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Daily Links – 12/2

As I tweeted out yesterday, I would expect either today or tomorrow that ABC will release the pictures and bios of all 28 girls this season. Going back and checking, last year they did it on Dec. 3rd. The season before that, Juan Pablo’s, they released it on Dec. 4th. They usually keep things pretty on schedule with these sorts of things, so expect those to come out either today or tomorrow. Granted, you’ve already known for over a month who all 28 girls are, but it’s always nice to see them in their high school senior picture poses, along with the answers they have to give to very bizarro and irrelevant questions asked by producers. Also, it gives everyone in America a chance to pre-judge a bunch of women they don’t know and leave disparaging, nasty comments about them under their pictures. I mean, it’s like clockwork every season. Guaranteed there will be plenty of, “These girls aren’t even pretty” comments made on ABC’s page. Or “Ugliest cast ever” etc. Same ol’, same ol’. Then the season starts, and those same people will follow these girls’ every living, breathing moment on Twitter and Instagram, and email me the second one of them posts a questionable picture or quote. It’s what they do. And it’s why this show is so popular. If it gets released today, I’ll tweet the link out and have my “Bio Breakdown” column tomorrow. If it’s tomorrow, I’ll do it on Friday.

-Yet another Housewives franchise started back up again, and Nell Kalter’s RHOBH recap for you. What season is this of them? 45? I’ve completely lost count. Probably because I don’t watch them, but I couldn’t tell you which is the longest running one and which is the shortest running one. No clue. But go read Nell’s recaps. They’re excellent.

Your “Survivor” eliminatees from last week, Fishback and Ciera, have their say about their time on the island. Quite a few here:

-Stephen’s own blog where he writes about his own elimination.
-Stephen’s interview with noted “Survivor” recapper, Gordon Holmes, that is very candid about what went down.
-Stephen and Ciera do a joint interview with’s Dalton Ross, discussing each other’s strategies.
-Ciera’s conference call with the media.

I read and/or watched all of these. If you’re a “Survivor” nerd like me, you’ll appreciate all of them.

-Khloe admits that she once had a one night stand in Australia to someone who performed at the MTV Awards, and then he followed her around after that and she was creeped out. My guess was that was not Khloe’s first one night stand, nor will it be the last. Now the speculation begins on who the guy was.

-File this under Bizarro World: A woman who didn’t realize she was pregnant until her 40th week, delivered a baby the next day. Look, I know there have been shows about this where women didn’t know they were pregnant, but, it’s kinda hard to wrap my head around. Seriously? I’m not a woman, nor do I claim to be one, but how in the world does one not know if you’re pregnant. They can really think they’re just gaining weight? This has to be some sort of call for attention, right?

-Oprah Winfrey is a Swiftie. Join the club, Oprah. What took you so long? I remember last year Taylor I believe was #2 on Barbara Walters year end Most Fascinating People of 2014. I gotta imagine Taylor makes it again this year, right? If not, Oprah might as well include her on whatever list she does. And if she doesn’t do one, she could just start.

-The cast for next season of the “Biggest Loser” was announced yesterday, and the first ever “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch is on it. He’s ballooned to over 300 pounds. Also on the cast was some girl who was a season 2 finalist on the “Voice.” No idea who she is. Starts the same night as the “Bachelor,” Jan. 4th, so I guess I won’t be watching this season.

-We’ve all seen the stories of weirdos getting plastic surgery to look like famous celebrities, but this one might take the cake. This lunatic had 6 ribs removed so she could look like a cartoon character. I had no idea any doctor could legally do this? And if it’s legal, why would one choose to do so? I don’t care if it’s something she wants to do, that doctor is just as big of a moron for doing the surgery.

-Courteney Cox has called off her engagement to Johnny McDaid. Whoever that is. That’s gotta be a blow to Johnny’s ego for sure. I mean, yeah it sucks he got an engagement broken off, but the fact that Courteney had no problem marrying David Arquette, but doesn’t want to marry you? Ouch. That’s a definite kick to the nuts if I’ve ever seen one. And she pro-created with David, yet, she doesn’t feel right tying the knot with you. Good luck, pal. Hope you make it through this.

-Sandra Bullock is becoming our modern day Madonna, as she’s adopted another child, this one a 3 ½ year old girl named Laila. Speaking of women who made questionable marriage decisions in their past, has anyone ever been able to explain the phenomenon that was Sandra and Jesse James’ marriage? Can we get a ruling on this? Like, did it really happen? Does it still count? And how in the hell did he land her?

-I think it’s now becoming mandatory that all former talk show hosts, once they retire from their gig, must grow a hideous beard. David Letterman has followed in the footsteps of Jon Stewart, Craig Ferguson, and even Stephen Colbert who grew his out once he quit the “Colbert Report.” Dave looks homeless.

-And finally, one of the all-time great Christmas movies, “Christmas Vacation,” was released 26 years ago yesterday. Here is what all of the cast has been up to since. I still can’t believe they made a “Vegas Vacation.” What a disservice to the franchise. Granted, the re-boot with Ed Helms and Christina Applegate wasn’t all that funny either, but they should’ve just stopped after “Christmas Vacation.”

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1 Comment

  1. mariet

    December 2, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    “I’m not a woman, nor do I claim to be one…” WTF Steve, just give us the spoilers. Your commentary on anything is just cringe worthy. Holy cow!

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