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Daily Links – 11/9 & Ben’s Overnights & Final Rose Ceremony Location

Interesting weekend to say the least, which first started on Friday morning when I went to my bathroom and realized my water had been shut off by the city due to a pipe leak that flooded my front yard. Long story short, I didn’t get my water turned on until Saturday morning. Good thing my dad lives close or I would’ve been showering at the gym with the creepy guys. Then we had the issue of Ben’s location for overnights and final rose ceremony. On Friday, I had tweeted out that I got it confirmed they were in Greece. That ended up being wrong. Obviously I can’t get into details of the how or why I got Greece, but just know they aren’t there and were never going there. Dumb mistake on my part. Locations this season have been tricky. Only 1 of the 5 I was told before the season they ended up going to, and that was the Bahamas. So next season I probably won’t reveal where I hear they’re headed, since that doesn’t seem to do much good. Doesn’t matter what I hear. It matters where they actually are. Every season I inevitably get told locations before the season – some they end up in, some they don’t. This seasons locations have just been off. But anyway, if you weren’t following on Twitter yesterday, Ben’s overnight dates and final rose ceremony are taking place in Jamaica. The filming schedule I posted on Oct. 23rd remains the same, as Caila had the first overnight date on Saturday.

Here were some pictures that were taken at the Sandals Royal Plantation resort:

Yesterday was an off day, and today will be overnight date #2. If I get any pics, I’ll be sure to pass them along. On to your “Daily Links”…

-Well, Trump killed it on SNL this past weekend. Their highest ratings in a few years. In case you missed any of the show, here’s an SNL recap. Couple funny skits, but I think people watch him just for the sheer shock factor at this point. Not to mention this time to see if the protestors made it in and were going to heckle him, which they claimed they would, so SNL played it perfectly by having Larry David heckle him.

-Saw this story on Sandra Bullock and new boyfriend Bryan Randall and found it funny. Why? Because the story says how happy and relaxed they looked. Which is the polar opposite of how they look in that picture holding hands. If I gave you a picture of Ben and one of his girls in that exact same situation, I’d be inundated with emails saying, “He totally isn’t interested in her. You can tell by that picture.” But since it’s Sandra and her new boy toy, it’s fine. People can make anything out the way they want to it be if it supports their argument. If you don’t want Ben to be with a certain girl, any picture of him with a girl that you don’t like you can say he’s not into her. And vice versa. It’s really kind of stupid.

-Another day, another Gwen & Blake story. Guess what? They wrote a country song together. I’m guessing this will be performed live on the “Voice” sometime this season. And what’s funny is it’s about getting out of a relationship that you don’t need to be in. Gee, imagine that? Where could they have possibly come up with that idea?

-This is probably my favorite story of the day. Vivica A. Fox went on “Watch What Happens Live” last night and insinuated that 50 Cent was gay (they used to date). That got back to Fiddy, and he immediately threw shade back at her. Soulja Boy even chimed in with an Instagram post. SOULJA BOY!!! We haven’t heard Soulja Boy’s name since, well, this memorable moment…

Still one of the greatest group dates they’ve ever had.

-Somehow, some way Taylor Swift lost to Katy Perry in something. This year, Katy Perry was the highest earning woman in music, with Taylor finishing 2nd. Dammit. Something’s wrong with this story. Says Perry makes $2 million per show in 135 cities. Says Taylor makes $4 million a show, but doesn’t list how many cities. But it says she made $80 million. She’s been in way more than 20 cities, so lets just chalk this up to horrible reporting and Taylor is the winner. Of everything.

-This story was supposed to be in Friday’s “Daily Links” until a pipe leak on Friday morning had me scrambling to get it fixed since my water was shut off by the city. Anyway, another story for another day. But Gwen and Blake were seen at a CMA after party holding hands, the day after it was made official by their reps. How cute. Lets set the over/under at 6 months. Under.

-The big DWTS story was the fact that a judge needs proof that Bindi Irwin’s dad is dead before she can collect her DWTS money. Since she’s under age, she needs both parents to sign off on it. This is the second time a DWTS contract was made public. Last time was when Shawn Johnson’s did, and basically, the pay scale is almost exactly the same. Base of $125k, then bonuses for every week you last. And you wonder why people are now pitching themselves to go on this show. That’s good money for people who are fresh off a reality show that doesn’t pay, or are trying to re-boot their career.

-What’s the new thing in Hollywood plastic surgery? Well according to the Kardashians doctor, it’s cheek fillers. Yay. I can’t wait to see all the 16 year olds out there now start copying them and looking like clowns. What a wonderful example this family sets for our youth today.

-Yet another “Star Wars” trailer was released, but this time in China. So it gave all the dorks more stuff to dissect frame by frame:

-A latest report says that Kendra Wilkinson is deeply unhappy in her marriage to Hank Baskett, and is on the prowl. Really? Makes sense. I mean, wouldn’t you be if your husband liked hooking up with tranny’s all while lying to you about it? Can we really blame her if she wants out? I mean c’mon, we all know these two aren’t lasting. If not a matter of if, but a matter of when with them.

-Another link that was set to be posted on Friday. Chaos Kass did her interview with the media after last week’s ouster from the show. There seems to be a whole lot of editing going on this season that isn’t showing us major storylines from the show. More so than usual. Seems like every time I read these post show interviews, I hear about a major plotline that was never shown during the episode. Frustrating.

-Lets file this in the “You Get What You Deserved” category. A drunk woman at the zoo got her hand bitten by a tiger and might need to get it lopped off. If you’re drunk and you’re at a zoo, I mean, is it really necessary to start f***ing with the tigers? And if you’re drunk at a zoo, you’re an alcoholic. Just saying.

-And finally, the Ohio St. band was at it again this weekend. This time with a dedication to “Back to the Future,” so you know I’m down with this. Very cool:

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  1. heliofan

    November 9, 2015 at 10:11 AM

    I was at that Ohio State game on Saturday night. That show was simply amazing!!

  2. mariet

    November 10, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    Fans definitely stay in their seats during half time of a Buckeyes game. The OSU marching band is so superior to any other marching band it’s unreal. TBDBITL rules!

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