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Daily Links – 12/3

The ABC headshots and bios weren’t released yesterday, but, this morning a press release was sent out about the season so it should mean the headshots and bios are coming later today, or at the latest, tomorrow. has a review of the press release. Just by the review, everything in there you already knew about from the episode-by-episode spoilers posted last week. “Ride Along 2,” swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas, group date dinner in Mexico City, performing in Vegas – all stuff you’ve already known about. The only really new thing is that in the first episode before the women arrive, you’ll see Sean, Chris, and Jason meet Ben at the mansion to give him some advice about being the “Bachelor.” And ol’ standby they’ve used many times in the past. Nothing earth shattering there. Yesterday if you were following certain past contestants from the show, you saw Sean and Catherine and Chris Soules in LA filming with Ben at McDonald’s. Knowing that in Indiana, Ben and Amanda filmed a McDonald’s commercial before the carnival, and knowing that McDonald’s is the one that actually put the carnival on for them, not too hard to assume that it looks like there will be more McDonald’s tie-ins during this season with Ben and former contestants. So expect to see that during commercials as the season goes along.

-Another great episode of “Survivor” last night. Jeff Probst answers his weekly questions on What’s fascinating about this season is that, the fact that it was taped after season 31 (which begins airing in February) will be the first time a season doesn’t get to watch a previous season and learn from it. So they’ll still be able to pull off hidden immunity idols at challenges, but this whole “voting block vs alliances” thing I doubt will come up, since they never saw it.

-I remember this vaguely from last year, but now it’s back and even better and this chick is taking the internet by storm. Let me introduce you to Michelle Roque, a Delta Gamma from Florida St. University, who might just be the greatest intramural flag football player in the history of the world, male or female. Holy sh**. Hell, she might be the best quarterback on FSU’s campus right now. This is ridiculous.

-Joe Jonas isn’t too thrilled that his ex, Gigi Hadid, has started banging Zayn Malik, saying that he still has feelings for her. Well of course he does. She’s Gigi Hadid. Who wouldn’t? That’s ok. I’m sure he feels very confident that he’s lost out to some other boy bander who’s changed his hair color 3 times since ending his engagement and dropping out of arguably the most popular boy band going right now.

-Maybe I missed something here, but why is this story getting traction yesterday when it happened two years ago? Is it because he only posted the picture yesterday? A guy proposed to his girlfriend at the top of Splash Mountain at Disneyworld and the picture from the ride captured her reaction on the way down. Man, pretty ballsy of him to do it then. What if the ring went flying out of his hands on the way down. Aren’t you supposed to hold on to the hand rails at all times? Silly kids.

-Here’s a depressing story. We all remember Miss Teen South Carolina from 2007 as she butchered her question about US kids and maps. Well, New York Magazine did a feature yesterday on 10 viral video sensations asking what they’re up to now, and we found out that Caitlin Upton basically went into depression and almost tried to kill herself for 2 years back when this all went down. Brutal. Does that mean we should all feel guilty now for laughing at this moment?

-In a story yesterday about Taylor Swift, I randomly brought up how she should be in Barbara Walters “10 Most Fascinating People” list this season. Right on cue, we get the announcement yesterday of some of the names that will be part of her show this season. Amy Schumer, Tracy Morgan, Bernie Sanders, etc. They don’t release #1 until the show airs, so I’ll just put my vote in now for Tay Tay.

-The first trailer for FX’s “American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson is now out, and I can’t decide if it’s funny, or, if it’s serious. I mean, I know they’re trying to be serious and this will be a drama, but with so many famous people playing so many other famous people, it’s almost like a parody. David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian? Cuba Gooding Jr as OJ? I mean, props to them for landing big names for their cast, but I’m really curious to see if this thing is any good. I actually read the book that they’re basing the movie on years ago and it was excellent. Brought up a lot of things people didn’t realize and/or heard of. Here’s the trailer:

-Yet another trailer was released last night during Jimmy Kimmel’s show. He had on Ben Affleck and he came with the most extensive Batman vs Superman trailer so far. The one thing that’s always bugged me about the Batman movies is the fake voice used when he has the mask on. I don’t know why but it annoys me to no end. Yet, when I watch the “Batdad” videos on Facebook, I think it’s hilarious. But Val, Michael, Christian, and now Ben with that deep, fake, almost horse voice? Not so much.

-Kris Jenner says that although Rob Kardashian wasn’t in the infamous Thanksgiving picture that was on Instagram that day, Batman vs Superman” target=”_blank”>he was nearby. I don’t know how close “nearby” means in her sentence, but my guess is it would be somewhere in the vicinity of where all the food was. Just a hunch.

-Get excited ladies. Ryan Gosling is hosting SNL this weekend. Here are his promos:

-Not sure how much stock to put into this story since it seems like it would be front page news everywhere, but according to, Scott Disick has sold his bachelor pad, and is ” target=”_blank”>moving back in with Kourtney. Wait a second, do his girlfriends know about this? Are they moving in too? And how many weekends a month does he have blocked off to have his parties in Vegas? Lets hope for Kourtney’s sake she isn’t stupid enough to take this guy back.

-And finally, talk show host James Corden is starting to get some traction with these “Carpool Karaoke” videos he’s doing with singers. He’s done it with Justin Bieber twice that I remember. A couple others as well. And now on last night’s show, he did it with Carrie Underwood. Pretty good stuff:

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