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Daily Links – 9/28

You know by now how much I despise tabloid sites. They’re the worst. Because basically they’ll print anything, especially in the headlines, in order to get you to click on their site. Then when you read the actual story, it says nothing or is a giant assumption. Case in point yesterday’s garbage from What’s funny is I think in the last “Reader Emails” I had, someone had asked me about a StarPulse story and I’d never even heard of the site before. Now it’s twice in a couple weeks that they print crap. Anyway, they ran this headline and story yesterday that couldn’t be further from the truth. I dropped a major hint? Ummm, no I didn’t. I didn’t drop any hints. I tweeted out Saturday that I heard filming for the first date of the season was at Azusa Pacific University, but was waiting for full confirmation. I never got it. They might’ve been there on Saturday, they might not have. I still don’t know. But since that’s where Britt went to college, StarPulse immediately runs that headline to make you think she’s on Ben’s season. Britt is not on Ben’s season, so, your story is crap. Just thought I’d clear that up for the record so more of you don’t email me with that link.

I think a lot of you seem to be getting a bit confused, or maybe “spoiled,” by the whole social media thing. Just because filming has started doesn’t mean that every single date is going to get spoiled on social media. Two dates have been filmed so far, and neither ended up on Twitter or Instagram. Good. It’s better for me when nothing gets spoiled, because when I eventually tell you what happens, you’ll be hearing it for the first time and no one else will have reported anything. Yes, I’m aware that not every single date will be kept under wraps. I’m just saying the less that gets spoiled on social media, the more info I give you will be the first time you’re reading about it. Even though I know it won’t happen, I’d love for a whole season to film and not one date get spoiled. A man can dream. I’m going to spoil the season regardless of how much gets out on social media. That’s just become an added factor now.

Remember how I tweeted this during the ATFR back in July:

I will be updating you on this tomorrow. Like I said back then, it’s just an interesting note. It’s nothing major, it’s not something earth shattering, and it’s not something that’ll blow your mind. It was an interesting note that I was told about the night of the ATFR that I followed ever since, and now I can finally report on what it was. And I’ll do that tomorrow. With pictures and everything! As for when I’m posting the next batch of girls? I don’t know. I have about half the cast as we speak. I’m kinda liking this “nothing’s getting spoiled on social media” so far thing. Maybe I’ll just wait until pics of Ben on a date with someone get out, and if it’s one of the girls I have, I’ll share who she is. I really don’t know how I’m going to play it this season.

-In case you didn’t know, Kaitlyn and Shawn were at the LA County Fair this weekend. And if you didn’t know, then apparently you haven’t checked social media, like, ever. Kaitlyn and Shawn snap, tweet, and Instagram basically every day since the July 27th finale. Not sure what they’re trying to prove by doing this, but it’s nauseating. They were side stage when Jake Owen was performing and Kaitlyn was snapping every 12 seconds about it.

-Pam Anderson claims that she’s never seen the sex tape she and Tommy Lee made years ago. Probably a good thing Pam. But thank you for letting it get “stolen” then “leaked” onto the internet. Not necessarily because of its quality, but apparently you made it perfectly acceptable for stars to start doing this. You are a true legend. A pioneer. If you want to get back in that business, I don’t think anyone would complain.

-Did I or did I not call this? In fact, I think it was right here in “Daily Links” last year around this time where I said this wasn’t lasting. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have filed for divorce. This relationship was always quite bizarre from the get go considering they dated for only 3 months then decided to get hitched. Plus, you have the wrong mix of popular actress with no name guy. I can’t remember one time Hollywood that’s ever worked out. Kaley I believe is the highest paid TV actress per episode going right now on television. And when the female is infinitely more popular than the male, it’s never a good combo. Ask Chad Lowe.

-I mentioned last week that Kim Zolciak suffered a mini stroke when she landed in Atlanta last Wednesday. By the looks of things, she’s been laid up in bed since, and with DWTS, she’s still not saying if she’s dancing or not. Well, this was done on purpose. Saying you “hope to continue” dancing is just a way to draw more eyeballs tonight. Either you’ve been practicing over the weekend and you’re dancing tonight, or you haven’t and you’re out of the competition. I have no idea. But as of Thursday she was laying in a hospital bed with tubes in her nose, so it doesn’t look great.

-With the new Star Wars park being built at Disneyland and Disneyworld, it was announced that a few rides will end up shutting down while construction is in place. Good. No one cared for those rides anyway. I mean, it’s not like you’re shutting down Space Mountain or the Haunted Mansion, or Pirates of the Caribbean. If that were the case, then you’d have some seriously angry patrons. The Mark Twain Riverboat? Davy Crockett Canoes? Please. You could probably shut those down forever and no one would notice.

-So did you all run outside and look at the Super Blood Moon last night? Didya’ didya’ didya’? Yeah, me neither. Sorry. Football was on. Then I had to fold my laundry. Then I vacuumed. Damn. Such an important moment in history and I missed it. Man, can’t wait til 2033 comes around so I can miss it again. I love all the people on Facebook last night that are taking pictures with their iphone and posting it as their status like they’re some type of professional photographer. Ummmm, yeah. So the moon was a different color for a little bit. Not sure exactly why I had to miss any football for that. Glad I didn’t.

-So T Swift’s 1989 Tour rolled through Nashville over the weekend, and well, she had more special guests. Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, and Leona Lewis all joined her onstage this past weekend. You know, she’s gonna be here in 2 ½ weeks playing at AT&T Stadium. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if there’s any way I can get hookups for seats. When I saw here at Staples, it was sold out in front of 15,000 people. AT&T Stadium seats 110,00 at capacity. Obviously seats behind the stage are sectioned off, but still, I gotta imagine close to 70-80,000 will be there, no? That’d be quite the spectacle. I’m seriously considering looking in to this and going for a second time.

-We all know a reboot of “Ghostbusters” is happening, but with an all female cast. Well, we’ve got someone from the original confirmed for the reboot, and its Sigourney Weaver. “There is no Dana, only Zool.” Yeah. Her. C’mon, she and Venkman had to get married right? I know she got knocked up by some other dude between the first and second movie and Vigo tried to kidnap her child, but years have passed. I gotta believe she and Venkman knocked it out a few times since, no? I guess we’ll see.

-Derek Hough blogs about tonight’s episode of DWTS that is a TV themed episode, with everyone dancing to a TV theme song from the past. I wonder if Derek has it written in to his contract that he’s not even allowed to get one of the sh***y dancers. He’s got to, right? Then again, I think they wouldn’t put him with a sh***y dancer anyway because he’d still get voted through pretty far and it would show that the audience is favoring him over his dancer anyway. Must be a great gig.

-So it’s come out since last Wednesday’s premiere, that Peih Gee smuggled flint onto “Survivor” through her jewelry, but was caught by production. I didn’t even know you were allowed to do that, nor did I know production was allowed to stop you. And really? Did Richard Hatch really shove matches up his ass when he returned for the All Star season? Geez. It’s only fire guys. Everyone’s gonna make it at some point.

-As we know from last week, Ryan Atwood and Sgt. Nicholas Brody’s wife are having a kid. In real life, that’d be Ben Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin, but that’ not important nor relevant. They will always be those two characters no matter what they do the rest of their lives. With that said, she now says she fully plans on marrying Ben and this isn’t gonna just be some baby daddy thing. Congrats. How big of you. I mean, if you’re gonna go get pregnant while you were still married to your ex, maybe you should reconsider. And now that Brody is dead, you seem to have moved on quickly from him as well. This woman is all types of screwy.

-And finally, Teresa Giudice is in prison. We know this. I believe she’s getting out soon. Well, apparently she’s pretty hard up for some lovin’ in prison since she’s trying to have phone sex with husband Joe while she’s in there, and we’re gonna hear that conversation on an upcoming three part Bravo special. Can’t wait. I’ll be sure to wear my earplugs for this one.

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