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Daily Links – 11/13

So remember how yesterday I mentioned that I’ve never gotten any spoilers to any other show other than something in the “Bachelor” franchise? No sooner did I say that, got a few emails yesterday regarding this “Real Housewives of Dallas” cast. Now, since I don’t follow any of those shows, for all I know some of these names may already be thrown out there. I have no idea. And since I’d never heard of these women until yesterday, I don’t know much about them other than what’s on a quick Google search. Two names I’m hearing that are definitely gonna be major players in the cast are LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber, the wife of Mark Deuber, a plastic surgeon here in Dallas. Those two are definitely in. Other names that were rumored are Tiffany Hendra, Cynthia Smoot, and Stephanie Hollman. No idea if those are solid or not, and I’m probably not gonna be keeping up with this much. And like I said, maybe others are already reporting this. I’m just telling you what I was told. LeeAnne and Cary are absolutely two of the women on the cast. The others might be too. Or one of them. Or two of them. Not sure. But you can lock LeeAnne and Cary in. I’ll pass along anything else I may hear.

-Although a day late, Fishbach’s Survivor blog is now up talking about Wednesday’s huge blindside, and why his team didn’t split the votes. Simple: they basically never thought in a million years Kelley had an idol. They didn’t think anybody did. Not to mention they split the votes the previous week and sometimes that can cause tension. We’ll see how it plays out in future weeks, but the vote was still 9-3 against Kelley, so it seems like all her blindside did was spare the Ciera/Kelley/Abi team another week before they start getting picked off by Bayon. Or maybe some of others who aren’t in the Core Four of Jeremy/Joe/Tasha/formerly Savage realize they aren’t at the top of the totem pole and will flip.

-Speaking of Savage, he had his exit interview with the media yesterday, and all but confirmed what Ciera said at Tribal, that was that him, Jeremy, Joe, and Tasha were running things and planning on getting to the end. Not really sure how that’s possible considering there were still 11 people left. Last time I checked, 4 doesn’t outweigh 11. I gotta imagine some of the others were getting a whiff of this Core Four and would eventually start to splinter.

-To show you pretty much how this is Taylor Swift’s world and we’re all just visiting, a judge pretty much confirmed it. Remember a couple weeks ago I had a story about some no name musician who was suing Tay Tay for $42 million claiming she stole the lyrics to “Shake it Off?” A judge dismissed the case in court yesterday, but not after embarrassing the guy by quoting a bunch of Taylor’s songs in her statement. Burn on you.

-It’s stories like this that make me fear for my niece Olivia and her getting older. Huge sexting scandal in New York happening right now, where up to as many as 20 kids are getting suspended/expelled for viewing video footage of a recorded sex act between two boys and a girl at a New York high school. I’m gonna go throw up now.

-Christina Aguilera has some advice for Blake & Gwen. Awwww how cute. Thanks for the input Christina. Not that it’s all that earth shattering of advice, but, it’s probably not gonna do much for them considering no one really expects these two to last more than 6 months or so together. You know what I still find amazing in all this? That Gwen Stefani is 46 years old. Holy crap. Why does she still look exactly the same as when No Doubt came on the scene?

-David Hasselhoff changed his last name to just “Hoff” yesterday. Sort of. I guess we’re supposed to find out more about it today, but he didn’t really do it. Apparently the video he posted is part of some Australian campaign and was purposely shown this way, according to his reps. Of course, don’t tell that because there’s nothing in their story that says his name change isn’t really true. I guess they never got the memo from his reps.

-I could’ve sworn I either saw or posted a story on Justin Bobby like a month ago, but hey, any Justin Bobby story that I see is making it into “Daily Links.” Here are 4 Facts That May Surprise You about him. Unless you’ve never listened to any interview any Hills cast member has done in the last 10 years, you already know how fake that show was. They’ve all admitted it by now. JB is just piling on. Of course he was never dating Audrina.

-The Fifty Shades sequels will film back-to-back, and be released in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Wonderful. People are over this craze by now, aren’t they? I mean, the first film was released this year, then we have to wait 2 years for the next one? I don’t know. I saw the movie. I just didn’t get the appeal. At. All. I get the movie was about them, but geez, I felt like 80% of the movie was just two people talking or having sex. Or whatever it is he was doing to her. I was bored. Then again, I’m not in to ball gags and S&M, so maybe that’s why.

-Derek Hough’s weekly blog is up, and he tells us why he was such a grump last week in their video packages. Little Dewek was sicky icky. Suck it up, pal. Doesn’t it seem like every season, because they know whoever Derek is with is the favorite, they have to create some storyline where one week he’s “struggling” with the choreography? Then of course they go out and kill it and everything’s fine. I feel like we’ve seen this song and dance before. With that said, he’s still the best choreographer on that show.

-As for the story yesterday about Alexa possibly returning as a contestant – it’s not happening. The show has ended speculation of that and Alexa is out for good. Only the 4 couples left will perform on Monday, and they’ve added a third “couples dance” where couples will compete against each other for an extra three points, to fill the time left with Tamar out of the competition.

-Yesterday (or was it the day before), that I had the story of Farrah Abraham looking to adopt, because she’s obviously a wonderful mother. Well, for the third time, Farrah’s had her boobs done, and staged a photo shoot at the beach so that everyone knows about it. Well done, Farrah. I’m sure there will another one in your future. Or ten.

-And finally, I thought the “Star Wars” trailers were done like 5 trailers ago? Seems like a new one comes out every week. Sure, they’re all essentially the same, but there’s always 2 or 3 new short clips within the trailers that people can dissect. Here’s the latest one:

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