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Daily Links – 10/23 & Filming Schedule for Remainder of Season

So today begins episode 7 in Warsaw, IN. Tonight at Rex’s Rendezvous (a date that will be open to the public) will be a 1-on-1. So there will be tons of social media pictures of that going around. I’ll retweet out what I get. The online report says anywhere between 5:00 and 11:00pm tonight they’ll be there, so if you’re going, expect to wait. They’re never on time for those things. As for Sunday, there will be another public event that people can be a part. Ooooooohhhh carnival rides and games!!! Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Not sure if it’ll be a group date or a 1-on-1, but I’m sure we’ll know come Sunday night. With pictures of the girls arriving last night at the Indianapolis airport that I tweeted out, the schedule that I laid out for everyone yesterday is right on track. In a bit, I will go day-by-day from now until the final rose ceremony on Nov. 18th so you can see how everything will play out. But first, for those that didn’t see the pictures last night, here are some of the girls at the Indianapolis airport last night, followed by a picture of all of them just moments ago filming their “Welcome to Warsaw” portion of the episode…

In the picture above, you see 7 girls. The dark haired one in the black leggings is Amber, a producer. So don’t freak out that there’s 7 girls left. There isn’t. Just the 6 I gave you yesterday: Becca, JoJo, Amanda, Lauren, Emily, and Caila.

Here is your day-by-day schedule for the rest of the season:

Fri. Oct. 23rd – date
Sat. Oct. 24th – date
Sun. Oct. 25th – date
Mon. Oct. 26th – Rose ceremony
Tues. Oct. 27th – travel
Wed. Oct. 28th – Hometown date #1
Thurs. Oct. 29th – travel
Fri. Oct. 30th – Hometown date #2
Sat. Oct. 31st – travel
Sun. Nov. 1st – Hometown date #3
Mon. Nov. 2nd – travel
Tues. Nov. 3rd – Hometown date #4
Wed. Nov. 4th – Rose ceremony
Thurs. Nov. 5th – travel to overnight location
Fri. Nov. 6th – travel
Sat. Nov. 7th – Overnight date #1
Sun. Nov. 8th – off day
Mon. Nov. 9th – Overnight date #2
Tues. Nov. 10th – off day
Wed. Nov. 11th – Overnight date #3
Thurs. Nov. 12th – Rose ceremony
Fri. Nov. 13th – Girl #1 meets Ben’s parents
Sat. Nov. 14th – Girl #2 meets Ben’s parents
Sun. Nov. 15th – Ben’s last date w/ Girl #1
Mon. Nov. 16th – Ben’s last date w/ Girl #2
Tues. Nov. 17th – off day
Wed. Nov. 18th – Final Rose Ceremony

So there you go. Save it, memorize it, embed it in your brain. On to your “Daily Links”…

-Finally he posted so here’s Stephen Fishbach’s recap of “Survivor” as he talks about why the tribe voted out Monica when they had a 4-2 alliance going. That’s back to back weeks that a tribe who had the numbers 4-2 voted out one of their own. It’s almost like the 2 are at an advantage because they can tell the person on the bottom of that 4 person alliance to flip, and then they at minimum become #3 in a new alliance.

-Speaking of Monica, she spoke to the media yesterday regarding her ouster from the show, and yes, she’s just as surprised as everyone else was that Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi all turned on her. Well, more so Kimmi. She doesn’t seem to like her based on this interview. At least at the time of the boot she didn’t.

-Authorities suspect that Lamar Odom overdosed on cocaine and other drugs when he was found unconscious at a Las Vegas brothel last weekend. Really? You don’t say? Usually I think people found unconscious at a brothel just took too many sleeping pills. Chris Rock was the first person I saw say this yesterday when he posted a meme, so I’ll credit him. But Lamar Odom is the first guy ever to get caught with hookers and cocaine and it actually SAVED his marriage. This whole story is just bizarre.

-Some horrible news to report. Brielle Zolciak, daughter of Kim, has broken up with her boyfriend Slade. Tragic, I know. I mean if those two couldn’t make it, who can? Brielle, let me give you some advice. The fact that his name was Slade should’ve been your first red flag. And now she’s saying things like “he’s not the man I thought he was.” 1) He’s 18. He’s not a man. 2) Translation: He was chasing skirt behind my back. Live and learn, Brielle.

-Bradley Cooper says he will never have sex with Jennifer Lawrence, even though these two can’t ever make a movie that they’re not both in. Anyone who believes for a second these two haven’t hit it and quit it, I’ve got some land to sell you. He likes em’ young. They’ve been in like 831 movies together. They’re both attractive, big name Hollywood people. Of course they have.

-One of my favorite older women in Hollywood Elizabeth Banks will be hosting SNL on Nov. 14th in anticipation of the release of the final “Hunger Games” movie. Which reminds me. Crap. I need to see Part 1. Totally forgot it’s been out for a year and I haven’t seen it. Oops. Never read the books. Saw the first two movies. They’re good. Not sure what all the craziness was about them, but they’re enjoyable. Just seems like they lost a little steam because it took forever to make all the movies.

-Forbes ranked the Top 10 Highest Paid Comedians and there isn’t a single woman in the top 10. But honestly, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is based just off stand up performances, and this has been a very male dominated field. Amy Schumer is taking off now, but she’s not selling out arenas doing her stand up 365 days a year. Her time is more dedicated to her movies and TV show. But hey, there’s a “Bachelor” tie in. Terry Fator comes in at #3, raking in $21 million a year. If you haven’t seen his Vegas show, I suggest you do. Really good.

-So the “Back to the Future” re-release the other day made $1.7 million in the U.S. Not bad for movies that have been out over 30 years. The local theater next to movie had the trilogy playing and I was this close to going. But I really didn’t want to dedicate 6 hours to movies I’ve seen 100 times. So I just watched Part 2 on DVD at home with no popcorn or Goobers. If they would’ve just shown Part 2 in the theater I would’ve gone. Hell, 5 years ago I went to the re-release of “Back to the Future” for its 25th anniversary in the theater by myself.

-Here’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. CeeLo Green got engaged to his longtime girlfriend. Awwwww, how sweet. Does she know about it? Or did he allegedly have to drug her too? Hey, I gotta ask. You know, cuz, all those stories about him and stuff. Fair question.

-Evangeline Lilly gave birth to her second child the other day. That’s great and all, but all I want to know is if it’s Sawyer or Jack’s baby. That’s all. She went back and forth with these two for six seasons and I think we all deserve an answer as to which one put a baby in her. Please. For all of us fans, tell us who the father is and we’ll leave you alone once and for all.

-We’re getting closer to the “Grease: Live” broadcast on Fox, and more casting is being announced. Mario Lopez will play the role of Vince Fontaine. Makes sense. Vince basically played the role of a womanizer as host of “American Bandstand” and, well, Mario Lopez is one of the notorious skirt chasers in Hollywood. When you cheat on Ali Landry during your “Bachelor” party and have to get your two week marriage annulled, you know you’ve got issues. And when you name your child…forget it.

-This news rocked me to the core. Trix is getting rid of their rabbit. And not only that, they’re going to all natural ingredients for their cereal. What the what???!!!! Ummmm excuse me, no one ever ate Trix because we thought it was healthy. We ate it because it was crack in a cereal box, that’s why. You suck, Trix. I hope this decision backfires and the rabbit comes back to haunt you. Boooooooooooooooo.

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  1. lisa e

    October 23, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    Oh dear, Steve..
    Saying so confidently that Bradley Cooper has hit it and quit it? (w Jennifer Lawrence!) Haha. The dude likes dudes. He is a Master Bearder. Get with the times…

  2. rob22

    October 23, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    I always think it’s odd when The Bachelor trots out the remaining girls on to the sidewalk. They have to know the whole city is on alert that the show is there and SOMEBODY is going to take a pic and post it to social media. Obviously if they cared about keeping a secret, they could use a side entrance or quickly hustle girls into a waiting car, or block off the area they are using or something. Instead, they parade them around in public.

    I have to believe this is intentional, especially since Becca is still there. This is intended to ramp up the excitement around the season and get the crazies frothing at the mouth….. oooooooohhhhh! Becca!! Ohhhhhh, how sweet! Ben is such a good guy! He wants to marry sweet virgin Becca. You might laugh, but that’s the way the nut bags are processing these social media pics.

  3. kimmyfromdablock

    October 25, 2015 at 9:40 AM

    ^^^@rob22….what I find even more amusing is that Steve fancies himself as some kind of Bachelor Bandit on ABC’s Most Wanted list.

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