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Daily Links – 9/16

I enjoy doing “Daily Links” because it essentially forces me to keep up with what’s going on. Granted, I’m on my computer a lot during the day, but I usually am just reading headlines unless something really interests me. But now I can spend more time reading stories and get all invested in the 1000 reboots that studios are pumping out. I think in today’s links, we have stories on three different reboots that are happening in Hollywood (Mary Poppins, Charlie’s Angels, and The Jungle Book). I’ve said it many times before, but Hollywood is quite unoriginal. Most ideas are just knock offs of previous ideas, or a knock off of a show from overseas that they bring to the states. It’s why a show like the “Bachelor” can stay on the air forever. Because nothing is coming along that’s gonna knock it off the air. Seriously, other dating shows have tried, but they’ve all failed. When you’re on the air for 30 seasons, going on 31 with Ben coming up, there really is no competition. They will go off the air when they feel like they’re done making this show. ABC has no reason to pull them with the numbers and revenue they generate. Good. Means I can continue spoiling until the end of time. Only 8 more days til filming begins…

-You know it’s a slow news day when there’s a story about Rachel McAdams’ brother. No, he didn’t do anything spectacular. In fact, he didn’t do anything other than just be a person. Apparently he’s hot and US just discovered this. Ummmm, ok. Whatever floats your boat US. I’m assuming he’s been her brother his whole life. Any reason this wasn’t reported before now? She’s never posted a picture of him ever?

-Jessica Biel is helping all the young women out there discovering their bodies with an online video about sex education. Ok, I have to be honest. All I saw initially in this headline was the words “Jessica. Biel. Online. Sex” and pretty much figured I’d just hit the jackpot. Dammit. Oh well. Enjoy Jessica Biel teaching you sex ed. I’ll enjoy her in other ways.

-Sorry for not posting Scott Ottersen’s Big Brother Recap from Sunday night’s episode. Was traveling early Monday morning and it completely slipped my mind. Here it is now. His next recap will be up tomorrow since the show changed nights once Thursday night football started.

-After years of not having one, Facebook will now add a “Dislike” button to all posts. Can’t say I’ve been clamoring for this but apparently a lot of people have. Funny thing is that Zuckerberg thinks it’s primarily going to be used for when people post bad news, like about being sick, or a death, etc. Ummmm, no. It will be used anytime anyone posts a picture of what they’re eating, driving in traffic, or the weather, since those are the most asinine posts ever. Why do I care you’re stuck in traffic? We’ve all been stuck in traffic before. But because you document it live we’re supposed to feel sorry for you? I don’t get people sometimes.

-Derek Hough blogs about Week 1 of DWTS and how much he enjoys dancing with Bindi. I think there would be a federal investigation if Bindi doesn’t at least make the finals. She’s likable, she can dance, she’s got tons of personality, and Derek is her partner. How would you like to be Keo who gets stuck with crap every season, and then they give Derek someone they know will last long? Oh well. Being the star has its perks.

-What’s with people lying about their past? The League’s Steve Rannazzisi has come out and admitted that he did not escape the 9/11 towers on that fateful day. Great. I mean, until today I didn’t even know Steve Rannazzisi had been going around telling this story in the first place. Was this national news or something? Hey Steve, stop lying. It’s 2015. People will find anything out about you if they want. You can fully expect Buffalo Wild Wings to cut ties with him in a matter of days. Or hours. Or minutes. The fact they’re statement said they’re looking into their relationship with him is code for “we’re about to fire him.”

-Yesterday I had the story about how they’re giving a reboot to “Mary Poppins.” Well, the odds-on-favorite to play her is Anne Hathaway. Of course it is. And she’ll be just as insufferable as you think she will be. Preferably I’d go with Anna Kendrick since she can do nothing wrong, but I think she might be too tiny. This role was pretty much made for Anne Hathaway.

-Ariana Grande went on Jimmy Fallon last night and destroyed with her impressions of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Celine Dion:

-Interview with the “American Ninja Warrior” Isaac Caldiero talking about becoming the first winner ever in 7 seasons. I’m shocked they hadn’t had a winner yet. Hell, no one had even completed Stage 3 before the other night, and then TWO people do it. Ummmmm, I did 3 sets of seated rows at the gym yesterday. Does that count for anything?

-In a headline ripped straight from 1985, Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp might be a thing now. Couple points: Uhhhh, when did he drop “Cougar” from his name. John Mellencamp just doesn’t sound right. And throughout Hollywood, we’ve definitely some odd marriages/couples over the years. But can well all agree that Christie Brinkley marrying Billy Joel was at least top 3 most bizarre of all time? I think we can.

-Hey look! Another old TV show reboot that a network wants to try. NBC is looking to reboot Hart to Hart, but with a little twist: they’re both gay. WTF? And the person behind this still has a job? Too bad SNL already did this with “Dyke and Fats.”

-Aaaaaaaaand another reboot, although this one could have some promise. They are going to bring back Charlie’s Angels, with Elizabeth Banks set to direct. This I could get behind as long as they cast the right threesome. However, I’m sure they’ll screw it up. As long as Minka Kelly is one of the three, I’ll be perfectly happy.

-With “America’s Got Talent” crowing their new champion tonight, here’s a look back on AGT’s history in case you forgot. I certainly did. Wow. Can’t believe I forgot some of those winners over the years. Not to mention pretty much all of them falling off the face of the earth since their win. Basically Terry Fator and Mat Franco are the only ones who’ve really taken off, as both have permanent shows in Vegas.

-With all the Hollywood relationships ending this summer, I figured it was finally time to hear some good news. I mean, who can’t be happy for 17 year old Jaden Smith and his new girlfriend Sarah Snyder, who looks about 12. Because we all know that when you’re 17 and you get a girlfriend, it totally lasts forever. I hope these two make it through Halloween.

-The Jungle book got a reboot and it’s coming out soon. This is one of those things from my childhood that I totally remember being into at the time, but if you ask me now to name anything from it, I don’t have a freakin clue. But here’s the Jungle Book trailer for those who want to go see it.

-And finally, if you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, if it wasn’t bad enough your team got their ass kicked on Monday night, so did one of your fans. Badly. Very classy Niner fan. I’m sure there was a perfectly logical explanation this guy deserved to be kicked in the head. You know, something like he talked sh** about your team. Totally a reason to possibly give someone brain damage. Morons.

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1 Comment

  1. sksksk

    September 17, 2015 at 8:56 AM

    And another top 3 mismatched marriages in Hollywood: Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett!

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