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You know I’m a huge sports fan. I’ve probably watched at least half of every playoff game that’s been played so far, but that 7th inning in Toronto yesterday was one of the craziest, wildest innings I’ve ever seen. When it takes 52 minutes to play one inning of baseball, you know some sh** went down. You couldn’t have scripted an inning like that any better. And I’m sure Canadian fans will jump on my ass for this, but I’m sorry, you people acted like a bunch of morons. Of course you’re allowed to boo a bad call or whatever, but that’s funny thing, the ump made the RIGHT call. Fine, you thought it was a bad call. Boo all you want. That’s what fans do. But throwing stuff on the field? Exactly what does that accomplish? “Grrrrrrr, I’m so mad at a call that is ultimately right on the field, I’m gonna hurl my drink at someone.” Sorry, but there isn’t a single person in this world who can convince me the logic behind that thought. Just admit you acted like a bunch of hooligans yesterday, because you did. If you would’ve lost the game 3-2 on that play, then maybe, MAYBE, at the end of the game let your frustrations out. You still had 3 innings left of at bats! Calm down. And to boot, you hit a baby with your flying projectiles. Congratulations. You stay classy, Toronto. For f***s sake, the call was right and you still had plenty of time left in the game. Embarrassing.

I’ll add this so Toronto doesn’t hate me THAT much. I had no problem with the bat flip. There needs to be more of that in baseball. I can’t stand the “unwritten rule” garbage. If it’s game 27 of the season, no, you don’t flip your bat like that. But in a series clinching game, to hit a home run in an atmosphere like that to break a 3-3 tie in 7th after EVERYTHING that’d gone on that inning? Hell, carry that thing around the bases with you like Pedro Cerrano in “Major League” for all I care. If you don’t want to be shown up by bat flips, then don’t throw pitches that miss your target by a foot, Dyson.

-Yesterday if you missed my tweets, Ben was on a 1-on-1 in Mexico City with a girl at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show. Here were some of the pictures posted to social media:


She is someone I have not released yet, and I know you’ve been asking in emails and on Twitter when are more girls coming. My answer? Soon. We’re almost there. You’re going to get your spoilers like you always do, so whether I post them on Oct. 15th, or Oct. 27th, or Nov. 3rd (just throwing out random dates) I guess I really don’t understand why it matters. As long as you get it, right? Nobody else is reporting anything on this season yet. The show doesn’t start until Jan. 4th and you’re going to have all your spoilers roughly 6 weeks before the first episode airs. You come here for your spoilers and you will get them. Now it’s not good enough to have them 6 weeks before the premiere? You need them right now, this instant, this very second? Can’t win for trying I guess. I say the same thing every season. I have my reasons as why I have to hold on to certain things longer than others, and those are reasons I cannot share because they differ every season. Just be patient. You’re going to get them. As for the girl, I tweeted yesterday she is one of the 3 girls this season that all have the same first name. She’s also the first girl I was told about this season as well. I first heard her name in July actually. She’s really attractive I think. Those pictures don’t do her justice. On to your “Reader Emails…”

-I know this is a couple days old, but forgot to mention it yesterday. Some people were holding out hope that Ben Z. would’ve been the “Bachelor” instead of Ben H. However, since not being named the “Bachelor,” Ben Z. decided to go the route of entering a bodybuilding competition where he’s transformed his body to look like this. Yikes. Is that even the same guy. And holy orange skin, Batman. I know all those competitors basically have to fall asleep in a tanning bed for days on end, but that just doesn’t look right.

-Maksim Chmerkovsky followed up his podcast interview where he ripped Hope Solo saying she’s a sh***y person, by going on the talk show “The Real,” and, well, ripping her again. We saw yesterday how Hope responded to the podcast diss by tweeting out pictures of the 3 judges holding up “1’s,” (oooooooooooohhhhhhhh burn Maks), let see what brilliance she can come up with today. Hope, the problem is based on all the trouble you’ve been in with police, not to mention your own teammates who’ve have some critical things to say about you in the past, it’s not hard to believe what Maks is saying.

-We’re only 6 days away from the “Back to the Future” documentary coming out, which is 30 years to the “day” that Marty and Doc traveled to the future. Oct. 21st, 2015 was the date all that crazy sh** happened. Here’s a clip from the documentary of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox talking about the “future” in present time. Best part about this? Doc says he’d be up for a 4th installment. Ummmm, judging by this clip I don’t know if we would all agree with him. We all know what Michael is dealing with, and Chris well, lets just say leave the trilogy as is and don’t ruin the legacy.

-Your Survivor recap with our recapper Bryan Fischer is now up. Along with
Probst’s weekly interview with As of this posting, Stephen Fishbach’s recap isn’t up yet for Dammit Stephen! Don’t you know I like my “Survivor” news all in the same post. Get on the ball. Or tell them to get on the ball and have it posted by noon EST every Thursday.

-In its place, here’s a “Secret Scene” from last night’s episode that didn’t make air. I’m getting a kick out of Jeremy this season:

-Guess who I’m talking about again? You got. T Sizzle. So for all the rumors that “Bad Blood” was about her feud with Katy Perry, Taylor now says that’s not necessarily the case. People just assumed it was, but there’s apparently nothing in the song that directly relates it to one person. You tell em’ Tay Tay.

-So now come to find out that Khloe and Lamar are still technically married. Great. Of course they are. Now SHE’S the one making decisions on his health? Oh boy. And I’m sure none of her decisions will be influenced at all by television cameras or ratings. This story just flat out sucks. Lamar Odom is a good guy who’s had a terrible upbringing and has some serious demons now. It doesn’t look good right now and I hope the guy pulls through. I just hate the fact the Kardashians are getting so much more media attention now because of this tragedy.

-In today’s “News That Shouldn’t Shock Any of Us,” Scott Disick has checked into rehab for alcohol and drug addiction. You don’t say? And I thought partying at Lavo in Vegas every weekend was so he could meet and greet all his fans and carry on lengthy conversations about the presidential debate. Man, stupid me.

-Tracy Morgan makes his triumphant return to SNL this weekend when he hosts with musical guest, Demi Lovato. Here are the promos:

-Speaking of Demi, she admits that 6 months ago, she never would’ve done her recent nude photo shoot. I gotta say, I’ve always had a little something for her. Not sure what it is. Can’t quite put my finger on it. But yeah, Demi has always done a little somethin’ somethin’ for me. Not that I wouldn’t watch SNL anyway, but this week will definitely be a must.

-The streak is over. Jeopardy! contestant Matt Jackson’s run has ended after 14 rounds. The good news is he made enough bank to qualify for the Champions Tournament in November, to which I will probably be setting my DVR for. Wait, was this guy really saying “Boom!” after every right answer? Was his PR coach, Jose Bautista?

-The producers of “Nashville” are reiterating that Hayden Panetierre’s postpartum depression storyline was in effect well before she suffered from it in real life. Yes, we know that if you’re a fan of the show. We’re well aware this started last season before. My question is is there anyway that Hayden having do this storyline while she was pregnant attribute in any way to her possibly having PPD once she did deliver her baby? I gotta imagine it contributed in some way, right?

-One of our national treasures isn’t going anywhere, as another season of the “Real World” started filming this week in Las Vegas – again. This will be the third time it was set there, except this one isn’t at one of the swanky hotels. Probably a good idea. Let me guess, this season there will be drinking, fighting, screaming, cursing, hooking up, and feelings getting hurt? I knew it. Damn I’m good. Hey, speaking of MTV, is it just me or has the “Challenge” not been on for like a year? I’ve read about the details of what they next one is and who’s on it, but when does it start?

-And finally, the Jays may have been all excited about advancing to the ALCS for the first time since 1993, but Jonny Gomes might’ve taken that a liiiiiiiiitle too far, no? Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

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  1. ewill28

    October 15, 2015 at 10:15 AM

    I am in no way a big fan of the Kardashians but all the reports I’ve seen regarding them and what’s going on with Lamar is that there are NO cameras present so it might not exactly be fair to say that Khloe is making decisions just because a camera is around. She’s his legal next-of-kin because their divorce paperwork hasn’t been signed off yet because courts take forever. Who else is going to make these medical choices for him? His father? I don’t think so. Let’s all just hope that she’s making the best decisions possible and he pulls through. He’s a great player and it’s so sad to see the disease of addiction take another great person away.

  2. angelfish

    October 15, 2015 at 11:14 AM

    I think Khloe is doing a very difficult and thankless task and NOT for the cameras or publicity. For all the negatives about the entire K crew, I think she loved him and is making the hardest decisions she’s ever been faced with. He is still their family and they all know how to act properly. I think they’ll be as respectful as they’re capable of.

  3. jest002

    October 15, 2015 at 12:30 PM

    It doesn’t get classier than Texas.

  4. rob22

    October 15, 2015 at 2:47 PM

    OK RS, I realize probably some losers continually email and tweet you about wanting spoilers now…. or at least to release girls. Can you please just respond to those morons directly. Or, ignore them. Nobody would blame you for ignoring idiocy. But, for the love of God, please stop beginning every other post with some godforsaken comment about how you have women and you’ll release them when you feel like it.

    I’m begging you.

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