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Daily Links – 11/11

We’re getting closer to the finale. Today is Ben’s third overnight date, with the rose ceremony being tomorrow. No pictures came out of Monday’s date, so there was nothing to report. And considering they keep whoever gets eliminated tomorrow night in Jamaica until filming is completely done (pretty sweet extra one week vacation for her), we’ll have to wait until the final rose ceremony on November 18th before everything sorts itself out. That’s a week from today. Yikes. Almost over. I will have your episode-by-episode spoilers posted either the end of next week, or the beginning of the following week. All depends on how quickly I can find out who Ben chose. Obviously after last season’s miss, I’d like to not get this one wrong. Thanks to those of you yesterday who responded in regards to possible get together in NY on Nov. 28th. Looks like I might be able to put something together, so I’ll keep everyone informed. If you’re interested in meeting up on that Saturday the 28th, email me and I’ll put you on the list and keep you informed of where and what time if I’m able to secure a place.

-So much for pneumonia. Late breaking news this morning is that Tamar Braxton has been forced to drop out of DWTS due to health concerns. On Monday we saw her arrive late to the show from the hospital, citing pneumonia. After the show she returned to the hospital and got worse news: she has blood clots on her lungs. Yeah, you might wanna skip the rest of this season and now make it 100% certain that Bindi wins it all. Because we all know that’s what’s going to happen. I can’t believe Alexa got two perfect 30’s and got booted. Translation: she connected least with the audience, which is a head scratcher.

-Well you knew it was only a matter of time before something like this surfaced. Why did Gavin & Gwen break up in the first place? Oh yeah, that’s right. He was banging the nanny. Seriously, when are these couples going to stop hiring young, hot, nanny’s to watch their children. Here’s the best advice I can give regarding this situation. From one of my top 5 comedians right now, Tommy Johnagin, and his approach on nannies (starts at 1:34 of the clip, although the whole set is funny):

-McDreamy is hanging out with his estranged wife. I always found that word intriguing. Estranged. You hear it all the time. Estranged husband. Estranged wife. The definition of estranged is “displaying or evincing a feeling of alienation; alienated.” Great. Then I had to look up what evincing meant. I can’t say I’ve ever used “evincing” ever in my life. I know I’m not the only one who ever thought that “estranged” had something to do with “being strange.” Oh c’mon, admit it. You know you did too.

-I don’t watch “Botched” on E!. Probably a good thing because I’m not a real huge fan of stupidity. Like this girl who underwent surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit. Obviously there are some plastic surgeries that are necessary. But fixing yourself up to look like a cartoon? Like at what point did anyone ever tell you that’d be a good idea? Or you convinced yourself of that?

-The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show took place last night with “stars” Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the runway. Or catwalk. Whatever it’s called. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about modeling. But when you have a barely legal girl up there prancing around in lingerie, you then begin to realize what a seedy underworld that really is. I would love just once to get a food diary for every one of the girls in the show leading up to their appearance. I’m sure it was something like a slice of apple for breakfast, some leaves for lunch, and a grape for dinner.

-Scott Disick instagrammed himself boarding a plane and leaving rehab yesterday. Wasn’t his rehab at some tropical location like Costa Rica or something? Wasn’t it basically masked as rehab when he was pretty much just partying it up wherever he was? How long after he boarded the plane in that picture was his next appearance at Lavo booked?

-I think Chrissy Teigen has short term memory. Didn’t I do a story in “Daily Links” like a month ago where she said she wouldn’t post any baby bump pictures because of the backlash she received from the first one she did? Guess what Chrissy did the other day? Posted a baby bump picture. I guess she’ll never learn. I didn’t go read the comments under her picture, but I’m guessing there were plenty of trolls on there.

-Alexa and Mark appeared on “Good Morning America” yesterday and admitted they were surprised by their exit Monday on DWTS. As was I. I know this show is nothing but a popularity contest, and maybe Alexa didn’t have the strongest fan base out there, but still. She was likeable, attractive, and was a good dancer. Usually that can win the crowd over, but apparently not. When you get two perfect scores and STILL get sent home, then you know that you were at the bottom of the audience’s vote. By a lot. Sucks for her. She’ll be missed. Now go take care of Micah and stop toying with Gunnar’s emotions.

-Well since Gwen & Blake are an item now, there needs to be some new drama on the “Voice,” so we get some made up story about Adam being jealous that he’s not the focal point of the show. Well, maybe it’s more because he has an egg head now. Don’t worry Adam. Keep cracking your corny jokes with Blake and everyone will keep loving you. And you have Behati. Stop complaining (as if this story were actually true).

-There are drunk sports fans and then there’s drunk Mark, the Cleveland Browns fan. After last Thursday’s game vs the Bengals, drunk Mark had difficulty standing. So his friends helped him and laughed at him all at the same time. Not a great look, Mark.

-And finally, this won’t concern most of you but tonight is kind of a big deal here in Dallas. The Clippers are in town meaning DeAndre Jordan makes his first appearance in Dallas since agreeing to play for the Mavericks, then changing his mind a few days later and going back to the Clippers. I’ll be there to witness the booing. I think during timeouts Cuban should just post DeAndre’s texts to him on the video board. I’m sure that’ll get the fans riled up. It won’t be pleasant for DeAndre tonight, but I also don’t think it’ll matter too much since the Clippers should win handily.

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