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Daily Links – 11/3

And we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Granted it was only a few days, but felt like I hadn’t written in 2 weeks. That’s what happens when I go out of town. Too much other stuff going on to sit on the computer for hours looking at stories. But now through the end of the year, we’re back on schedule outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Got a wedding in New York over Thanksgiving weekend then Christmas in California this year. Not to mention I don’t think many people really need their “Daily Links” during that Christmas week since most people are off. So that’s how the schedule will play out the rest of the season. As for the “Bachelor,” the hometowns have happened as I laid out they would. Amanda’s was last Wednesday in Orange County, CA. Didn’t find out til it was too late where it was, but they met up at Treasure Island beach in Laguna Beach, CA and Ben met her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie. Friday’s hometown was in Hudson, OH as Ben met Caila and her family. They walked around downtown and also visited the private high school she attended, Western Reserve Academy. Sunday’s was JoJo’s in Dallas. Not sure where they went during the day. Originally they were supposed to film at Reunion Tower and at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant there, but I heard that got scrapped. They ended the night in Argyle, Tx at her parents house for dinner. Today’s final hometown is in Portland, Oregon with Lauren and her family. Maybe some pictures will pop up of their date. If so, I’ll tweet them out.

Tomorrow night is the rose ceremony, so depending on when/if I hear who was eliminated, that’ll determine if I have it on Thursday morning for you. Sometimes I hear right away, sometimes it takes a day or two. But probably a good chance I’ll hear by Thursday which of the four got the boot. My guess is it’ll be Amanda. We’ll see. With the final rose ceremony set for Nov. 18th, and me heading out to New York on Wednesday the 25th, I can pretty much tell you that you’ll have the episode-by-episode spoilers sometime between the 18th-25th. Just waiting for everything to play out and filming to be done before I post everything, since I have 98% of your details up to this point. I’m missing one girl’s elimination (either episode 2 or 3) and one part of a group date in the early episodes. Other than that, I’ve got it all laid out for you ready to go. So expect that after the finale tapes on the 18th. On to your “Daily Links”…

-Since I didn’t get back til yesterday afternoon, I have both of Nell Kalter’s recaps up today. Her final RHOC recap of reunion episode 412 is her final RHOC of the season. Great work she did. And now immediately, Nell starts back in with her always popular Vanderpump Rules recaps, which will be up every Tuesday morning for your viewing.

-Unfortunately the Probst interview and Fishbach’s recap from last week are a little outdated now, but it’ll all be back to normal as we’re back on a regular schedule through the end of the year, outside of a few days around the holidays. Here is Woo’s exit interview with the media after he was blindsided by his tribe last Wednesday night. This really is an impossible game to predict, especially when the show swaps tribes and does merges whenever they feel like it now. And most of the time, those swaps and merges are done to keep certain storylines going, it’s rather obvious. posted a HUGE exclusive yesterday…sort of. They told us a major Hollywood star is HIV positive, yet won’t tell anyone who it is. I guess I can kinda see why they wouldn’t reveal something like this since this star has apparently gone to great lengths to make sure this doesn’t get out. And being outed by a magazine first before you can tell your story would suck. Wonder who it is?

-Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are also going to great lengths to tell people they’re just friends…they’re just doing a horrible job of making us believe it. Do “friends” just dress up and get all touchy feely with each other at costume parties? Hmmmm, can’t say that I’ve ever done that anytime recently. Just admit you guys are sleeping together since you’re both newly single and be done with it. Hell, more people would probably be happy for you than if you keep taking your audience as fools.

-Someone called Solange Knowles’ son “ugly” on Instagram, and she fired back. Look, it sucks. Anyone who’s gonna call out a kid on Instagram for being ugly is probably one of the lowest forms of life out there. We know it happens everywhere on social media. Those people are scum and trolls. So firing back a response, and everything Solange said was dead on, basically is falling on deaf ears. Nameless, faceless people behind a computer are going to say stuff whenever they want with no repercussions. Unfortunately that’s the way it is now. We just have to deal with it. If I responded to all the people who wrote something negative about me in an email or Twitter, I’d never be off the computer. These people don’t matter. They’re irrelevant. Don’t give them the time of day.

-Uh oh. Taylor Swift is getting sued again. This time by some low life hack who wants $42 million claiming she stole the “Shake it Off” chorus from him. Some no name named Jessie Braham, claims he has a song with “Haters gonna hate” so now he wants $42 million. Jessie, just because you have a fledgling music career and no one’s heard of you, doesn’t mean Taylor is stealing your sh**. The “haters gonna hate” phrase has been around long before “1989” came out, and well before your song that no one’s heard. Just stop.

-This might affect my viewing. Did I tell you I’ve already bought tickets for “Star Wars” when I’m in California for Xmas? Oh. Well, I did. But now I guess I won’t be able to wear my wookie costume or carry around my lightsaber since movie theaters are cracking down on it. They don’t want any intergalactic riots happening in the theaters. And you know those “Star Wars” fans. They’re serious.

-Starting today, there will be no more “favoriting” on Twitter. It will be turned into hearts, which represent a “like.” Whatever. Go to my Twitter page now. You’ll see that in all the tweets I’ve ever read (and that’s been a lot over the last 6 years), I’ve favorited exactly ZERO of them. I don’t see the point. So this news doesn’t really register a blip on my radar. But for people who have favorited thousands and thousands of posts, I guess this would be of note to them.

-Actress Jamie Chung got married over the weekend to Bryan Greenberg. I know, “Who are they?” I only bring this up because it’s safe to assume that Jamie Chung has become the most successful person to ever come from the “Real World” franchise. She was on “Real World: San Diego” back in the day, and now go look at her IMDB page. Yeah, safe to say no one in the history of that show has ever gone on to that much success. Bananas has turned into the greatest Challenge player of all time, but I’d say Jamie has him beat on her career, post-Real World.

-And speaking of the “Challenge”…BAM!!!!! The trailer is out for the new season starting up December 2nd – “Battle of the Bloodlines.” This I’m excited for. Man you thought the “Bachelor” and “Survivor” franchises have been around long in their 31st seasons, there’s been 27 seasons of the “Challenge!” 27! Are you kidding me?

-I have some very sad news to report. Honey Boo Boo is returning to TV. We don’t know on what channel or what this show will be about, but she’s coming back to TV in December. That’s great. Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard since their original show was cancelled from friends and family, “You know who I miss seeing on TV? Honey Boo Boo.”

-Leah Remini is promoting her new book that blasts Scientology and basically is going scorched earth on anyone and everyone associated with that religion. All this does is remind me how amazing that is that Katie Holmes has been divorced from Tom Cruise for 3 years now, and hasn’t said word one about their marriage, divorce, their kids, Scientology, nothing. Of course all know why she hasn’t. Because she can’t. I just find that fascinating.

-Here’s a shocker. Kendall Jenner wore a low cut jumpsuit for her birthday bearing all the cleavage in the world. Is it just me, or does it seem like one of the Jenners has a birthday every three weeks or so? I mean, there’s 52 weeks in the year and there’s only 2 Jenner daughters. So it shouldn’t be physically possible for that to be the case. But it is. Just wait, in a month, Kendall will be having another birthday. Mark it down.

-And finally, in what has become one of the most famous late night bits on television now, Jimmy Kimmel tells parents to tell their kids they ate all their candy. Hilarity ensues. I could watch this for hours:

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  1. bugsmeany

    November 3, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    No way the mother of two young girls is accepting Ben’s key in her Fantasy Suite lock. She will be finishing 4th.

  2. meredith27

    November 3, 2015 at 10:48 AM

    I doubt that Ben would let her go after meeting her 2 daughters. It seems like that wouldn’t be very good “PR” on his part. She will probably be let go 3rd.

  3. smurfette22

    November 3, 2015 at 11:41 AM

    I think it would be worse “PR” for him to let Amanda go after the Fantasy Suites than after meeting her daughters. Even if they say they aren’t having sex, no one really knows. So it’d be like “thanks for the sex, but you don’t get a rose.” Besides, two kids already? I’d be afraid of getting her pregnant. And no, I don’t mean that in a hateful way at all.

    I think the F3 will be Caila, Lauren, and JoJo. I think the F2 will be JoJo and Lauren.

  4. rob22

    November 3, 2015 at 11:50 AM

    @meredith: that’s happened before. They see the kids and know they don’t want any part of it. They paint on the phony smile and phony interest, of course. But not many 26 year olds want ready made families, especially when there are three other options immediately available. Heck, I doubt that Ben really even wants to get married at all. So the kids are a real buzz kill to a young man with options. The only Bachelor I can remember signing up for the kids was Brad 2 in 2007. And Brad was 34 years old, not 26. He picked Emily and that relationship didn’t even make it to the ATFR.

    But yeah. Ben doesn’t dump her right away. That would look really bad. She gets dumped in the F3, after Peter Brady does her in the Fantasy Suite, as you said. (Hey it’s OK to let them bite the pillow and then dump them. Just don’t meet their kids and dump them. That’s a thing, right?) Totally concur with your logic.

  5. angelfish

    November 3, 2015 at 12:00 PM

    Agree, Bugs.
    Juan Pablo sent Renee home right after meeting her son. She finished 4th, so I don’t think meeting her son had any bearing. And her son Ben was 8 during the date, so he was a lot more aware of what his mom was doing.

    Amanda’s kids are still toddlers and will probably remember almost nothing of the meeting. Kids that young just aren’t as affected long term the way their parents think they will be. Ben H. is a nice guy, but he won’t be memorable to them if he sends her home.

  6. rob22

    November 3, 2015 at 12:39 PM

    It’s so funny that guys have to be careful about dumping a girl after meeting their kids & possibly worry about PR. But, they can sleep with them one night and dump them the next. That’s Standard Operating Procedure.

    Nah, sorry, you’re 3rd out of 3 in the sex department little lady. Next time don’t resist so much when I try to lash you to the bed post. It’s kind of a downer, ya know.

    Let the man in the jacket get your suitcase. Thanks so much for playing. Cue tears and closeup in the limo headed to the airport.

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