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Daily Links – 11/5 & Who Are Ben’s Final 3?

We’re at the point in the show where things are about to die down. Why is that? Because with the rose ceremony last night going from 4 down to 3, and now overnights and final rose ceremony happening over the next two weeks, it’s hit or miss whether anything gets out on social media. I mean, I was told back in July Greece was a location they were headed to, but I’ve yet to get it confirmed. Hopefully I will soon. Chances are in a country that far away, unless there happens to be some American tourists there who recognize Ben, not many people in Greece would even realize what the hell is being filmed if they see them out. Plus, on those overnight dates, and final dates, they keep them pretty secluded from the public. And lets not forget, whoever is eliminated at #3 will be kept wherever they are until filming is over. So it’s not like they’ll visible here in the states like Becca was pretty much 4 seconds after she was eliminated in Indiana. So from now until Nov. 18th when the final rose ceremony is filmed, it’s possible there could be absolutely nothing that comes out on social media. Just giving you a heads up so the inevitable, “What’s going on with filming” questions are kept to a minimum. You’ll have all your answers some time after Nov. 18th. I guarantee it.

Anyway, as for last night, I can confirm that Amanda Stanton was eliminated at the rose ceremony, meaning Caila Quinn, Lauren Bushnell, and JoJo Fletcher are your final 3. Not surprising since that’s who I told you I expected to be eliminated before hometowns even started filming. And I expect JoJo to be eliminated next. Nothing has changed from everything I’ve heard. He’s going to pick Lauren, and it’s been Lauren since about halfway through filming. Crazier things have happened, but, it would be a shocker if he didn’t pick her.

Now, not that my rankings mean anything since beauty is clearly subjective, but I’m going to give you my top 5 girls this season. Granted, I’m only going off of the pictures I’ve given you in Ben’s Girls bios, and any others that have popped up on social media during filming. Look, they don’t cast ugly people on this show. All these girls are attractive. But I get asked a lot about who I think is attractive, so, here’s my answer. Totally subjective, and I guarantee it differs from your 5 best looking girls. But here’s mine in no particular order:

JoJo Fletcher
Olivia Caridi
Amanda Stanton
Jen Saviano
Lauren Barr “LB”

I know, I know. “What? You don’t think Lauren Bushnell is attractive.” Not what I said. I do think Lauren Bushnell is attractive. She’s just not in my top 5. Now granted, this whole list could change once ABC releases the bios in December of all the girls. But from the pictures I’ve posted, and any that have come to light on social media while filming, these are the five I think are most attractive. So there. Greatest list ever.

-Your weekly interview with Jeff Probst is now up and he gives his opinion on the remaining 12 players and what he thinks so far. It’s always tough reading stuff like this since Jeff already knows the outcome of the show, so you can read into every single thing he says about each person in a positive or negative way. So I basically just don’t read into it at all. I think Spencer is playing a great game, I think Joe is such a target I can’t see how anyone would be stupid enough to take him to the end. I also think Jeremy and Wentworth are looking good considering they both have idols that no one knows about and seem to be in the power alliance.

-After yesterday’s mention of the 25 year anniversary of Jessie Spano’s “I’m So Excited” Saved by the Bell episode, here comes ranking EVERY episode from worst to best. Obviously something like this is completely subjective, but hey, fun nonetheless. And of course Jessie’s episode was #1. As always kids, never let your friends down bottles of caffeine pills. You might go in to a weird loopy funk like Jessie.

-Melissa Rycroft announced yesterday she and her husband are expecting their third child. You know, there was a time after everything went down, and then her subsequent TV career where I didn’t like Melissa. I made that pretty known on this site. Thought she was a phony. Now I’m just indifferent about her. I don’t care.

-Well, as if two days of speculation wasn’t enough, Blake & Gwen immediately put any rumors to rest about them dating by announcing yesterday through their reps that they are in fact now dating. Juuuuuuust in time for the CMA’s last night. How convenient. I mean hell, when we saw the pictures from Adam Levine’s Halloween party, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they were hooking up. Just shocking that they admitted it so early on.

-Congratulations definitely have to go out to Eddie Murphy, who will become a dad for the 9th time, as he knocked up his latest girlfriend. 9 kids with 5 different women. Hell of a ratio, Eddie. You’re approaching Travis Henry status, pal (Google him). You know what I totally forgot? That Eddie planted his seed in Mel B. and they have a kid together. Like, when you have that many children from so many different women, how does that even work? Do all the kids know each other? Do only half know? How often do all 8 (and soon to be 9) get to hang out? These are things I wonder.

-Lamar Odom’s cousin took to Facebook to blast Khloe Kardashian for making his family sign a waiver at the hospital to not talk about North West. From the second this thing went down, and Khloe turned into little miss angel by Lamar’s side, you knew this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. I even mentioned it that very first day that anything this family does, you have to question whose best interests they have in mind here. And it’s quite obvious we have our answer now.

-Andy Cohen announced that there will be yet another city coming to the “Housewives” franchise, and it will be announced sooner than we think. Wonderful. As if six franchises wasn’t enough, gotta add another one. It’s six, right? I’ve lost track. I watch none of them, so I can’t imagine watching another one.

-Speaking of Andy Cohen, Leah Remini went on “Watch What Happens Live” last night to answered more questions about the weirdness of Scientology. Leah is everywhere. This book is blowing up. That’s fine and dandy. I just can never shake the fact that despite all her “King of Queens” success, and then on to DWTS, Leah Remini’s first break was…as Zack Morris summer fling girlfriend at the Malibu Sands Beach Club, Stacey Carosi. Pure awesomeness. And her dad, Leon, of course played by character actor Ernie Sabella, who later went on to voice Pumba in the “Lion King.” Kudos to you, Stacey Carosi, for making something of yourself.

-Minor casting news. Well, minor to some people. Major to me in my little world. Emma Caulfield has been added to the cast of “Supergirl.” A lot of people remember her from the “Buffy” TV series. No, no, no. And I will argue with anyone to my grave on this. Emma Caulfield will ALWAYS be Susan Keats to me, Brandon Walsh’s junior year girlfriend at California University, and the BEST girlfriend on the show he ever had not named Kelly Taylor. Don’t bother arguing with me, I’m not listening to your garbage. Watch that whole junior year season and tell me she wasn’t the best. Best season ever on that show. Bar none. Kelly’s drug problem. Crazy Tara from the rehab clinic trying to kill her. Colin the drug addict. Steve and Claire. Steve’s bday on the Queen Mary. The Prince trying to steal Claire from Steve. Brandon and Keats. Keats’ ex boyfriend getting in the picture. Peach Pit After Dark getting big. The storylines were endless.

-I’m not sure what to make of this story because it’s coming from RadarOnline, who embellishes everything. But the recent accidents that have caused hand injuries to Jimmy Fallon, they’re saying, are being caused by Fallon’s excessive drinking, and those behind the scenes are worried and think he needs help. This is the first I’ve heard of this. I didn’t think twice when he injured his hands recently thinking it had to do with drinking.

-Probably will be too late by the time you read this, but Taco Bell gave out free breakfast crunchwraps this morning in select cities for some reason. Hey, I like Taco Hell as much as the next person…when it’s 1am and I’ve been drinking. Have never had any of their breakfast before and probably never will. I mean, if we’re gonna rank fast food breakfast chains, the rankings would go something like this:

1. McDonald’s
2. Everyone else

The end.

-Kristin Cavallari admit that her and husband Jay Cutler go to therapy often to keep their marriage healthy. That’s great Kristin. Thank you for sharing. Do you realize how much fodder you just gave every Bears fan the next time Jay throws an interception into triple coverage? Which, I assume, will be this upcoming Monday night against the Chargers. Lets keep what you and your husband do out of the public eye, and just know you’re married to one of the most scrutinized QB’s ever, who will never be liked by any fanbase he plays for. Should’ve stayed with Justin Bobby.

-And finally, in honor of the CMA’s last night, Jimmy Kimmel had a country music edition of “Mean Tweets” last night:

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  1. bugsmeany

    November 5, 2015 at 9:46 AM

    >>> She’s just not in my top 5. Now granted, this whole list could change once ABC releases the bios in December of all the girls.

    Pay no attention to those. It is shocking how bad the official bio photos are. It takes genuine skill as a photographer to make just about everyone look worse. Half the time they don’t even look like themselves! Without exaggeration, Instagram photos are better.

  2. rob22

    November 5, 2015 at 1:37 PM

    It’s pretty interesting how the Bachelor info dribbles out these days, owing to social media. Remember the comprehensive recap RS used to do where we’d get almost everything in one post? He’ll write that same post this time and 95% of it will have already been spoiled on Twitter and on his daily posts. Social media, and especially smart phones with cameras (where you can click and upload a pic in about 15 seconds) has really changed everything.

    It’s also interesting how it seems that The Bachelor is barely trying to conceal the dates anymore (when they parade the F4 & F5 around in public, you know they don’t care), except the F3, which they know will get spoiled anyway….. likely by a bone head contestant saying something revealing on social media. I imagine all the Twitter chatter is good for business & they’ve made their peace with it. What was it, 7-8 years ago, they were fiercely trying to keep everything a secret, including suing RS a couple of times? Crazy how things have changed. I imagine RS is part of their unofficial social media strategy these days. Tweets and clicks = interest = dollars. No business person in their right mind would try to get fewer tweets, clicks and posts these days.

  3. penny328

    November 5, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    To say “They don’t cast ugly people on this show” is completely incorrect…..yes, looks are all subjective to the looker, but, imo there have definitely been some ugly ones……like Jaclyn, for one……she is just weird looking if nothing else.

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