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Daily Links – 9/17

During the ATFR for Kaitlyn’ season, I had tweeted out I have an interesting story to relay from it that I’d tell you about shortly. Wasn’t anything major, but just a little side note regarding something I was made aware of. I can now tell you that…I will be sharing that with you in the next week or so. A few of you actually remembered that tweet and have emailed me about it, so didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about it. I didn’t. I’ll share it soon. As for a note I had about Ben that I had alluded to. Once again nothing huge, but before any flirtation started up between him and Tenley once she got back from Paradise filming, Ben was frequently talking to another former contestant – Cassandra. They never met, but there were definitely frequent texts being sent back and forth before he was announced as the “Bachelor.” Obviously nothing is happening now between them since she’s with Jonathan and he’s set to begin filming in a week, but, it is interesting to note how easy it is to forget Ben really is no different than the rest of them. Just weighing his options once the show was over then deciding which direction he wants to go in. They all do it. Just because he’s the “Bachelor” doesn’t mean he’s somehow any different than any other contestants. Just keep it in mind as you follow along this season.

-So this whole big nurse controversy from the Miss America pageant over the weekend still won’t go away. The hags on the “View” didn’t think being a nurse was a talent so they trashed her, then backed away and apologized yesterday not because they were actually sorry, but because they admitted “they didn’t listen.” Exactly what you want in a TV show. Hosts that don’t actually pay attention. And how a Nikki Ferrell tweet made this story (yes, I know she’s a nurse but so are hundreds of thousands as well), I have no idea.

-As you know, Andi is coming out with a book next year chronicling her relationship with Josh among other things. Don’t expect it to be all daffodils and roses. It won’t be. She’s basically just reprinting what she wrote in her journal during her time with Josh, and I’m guessing not all of it was good. Does she have to do it? Of course not. Is she capitalizing on her fame? Absolutely. You may now judge.

-Scott Ottersen has your Big Brother recap up now. Since the show has moved nights now that Thursday Night Football is back, you will be getting his columns on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Enjoy.

-I’m not a huge fan of lists. They’re so subjective and usually stupid. Well, The Hollywood Reporter asked a bunch of writers to rank their Top 100 shows of all-time. That’s great and all, but any list that has “Full House” ahead of “24” might be the worst list ever made. What horsesh**. Sorry. Trust me, there are tons of other shows ahead of “24” on there that have no business, but whatever. Like I said, it’s subjective, but when you have “Saved by the Bell” ahead of “24” as well, you need your head screwed on straight.

-In case you want to feel worse about yourself today, just know that Jay Z and Beyonce hung out on a yacht this weekend that cost $900,000 a week. Think about that for a second. Granted, $900k to them is maybe like $5 to us, but still. It’s safe to say that even though I had fun in Vegas and ended up coming out on top, they had a better weekend than me. Than all of us.

-Interesting interview Erin Andrews did with Redbook this month. Remember, Erin’s boyfriend, hockey player Jarrett Stoll was arrested for having drugs at a Vegas pool party. Somehow they’re still together, but it certainly doesn’t seem like she’s thrilled with the guy. I mean, who would be? Why don’t we just start naming the date she calls it off with him. Not the most flattering endorsement of your boyfriend, is it?

-I know, I know, you can’t take it with all these Hollywood breakups this summer. Well, you can add another one to your list. Kate Gosselin’s boyfriend dumped her for a younger piece of ass. First off, I had no idea Kate Gosselin had a boyfriend, nor do I care. Secondly – of course he did. He probably woke up one day and realized, “I’m a millionaire and I’m dating this hot mess with 8 kids. What am I doing?” And he got out. I have no idea who Jeff Prescott is, but he just made the smartest decision of his life.

-Apparently Miley Cyrus is hooking up with Dane Cook now. Remember when Dane was, you know, popular? And the hottest stand up on the circuit? Yeah, that was like 10 years ago. I have no idea what he’s been up to since, but the second he attached himself to Miley is the second he realized, “Oh crap. No one’s been talking about me forever. Might wanna get my name out there again.”

-Kylie Jenner decided to go with green hair because she felt like she probably wasn’t getting enough attention. Let me tell you something Kylie. You look f***ing stupid. That is all.

-Taking a page out of Starburst, Doritos has decided that they should taste the rainbow as well and come out with rainbow colored Doritos. You don’t mess with Doritos. Ever. I can barely tolerate the different flavors they all have, now you’re giving me different colors? Just stop. I want my regular Doritos and I will eat them by the pound, thank you.

-This might be my new favorite TV game show contestant ever. You know how much I love game show bloopers. Well, this isn’t a blooper but it very well could be. A “Jeopardy” contestant trolled Alex Trebek by including “Turd Ferguson” in her final answer that she didn’t know. Those SNL fans should appreciate this woman’s humor, and the fact we got to hear Alex Trebek finally say the words “Turd Ferguson” on live TV is pure awesomeness.

-It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned Kate Upton in anything, and now is a good time to bust it out. Get it? Bust it out? Kate sure did as she showed up to the Harper’s Bazaar party with cleavage for days. However, isn’t basically anything that Kate Upton wears going to be bursting with cleavage? How is this any different than anything else she wears? Although it does look a tad wonky since it looks like one is being pushed out more than the other.

-And finally, the guy who should’ve won actually ended up winning America’s Got Talent last night, as ventriloquist Paul Zerdin beat out Drew Lynch for the $1 million prize and Vegas show. As he should’ve. Say what you will about Drew, definitely an inspiration to stutterers out there, but there’s no way people would be able to sit through an hour set of that as he headlines a Vegas show. Zerdin now joins Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham as the best ventriloquists going. And only ones going, I think.

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  1. laurac

    September 18, 2015 at 7:52 AM

    Just FYI, Full House is not ahead of 24 in that list. It’s 2 behind. Take that for what it’s worth if it makes you feel better.

  2. heliofan

    September 18, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    Any list that does not have Seinfeld #1 and Cheers in top 10 is crap.

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