey besides jade and Tanner, are any of the remaining couples still together?

Comment: Nick and Samantha. Cassandra and Justin broke up and she’s dating Jonathan now. No one else is still together.

Wonder why you don’t have spoilers about Big Brother like you do other shows.

Comment: Because I’ve never watched 5 minutes of “Big Brother” in my life, therefore, I don’t have any interest in spoiling it. Plus, aren’t there 24/7 live feeds of what’s going on in the house? Those are your spoilers right there. You don’t need me. That show spoils itself. Granted, no one has the time in the day to sit and watch them all day every day, but there are websites out there that recap that stuff. I just don’t know what they are.

Hi Steve, my question is regarding Joe. Obviously he was disliked by many, but his behavior was beyond disturbing. For example, he made on-camera threats about several contestants- getting brass knuckles to harm Mikey, stated he would beat Jonathan until his brains would come out of his ears, and during his exit made explicit threats toward Dan. I’m sure there is security place and on hand at all times, and I understand his threatening behavior added drama to their show, but seriously, those were explicitly violent threats and I feel the producers allowed a dangerous psychopath to live among the other contestants jeopardizing their safety. At what point would security decide to remove a violent contestant for the protection of the others? Even after the first night I felt he should have been removed from the show. Violence and threats should be unacceptable in any environment and the show allowed a very dangerous person to live a among the others who probably felt the need to sleep with one eye open. Thank you.

Comment: I don’t think they’d be removed until the altercation actually started. Or was about to start. Joe’s just saying words. Now if right after he said that he started heading one of the guy’s way, cameras are following him and they’d know, but lets be serious, it’s a silly dating show. People will no doubt say things out of frustration, but in over 35 seasons combined of this franchise, we’ve never had a fist fight, nor do I think we ever will. So I think producers realize they’ll let verbal threats go but unless someone is close to punching or shoving someone else, they’ll just let it play out.

Hi Steve,

I LOVED the clip they showed on the aftershow of all the times Samatha said drama with the count ticker…I wanted to show my co-worker, but we can’t find it. Have you seen it online anywhere? It has to be out there somewhere!


Comment: I haven’t seen it anywhere.

Just started watching last night’s episode….this show reminds me of what high school was like, where everyone would decide something and that’s just how it was, regardless of actual facts!

Sam being the “hot girl” who can have whoever she wants……ok, fine, she’s clearly hot, but so is literally every girl there! Why is she considered so above all? Amber is easily more exotic and just as model-worthy, but she’s not considered the hot one. Same with both Ashleys, Tenley and Clare. Are they just not good enough at opening their eyes wide and staring blankly when people talk? Oh, I forgot, Clare is over 30 so she’s washed up….;)

Then there’s the fact that everyone plays the field, but Sam is considered manipulative for it. Amber did the exact same thing at the beginning of this episode by going on a date to test the one she’s really into, and no one batted an eye. Just silly and all how it’s portrayed. But the guys competed for Sam like crazy and everyone else bitched about her, so apparently they bought this “storyline” too, even while living it!

Comment: I think you also gotta remember Samantha’s looks are heightened by the fact that there’s limited choices there. Jared wasn’t pining over Sam. Neither was Kirk. Or Tanner. Or Joshua. Why? Because they were with someone else. Her availability is what made her more attractive to the guys I’m sure. Especially since they never thought she should be with Joe anyway, so thinking you have a chance makes you that much more attracted to her.

This co-host, Jenny, is taking this show way too serious! This is a dating show and these people want to be on TV ie Chris Bukowski. Why does she continue to tell Samantha that she shouldn’t have gone out with Joe because Juelia was interested in him. Sam & Juelia weren’t that close and Joe obviously wasn’t interested in her anyway. She needs to lighten up and not get so wrapped up in these superficial TV relationships that end up going nowhere! Get a life Jenny! LOL

Comment: Yeah I didn’t understand Jenny getting so bothered on Monday night. Like, to the point where it seemed like she’d lost sleep over this stuff. Obviously being the co-host of the show she has to pretend to care a lot or else why have her on, but she seems to be caring about pretty insignificant things. I actually think she’s gotten a bit better as the season has gone on, but a lot of it is hypocritical to me because of who she is and what she does on social media.

He said yes but “he doesn’t read most of it.” Right. Mostly I just tuned in on the lookout for more humble brags about winning Sammi not- so sweetheart.

In other news, Periscope is pretty creepy and apparently most of America is most interested in whether these guys are “butt or boob” guys.

Know your audience, I guess.

Thanks for the entertainment.


Comment: Ha ha. That’s awesome you caught that in time to take a screen shot of it. I’m sure every single one of the contestants has heard of me and knows what I do. However like I say every season, does every single one read all of my posts word for word? Of course not. But they know.

1) what do you make of Chris B twitter letter? Had you heard rumors of his problems? I think it was very raw and honest; indeed maybe producers even made him take it down by now because he certainly implies there was a lot going on behind the scenes. And what is the deal with Blakeley? The letter reaffirms a lot of what you said about the show. I appreciated his honestly and I just hope he means what he says. If he stays away, then he was being sincere. If not, then it was just a publicity stunt. I tend to think after what he said, he’d look like an even bigger moron if he came back. To admit it affected your relationship with your father took balls, so lets just hope for his sake he stays away. And yes, this show absolutely changes some people for the worst. At least Chris admitted it unlike some people who are clueless.

2) what is the appeal of Sam for guys? I can certainly see Jade. Sam has a nice figure but if you look at her face she just looks like a witch. I even thought this when she was mute on Chris season and even before her personality shines through her, I think a girl like Ashley S is much prettier, is it her body that guys go for and the sexy vibe? I just don’t think her face is actually pretty. Mackenzie fir instance is just so much cuter (though she is not as sexy as Sam). Beauty is subjective. You have every right to think that, just like others have a right to think Sam is gorgeous. I find her extremely attractive, but I’m sure there are others who I don’t find attractive that people do. And I can’t answer for the guys out there about how they look at Sam.

3) are there a lot of people who get rejected for BP? Just seems odd they go with someone like Chelsea. Do they have more high profile people that want in and they reject or do they resort to no name people because no one else applies? Just curious what the pool is like for BP as far as candidates that apply. They ask a ton of people to gauge interest. Then start narrowing it down once people say yes or no. Sure, they still try and convince others who say no, but they have a pretty good idea going into the season what they’re gonna do and who they’re gonna go after.

4) what responsibility do you personally feel the show owes people who are obviously troubled?. This is a theme on Unreal. Not sure how I feel. On the one hand we as audience see that many of these people are troubled yet watch and you (and others) even are able to make a living off it. At the same time it is sneakily done in such a way that we as audience never acknowledge that is happening; we laugh at Ashley I or Chris B without giving it a second thought. We are all guilty of it. I am not sure, these issues being highlighted on Unreal and Chris’ letter made it something to think about and I was curious what your thoughts are. Sure they all sign up for but does a 25 year old kid really fully understand what is going to happen? They just want to have fun, meet new people and maybe don’t fully realize what they are getting into. You personally do what you can to inform them, which is awesome, but I still think a 25 year old -in that post college mentality – does not fully get it. And they do not listen to you. Would you fully understand at 25? I think these producers are skilled manipulators and it is easy prey for an immature person with low self confidence. I think producers prey on contestants that they know are just looking for a good time and are naïve to the process, because they’re the ones that can be manipulated the easiest. No, no matter who they talk to before the show, none of these people have a clue as to what they’re actually signing up for. Any former contestant will tell you that. You may think you, and I’ve even heard people say, “Well, as long as I don’t do/say anything stupid, I can’t get a bad edit.” Couldn’t be more wrong. It’s been going on for 30 seasons and we all still watch, so I guess it’s our fault. Producers are just doing a job they’re paid to do, regardless of how shady and downright cruel it can be.

Anyway, just made me think what responsibility we as audience have in this because we are complicit in this too. Yet still we watch…every season since season 1 for me!

Good for you as well to advertise me what goes on because – even if past contestants never personally thank you – many probably benefit from the fact that you do what you can to make clear the manipulation! It probably does have some effect on some of these contestants actual lives and mental stability who are seen as villains.

Comment: I think so. Some have thanked me post season. The worst part is, once you’re off the show, they don’t care about you in the least bit. If you’re struggling with anything, or God forbid have serious issues afterwards, they don’t care. It’s not like they’re gonna run out and get you help. To quote the infamous CM Punk, they’re “just a spoke on the wheel. And the wheel’s just gonna keep on turning.” You’re a bit player in this game and you will be used accordingly.

Hey Steve!

Long time reader, first time emailer. I realize that I probably shouldn’t have spent this much time pausing my DVR–but, here’s what I noticed. During the “coming up next week” section, when Tanner says “I can’t give you this rose” presumably right before he proposes, his shirt is blue and Jade’s fingernails are purple. They then show a man holding a ring box with a yellow shirt and a woman with a ring on her finger whose fingernails are electric blue. True story.

Just curious what explanation you might have for this. Do you think they digitally changed the color of the shirt and the fingernails to throw people off?

Comment: Well, Tanner is engaged to Jade, so what they showed was obviously in response to the spoiler. Of course they want you to think they aren’t together or broke up. As for the yellow shirt person holding the box with the ring – that could be anyone. Nothing more than trying to deceive the audience. They do it every season. Next week you’ll see the result from what I spoiled 2 months ago.

The People vs Joe Bailey

The Honorable Reality Steve presiding.

Joe Bailey will be represented by me today. My opening statement:

“Your honor, we believe the extensive record shows the following:

1. That yes, Joe Bailey did behave both cruelly and stupidly during his time on Bachelor in Paradise. However:

a. He fell under the spell of an extremely hot woman, Samantha.

b. The ratio of Samantha’s hotness to Joe’s absurd behavior was appropriate, particularly when considering Joe’s general stupidity and his “dad bod”.

c. My client had little choice, given his chance of a lifetime to get some strange with a woman way above his pay grade.

d. Little Joe, having assumed control of my client’s consciousness, was willing to be cruel to Juelia because he only wanted to knock boots, and besides, Juelia shouldn’t even be on this show anyway.

2. No fewer than three other men, all better looking and with better life prospects than my client, each behaved like imbeciles as related to Samantha as well.

a. Nick, who was clever enough to bag 250k on the old Bachelor Pad show, nevertheless showed up just as much of a Samantha horn-dog as anyone, having already been primed by her, just as my client was. Had Samantha mounted him during a photo shoot, Nick would undoubtedly have shown just as much subsequent douchiness as my client.

b. Justin, a friend of my client, also came on the show like a heat-seeking missile, pointed at Samantha, though of course she had nothing to do with this either. Pure coinkydink.

c. And finally, and most damningly, we have Dan. Dan has spent the better part of this season positioning himself as the thoughtful, more refined hunky guy. He’s more than just a shaved chest, a bunch of protein shakes, and a well-kept beard. Dan wants to be sure you know that he’s an intelligent, cultured guy who appreciates good conversation, travel, finding things in common with people. And yet somehow, despite all this superficial effort to cultivate a personality type for himself, he managed to be led around by his Johnson just as surely as my client was—and hell, Samantha never mounted him, straddled him, made out with him, and er, um, “handled” him! Dan’s attempts to dress up his horndogginess by saying he thinks he and Sam have so much in common was, in a word, pathetic. He’s just as Joe as Joe Bailey, but wants you to think otherwise. Dan’s willingness to completely unravel his carefully built persona just to try to hit that is proof positive that my client is innocent of any wrongdoing! If Dan was so easily melted down to a puddle by Samantha’s blazing hotness, how on earth could anyone have expected responsible behavior from Kentucky Fried Joe!

3. My client did apologize to Juelia unreservedly on national television.

a. This was obviously sincere and had nothing to do with my client’s constant obsession with checking social media on his smart phone.

b. It was targeted at Juelia and only Juelia. That’s why he did on national television. For Juelia.

4. Be honest, your honor, you wanna tap Samantha too. We all do. The fact that she’s dumb as a brick only makes this easier—you don’t have to worry about hurting the feelings of a woman who is a confused fool floating through life with only the general awareness that men wanna have sex with her, but really knows little else and doesn’t think all that much about anything.

The defense rests.

Comment: By order of this court, I award “Email of the Week” to you, Defense Council. I’m sure that will look great on your resume.

I don’t print email addresses or reader’s names on these just for privacy reasons, but this emailer consistently is the best emailer I get every week. Just go back to every “Reader Email” bag this season and I guarantee you can pick out this guy’s email. Always well written, well thought out, and funny.

Hi Steve,

Love your site, I really enjoy having my cup of coffee on the Monday morning while you blow this ridiculous Bachelor franchise apart.

If anyone wants to relive their high school glory days they should really watch this show. It’s like being transported back to that awful high school party where you pissed off the wrong person and now everyone’s talking behind your back but no one has the guts to confront you.

Do you think Chris Bukowski chose to retire or do you think ABC wanted him to? His send off speech obviously wasn’t written by him. He must still want those 15 minutes so badly in order to embarrass himself with that self deprecating sendoff. I want to believe he took the time to write that speech I linked to yesterday because it was sincere. If it wasn’t, shame on us. But I tend to believe it was.

I will hand it to ABC, they pulled off a brilliant show. America can’t stop talking about this Samantha-black widow villainess/puppet master and putting her on ATR continued to make our heads scratch at what the hell she was thinking. They’ve also desensitized us to it because by the time she told her story I was so tired of the Samantha is evil! in your face I had re-focused on Jaclyn Swartz, why is your hair silver-lavender.

Which brings me to Jaclyn. Did she re-invent herself for TV? Since when has she been known to be “the one who is wild and starts trouble”? She did not physically look or act like this during BP3. I just remember her whining over why Ed wouldn’t admit he had feelings for her. I think just because she’s outspoken on social media and her blog (?). Not to mention the producers are telling other contestants on how to portray Jaclyn during their ITM’s.

We know this show was never about trying to find true love. Even Chris Harrison has stopped talking about it. What is the climatic (no pun intended) end result of the show if most of the couples have already visited a fantasy suite? What sort of dramatic moment do they have to live through to prove that they can make it in the real world? None. There is no dramatic moment nor is it about love. It’s just another six weeks for this franchise to make money by bringing back people they know their audience is invested in.

Now that Andi is writing a tell all about her relationship with Josh and there’s rumors that Kaitlyn may also be writing a book, I’m actually surprised that Courtney Robertson was the first contestant to capitalize on the behind the scenes experience of The Bachelor. Do the contestants have anything in their contract that states that there are things about the show that they cannot write or discuss? The material is limitless, why aren’t more people writing about what really happened on the show? No one can write an expose on the show. You can’t just start spilling all the show secrets. That’s what I’m here for. I tell you what really goes on behind the scenes since contestants can’t. At least publicly they can’t. Privately? Different story. Hey, I’m just the messenger.

Steve which BIP season have you been entertained by more? Even though both shows are a horrible example on finding love, which season do you think is superior in its marketing and style? I would love to hear your follow up on both seasons when season 2 ends next week. I feel like I’m watching a completely different type of show from last season and Chris Harrison has been saying that BIP has finally found its stride. Really, ABC is going to tell America that this season encapsulates what BIP is really about? I thought they’d try to fool us better! I would love to hear your input on that!


Comment: I honestly don’t remember a lot of last season. Like I remember who was on it and a few of the relationships, but I don’t remember nearly as much drama as this season. Probably because last season they were flying by the seat of their pants and were booking it as they were going.

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  1. barbararap

    September 2, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    Oops! Victor Espinoza is dancing with Karina Smirnoff. Cheryl Burke is not on the show this season.

  2. purplerayne

    September 2, 2015 at 12:29 PM

    Its obvious what Juelia is getting the single parent preferential treatment because:

    1. Shes a woman and mother’s are held to a higher standard of parenting than men. Not saying its right, just pointing out a universal truth.

    2. Unlike the other contestants with children, her child doesnt have the other parent around. Her partner is dead. So yeah, a child with one deceased parent will take the departure of their remaining parent a LOT harder.

    Besides finding a husband, lets be honest why Juelia is really there: the money. I can understand why the other contestants what her to stick around…to get as much money as possible for herself and her daughter. (assuming her contract probably pays per episode).

  3. Cndgirl

    September 2, 2015 at 12:34 PM

    Maybe the ‘reader emails of the week’ are Tanner. Haha.

  4. rob22

    September 2, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    I totally forgot that Juelia was the one that talked in detail about her husband’s suicide. She took a lot of heat for that, and now she’s back for more. That’s pretty sad.

    But I didn’t dump on her for what she said about her husband. I’m sure producers dragged it out of her & in the bubble of the show, she spewed. Obviously national TV wasn’t necessarily the right place for that conversation to start, if his parents weren’t ready yet. But it would be better for society if things like suicide weren’t so hush, hush. I know a lot of emotions come out with these things, but generally nothing hidden gets better. Child abuse doesn’t get better in the dark. Spousal abuse doesn’t get better. Sexual abuse doesn’t get better. Suicides, and depressed people who commit suicide, don’t get better. Shine a light on anything that you want to get better. Don’t hide in the dark from it. It’s not going away & pretending it didn’t happen solves nothing for anyone.

  5. bigcupcake11

    September 2, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    I’m confused how next week’s engagement will be “good television” when we have barely seen a grand total of five minutes of Tanner/Jade airtime. Last season, Marcus and Lacy had a nice 30-second segment almost every episode, so that by the engagement finale their “true love” story was actually believable. This season, they have spent more time focusing on Carly and Kirk’s dead-in-the-water relationship than the actual couple of the season. So confused!! Let’s hope they give us some damn backstory next week before Tanner just ups and proposes!

  6. rob22

    September 3, 2015 at 6:08 AM

    I’m afraid that Tanner/Jade has surpassed Des/Chris in the ability to be simultaneously, an attractive couple, and at the same time, deadly boring. Perhaps they’re even surpassing the snoozefest non-entity that was Britt/Brady. That’s really an accomplishment.

    I am still amazed that Jade’s family continually referred to her as a “wild child”, and the fact that there are social media pics to backup that claim. In addition, of course, she’s put out a Playboy video & is clearly on these shows to self market. And yet, on a show designed for drama and debauchery with plenty of opportunities to call attention to ones self, Jade manages to do nothing interesting besides sit there and look (sort of) pretty. As pretty as you can look, I guess, with humidity hair & the constant need for a not forthcoming shower.

    Even during the Joe confrontation, Jade was a potted plant. Just kind of there. I’m pretty sure the show placed her there to try to get some kind of a pulse from her. But obviously the producers came up empty. Kind of an epic producer fail in that it’s their job to create drama & content for the show. They got nothing from Jade. Therefore, Jade gets no air time. Tanner provides no such dichotomy. The guy is amiable enough, but clearly not Mr. Excitement. I really don’t understand the dissonance between the, apparently, two Jades. After two shows, all we got from her was the ill-advised, pre-fantasy suite tease, of her watching her online nudie video with Chris. That’s it. I can’t remember a single other interesting thing she’s done…. in two shows where she’s lasted to the end in one (do we call that being the “winner”?) and the final four in the other. An amazing accomplishment of shear tedium.

  7. j1scarlett

    September 3, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    @rob22 its simple, there arent “2 Jades,” one who is wild and one who is the person you have seen on TV, her family and many people are likely assuming because she posed nude that she is wild, but they are just wrong. Shes just sweet and kind of boring. Being a “wild” person isnt a requirement of nude modeling, I know this because I am also generally very boring, except Ive done plenty of nude photos and videos as well, and continue to have a very successful career in that industry, but I also spend a lot of time watching tv and doing jigsaw puzzles…so Id also be boring and you really wouldnt want to watch me be on these types of shows either.

  8. hurricaneemily

    September 3, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    Hey, Steve.

    Great emails, especially the one where the writer pretended to be Joe’s lawyer.

    Am I the only one on the planet who couldn’t care less about DWTS?

    You can check out my recaps for BIP week 5 here:

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