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Daily Links – 9/21

A little bit shorter “Daily Links” today just for the sole reason that most sites dedicated their stories to Emmy stuff from last night. And really, there isn’t much Emmy stuff that’s worth covering as feverishly as these other sites do. I don’t care what these people wear on the red carpet, but all the entertainment sites do, so I guess they have to dedicate pages and pages to it. If you really care that much about another woman’s dress that you’ll never own ever in your lifetime, you might need to rethink your priorities in life. Then again, you’re talking to someone who’ll never understand people’s fascination with celebrities anyway. So of course stuff like award shows has me turning the channel on the red carpet shows. When I’ve got Green Bay/Seattle on, not to mention WWE’s Night of Champions, Emmy’s red carpet coverage was about 800th on my list of things to watch last night. The actual show I watched some of because I wanted to see Samberg’s monologue (which was great), and who won some of the major awards. But who they’re wearing? Don’t care and never will.

-“The Voice” won the Emmy for Best Reality TV show, which is an embarrassment. I’m aware it’s popular and gets the best ratings of all the other shows it went up against, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the best reality show. Hell, I don’t even watch any of the other ones it was up against besides DWTS and I know “The Voice” isn’t the best one in the group. From the choppy editing, to the forced banter between Adam and Blake, to Carson Daly hanging backstage with the family and having aneurysms every time a chair gets turned around, it’s much, much too campy for me.

-Here’s a perfect example of “headline chasing” when it comes to tabloids. And it’s especially relevant because it deals with the “Bachelor.” So OK! Magazine interviewed Witney Carson and asked her about Chris Soules splitting with Whitney Bischoff. This was her exact response: Were you surprised by his breakup with Whitney?

WC: I was sad to see that. I know he is happy and moving on. I know they are both moving on and wish them both the best.

Yet some online site named “Starpulse,” which I’d never even heard of until reading this story, runs a headline that says Witney Carson “wasn’t surprised” by the breakup. Worse yet, they even linked to the OK! Magazine in their story, which clearly showed Witney Carson never even said anything of the such. Great journalism, Starpulse. No wonder no one’s heard of you.

-Scott Ottersen has your “Big Brother recap” up now for you to read. How many people are left in this thing? I gotta believe it’s almost over, right? Then again, these shows go on forever so maybe it isn’t. So do people really stay up 24/7 and follow the “Big Brother” live feeds to report on them and stuff? Wow. I don’t want to say those people have no lives, but…those people have no lives.

-Sofia Vergara said yesterday during the Emmy’s red carpet that she will marry Joe Manganiello in November. Yes, she has giant fun bags, but hope you enjoy that voice for the rest of your life Joe. Have fun with that. Also, Sofia admits that the fragrance that she recently came out with was inspired by Joe. Says her fragrance is “romantic” and “sexy.” Really? That’s shocking to hear. I can’t imagine why a woman would come out with a fragrance and shoots for “romantic” and “sexy.” I just figured they were all trying to corner the market on something that smells like fish and week old trash. A fragrance that’s “romantic” and “sexy.” Who would’ve thought it?

-Jane Krakowski says that she auditioned for the role of Rachel on “Friends” back in the day, but never got it. Which inevitably will spawn the response, “I could never see her as Rachel.” One of the worst arguments ever. Anytime you hear about someone missing out on an iconic role, that’s usually people’s response. However, if Jane would’ve gotten the role and did Rachel on “Friends” for however many years, then years later Jennifer Aniston came out and said she auditioned for it but never got the role, you’d be saying, “I could never see Jennifer as Rachel.” It’s stupid. You can’t see Jane in that role because she didn’t play it for so many years. We have no idea how she would’ve done if she played the role. We only know the role by Jennifer Aniston so of course everyone else doesn’t compare.

-Allison Williams of “Girls” got married over the weekened to Ricky Van Veen. A couple things here: Ricky Van Veen sounds like a male porn star name. And secondly, at any point did this guy think of calling off the wedding after watching that live “Peter Pan” debacle she did? Just wondering. You know, the live version of “Grease” is coming to Fox in February I believe with Julianne Hough as Sandy. That one I’ll watch since “Grease” is like the greatest thing ever.

-The “Goonies” is an all-time classic for us kids who grew up in the 80’s. And we all remember Chunk for his “Truffle Shuffle” at the beginning of the movie. And then for his creepy bromance with Sloth by the end of the movie. Totally bizarre. Anyway, he’s now an entertainment lawyer in LA and here’s what he looks like now. Sloth want Baby Ruth? Did he ever even do another movie after “Goonies?” Talk about getting typecast.

-You know I love me some good game show goofs. This one is no exception. Apparently this female contestant on the “Family Feud” is a big Richard Gere fan and believes the urban legend:

-And finally, two sports stories from this past weekend, both revolving around college football. Tragic, but kinda funny news on the Notre Dame front. Tragic in that they had yet another players suffer a season ending injury when defensive back Drue Tranquill tore his ACL. So why is that funny? Because he tore it while celebrating after a pass breakup. We’ve seen this time and time again now. I can’t believe athletes keep doing this.

-As for Alabama fans, well, they took it in the shorts this weekend as Ole Miss almost hung 50 on them. 50! In Bryant Denny Stadium. That’s unheard of. So if Alabama is gonna lose at home, you know there are going to be some somber faces in the crowd. This video put them all together nicely so we can enjoy them. It’s ok Bama. It’s not a big deal that you may be the 5th best team in the SEC this year. Trust me, this will not be Bama’s only loss this season. I’m sure they’ll disagree, but that’s because they’re so used to dominating. Not this year.

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