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“Reader Emails” & DWTS Cast Announced w/ No “Bachelor” People. Thank God.

Do you think jueila or samantha lied about talking on Webcam? I actually believe samantha. Jueila made it seem like they were great friends and talked to her daughter on webcam, but samantha acted surprised when told that. I don’t think she wanted to call jueila a liar so she just said that she didn’t talk to her on Webcam instead of saying anything else because people like jueila. Impossible to know who was telling the truth, but as a pure guess, I’m with you. I think Sam is telling the truth on that one.

Did u believe Sam’s apology on “after paradise?” Why or why not? All she apologized for was not admitting to her text relationship with Joe earlier to the group. Do I believe it? Tough to say. If she wasn’t getting crucified on social media would she have apologized? Probably not. But that doesn’t necessarily mean because someone is basically “forced” to apologize that they don’t mean it. I don’t know. I’m trying not to think about it much anymore since there’s a lot we don’t know.

Why is sam getting bullied and sent death threats like kaitlyn, yet Chris Harrison didn’t say anything about it on the after show? He actually interrupted her and talked over her when she said she got death threats. Regardless of the lies she told, nobody deserves death threats. It’s sad that people get so involved in the show that they get so mad over what these people do and say. Very sad.

Kaityln must have lived with her parents if she never had a job. Nobody knows what she did for a living besides dance instruction, but don’t know where she taught or who she taught. She never answers anyone about it either. I think she probably learned some type of dance and maybe taught it for free, or just said she did so she could try and get on dancing with the stars. Anyone who is am advanced dancer in any type of class like hip hop, ballroom, or Latin dance could teach a class. Especially if that class was for children or beginners. I would know as I took a few classes and then taught the community for free for beginners and kids, and said I taught dance instruction on my resumes since I was in high school and didn’t have much of a background with jobs. A class was 6 months long. If she actually was a dance instructor that got paid then she would at least say who she taught or even where she taught. Clare crawley said she was a hair stylist and told where she worked. Normally contestants don’t have a problem telling people where they worked. If she didn’t have a paying job then she most likely was living off of her parents or with her parents.

Didn’t you say she went to beauty school but didn’t finish? We all saw how well she cut hair lol

Seems like her and Sean are just living off of appearances and what she made off of the show with no plans to have a job soon. She has a blog and I think has plans on making t shirts. Lol I just never liked her season. It had nothing to do with her having sex with nick and telling Sean he was the one before she did. It has to do with the fact that it was a boring season and she annoyed me with her “fat old man” laugh, her jokes, her rapping that she thinks is good, and the fact that all she did was make out with people. It was the first season I didn’t watch all of besides Ben’s season. Pretty good assumption they are living off appearance fees, endorsements, and her money from the show considering neither have them have worked a day since July 27th.

Did u see how Jorge the bartender is now on twitter and instigram? Lol strange how a bartender that was shown on tv maybe for 2 mins now has a following. If Clare’s raccoon has a following, a real live person like Jorge getting one doesn’t surprise.

What do u think of jaclyn’s plastic surgery? Did u think she was better looking before her nose job, etc or after? I think she looks better now minus the hair color.

Why did you think jeord went to the fantasy suite with Ashley if he didn’t like her? Why did he keep going back to her? Was it just to stay on tv like jueila did with mikey, or do you think that he was trying to figure out if he liked her or not? Was it for money? I think I read that you said that the longer u stay the more money u make. I think Jared was too nice to say no. And contracts are different. Some people were paid per day, some were paid per episode, and some got a flat contract to come on.

I feel like Ashley was me back in 7th grade when I had my first boyfriend and was very immature. She needs to date around and learn who she is and what she wants. The stuff she said like she is “going to be ruined forever” and how she wrote him that very long letter was something a little girl would do. She really is a ” little girl trapped in a woman’s body.” She is pretty but it would be hard to date her. I couldn’t if if was a guy.

Love your spoilers! Looking forward to daily links and seeing who Bens girls are!

Comment: Yeah, I don’t think any of are convinced Ashley is ready to be in a relationship with anyone. Nor would any sane guy who watches this show want to be in a relationship with her right now either. No one wants to deal with that.

Hi Steve,

I’m planning on going to Vegas with my family (I’m 23, sister is 20 and my mom) later this year and was hoping to hear your suggestions on hotels/restaurants/things to do for first timers.


Comment: I get asked this a lot and it all depends on your budget and what you’re interested in doing. Without that, I have no idea which direction to lead you in. There’s stuff for all ages out there, not to mention restaurants, shows, pools, etc.

Deflategate, Kaitlyn Jenner, Samantha-Joe-Juelia…

“What are 3 things I never want to hear about again.”

Comment: Couldn’t agree more.

Hey RS!

Weird question I thought of while watching BIP… Whatever happened to Dave good? After bachelor pad 1, he kinda disappeared didn’t he? What’s he up to now?

Comment: I believe he moved to FL shortly after BP and has been there ever since. No idea what he’s doing now though.

Hi Steve,

Did you catch the part of After Paradise where Samantha said (twice) that she had gotten death threats? Chris Harrison totally ignored her, which I though was hypocritical after he made such a big fuss about Kaitlyn’s death threats. So, it’s NOT okay if your lead gets death threats, but if this happens to the girl you’re trying to portray as the villain, it’s no big deal? Granted, I’m sure Samantha brought that up to get sympathy, but I still thought Chris was a hypocrite. Chris Harrison a hypocrite? No way! Yeah, he can get that way.

What is your read on Samantha? She strikes me as just another fame seeker who’s too dumb to realize she can’t control her edit. But not as a manipulative villain. What do you think?

Comment: I see that. She definitely went on the show for attention, to promote her clothing line since now more people know her, and I just think she had no idea what she was getting into since nothing happened to her on Chris’ season.

Hi! Huge fan, obviously! Been following forever since my Mom would always spoil everything for me by reading all of your posts before each season. Naturally, I got hooked.

Anyways, just had one question that has always been confusing to me:

Each season, especially on Bachelor/Bachelorette, the contestants always say week such and such, when really, it’s only been a few days. And now on BIP2, they have been saying it’s week five and whatnot…so, what’s the ratio from days to weeks or vice versa? How does it all add up?

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!!! And by the way, super jealous you got to go to the Taylor Swift concert! Side question: do you prefer her musical style now, or did you like her when she was more country?

Comment: They tell the contestants to speak in “episode time,” not real time. Filming was 20 days total, but the show is six episodes. So rather than say, “Here we are in week 3,” they just have them say “week 6.”

Although I liked her in country, I’ve always liked pop/Top 40 stuff so I’d say I like Taylor’s current stuff better.

(Subject): The After Show…did you notice?

The last minute of the after show last night when the credits were rolling…the body language was really interesting… when everyone stood up and chatted with each other. Jerod, standing behind the couch, kept his eyes on Ashley as though he was waiting for her to look his way. Ashley, on the other hand stood in front of the couch, completely ignored him, didn’t acknowledge him or even looked his way and actually turned her back to him.

Comment: I didn’t notice. My Fantasy Football draft was Monday night and had already started towards the end of “After Paradise,” so I had it playing in the background but wasn’t watching.

Hi Steve,

I have some comments on BIP & the after show.

I am a sucker for all things Bachelor, but I am not a fan of this season of BIP and it’s format. 4 hours is way too much time, I usually forget that there’s an episode on Sunday night and by the time it’s on again Monday I don’t care to go back & watch 2 hours of Sunday’s episode. And I will not record the season because it will clog up my DVR. 4 hours is waaaaaay too much this season. I agree.

And the after show… It feels awkward and it’s uncomfortable to watch. From what I hear, most people don’t like the co-host Jenny and I completely understand why. She is a terrible interviewer and comes off way too strong and aggressive. She called Ashley S. crazy to her face without really talking about her behavior or trying to get Ashley’s perspective of her time on the show, which should be the point of the interview. And her backstage stunt with Samantha, yelling in the background, fell flat and uncomfortable. She didn’t want Samantha’s side of the story. She was talking at her, not to her. No, Jenny isn’t liked by a lot of them that’s for sure.

After you posted the Jake & Vienna breakup I started to watch clips of past seasons and Bachelor Pad. Bachelor Pad was actually interesting and I remember why I liked the show better than The Bachelor/ette. It was fun to watch and the drama was much more entertaining, while they had probably the same amount of relationships formed out of the show. Less pressure for couples to get together since they were there for a reason other than “finding love” led to more real relationships.

But I was thinking of ways that BIP could work better and had a few ideas, just for fun..

– They could start the season with 2 different camps. Maybe one would have 6 guys/4 girls, form couples and vote 2 guys off. The other would have a similar setting. But then the groups would meet, and contestants would go on dates with the opposite group and leave their original partner.

– Or they could have a core group that does not get sent home, 3 guys and 3 girls. Then have new contestants come in and the core group can date/pick anyone. Their picks would stay and incoming contestants who don’t get picked go home.

Basically the format they are using now feels lazy and tired. I want to enjoy it because I love trashy reality tv but this show doesn’t do it for me. While they are getting a good size audience, I hope they think of something better for next season!

Comment: Good ideas. Will they be implemented? Probably not. I’m sure this will be roughly the same format going forward next season.

Hi Steve!

Long time fan of you and your site. I’m not writing to tell you you’re wrong about the ending of BIP, as there are obviously things you know that I don’t. I just wanted to know if you’re still positive Jade and Tanner are engaged.

I took notice in the preview Tanner saying to Jade, “I can’t give you those rose.” Automatically I thought “well that’s probably just because he wants to give her a ring first instead!” I also just figured that Jade is crying so much and saying “I hate him” as a result of the fact that Kirk broke up with Carly, and Jade is upset for her best friend.

However, in the clip of Tanner saying “I can’t give you this rose”, he is wearing a blue shirt. In the clip of him putting a ring on her finger, the guy is a wearing a yellow shirt (I attached pictures of both scenes, even though you may have already seen them).

Basically, my only question is, do you still stand by your words that Tanner and Jade are the engaged couple? Could it just be the editing? I’m sure those editors know how to be pretty crafty and know how to throw people off.

Again, I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong, that you suck, or whatever else people normally tell you when you get the ending wrong. I just wanted to know if you’re still certain that Tanner and Jade are engaged. Thanks Steve! I truly appreciate what you do and I hope that Jade and Tanner are the engaged couple, as you’ve been saying all along.


Comment: It’s impossible for me to prove it any way, so all I can do is say what I’ve said for two months: Tanner and Jade are engaged. What you’re being fooled by is the editing. You’ll see on Monday.

As a male, are you as attracted to the spell-binding Samantha as the rest of BIP? I’m a 33 mom of two, and married, but I am starting to be jealous of the girl! She’s got some game! I miss my youth…HUGE fan of your site and the show. #ineedalife #desperatehousewife #ilovedan

Comment: She’s extremely attractive. And she knows it and uses it to her advantage like most attractive women.

Hi Reality Steve!

I stopped by our local “Drug Mart” this evening (in SW Ohio) to purchase a heating pad. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the “cover model”. I won’t lie, I audibly gasped and giggled. The staff looked at me like I was a freak. This made my night. Hope it makes yours! Keep up the great work!


Comment: Hey, if this show leads you to modeling for heating pads, I guess some people will take whatever they can get.

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  1. barbararap

    September 2, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    Oops! Victor Espinoza is dancing with Karina Smirnoff. Cheryl Burke is not on the show this season.

  2. purplerayne

    September 2, 2015 at 12:29 PM

    Its obvious what Juelia is getting the single parent preferential treatment because:

    1. Shes a woman and mother’s are held to a higher standard of parenting than men. Not saying its right, just pointing out a universal truth.

    2. Unlike the other contestants with children, her child doesnt have the other parent around. Her partner is dead. So yeah, a child with one deceased parent will take the departure of their remaining parent a LOT harder.

    Besides finding a husband, lets be honest why Juelia is really there: the money. I can understand why the other contestants what her to stick around…to get as much money as possible for herself and her daughter. (assuming her contract probably pays per episode).

  3. Cndgirl

    September 2, 2015 at 12:34 PM

    Maybe the ‘reader emails of the week’ are Tanner. Haha.

  4. rob22

    September 2, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    I totally forgot that Juelia was the one that talked in detail about her husband’s suicide. She took a lot of heat for that, and now she’s back for more. That’s pretty sad.

    But I didn’t dump on her for what she said about her husband. I’m sure producers dragged it out of her & in the bubble of the show, she spewed. Obviously national TV wasn’t necessarily the right place for that conversation to start, if his parents weren’t ready yet. But it would be better for society if things like suicide weren’t so hush, hush. I know a lot of emotions come out with these things, but generally nothing hidden gets better. Child abuse doesn’t get better in the dark. Spousal abuse doesn’t get better. Sexual abuse doesn’t get better. Suicides, and depressed people who commit suicide, don’t get better. Shine a light on anything that you want to get better. Don’t hide in the dark from it. It’s not going away & pretending it didn’t happen solves nothing for anyone.

  5. bigcupcake11

    September 2, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    I’m confused how next week’s engagement will be “good television” when we have barely seen a grand total of five minutes of Tanner/Jade airtime. Last season, Marcus and Lacy had a nice 30-second segment almost every episode, so that by the engagement finale their “true love” story was actually believable. This season, they have spent more time focusing on Carly and Kirk’s dead-in-the-water relationship than the actual couple of the season. So confused!! Let’s hope they give us some damn backstory next week before Tanner just ups and proposes!

  6. rob22

    September 3, 2015 at 6:08 AM

    I’m afraid that Tanner/Jade has surpassed Des/Chris in the ability to be simultaneously, an attractive couple, and at the same time, deadly boring. Perhaps they’re even surpassing the snoozefest non-entity that was Britt/Brady. That’s really an accomplishment.

    I am still amazed that Jade’s family continually referred to her as a “wild child”, and the fact that there are social media pics to backup that claim. In addition, of course, she’s put out a Playboy video & is clearly on these shows to self market. And yet, on a show designed for drama and debauchery with plenty of opportunities to call attention to ones self, Jade manages to do nothing interesting besides sit there and look (sort of) pretty. As pretty as you can look, I guess, with humidity hair & the constant need for a not forthcoming shower.

    Even during the Joe confrontation, Jade was a potted plant. Just kind of there. I’m pretty sure the show placed her there to try to get some kind of a pulse from her. But obviously the producers came up empty. Kind of an epic producer fail in that it’s their job to create drama & content for the show. They got nothing from Jade. Therefore, Jade gets no air time. Tanner provides no such dichotomy. The guy is amiable enough, but clearly not Mr. Excitement. I really don’t understand the dissonance between the, apparently, two Jades. After two shows, all we got from her was the ill-advised, pre-fantasy suite tease, of her watching her online nudie video with Chris. That’s it. I can’t remember a single other interesting thing she’s done…. in two shows where she’s lasted to the end in one (do we call that being the “winner”?) and the final four in the other. An amazing accomplishment of shear tedium.

  7. j1scarlett

    September 3, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    @rob22 its simple, there arent “2 Jades,” one who is wild and one who is the person you have seen on TV, her family and many people are likely assuming because she posed nude that she is wild, but they are just wrong. Shes just sweet and kind of boring. Being a “wild” person isnt a requirement of nude modeling, I know this because I am also generally very boring, except Ive done plenty of nude photos and videos as well, and continue to have a very successful career in that industry, but I also spend a lot of time watching tv and doing jigsaw puzzles…so Id also be boring and you really wouldnt want to watch me be on these types of shows either.

  8. hurricaneemily

    September 3, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    Hey, Steve.

    Great emails, especially the one where the writer pretended to be Joe’s lawyer.

    Am I the only one on the planet who couldn’t care less about DWTS?

    You can check out my recaps for BIP week 5 here:

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