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Daily Links – 9/15

Welcome to the return of “Daily Links.” For the next 4 months until the “Bachelor” starts up again on January 4th, you can come here pretty much every day Monday through Friday, to get your entertainment/pop culture/reality TV links and opinions on what’s going on that day. There will be a few days that I miss here and there, but for the most part, you can count on this site as being your daily newspaper for what’s going on in the entertainment world. Once the “Bachelor” begins filming next week, I will begin posting some of the contestants from the season along with any spoilers that I get, and that will be mixed in with these “Daily Links.” But since the “Bachelor” stuff is sporadic, and I never know when it’s coming or when I can post spoilers, “Daily Links” will be here every day. A lot of “Bachelor” spoilers will be on Twitter as it’s happening, since it’s pretty much impossible for them to hide a lot of things nowadays with social media. I will spoil stuff by either exclusively tweeting it out or re-tweeting people who happen to be tweeting or instagramming once filming begins next week. As mentioned a week ago, the “Bachelor” begins filming next Thursday night, the 24th so expect spoilers to start coming in shortly thereafter. But lets enjoy “Daily Links” while we can shall we?

-A lot of you have always asked the different roles people behind the scenes on a reality TV show have, especially after wathing UnREAL this past season. Really good interview with a reality TV producer about how they go splicing and dicing footage to tell a completely different story from what actually happened. Even though this producer isn’t talking about the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette,” they might as well be. All reality TV producers essentially do the same thing – create something from nothing. Or very little.

-Speaking of the “Bachelor,” our resident cuck-coo Ashley Salter is now engaged. Was only a matter of time before this became official from everything I’d been telling you for a couple weeks once I first reported she was seeing him. I hope he likes talking to birds too. And they get a time share in Mesa Verde.

-Nell Kalter’s RHOC recap is now up for the 82nd consecutive week. Or something like that. I have no idea when these shows ever start or begin, but it pretty much seems like they’re running on a continuous loop.

-If you’re like me (which I’m guessing you’re not), you’re geeked beyond belief that “Creed” is coming out this Thanksgiving. I’m a “Rocky” junkie. Loved all the movies. Can even still to this day recite “Rocky III” and “Rocky IV” word for word. Rocky 5 was pretty crappy, but still entertaining crappy. I don’t consider the sixth one even part of the franchise. But I’m down with this one. We got a short trailer a while ago, but here’s the 2nd trailer which is much longer. Can’t wait:

American Ninja Warrior crowned it’s first ever champion after 7 seasons last night. I’m down with this. Watched the whole thing in the comforts of my own recliner, which made me feel real good about myself. I have one thing in common with them: They competed in the finals in Las Vegas, and I camped my butt in the Venetian casino for about 18 hours this weekend, so yeah, totally the same. An executive producer from the show talked about where they go from here.

-The DWTS premiere was last night in case you missed it. Here was a quick recap of everything that went down. Lets tap the brakes on Gary Busey people. Why are we acting like this is new. He’s been this crazy for over 10 years now and has been on numerous shows before. I don’t get the fascination with him. It’s overplayed and most of it seems to be an act. If he was plucked from obscurity and acted that way, it’d be TV gold. But he’s old news now. I don’t get it. My one take away from this season so far after one episode: Ummmmm, there’s some serious boobage this season. Have we ever had this many large chested women on the same season?

-We have a new host for “Celebrity Apprentice” and it’s none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Say what you will about Trump and his politics, but he made this show entertaining because of his boardroom antics. I can’t imagine Arnold will be nearly as good. This could be the death of the franchise. Mark Cuban would’ve been 100 times better but, I guess he’s got a team to manage, along with another show to co-host. Oh well.

-Hey, in case you haven’t gotten your fill of Kardashian news, they now all have apps that I have no clue what they do. Maybe it instructs you how to properly fill your lips. Or maybe it teaches you how to perfect your thighbrow (It’s a thing now, apparently). Whatever the case, you can be assured that this is an app I won’t have on my phone.

-Since this has been the summer of breakups, why don’t we add a couple more to the mix? On a much smaller scale of course. Rebel Wilson has split from her boyfriend of a few months, Mickey Gooch Jr. The only Gooch who’s ever been relevant in this world is the kid who used to bully Arnold on “Different Strokes.” I wonder how he’s doing nowadays? Remember when Muhammed Ali called up the Gooch on Arnold’s behalf to scare him? I do. I remember more from childhood than you can possibly imagine. And oh yeah, Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne broke up too. Funny. I had no idea they were even together.

-A DJ in Colorado is suing Taylor Swift because he claims he was fired after Swift’s team accused him of grabbing her butt during a photo taken. I have no idea if this is true or not, but if anything, this should teach everyone in the world a very important lesson: You do not grab Taylor Swift’s butt and ever live to tell about it. This is her world. We’re all just bystanders.

-There’s going to be a “Mary Poppins” reboot, and as expected, Twitter is up in arms over it. What’d you expect? Pretty much any idea that Hollywood has to reboot any classic is met with disdain. Remember how I mentioned I pretty much remember everything from my childhood? I think Julie Andrews was the first ever MILF in my life when I first watched “Mary Poppins.” And I didn’t even know what a MILF was. But looking back on it now? Yeah. She did it for me.

-Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake continue to make viral videos based off their friendship, and last night they added another one to the mix. Their bromance is bordering on creepy now, right?

-And finally, a sports pet peeve of mine. Granted, I had to witness about 10 of my sports pet peeves this past weekend in Vegas, but this one didn’t happen there. It happened at the Dodger game where a fan battled first baseman Adrian Gonzalez for a foul ball like he was digging for gold. I will never understand the foul ball craze. Ever. Why are people climbing over other people and maiming themselves to get a hold of a baseball? Because it was once touched by professional athletes? Really? Break it down in its simplest terms: it’s a f***ing baseball. Calm down. Go down to Dick’s and buy one for $6, scuff it up a bit, and just lie to your friends you caught it at game. They’ll never know. And most importantly, they won’t care either.

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