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“Daily Links” & Who are the Two Returnees Who’ll be Appearing on Ben’s Season?

Tonight is the night. It’s finally here. The night where 25 or so women show up at the mansion in their sparkly gowns, doing silly entrances told to them by producers that they agree to go along with. Same thing every season. And before the night even starts, I can tell you to expect Robert Mills and Mike Fleiss to be tweeting things like, “The ladies love Ben!!!!” and “Already some first night drama!!!” like they do every single season. There will be shots of the wet driveway I’m sure on social media, and maybe even a picture on Twitter or Instagram of Ben with Chris Harrison or Elan before the ladies arrive. Nothing they haven’t done the last 5 years. Of course, they won’t give away anything important, but they just want people to start talking about the show. And what better way to get people to start talking about your show, and to automatically instill first night drama, than to bring back former contestants to compete for Ben. One of these shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone based on social media for the last month. The other? Definitely a surprise, totally random, no idea why she’s doing it, and would be shocked if she lasts longer than she did last time.

So we can now add these two to the Ben’s Girls cast list…

3. Becca Tilley: 26, San Diego, CA. Was the runner up on Chris’ season, and has since basically become a fan girl, liking a new guy from this franchise every week it seems.

Twitter: @BeccaTilley5
Instagram: beccatilley5


4. Amber James: 30, Chicago, Ill. Bartender. Lasted 3 episodes on Chris’ season, was recently on “Bachelor in Paradise 2.” Aaaaand also seems to like a new guy from this franchise every week.

Twitter: @amberjameschi
Instagram: amberj22chi


As we’ve discussed here for the last month in “Reader Emails” and on the live video chat, Becca coming back on was always out there. She made it known from the second Ben was announced as the “Bachelor” that she was interested when she tweeted this:

Talks were ongoing, those that know her were well aware she wanted to and that she was in contact with producers consistently. Granted, her sister Caroline tried to play dumb less than 10 days ago with this tweet…

…when it was obvious she was aware Becca was going back on. Not to mention Becca reaching out to CALIA – Carrie Underwood’s athletic apparel line – during fashion week asking for clothes for a show she was going on. So yeah, if you see Becca in CALIA clothing, just know it was given to her for her to promote. See, that’s what the show has come to now. Sure, Becca wants to meet Ben, but she’s no different than anyone else who goes on just looking for a vacation and to peddle product. So it’s really hard to take anyone like this seriously when you know they have ulterior motives. Hence the reason the show is so easy to make fun of.

All these girls are now aware what can come of the show just by being cast. They see all these former contestants promoting product on Twitter and Instagram, being paid for appearances, a chance to go on BIP, hooking up with other guys from the franchise etc and those are the main factors as to why they go on. Nobody buys that these people are the least bit genuine about finding a husband, and why would they, when only 1 of the previous 19 “Bachelor’s” married the final girl he chose. Becca is 26, never been in love, never had a serious boyfriend, never introduced a boy to her parents until Chris, and has never had sex. Yet since her season, she’s done nothing but fangirl over all the “celebrities” she’s met, constantly posting pictures with them, and yet we’re supposed to believe that she’s ready or even wants to get married now? Please. It’s laughable. Not to mention dropping Jared like a sack of potatoes when she realized she was going on Ben’s season. What I reported about that? All true. She was set to hang out with Jared the Monday he was in LA for “After Paradise” then never contacted him when he showed up. We now know why. And oh yeah, Ben isn’t picking her anyway, so you can get that thought out of your head. I don’t even think she’ll make it to hometowns. Just call it a hunch.

It’s all very funny to me since Becca is so concerned about what other people think of her, not to mention how bothered her family was by the edit they got last season on the hometown date, that she’d even go back on. But then again, like I said, this is more about how these people get so addicted to the limelight and getting their egos stroked by random fans they don’t know, that when it goes away, they feel like something is missing. Hence the reason they go back on. Becca is no different. Now lets make it clear that Becca coming on is nothing like Nick and Kailtyn’s relationship. Becca hasn’t met Ben. They may have talked briefly in inner circle stuff, but it’s nothing like Nick and Kailtyn before the show. Becca obviously thinks he’s cute, wants to meet him, made it known desperately on social media she wanted him, and here she is showing up tonight. It’s not going to turn out well for her. Just don’t start bitching once the show airs about your edit, or people saying negative things about you, etc. Save it. You made your bed, now you must lie in it.

As for Amber, that’s pretty funny too. Here’s a girl that three months ago in Mexico, said the only reason she came on the show was to meet Dan. They have a date, they make out, Dan doesn’t like her anymore, and she moves on to Justin, who all the sudden she claims she’d head over heels with. Justin essentially tells her to kick rocks once Cassandra shows up and Amber is booted. Now three months later, Amber is going to try and convince Ben, and America, that she’s there for him and totes wants to be his wife. When I pull up the “Bachelor” on my DVR guide come January 4th (the first episode), will it be listed as a comedy? Because it should. We knew the second Chris Harrison said after the Ben announcement that he’d been contacted by numerous former contestants asking how to get on his season that they’d definitely cast someone. I didn’t think they’d do two. And we knew Tenley wasn’t going on for reasons discussed on this site for the last month. And with Becca’s public lovefest for Ben on Twitter, and then talking about fasting, and not eating Taco Bell, it was becoming more and more obvious she was gonna do it. Well, she is. As is Amber. And according to what I’ve heard, there might be another. I don’t know who though. Stay tuned.

One thing I wanted to add about contestant Breanne Rice. She been divorced. Twice. First husbands last name was Lovett as we see on this old LinkedIn page she went by Breanne Lovett. Her second marriage was in 2013 and they were married a little over a year. Divorce recently finalized. Last name was Gill. Sooooooooo any of you thinking that maybe Breanne had a shot to win? We’ve never had a divorcee be the final one chosen as far as I can remember. Twice divorced at 30? Probably not happening either. Just sayin’.

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  1. angelfish

    September 24, 2015 at 10:54 AM

    *Blech* on the retreads. Both are about as exciting as watching paint dry. And boring beige paint, not an exciting and vibrant colored paint. I shudder to imagine who the 3rd desperate girl is. What did Ben DO to the showrunners that they can’t give him fresh girls, just stock the limos with other Bachelor leftovers?

    It better not be Britt. I still like her, and seeing her on this would make me dislike her greatly.

  2. kmannone723

    September 24, 2015 at 11:03 AM

    To angelfish- Totally agree with the Becca and Amber coming back in but at least they’re legitimately competing not coming in later like Nick Viall did last season. I honestly hope Whitney Bischoff thinks of trying again even as a walk in later because she deserves a great guy like Ben H or even be the next Bachelorette. But dear god I hope not Tenley, Britt I’m on the fence it would be nice for her to try but I don’t think she’ll last long with Ben H. although she definitely needs to repair her image and find a better guy.

  3. rob22

    September 24, 2015 at 12:08 PM

    I don’t really find any of these retreads interesting, like Nick was. Nick played a perfect villain and even got some supporters when Alf acted like a complete tool. You had to love the Alf vs. Nick hate-off. That’s good TV. “Love to Hate” people can inject some life into a lifeless season. That’s been Butt-kowski’s entire gig. Even his BIP drunken fool approach was classic. When he comes on, you WANT him to be a complete idiot. If he came on and was completely nice and respectful, it would be disappointing.

    Which brings us to Amber and Becca. Doh. Amber is attractive & black. Since black contestants always get the quick hook, I’m not seeing where she’s going to break the mold. I wish her well. I do find her attractive in kind of a girl next door way…. but she kind of blew that up with her guy hopping during BIP. She doesn’t really have any credibility after that effort. Personality wise, errrrrr, not a whole lot there. But, with this being her third appearance on the franchise, I’m sure she’ll draw some ratings interest. Fans of the show will definitely know her.

    Becca…. she’s just dull as dirt. Pretty. Nice smile. Good morals. She pretty much had no real physical chemistry with Old MacDonald. Yeah, I know, why would ANYONE have physical chemistry with that dullard. But, I digress. To me, I don’t see Becca having any physical chemistry with ANY guy. She’s a virgin and I’m assuming she plans on that continuing. She also cares what people think, so that implies that she’s not going to suddenly get in a hot tub & straddle Peter Brady. She’s also not going to skinny dip or perform the reverse cowgirl during the Fantasy Suites. She’s going to mostly sit around smile & have limited conversations of mostly no interest. She adds nothing. But, she’s there to kick up ratings. She has a fan following that she’ll drag along with her. So, smart move by the show, I think, for that reason alone. But she’s not going to drive much, if any, actual content.

    Hopefully this season has more going for it than these two. Otherwise this might be another Huan Pah-Blow or Ben Flatdick type lost season. Unfortunately, I really think it has that potential.

  4. vessel

    September 24, 2015 at 12:58 PM

    Becca and Amber? Really? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. jest002

    September 24, 2015 at 1:57 PM

    Hm, a returnee is interesting provided he/she carries potential for entertainment. Kinda thinking why bother with these two .. what are they up to? If Cassandra hadn’t gotten with Jonathan, it would’ve at least made it controversial because we know Ben was interested & they talked over social media.

  6. kimmyfromdablock

    September 24, 2015 at 5:49 PM

    UGH!!!!! Just no on Becca.

    And her tweet about Ben? Girl please. Stop identifying yourself as a virgin. It’s not interesting. It’s not fascinating. Most of all, it feels like TMI and NO ONE CARES!!!

    She is way too big of a girl for Ben. I see him with a very petite girl.

    Becca and Amber……spells desperate.

  7. mariet

    September 24, 2015 at 8:11 PM

    Whatever happened to some big reveal/news RS kept talking about–can’t say anything now, but will soon? Did I miss it?

  8. exmrsbundy

    September 24, 2015 at 9:06 PM

    Hey all:

    This probably isn’t news but I hadn’t seen it so I thought I would post it on the off chance it had not been posted before.

  9. jacquibk

    September 25, 2015 at 5:53 AM

    I predict Olivia will go far.

  10. cjscjs711

    September 25, 2015 at 9:50 AM

    Wait and see on the retreads. Remember how boring Samantha was on Chris’s season? They managed to make her the villain on BIP.

    @angelfish I wouldn’t put any money on Britt coming back. If she was as fame-hungry as people like to think, she’d have certainly known enough to fake a continuing relationship with Brady so they could extend their 15 minutes to play out in front of the huge ATFR TV audience instead of breaking up and drifting off into oblivion. I mean, you don’t have to be a genius to know the Franchise doesn’t like to tout its failures; they tout their successes (measured by continuing relationships to marriage). There’s no other reason Sean and Catherine keep showing up everywhere. There is nothing special about this couple, to deserve any media attention, except that they found each other and got married because of this show. Meanwhile, the Franchise sweeps its MANY failures under the rug.

  11. angelfish

    September 25, 2015 at 11:09 AM

    I really don’t think Britt would come back either, but the people that run this show can be pretty damn brilliant. “Hey Britt, if you come back on for 3-4 episodes with Ben, we’ll throw 50K at your pet charity…Everybody wins!” Something like that is peanuts to ABC, and the ratings they would get would be astronomical.

    I just don’t want to see her sell out, but she does have a huge heart.

  12. rob22

    September 25, 2015 at 12:29 PM

    My guess is, even though I like Britt, she’d fall out of bed and run half clothed to the mansion if she was invited back. She’d arrive before they hung up the phone. “Uh…. Britt…. are you still there?”. Ding-Dong. “Gee, who’s at the door…… oh, uh, Hi Britt.” Something like that.

    And yes, I guess….. OK…. it is possible that Amber and Becca could possibly (nor probably) do something interesting or noteworthy during the show. I wasn’t in favor of Nick coming back either, and I have to admit, Kaitlyn’s season would have been horrible without him. The drama he kicked up in the house, not to mention his sleeping with Kaitlyn almost immediately was the only worthwhile storyline. Even Alf’s borish behavior, probably never happens if Nick isn’t there to poke him….. repeatedly.

    So, I guess I’ll give them a chance. Oh, and just a question. Was Faith in UN-Real patterned after Becca? Ya know. Morals, virgin, kinda boring. And Faith, of course, ended up being gay. Becca did give off a gay vibe in that she just didn’t seem too terribly interested in guys. Her history, and her performance on the show, speak to her lack of interest in men, in general. So, it’s almost a choice of whether she’s gay, or just kind of asexual. I guess maybe we’ll find out which it is this season.

  13. valadega

    September 25, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    The only woman I could stand coming back is Whitney. She got a raw deal with Chris. He was never really into her and she seemed to be really nice. Please….no more Britt, and Amber and Becca should have stayed home.

  14. cjscjs711

    September 26, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    @Rob22 I’m totally with you on Becca. She definitely gave off a lesbian vibe or at least very bi.

    I think you’re off base on Britt, from what happened in the past. She was asked to be on BIP and she said no and did not budge. She could have been seen by millions and millions and paid a lot if she had just faked it with Brady till the end, but she broke up with him after two months when the show was just beginning to air. So, as happens with many people on this show, I think she’s been much maligned.

    Was Becca devoutly religious? I don’t remember that about her.

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