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Daily Links – 9/30

So I tweeted out yesterday how much I enjoy this time of the year, which is finding a bunch of old pictures and videos of contestants that will be on Ben’s season. Yes, I’m aware that I haven’t revealed them yet. I’ve gotten your emails and tweets. Sometimes it’s not as easy as that. There are different factors involved as to why I haven’t released more women. I’ve given you four so far that you can view at Ben’s Girls. Right now, I have 15 of them. All their names, pictures, and bios. However, and I know most of you probably won’t understand why, I’m just not releasing them right now. It’s stuff I can’t get into but just know they’re ready to go, and when I release them, you’ll know. I don’t reveal everything the second I get it. I’ve never operated that way. I’ll always hold on to certain things just because. I’ve had girls I’ve known about on Ben’s season as far back as August that I haven’t posted yet. Like I said, I don’t expect you to understand my reasoning, but just know it’s a good one. You’re going to get your spoilers to everything like you do every season. Just be patient and it’ll all come together. I know social media has been light so far in terms of dates since no date has been seen yet, but that’s ok. I’m sure some will get spoiled shortly. Last night was rose ceremony #2, so dates for episode 3 start back up today. Maybe something will hit social media, maybe it won’t. We never know until it happens. But do not worry. I will have all your spoilers again for you this season.

-The Kaitlyn and Shawn two month tour of not having jobs and snapping, tweeting, and Instagramming their daily routines marches on next Friday night at Mohegan Sun. You can show up and get autographs, take pictures, and even participate in a 30 min Q&A. My first question, or more like a statement would be, “You do realize that someday you’ll have to get jobs again, right? Or are you completely oblivious to that fact? This is a nice wave to ride for the time being, but it won’t last forever.”

-For some reason, even though the BIP finale was three weeks ago, I guess Samantha’s publicist needed to make it known that she and Nickare still together. Well then. Thank you for the update. Just a very weird story all around if you ask me. Like I said, the finale was 3 weeks ago and we were told they were together. That’s great. Were people dying for an update 21 days later that People made a story out of it? My guess would be no. And some of her quotes in that thing have me scratching my head. “At the end of July, Nick told me he was falling in love with me. I told him the same thing back.” Kinda personal, no? Oh well. Moving on.

-Great piece by the NY Times regarding the staying power of “Survivor” after all these years. I mention all the time about what a powerhouse the “Bachelor” is after all these years and currently filming their 31st season. Well “Survivor” has been going even longer and pulling even better numbers. That show could seriously go on forever.

-Uh oh. Another Hollywood couple have called it quits. Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long have broken up after 2 years. I’ll be honest: I had no idea they were dating. I’m hit and miss with Amanda. Sometimes I find her extremely attractive, and sometimes she’s pretty blah. Justin Long will always be the “Apple vs Mac” dork to me. Still shocked he somehow made it into one of the “Die Hard” movies.

-Sad news yesterday hearing that Jim Carrey’s on again/off again girlfriend Cathorina White committed suicide. Reports are they recently broke up again about 5 days ago and the suicide note she left references it. Yet again another couple I had no idea about. I’m still scratching my head on the whole Jim Carrey/Jenny McCarthy long time relationship to even wrap my head around these latest developments. With that said, far too many suicides recently in Hollywood.

-You know another relationship I’d completely forgotten about? Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere. Hell, they were married for 4 years in the 90’s? Where the hell was I? This was right in my college years, and I’d say that was a period in my my life where keeping up with the world events went by the wayside. Not because I was drinker or partier in college, far from it, but just because I just didn’t have access to a lot of those things. Like, the year after I graduated college is when cable went into the dorms. I don’t know what I did for 4 years without cable. Anyway, Cindy is writing a book but doesn’t really want to talk about her marriage to Richard. Not even to address that whole gerbil thing?

-I wonder if this made her throw a temper tantrum? During Monday’s airing of the “Big Bang Theory,” Kaley Cuoco’s full married name with “Sweeting” attached ran during the opening credits, even though it was announced last week she was getting a divorce. And considering how fast she’s running to the courts to get everything about this marriage taken off the records (i.e. already changing her name back, wiping off all pictures of him on social media), I can’t imagine she was too thrilled with that. And when you’re the highest paid TV actress going, whatever you say gets done. I’ve never seen 5 minutes of that show, but I can guaran-damn-tee you that her full name won’t be appearing in the credits of next week’s episode.

-ABC Family is doing a TV show based on Nicki Minaj’s life. ABC Family. Nicki Minaj. Are we sure about this? Are her lady parts, namely her giant bust and booty, appropriate for an ABC Family show? Especially since she loves flaunting them any chance she can get. I don’t want to play television programmer or anything, but yeah, someone might want to look into that before this show hits air.

-Brian Austin Green is down in the dumps, guys. Megan Fox broke up with him and now he’s seeking spousal support from her because apparently it’s tough for him to get jobs since he has vertigo. Well that’s news to me. And Brian, we’ve already covered this. Go hit up Nat for the overnight shift at “Peach Pit After Dark.” Or maybe you can do retail at Kelly and Donna’s failing boutique store. Just whatever you do, don’t resort to living off grandparents inheritance and blowing it all in Vegas like you did that one time.

-Speaking of BH 90210, the Lifetime movie The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story airs this Saturday night. Yes, I have it set to record, but I have a feeling I’ll be covering my eyes while watching it. I mean, we already saw that one clip from last week that showed how frisky Dylan got when making out with Brenda. Now this? Brandon and Brenda flirted all the time too? This movie certainly isn’t painting Shannon Doherty in a good light, that’s for sure. Basically telling us she was a giant skank on set.

-When I’m searching around the internet for “Daily Links,” I’m usually just looking for headlines that’ll catch my eye. Well, when I see one that says “Celebrity Bra Sizes Revealed”, I mean, was there ever any doubt that was going in today’s column? I didn’t think so. So now we know what some of our favorite celebrities sizes are. Thank you for that important bit of information. I can sleep better now.

-Katy Perry had a crazy fan come up and join her onstage at a recent concert, and this thing went viral. Now granted, I’d probably do the same thing if T Swift brought me on stage, but still. This was a bit over the top no? Why is she sucking on Katy’s neck? Why is she constantly trying to feel her up? Why is she giving me the perfect ideas for when Taylor brings me on stage? Woops. Did I say that out loud?

-Happy one year anniversary to George Clooney and his wife Amal. We take a look back to their last year in this article. Enjoy it, Amal. Usually George’s time with women is about 2-3 years, so hopefully your contract is for longer than that.

-This is great news. The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” ratings are slowly declining and producing some of their worst numbers yet. Could this be a sign they are headed off the air? Lets hope so. Damn, those really are some crappy numbers. We can all only hope this is the beginning of the end for them. They’ve been front and center far too much for people with no discernable talent. Unless you include having sex on camera a talent. In some industries it is.

-And finally, a “Family Feud” clip that’s making the rounds for this dad’s answer. Granted, Steve Harvey dragged this joke out about minute longer than he should have, but nonetheless a funny moment:

And yes, I agree. Who the hell were the 100 men that they polled who didn’t have this as one of the top answers on the board? Makes no sense.

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  1. locondcoco

    September 30, 2015 at 10:49 AM

    There have been many times where I’ve been watching ABC family, or just flipping through the guide, and say to myself- “wait, they’re airing THIS on ABC Family? FAMILY?!?!”

  2. rob22

    September 30, 2015 at 11:29 AM

    RS: release the names and bios of the women you have or not. I really don’t care, but for the love of God stop writing about not releasing women & the fact that you’ll release them whenever you feel like it. We get it. Please. Enough.

  3. yankeesgirl

    September 30, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    Rob, can you please review Steve’s posts before he publishes them? My thoughts exactly. Chill out Steve, nobody cares that much that you need to defend your decision to exhaustion…

  4. lauriejo

    September 30, 2015 at 12:59 PM

    Please let the Kaitlyn/Shawn victory tour end soon. I have never seen two more self absorbed people in my life. I didn’t think that he was that bad, but am totally sick of them. It’s like a bad accident, you’re repulsed, but can’t help watching.

  5. cjscjs711

    September 30, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    @lauriejo Just imagine if they happen to get married – they’ll be Sean and Catherine all over again.

  6. rob22

    October 1, 2015 at 8:06 AM

    In some ways, Kaitlyn & Shawn (Kat-Shaw?) are perfect for reality TV. They are vacuous, self-aborbed, and not very self aware. They can’t even post to social media without accidentally posting bed-pics.

    Certainly they could put something together at the level of “The Newlyweds” (Remember Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson) and draw some interest for 2-3 years.

    The whole formula is putting people like them in front of a camera and watching the train wreck unfold. There’s no way they could put together a Kardashian type rolling train wreck that continues to unfold over years and years. No, you’d need a different Caitlyn to pull that off. But, I think they could survive a couple of years just being themselves (in an unflattering way). It could be pretty awesome until Alf gets everyone’s last nerve.

    After that’s over, Kaitlyn can work at Twin Peaks (wait, I guess it will have to be Tilted Kilt) and Alf can preen at a local gym and pretend to be helping people workout for $10/hr. (Aka: Personal Trainer). Oh…. on that subject, I have to tell you a good one. The local Personal Trainers at my gym have put together a workout video that they run on a large TV at the gym on an endless loop. It’s basically just them preening, flexing and working out… and a little personal training with a couple of people. I guess the idea is to motivate people to use their services. But, it is widely mocked by all the members for the obvious way they’re just trying to show off how cool they are and how they have big muscles. And show off in a really ridiculous way. I can’t even look at those guys anymore without smirking. That’s Alf in the very near future.

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