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Daily Links – 11/23

I know, I know. You were all expecting the episode-by-episode spoilers today. Just putting the finishing touches on them and they will be up tomorrow. I promise. Just dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s on everything and making sure everything I have is correct. Just wanting to see how much more information I can get before tomorrow since it’ll be the last post I do for a week as I’m heading to NY Wednesday morning. For those interested in possibly meeting up Saturday night, I have all your emails and I’ll let you know if it’s happening. I’m still waiting to hear back from the venue. Hopefully I can get it finalized in the next couple days. As for the spoilers, everything is in there. You’ll know everything you need to know about the season once it’s posted. The toughest part is not knowing exactly how the edit is gonna go. There’s reality, and then there’s what the show decides to show you. I can only report what is given to me, and whether the show chooses to air it or not is out of my hands. I’m curious to see exactly how it’ll all play out this season that’s for sure. But no doubt you will get your episode-by-episode spoilers tomorrow. Promise.

If you wanna get your last guesses in, here is every question I’ve posed in columns and on Twitter in the last week that will be answered. There have been a few more guesses that have been right, but when people are throwing out three names for the same answer saying, “I think it’s either her, her, or her,” well yeah, then I guess one of those is gonna be right eventually. But for the most part, everyone has been way off on the guesses. I think you’re gonna be surprised come tomorrow by a few of these.

-There is a movie promotion tie-in this season for one of the dates
-A couple of world famous athletes were part of a date
-A couple of repeat dates that we’ve seen from previous seasons – one a group date and another a 1-on-1
-The Vegas group date, each girl had to perform a “talent.” One was declared a “winner” by the crowd. That girl did not end up getting the group date rose
-At least 4 people were eliminated or left before a rose ceremony took place (make that 5)
-A parent was involved at some point this season (not referring to Ben’s)
-Chris Harrison “planned” one of the dates this season
-There is a 2-on-1 this season, but unlike last season went Chris booted Kelsey and Ashley I., Ben does keep one over the other
-Somebody got two group date roses
-Who “won” the first group date of the season?
-Who “won” the second group date?
-What does Teen Mom have to do w this season?
-What’d Ben & Amanda do b4 the carnival?
-Who’s the “crazy” one?
-The “I’m not here to make friends” girl?
-What happened 2 the twins?

-Kaitlyn and Shawn thought it’d be cool, or funny, or…hell, I have no idea what they were thinking, but they let everyone know that they’re now part of the Mile High Club. Thanks for that. Because you know, we were all dying to know if that was the case. Safe to say that these two have officially jumped the shark. With the new season starting in 6 weeks, hopefully they’ll just fade into obscurity.

-Chris Harrison decided to prop up our next “Bachelor” saying he’s going be phenomenal and that there’s drama. You know what else? The sky is blue. Water is wet. Thanks for that incredible insight Chris. Without that, I wouldn’t know what to feel about this season going in. I mean, what did we expect him to say? That Ben is a horrible “Bachelor” and this season will suck? Anytime anyone from this show takes to social media to promote the season, you might as well ignore it. It’s their job. This season will be no different than any other season, just with a different cast. You have new people, saying and doing all the same things we’ve seen from past seasons, just in different situations.

-Facebook has decided to include a tool now that that helps you move on after a breakup. You can now tinker with the settings in regards to your ex’s Facebook page so you don’t have to see anything you don’t want to see. You know, like them posting a bunch of inspirational quotes that they don’t follow themselves. Or passive aggressive comments to get people to feel sorry for them. Or rhetorical questions just so people will respond and ask them if everything is ok or what’s wrong. Hence the reason you will almost never see me post anything about my private/dating life online.

-Oliver Hudson says he was elated when he learned his character was being killed off of “Nashville.” Not that he didn’t like the show, but more so on how he was killed off. You know, saving Juliette’s life while he plunged to his death. But you knew something was up with him this season considering he’s a main character on “Scream Queens.” Very few people are main characters on two different network shows at the same time.

-Ryan Seacrest announced that every past Idol judge will appear in the final season in some capacity. All of them. Yes, even Ellen (I still can’t believe she was a judge). And Mariah. And Nicki. Please let them judge one episode together this season so we can see how much they despise each other. I don’t ask for much, so yeah, gimmie that.

-Kelly Wiglesworth did her exit interview with the media last week after being blindsided by her tribe on “Survivor.” I’ve basically given up trying to predict anything on “Survivor.” It’s impossible to because you never know when the show will throw a twist into the game that can change everything. Before the episode, last week you had 9 members voting the same way before Kelley pulled out an idol and sent Savage home. Before the episode starts, you have no way of predicting that. Then this episode, you still had 9 solid voting in unison. So how would you know before the episode that they’d splinter and vote Wiglesworth off? Nothing up to that point made you think it was a possibility. So yeah, I’m done

-Adele was quite popular this weekend, wasn’t she? First off, SNL did a hilarious Thanksgiving parody that that centered around her song. Only to have Kermit and Miss Piggy steal that thunder by doing their own “Hello” parody. You decide which one was better? Tough call. But since I’m a Muppets nerd….

-Also on SNL, they went back to an old mainstay with their fake casting call bit. This time, they did it with “Star Wars” and had a bunch of impressions, some new, some old, along with the real Rey and Finn, and Jon Hamm and Emma Stone. Hamm Solo was probably my favorite? Why can’t he just get the role?

-As we headed into the weekend, the rumor was that Kylie and Tyga had broken up, as they weren’t together and were Instagramming cryptic things about breakups and what not. Then they showed up to the AMA’s together and threw everyone for a loop. Kylie is a teenager. You really think she’s going to break up with Tyga and then never be seen out with him again? Of course not. That’s not how the Kardashians roll. She needs to keep the paparazzi eating out of the palm of her hand, so that’s what she does. These two will be like Selena and Justin – on again/off again forever and ever.

-Lets chalk up another “Hills” wedding. Well, it hasn’t happened yet and these were on and off for a while, but Audrina and her boyfriend Corey Bohan just got engaged. Am I completely mixing him up with someone else? I thought his name was Corey Hart, the BMX rider? Or is that his riding name, and they’re just using his real name for the story? Whatever the case, basically everyone from the “Hills” is married to someone NOT from the “Hills” and that sucks. Except Speidi. And oh yeah, Brody isn’t married yet either and probably never will be because then he’d have to give up all the free nookie that comes his way.

-You guys are never gonna believe this, but Gwen and Blake Facetime each other, and he’s shirtless! Good thing Blake didn’t pan his phone back any farther or else Gwen would’ve probably seen whatever girl he had over. Oh c’mon. Too soon? Blake is a well known skirt chaser in Hollywood. That’s no secret to anyone. This new little fling with Gwen is all daises and roses now, but just wait.

-And finally, was there a bigger slam dunk in all of slam dunks that Joe Manganiello would perform some Magic Mike act to Sofia Vergara on their wedding day? Didn’t think so. Enjoy that voice, Joe.

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  1. rob22

    November 23, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    Can Shawn and Kaitlyn be any more low class? So, the Mile High Club sounds kinda cool when it’s brought up. But, let’s think about it. What do you actually have to do these days to join that club? Well, every flight I’ve been on for the last five years is either completely full, or at least has a handful of open seats. It would have to be pretty empty to pull of the stunt in your seat. A seat that, btw, is small with barely enough room for a laptop, much less room for Kaitlyn’s booty.

    No, the vast majority of Mile High club action has to be consummated in the airplane restroom. That’s a small space with a wet, germ infested sink. So, either Kaitlyn is performing some gymnastics above the toilet, or she’s placing her a** on the germ infested sink. Gross.

    Then Alf is pumping away like he’s eating a sack full of cats in a competitive eating competition. I presume drooling and banging his head on the ceiling while he’s at it. Double Gross.

    If anyone has a video, please keep it to yourself. I’m getting queasy just writing about it. Gag.

    These two are the most disgusting couple in the history of reality TV. And that includes Kim Kardashian and Kris (the stooge) Humphries.

  2. kimmyfromdablock

    November 23, 2015 at 12:11 PM

    Actually Shawn and Kaitlyn admitted this Mile High thing when they were being interviewed and playing a Newlywed Game type segment.

    Apparently they were flying first class and did it in a ‘pod’ which some airlines have for those flying first class…somewhat more private and less icky than a restroom.

    Too much information, yes. But, heck, who wouldn’t? I love Kaitlyn and Shawn….they’re adorable together and seem to have a lot of fun being silly and making fun of themselves.

  3. rob22

    November 23, 2015 at 1:10 PM

    Mmmmmm…. private pods in first class?…. no so much. It’s like doing it in an office environment with low walled cubicles. Less gross, yes., except for the Alf animal-like noise part (still disgusting). But still, not something grown adults should be doing. At least wait for the cab ride home where the only offended party can be given an extra tip for having his back seat violated & for having to clean any stray bodily fluids.

  4. mariet

    November 23, 2015 at 3:00 PM

    @rob22 Low class? I agree, but so are your posts. Really? Just as it’s not funny when Steve acts sophomoric, it’s not funny when you do either. As Andi would say, “stop”!

  5. G K

    November 23, 2015 at 6:27 PM

    @rob22 – I’ve been reading Reality Steve’s articles for years and occasionally will look at comments. Every time I do, theres rob22 right in my face! Is it like your full time job to comment under EVERY SINGLE ONE OF STEVE’S POSTS?!

  6. cjscjs711

    November 24, 2015 at 11:32 AM

    I don’t mind Robs comments and he does get the ball rolling. The ones that bother me are the people who spam Steve’s page, making some pretend comment, then saying, ” Hey, check out my new blog….” That’s jus trying to get over.

    Heard on the radio Chris Soules is coming to Minneapolis to host some show downtown. So his 15 minutes are not quite up

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